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#out of time
Bullet: I have come for you
Washington: I know.
Bullet: Are you ready?
Washington: Can I look back, one last time—
Bullet: No, you are out of time
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lifbitch · 23 hours ago
Angstpril 2021: Day 17 - Out of Time
A New Name
read on ao3 842 words graphic depictions of violence, the siege of mandalore, the phantom apprentice, pov ahsoka tano, anakin turns to the dark side, lightsaber duel, blood and injury
Ahsoka jumped back from Darth Maul, breathing heavy, desperately wishing she could catch her breath. Sweat coated her skin, but was quickly cooling in the night air. She made sure to hold her lightsabers up like Anakin had trained into her for hours upon hours. After all, it was easier to drop a lightsaber down than to raise it up.
Darth Maul twirled his own lightsaber, the red flashing through her vision. His teeth were bared as he eyed her. Despite his imposing height, Ahsoka stayed in her crouch, putting most of her weight on the balls of her feet. She wouldn’t be intimidated by him, or think to join him again. He didn’t want what was good for the Republic, just himself.
“It’s almost too late now, Ahsoka,” he told her, the natural purr to his voice almost coming out as a snarl in his frustration. “But you can still join me. We can defeat Darth Sidious.”
“You already heard my answer: no.”
“What about to save your master?”
Ahsoka curled her lip up at him. Not this again. Anakin was… Anakin was fine, wasn’t he? He had to be. He always was, and he would never join the dark side like Maul was claiming.
“You don’t know him!” Ahsoka spat.
Maul leaped at her, spinning his double-sided blade, and she lunged to intercept it. Their blows were fast, the power of them pushing her back.
He was trying to distract her. That’s all he was trying to do.
And Ahsoka found it was working. She couldn’t go into that void she so often did when she fought, couldn’t just listen to her body and the Force, and her training, silently counting out positions in her head as if on instinct.
Now she was angry, and despite all she’d learned, she wanted to know more about what he was saying.
It couldn’t be true.
It couldn’t!
But what does the Force tell you?
Their blades crossed, flashing and hissing, and Ahsoka held her ground, trying to push him back.
“On the contrary, I do. I was in a similar position to his once. An apprentice, groomed for the dark side.”
“You’re nothing like him. Anakin is caring, and brave, and noble. The dark will never take him.”
She kicked him, managing to get under his defenses, and hit his abdomen. He grunted, and had to balance himself. This gave Ahsoka time to twirl, and aim low. Master Obi-Wan had told her all about what he’d done to Maul long ago, but if she could still damage the mechno-legs he had, or the feet, that would give her an edge. As she swept her longer blade out, her shoto rising to thrust, he jumped, and a kick to the face sent her sprawling. Before she could hit the floor of the throne room, and get stabbed by the shards of glass, he pushed her back with the force.
Ahsoka went flying and slammed into the wall, lightsabers falling from her hands, and disigniting. She dropped to the floor. Blood ran down her face, her nose throbbing. Probably broken. Some glass impaled her arms, and one went into her lower abdomen. But the shards here were small, so the damage was minimum compared to what it could have been.
“Stop hiding. Feel the truth. I know you can. It will happen very soon. And without me, you won’t be able to do anything about it.”
A grunt left Ahsoka as she rose to her feet, and pulled her lightsabers into her hands. The hum of them igniting was soothing in the dark throne room. There wasn’t just the red blade here now. There was her, no longer a Jedi, but an agent of the light.
“I think you’re just a coward who doesn’t want to go to prison!”
She cried out as she ran towards him. She leapt over him, tucking her body in tight, rolling, and landed behind him. She had her lightsabers into position before she even landed, but Maul had anticipated this, and he had turned, and was now parrying her every blow.
“You’re the real coward if you don’t want to accept the truth the Force is telling you. Soon it will be too late. You will be out of time.”
“Why don’t you just shut up?” Ahsoka snarled.
He’s just trying to distract you, find a weak point and hit it hard. That’s how he thinks he’ll win.
But he’s not going to win.
He smiled, and their blades met once more.
Later, Ahsoka would realize he had been right. Anakin…
She’d heard it, seen it. Felt it. He’d helped kill Mace Windu, he’d joined the Chancellor, Darth Sidious, and he’d been renamed as Darth Vader.
