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saccharine-darling · 15 minutes ago
to the last person who sent that Levi ask then @erenslittlestepsister I’m still staring at yours 😩
Tumblr media
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jewelswrites-ish · 21 minutes ago
i’ve always had a little thing for loki / tom hiddleston … especially when he had his longer curly hair (with glasses on? 🥵). but now watching loki and seeing that damned man tilt his head like every other villain? it’s creating a monster in me.
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strawberrymilktiddies · 24 minutes ago
lil sis hisu who humps your pillow while you’re away :(
She tries to be close to you in any way that she can, but it never ends up being enough for her. poor little baby :(
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miggiisdumb · 26 minutes ago
I was just thinking thoughts and like satyr shinso is loving in my head rent fucking free. Like satyrs are at times depicted as being able to hypnotize you in to horny. So shinso would no doubt give you a cocky grin and use that deep sex laced voice to get you hot for him. If you try to play it off and like reach up on tip toes to pat his head in a that's cute but I don't think so gesture he would moan like his cock was getting sucked at your hand lightly grazing his horns. I could see him snaking an arm around your waist and pulling you in close to growl at you.
"I can smell that needy little pussy of yours. You can't hide how much you want me. Be a good girl and show me that treat that smells like heaven you have hidden beneath that skirt."
Aoaidudndji he thinks it so cute, how you fell over when you accidentally bumped into him in the middle of your hike. Hears your breath hitch when he pulls you back up by your wrist, grip firm and hot.
"Careful where you walk, sweetheart." It's a low purr and one brush of his fingers on your cheek has your eyes hazing over, caught in hys control.
But you're so so cute when you smile through his pull and thank him foe his kindness, about to walk off like you didn't just come across a mythical creature. Of course he doesn't let you leave. Of course he has you high up against a tree, legs over his shoulder, and Shinsou moans low at your hands gripping his sensitive horns for support while he nuzzles his face on your clothed pussy under your skirt, taking a fat sniff of your scent overflowing from his hypnosis.
"Can't hide it, pretty thing. I can smell how needy that little pussy is for me. Be a good girl and show me that treat that smells like heaven you have hidden beneath that skirt."
Shinsou shoves your panties to the side and your arousal rains on the ground below from how he lapped and slurped on your sopping cunt, nose rubbing deliciously on your clit, long tongue fucking itself in your walls. You're shivering, gasping, whimpering for him to slow down because it feels like you'll melt from the inside out.
Lidded indigo eyes stare up at you as he licked his lips clean before flicking the tip of his tongue on your nub, bringing his smirk back on your lips.
"You can take it."
And that mind haze curtains your rational thoughts again and has your eyes dumbly rolling back as you cream all over his tongue involuntarily, Shinsou chuckling breathelssly between thick rings of your cum on his mouth, hoisting you higher and dipping lower to work your other puckered up hole to send you into a babbling mess.
There's not a drop of your cum misses the satyr's mouth.
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elysianslove · 26 minutes ago
claiming full credit for bringing forth the sukuna-8-tits brainworm btw, but having gathered more intel i'm now adding sukuna with 8 pierced nipples (credit to @/j0succ for the concept, big thanks & apologies for bastardizing the original idea)
your brain has so many wrinkles wow 😻 omg pierced nipples sukuna not even 8 tiddies just in general imagine tugging on them while he’s balls deep inside of u and he groans so fucking sexy help
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kayah2395 · 29 minutes ago
Chris Evans
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thirstybtsthoughts · 34 minutes ago
Based on evidence found in his own music videos, we can conclude the Mr. Agust D likes to be tied up 👀
Tumblr media
I’d like to test that conclusion out on him in a more private environment 😏😏
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thirstybtsthoughts · 39 minutes ago
Bunny, I can't get this fantasy out of my head of seokjin in a limo, wearing his butter performance suit, hair pushed back and me sucking his dick... then riding him afterwards.
