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#so satisfying
lordofthedanceisshe · 3 hours ago
Okay what was that finale? Like what on earth?
Not fun
Another time jump? No thanks
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burrferns · 5 hours ago
> i finish infinity train book 3 with my friend
>i am rabid
>i stumble onto tumblr in a wild frenzy to mass reblog grace monroe posts--still rabid
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breakbleheaven · 5 hours ago
the serotonin boost im getting from taking all these moon pics is unmatched
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wangyourtown · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ok but like why are people on tiktok so pretty???? I see them and my hands move on their own accord
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are some of my references
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dracoria-azucar · 10 hours ago
There are so many subtle hints about C!Tommy and C!Wilbur secretly working together but I simply refuse to get my hopes up because it would emotionally damage me so much more to hold out hope for narratively satisfying DSMP!Crimeboys content and NOT get it then it would for me to end up getting it when I was expecting pure pain
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annabelle--cane · 12 hours ago
hmm if they were at one point thinking of a final survivor kinda thing, are we thinking martin, melanie, or basira? I really can't imagine any scenario where jon lives, and we know that georgie was up for the chop for a bit, so who's our uniquely (un)fortunate bastard
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idv-ask-azrael · 12 hours ago
I wanted to say that your art is AMAZING💜❣️💕🌸♦️💗 thanks for coming to my ted talk
[Thank you?!]
[I try to make all my replies have good quality or better, that's why I am taking so long! I'm glad it shows~]
[and it's totally not because I am super lazy]
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tsjernobyl · 19 hours ago
plleeease if luca gets a nb love interest i will cry. it's what she deserves. it's what i deserve. it's what we all deserve, make her queer wtfock do it you cowards. and if sander's not nb give us someone who is
kdlfjskldf idk how much of a focus or subplot luca will be involved in outside of the.. later drama, BUT i do kinda like the gender neutral names and what it could potentially imply about luca. they could just be nb love interests that are never really addressed again, and that’d be fine to me too? like nicole’s post said yesterday... nb ppl do just.. exist. to see long rants about how wtfock is being ~too vague~ as if a single person has done anything but HOPE luca is queer is so..... but okay. anyway, i’m mega intrigued to see if luca’s love life is gonna be in the bg throughout the season or not but fingers crossed for more positive luca/yasmina dynamics at the very least.
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hanji-is-life · a day ago
idk if you’ve seen this before but i’m presenting it anyway. i’m not gonna say his name. i’m not. y’all know what i’m thinking.
i hope that sent right it probably didn’t pls ignore it if it’s messed up.
I HAVE and you know who was the first person I thought of !!!
just. the squish. is so squish. the way I could just sink my fingers in???? sleep there???? get suffocated in between his big mommy milkers????? a dream. an absolute dream.
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rosemagicked · a day ago
danny ramirez bringing kpop into the mcu ( or trying ) brings me so much joy
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takeawaythepain · a day ago
currently in bed wearing pimple patches and a breathe rite nasal strip. just oozing sex appeal.
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musclesandhammering · a day ago
Know what would’ve been a cool au plot for season 4? Dean, Sam, and Bobby already thought Castiel was some sort of badass demon so what if, instead of dropping the whole “angels are real” bomb on them, he’d just gone along with that. You know? Like just let them think he was a demon and he owned Dean’s soul or some shit like that? And season 4 was just Castiel having increasing difficulty trying to keep up the ruse while leading them through the pre-apocalypse stuff, and the humans are going along with it but trying to figure out what kinda demon Cas is and how to get Dean out of the deal etc etc. And then toward the last few eps of the season the “whoops I’m actually an angel and this is what’s really up” shock could get dropped, and idk it just seems like that would be so interesting and badass and cool omg is there a fic out there like that? I’m rambling.
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ainotame · a day ago
I’m so glad only like two people that follow me know anything about Final Fantasy because I can say FFV had a better antagonist than FFIV and not get cancelled.
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theheadlessgroom · a day ago
“​I remember one,” Elizabeth smiled, folding her arms as she recounted what happened. “I had this dress made specially by my mother when I was very young, a very pretty orange dress, but...I couldn’t move once I put it on! I don’t know what she did to it, but as soon as she put me in it, I couldn’t hardly move my arms, it was so stiff! It also had quite the collar on it, and I couldn’t really turn my head with it, so I sort of had to waddle around until I could get it off!”
Dorian chortled at this, as his new wife spared a glance out into the hall, just to make sure her mother wasn’t around to hear this before saying, “Yes, not the most flattering portrait I ever had done, but also not the worse. I didn’t care much for it when I was younger, but I’ve come to look a little kinder on it as I’ve gotten older.”
“Lucky,” Randall chuckled, while June finally stole back the portrait of herself from Wilhelm and tucked it away into the back of the photo album once more, at which her husband gave her a mock disappointed look. Seeing the album, Dorian asked playfully, “Does this mean we get to see your picture, Randall?”
“Certainly not.” “Oh, come on! You’re no fun,” he pouted with a smile, at which his friend replied, “You’ll have to find it first, I’m going to take that picture and hide it somewhere you can’t find it!”
“Spoilsport,” Dorian replied, sticking his tongue out childishly at him (a gesture Randall mirrored), all the while Elizabeth tried to stifle her giggles as she spared a smile to Emily-clearly, they both married a couple of overgrown children!
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