Her despair told her that she should’ve been with him, not on Mandalore. But it was too late, and even as she had fought Maul she had been out of time. She’d been out of time to save him for months.
Anakin, her master, her brother, was gone. Ahsoka had failed him.
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mira--mira · a day ago
Do you think that Hashirama adopts this super optimistic somewhat childish persona on purpose because he's afraid of being treated like Madara is?
Like don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that his personality isn't like that or that he's faking it.
But on paper, Hashirama seems like the scarier one. Cuz Madara doesn't have any skill that hasn't been seen before, yea he has those skills dialled up to 11 but it's not completely new. Whereas the Mokuton is basically a legend, never before seen.
I mean with just their skills Hashirama seems more alien and more likely to be feared and hated but he isn't.
My personal view is that Hashirama purposefully plays up the optimistic kinda clueless side of him. Because he knows that people fear the Mokuton, so he has to make sure they don't fear him.
That kinda plays into a line you have in OoT that is just beautiful,
"The whole thing just confirmed Tenzo’s sneaking suspicion that the Shodai’s unfailing optimism was more fiction than reality. He mourned for the man this boy became, with a mask so perfect he was never able to escape it."
Hashirama had to be happy and cheerful because anything less would be taken as a threat.
Anon, I am drowning in end-of-term projects but I just had to respond to this because yes that is exactly what I think and my thought process behind adding that line haha!
IMO Hashirama had two paths after the river confrontation/when the mokuton became a serious power to the Senju. Either people would love/underestimate him or they would hate/fear him and that parallels directly to Madara. “God of Shinobi” is a title that I headcanon Tobirama was largely responsible for bc he saw the writing on the walls and tried to paint Hashirama as a benevolent god to the Senju while Hashirama played up his cluelessness and tried to be as non-threatening as possible. But trying to turn men into gods never ends well and Hashirama got trapped in his own “mask” to the point where he couldn’t afford to be “human” any longer. Madara’s story wasn’t the only tragedy of the Founder’s era. 
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marybunnie · a day ago
Day 17: Out of Time
George and Sapnap are caught trying to escape
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alab211 · a day ago
Angstpril day 17 - Out of time
"What do you mean Kya's leaving?!" Lin exclaimed shocked.
"Yeah, yesterday she came up with an idea to travel around the world," Toph dismissed with a wave of her hand. "Pretty pointless if you ask me. There's everything you need in republic city. There are bars, restaurants-"
"When is she leaving?!" Lin cut her mother off.
"Today at six. Why?"
Lin looked at the clock.
"Hey! Language!"
But Lin didn't listen to her. She was already out the door, rushing to the docks. She didn't have a watch, so she didn't know whether she was going to make it.
She finally reached the docks and saw Kya's family on the bridge. When Katara noticed the young Beifong she said,
"Oh, honey, she's gone. You're too late."
Kya left. Without saying goodbye to Lin.
She didn't even have her a chance to tell her how much she cared about her.
And now she didn't even know when Kya was going back.
She was too late.
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raeshinfandomblog · a day ago
Out of Time
Out of Time
Angstpril2021 Day 17 Out of Time Summary: Before she was sent to Christophsis to her new Master, Larel was in a precarious position in the Order. She was running out of time before she would be reassigned to a service corps.
The Halls of Healing had grown increasingly busy as the first waves of the Clone Wars led to many injured Jedi. Larel was bent over a young human knight, holding her still while Healer Eerin set her broken femur. She murmured soft words of comfort to the young woman but her mind was far away.
She had been working as a medic and healer’s assistant in the Halls since her master’s death on Geonosis. It had been great being able to be around the healers. She had learned a lot about handling basic injuries and illnesses and had picked up a lot of emergency first aid tricks as well. Healer Eerin had even taught her basic Force healing and healing trances. This wasn’t what she had been meant to do though. At her core she was meant to be a Jedi Knight. She just knew it.
They had pushed back her reassignment for quite some time. The Council of Reassignment had been trying but eventually they would have to push forward with it. It had been almost six months. She was running out of time to be claimed by another master. She had already been turned away by quite a few. No one wanted a second hand padawan- especially one who was seeing a Mind Healer as often as she needed to.
“Larel… Larel!” Bant was calling her name.