I can see why... it’s so in character for him and such a hot fantasy 😍🥵🥵
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adcuthirsttweets · 39 minutes ago
Forgive me, Father Garupe, for I have sinned. All I think about at night are your lips, eyes, how pretty and firm you must be under your clothes. It makes me so… well, Father, perhaps I could show you?
Tumblr media
I-I cannot look upon such things, my child. I shall be praying for all the desires of the flesh revealed from these lost Twitter souls.
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fvckme-sir · 42 minutes ago
atsumu loves drugging pretty little boys at parties that he and the rest of msby attends.
he likes to woo you, and when you’re leaning against a wall he likes putting his arm over your head to fluster you and while you’re looking up all flustered he slips a little pill in your drink.
he also loves taking pictures of you while you sloppily gag around his dick and move your head up and down, or photos of your ass swallowing up his big dick.
but his personal favorite; videos. videos of him fucking you from the back where they can see your ass shake from his powerful thrusts and you can hear him shakily praise you from behind him, and you bet your ass the msby is gonna see it in their groupchat, and have their jerk off material for the week.
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elysianslove · an hour ago
monster fuckers both amaze me and scare me but yk im one too so i can’t really say much except for 4 DICK SUKUNA BARK BARK WOOF
- 👻
ive already discussed this but like the amount,,,, of cum,,,,,,,, holy shit HELP 😭
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camillelafaye · an hour ago
paul mccartney just got dethroned as my phone wallpaper.
i think i'm in the kny fandom for the long haul, y'all
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zezora · an hour ago
Who the hell are you and why am I following you and why are your posts all over my dash.
i dunno maybe its because im super sexy?
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lady-bakuhoe · an hour ago
U did a titty sucking induced lactation thing for bakugo and awakened smt in me and I’m literally starving for me more I don’t know how to feel I didn’t know I’d like this I’m so confused so what I’m wondering is if u have more😭🤲🏻
Once he’s got a taste for it, you know he’s going to be absolutely insatiable and completely obsessed.
Pawing at your tits in public like a starved baby, uncaring that people are watching him grope you through your shirt. His lips pressed against the shell of your ear as his warm breath fans your skin, “Wanna suck them, Princess. Need to taste you. Please-”
You could just be sitting watching a show together when he’ll tug down your top just to expose one tit, circling the bud until he feels it harden beneath his touch, moving his lips down to suction around it. You could just sit there and watch the rest of the show, one hand carding through his hair while he semi-watches with you. Still more focused on your tits than anything else as he suckles them softly. Pulling away when he’s done with the tiniest bit of milk dribbling down his chin, licking his lips like he’s had a hearty meal before pulling you into a languid kiss. Tasting yourself on his tongue as he groans into your mouth, “You taste so good, Princess. Can’t get enough of ya.”
Almost loses his shit when he notices your nipples have leaked through one of his oversized Dynamight shirts, noting the darkened wet patches on the fabric. The sight making his cock throb beneath his sweats as he’s already pulling the hem of the shirt up to have a taste. “Look at the mess you’re makin’, Princess. My messy fuckin’ girl.” His hands on you simultaneously making more of a mess as he chastises you, “Am I gonna have to help ya clean this up? Dirty girl.”
You don’t have to do anything when he’s like this except lay back and take it. His fingers kneading the supple skin as he watches milk ooze from your nipples. Using the pad of his thumb to rub it around your darkened areola before lifting the digit up to your lips, slipping it into your mouth as he lays it flat on your tongue. His fingers under your jaw as he bends his thumb at the knuckle, pressing down on your tongue as you wrap your lips around his digit and begin to suck. Tasting yourself on his skin as vermilion eyes watch you from above.
Sometimes he practically has you suffocate him with your tits, getting you to hover over his body while he’s laid on the bed. Your tits hanging above him perfectly as he nuzzles them. Squeezing at your mounds to try and produce milk so he can have it dribble directly into his eager awaiting mouth.