“Oh right sorry, Healer Eerin,” she said and let go of the patient, stepping back as they left the young knight to rest for a while.
“So they said no too?” the Mon Cala asked, looking toward the redhead.
“Yeah… I guess I may as well accept it… I mean unless someone claims me in the next week or two, I’m getting reassigned,” she said.
Part of her just wanted the time to run out. After all, then her anxieties would be done. No more waiting. No more getting her hopes up only for them to be shot down. She sighed and looked away from the Healer beside her.
“Hey,” Bant said softly. “Master Che has already said if you do get reassigned you can stay with the Medicorps. At least you can help that way right?”
Bant was always trying to help Larel keep her hopes up and she couldn’t help but be grateful for it. She was glad for the cheering up sometimes, but at times like this it was especially needed.
“Well maybe that won’t be so bad… still…” the redhead trailed off as they were met in the halls by the oldest member of the Jedi Order.
“Grandmaster Yoda,” Larel greeted with a small smile, pushing aside her sadness, her fear, her disappointment. “What can we do for you?” she asked.
“Padawan Corusca, a mission I have for you.”
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alright-anakin · a day ago
Angstpril 2021 Day 17: Out of Time
tw: torture
Day 17: Out of Time
Anakin slumped forward, the durasteel restraints digging painfully into his left wrist and ankles, and grating loudly against his prosthetic. His nerves had to be fried by now and he was surely losing brain cells. “How did you get onboard this station?” The guard sneered.
“I… I don’t know,” he slurred, hardly able to speak above a whisper. He hardly had time to catch his breath before the familiar ding of the activation button sounded and lightning danced over his skin. He’d stopped being able to hold back his screams hours earlier.
read more here
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fanfictasia · 2 days ago
Angstpril Day 17
Out of Time
Anakin clenches his hands into fists, trying to quell his rising panic. He has to have faith in the Force that Ahsoka and Obi-Wan will return to Naboo with the cure for the Blue Shadow virus in time to save everyone. “Take it easy,” he advises Rex, crouching down next to him as he coughs uncontrollably. “If you don’t strain yourself too much, the virus will take longer to cause harm.”
Rex nods weakly, not wasting the energy with a verbal reply. Senator Amidala passes them as she goes to tend to another one of the clones. Of all of them in the bunker, she and Jar Jar are the only ones who were not contaminated. Their protective suits will continue to function for a while, Anakin hopes. He doesn’t think that they have longer than a day before the first clones will start dying.
That realization sends a pang of distress and helplessness shooting through him. He wants to help them. He wishes he didn’t have to simply sit by and try to ease their pain. More importantly, he doesn’t understand why he isn’t showing any of the symptoms. He’s violently thrown up twice so far, but other than that, he can still breathe and walk freely. It almost doesn’t seem fair that he, a simple Padawan, is doing so much better than the clones. Maybe it’s because he’s a Jedi, Anakin doesn’t really know.
They’ve already destroyed all the droids down here, so they can simply rest and wait and hope that they’re rescued. Anakin has full faith in Ahsoka; his master is a wonderful person, and she’ll do everything in her power to help them. And she has her former master to help her as well. Together, they ought to find a way to do something.
Rex coughs again, his breathing more labored than it was a few minutes ago. Anakin sighs, resting a hand on the captain’s forehead and delving into the Force. He’s not skilled in Force healing, but he might be able to do something. Maybe. Please, he silently begs, please hurry. We’re running out of time.
He can feel the sickness which is slowly stealing Rex’s life, but he doesn’t know how to fix it. He should. He knows he should. “Commander, it’s alright.” Rex’s voice is weak, and Anakin realizes that he must have groaned aloud at his inability to help. “You should rest.”
Anakin lets himself slump to the floor next to Rex, wishing that he could actually do something. “I’m alright,” he insists. Rex gives him a flat look, and he sighs. “I feel fine,” he amends.
“Really?” Senator Amidala queries, amusement in her tone. Anakin starts, not having sensed her approach. “Is that why you threw up twice?”
He can feel himself flushing, which only makes him feel more embarrassed. “Maybe it’s something I ate,” he offers lamely, before turning to another one of the nearby clones. The man is nearly unconscious, and they’ve been doing their best to keep him comfortable.
Rex snorts mirthlessly, shaking his head and muttering something which Anakin doesn’t bother trying to hear. He knows it’ll be something along the lines of he doesn’t know how to take care of himself. “Is there nothing else we can do?” he asks the Senator, as the clone slips into unconsciousness.
“No,” she murmurs sadly. “Nothing.”
Anakin never thought that he could die like this, even though it doesn’t feel like he’s dying. He’d always thought it would be in the middle of a battle – well, a battle against droids. It feels as if he’s being cheated by life for dying from a virus that he has no way to fight. And… he doesn’t know how he ought to feel about the situation. He’s oddly numb. They’re running out of time.
End Note: A universe in which Ahsoka was on Tatooine and trained by Obi-Wan, and Anakin is her Padawan. ;)
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mira--mira · 4 days ago
Time for some Yamanaka headcanons. I’ve lost track of what I’ve said where and when I’ve said it, so this might be repetitive but one of the biggest missed opportunities of Naruto to me is how hiden techniques and kekkei genkai effect their users outside of combat. If a technique is unique to a certain clan that should hold a considerable amount of worldbuilding weight imo and the Yamanaka are a super interesting with their damn mind transfer jutsu. 
So first a foremost, the two “traditional” roles for the clan in Konoha are working in T&I or at the “flower shop” (since this is a clan occupation I’m changing it to less of a flower shop and more of an entire garden/green house that spans a good chunk of Konoha...that just so happens to also have a flower shop attached.) And the reason they usually work at one of two locations is because 1. the Yamanaka culturally have no filter and 2. the longer they’re in close quarters with other people the more they start to establish a mental link until, with enough exposure, they do just read minds. 
Most Yamanaka marry within their clan because of the lack of filter/little privacy issue. For ninja who thrive on secrets, it’s very uncomfortable to be next to someone who casually knows what you’re thinking (”thoughts” work similar to speech, loud thoughts = yelling, quiet thoughts = whispering, it gets weird with abstract thoughts but there’s a weird synesthesia connection that bleeds into vague/abstract thoughts (typically) appearing as visuals), who will always know what you’re thinking and can’t turn it off. This leads to a clan culture that is painstakingly blunt. There is little difference between thought and speech in a Yamanaka family and typically they develop thick skin from an early age and learn to brush casual insults off. They’re stereotyped as bullies for this bluntness and even integrated into the village, can take years for children to learn other clans’ boundaries about what is appropriate to say and not. (Some of them, ie Ino, purposefully pretend they’re still confused on the “line” and “accidentally” insult others on occasion.) 
Working at T&I requires specialized training so they don’t blurt our their own thoughts at the enemy they’re supposed to be interrogating, but their own understanding of the mind and eventual being able to “read” others make them unparalleled in the field. 
The Nara and Akimichi are most used to the particularities of the Yamanaka but they share other ninjas’ instinctive reaction to mind readers and this is one reason the alliance, despite being strong for generations, haven’t intermarried to create one larger clan. 
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teamseaslug · 9 days ago
I love running a Discord a lot because this morning at 6AM someone came in, asked if anyone had a specific PH image in high quality and left within an hour. I did not see that they asked because I was asleep. Godspeed, hope you find the image you're looking for.
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mira--mira · 15 days ago
Madara being fireproof makes me think of the incredibles scene with the babysitter staring at Jack Jack with the fire extinguisher. I imagine baby/toddler Madara must've been a pain to deal with, especially since most of their architecture is flammable.
Haha! That’s a great scene. Sun-blessed children...were a pain, you’re right. Madara did almost light one of his brothers on fire when he was 3 because he didn’t know that other Uchiha weren’t fireproof. The Uchiha were katon masters but also had the best early fire brigade bc things catching on fire was such a common occurrence. When they were little and parents were too busy to watch sun-blessed children, they usually handed them off to sun-blessed aunties and uncles, who if they light themselves on fire, at least wouldn’t get burned when they grabbed the kid. And this was a pretty serious problem because while all Uchiha are low-key pyromaniacs, the sun-blessed are straight-up pyros. Their chakra isn’t actual fire (this isn’t BoaF) but from birth, they can instinctually mold it into fire that covers their body. And babies find it very fun to do so. 