Even though he prefers inducing it himself, trying out the breast pump with you gives him more possibilities. Watching as it slowly pumps the little milk your body can produce without pregnancy into the clear glass vial, his cock standing to attention as the suction cup of the pump attaches to your breast. Squeezing the fat into the machine as it does it’s job, sucking your milk from your round tits. When he moves the pump to the other breast his lips are already on you in an instant. Lapping at the residue leaking out of your nipple that the pump left, a taste of what’s to come as he watches the same actions repeated on the other side.
Probably brags about it to Kirishima without realising the consequences.👀 you better hope it doesn’t become a competition of who can make you do it the most.
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thirstybtsthoughts · an hour ago
Omg I had the dirtiest fantasy when it came to that coffee scene with Jimin! I imagined me waking up to the smell of coffee after having an intense fuck session with CEO Jimin the other night. I would walk in the kitchen to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, him in his suit ready to head for work while he hands me a cup. He would tell me “good morning sleepy head” and give me a sweet peck on the lips. I would tell him how much I was going to miss him while he was at work, slightly pouting and he noticed and places me on the counter, him in between my legs leaning towards my ear. “How about I give you a present before I leave”, he whispers. I would shudder at his words as he slowly started kissing me from my lips, to my neck, to my breast, and finally meet my wetness 💦
I would already not be wearing panties so he would have easy access and start pleasuring me with his tongue, licking , slurping, sucking until I came into his mouth 😩. He would then give me a peck and tell me to make sure I finish my coffee and say “it almost tastes as good as you” and walk away to finish getting ready for work 🥵🥵🥵
Love it!!! Perfect amount of domestic and hot 😁
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strawberrymilktiddies · an hour ago
little stepsis historia who begs for your attention 🥺 tugging on the bottom of your shirt to make you pay attention to her, or grabbing onto your fingers.
she just wants you to appreciate her. she hates how other people get your attention so easily. how during dinner you’re always conversing with others but not her. she does everything in her power to just get you to pay attention to her, either it’s sitting on your lap and wrapping her arms around your neck, or spraying her perfume over your pillows. but you still don’t budge.
she needs you so bad but you continue to ignore her. she’ll gag herself with one of your shirts as she pleasures herself to the thought of you, but her tiny fingers just can’t seem to fulfill her need.
Her cute little pouty face and the sad look in her eyes when you don’t pay attention to her??? I couldn’t be her sister, I’d fold immediately and tell her I’m just playing 😭 she’s so precious, how could her sister even resist her? I can’t wrap my head around it, I’d pull her into my lap and smother her with kisses and never let her go.
Imagine walking in on her pathetically trying to get herself off with tears streaming down her eyes because it’s just not working for her at all? She’s begging for you to just touch her, and this time how could you say no? She needs you. That’s enough of your little games, this angel needs to get fucked like the princess she is
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elysianslove · an hour ago
nah the osamu audio porn thing has me actually sobbing like i consume that shit like a whore and i KNOW he starts getting all this high quality recording equipment and you’re like “where is this money coming from” and it turns out he made a patreon and people me PAY him to record the most debauched horny shit in the world good lawd
no bc what if y’all share that shit but you’re completely anonymous and nobody knows ,,, The Boys are all out together n suna goes let me put y’all on some shit and osamu doesn’t know whether to feel smug or embarrassed at the fact that your moans echo so loud despite suna lowering the volume. and a part of time also feels insanely possessive too, because despite the fact that yeah you’re willingly sharing that, it pisses him off that they’re talking so lewdly about you.
he wants to yell at them that it’s you, these are your pretty gasps and moans and sobs, but instead he keeps quiet, and comes back home to you, makes you really cry for him. he makes sure to record this one too.
he’s still debating what to do with it.
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chaneajoyyy · an hour ago
I'm just dreading the day that Lewis posts a thirst tweet that's just so out of pocket. I mean it'd be funny but I'm gonna look like 😧🤳🏽
It’ll probably happen soon i fear😂.
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