It’s very rare that a sun-blessed parent has a sun-blessed child (another incident that made the Uchiha a bit wary of Kou and Madara) but in Madara’s case, Kou pretty much carried him around everywhere even after his brothers were born until he learned not to set things on fire, this was the ‘general’ solution to trying to save as much architecture as possible. A small worldbuilding thing because the sun-blessed don’t burn but their clothes do, the Uchiha didn’t differentiate topless women from topless men in terms of being ‘appropriate’ or not. There’s not enough money to constantly be replacing clothes so if you or the baby were likely to get lit on fire, the baby’s naked and so are you from the waist-up.   
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mira--mira · 16 days ago
More wonderful fan-art! This time of Madara and Obito from OoT’s Chapter 13. Go check it out!
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mira--mira · 16 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Naruto Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Senju Hashirama/Uchiha Madara, Yamato | Tenzou & Team 13 Characters: Senju Hashirama, Uchiha Madara, Yamato | Tenzou, Sai (Naruto) Additional Tags: Desert, Camping, Madara is fireproof, Swearing, Out of Time-verse, Silly, Attempt at Humor Series: Part 1 of Out of Time Snippets Summary:
Madara is fireproof. He knows this. Hashirama knows this. Yamato and Sai do not. They find out.
Short OoT snippet based on these hilarious tweets from sneaky_wifi
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mira--mira · 16 days ago
I don’t know the how, where, when, or why but god I want to Onoki to meet the terrors. The chaos. The confusion. 
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mira--mira · 21 days ago
I love summons. They’re so cool and they don’t get enough love. And while going to big is the same monster kaiju problem that late shippuden has...thinking about what they are and how they work has so much rich potential for worldbuilding. In other words, the text post I told myself I wouldn’t write bc it’ll come up in BoaF and OoT, though slightly customized to each AU, but I can’t contain myself so here we are. 
Summons are purely nature chakra. Not all ‘groups’ are capable of teaching sage mode, but all of them use nature chakra and nature chakra alone (though, with how oddly vague ‘nature chakra’ is bc it powers up physical and spiritual energy, summons can, in effect, do all ‘kinds’ of jutsu it’s just from a different source.) 
They also eat chakra. Which, at one point, did mean that many ate humans as they were concentrated sources of chakra. This is why summons contracts are extremely important, it protects both summoner and summon. Proper contracts exchange some of the summoner’s chakra for the service of the summons. However, if they run out of chakra or decide their service is complete they ‘poof’ and are set back to their home. A summons can, theoretically, push past the point of exhaustion and by doing so does put their life and the summoner’s at risk. The summon must be supplied with chakra and that balance of ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’ is very thin. Also if terms aren’t properly stated the summon can theoretically drain their summoner of chakra and be set loose to cause havoc. Contracts are written in such a way that protects them from each other and it’s very rare that new contracts are written bc they’re so lengthy and complicated. It’s why passing down the contract is important. Lengthy contract legacies assure the summoner that the summons won’t try to trick or manipulate them and assures summons that the summoner won’t abuse them or try to push them to the brink of death. 
Non-contracted summons are extremely rare and are a walking nightmare for all parties involved. They don’t usually last long. 
Summons have their own legends of creation, and some overlap with older human ones. Most notably that the first summons, collectively known as the First of Their Name, predate human gods. These summons were literally named the animal they would become “Crow” “Slug” “Fox” etc. and most have died/disappeared. The summons look upon these ancestors with pride, but humans are understandably terrified of them because the few left living are ancient and powerful, on par with the bijuu. 
Fun fact, Katsuyu was originally Namekuji (Slug) and Tsunade is only living person with a personal contract with a First Summon (in OoT AU). I love Katsuyu and her unique powers. so much. This comes up in the unpublished chapter 8 of BoaF but the Uchiha are known as ‘crow demons’ for a reason and don’t be surprised when ‘Lady Karasu’ starts to be name dropped. BoaF Uchiha are a whole different animal though, because they constantly keep their summons with them and their contract is hyper specific to their arrangement. It is, by no means, ‘normal’ in that world. 
One last relevant thing to OoT summons...the ‘mixed’ animals that make up the bijuu? Are absolutely despised by their summon counterparts. I’ve read a few fics that actually cast the bijuu as the ‘boss’ summons and that’s a cool idea...but I love the idea of summons’ being offended that their form was ‘taken’ (this, admittedly is also part of OoT’s Plot) without their permission. It also causes issues between summoners and summons and summons that have bijuu counterparts are seen as overall more untrustworthy. What I’m saying is Saiken would not want to meet Katsuyu and god forbid one of the foxes run into Kurama or Naruto 😉
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mira--mira · 25 days ago
I drew a semi-spoilery character for OoT but I just realized...I don’t know how much of a spoiler it actually is because I don’t know if readers know this character is an actual character or just a part of lore and worldbuilding and if I ask the question directly I’ll immediately give it away.
So you guys want a possible minor spoiler or a possible major one? It’s just a character, not a scene, and will be hidden under a spoiler readline.  
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mira--mira · 26 days ago
...i think that i remember that you had gone and had mentioned somewhere that hashi has got four mothers, like not all of them at once i'm sure, but i guess for different au's that you have got? so the soulmate au with hagane, then kuuru from boaf au, then kiyomi for oot au and whoever the last one is supposed to be! i've got to say that your worldbuilding is just awesome how you have come up with all of that and how detailed that it is
I did! I mentioned it when I posted the two Kou’s I drew but never got around to finishing that piece, LOL. I have my design references and they’re rough but I’ll post them.
Anon, it blows my mind that you kept track of all the oc moms 🥺 and just for you I will reveal the fourth mom! (though with the valentine’s one-shot it may bump up to five unless I decide to use Kiyomi there too LOL) This is a short breakdown and in order of who’s most likely to murder Butsuma at any given point. Why is that my mom-ranking system? I don’t know, but it is. 
Hagane (Two Hearts, Tied Together aka soulmate au)
The quintessential terrifying mom who loves her kids but will kill anyone who threatens them. She’s skilled in genjutsu, long-range weapons (kunai, senbon, shuriken), and sensory techniques. I love Hagane, she’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever made but it’s very hard to put her in any aus because 1. she will murder Butsuma or 2. she’ll abscond with the Senju kids and throw the plot into disarray. 
Kiyomi (Out of Time) 
Kiyomi’s actually a mix of Kuuru and Busuko in terms of looks/skills. Since she’s from Uzushio she knows fuinjutsu, in addition to being skilled in suitons and poisons (though she was mostly a healer, not a poisoner). Kiyomi has generally become my “base” for Hashirama’s moms despite her being created last. She’s a good middle ground of a warm, caring figure who also will do anything to protect her kids.
Busuko (Birds of a Feather)
Ah the mysterious fourth mom! We haven’t gotten to Busuko yet because I am behind in writing for BoaF but hopefully this answers some questions to those who are curious! Busuko is not Hashirama’s biological mother. Since so much of that fic is about exploring cultures and I plan to bring in Uzushio in a decently big way, Hashirama is the biological son of Kuuru, an Uzumaki. I mentioned in the last BoaF chapter there were two options for the Senju to deal with Kou 1. marry Butsuma to an Uzumaki for their sealing or 2. marry him to another clan with a water affinity strong enough to counter her. Busuko is from that second clan and was the option Butsuma first wanted to go with before the elders refused. That’s because while Busuko is a strong suiton specialist and a sensor she is, first and foremost, a poisoner and has a kekkei genkai that negates poison for her but makes her blood one of the most poisonous substances in the world. All that said, I’ve read a few fics where if Hashirama and Tobirama have different biological mothers, Tobirama’s is vilified to hell and back and that is not how this plays out. Busuko and Butsuma were in love before the Senju elders made their decision and while Kuuru did die early, Hashirama was a product of that union (ie one of the bigger reasons Butsuma dislikes him in this au.) But Busuko adopted him and considered him her own son and absolutely abhorred Butsuma’s attitude/treatment towards him. They fought about it a lot before she died and that’s why she’s third on this list instead of fourth. 
Kuuru (Birds of a Feather)
Hashirama’s biological mom and Butsuma’s first wife. Kuuru is the youngest sister of Ashina and was married off when she was seventeen. (I know that realistically this kind of marriage would have been with an even younger girl but I already feel ill at imagining a seventeen-year-old getting married so I won’t go lower.) It was completely political and she didn’t like Butsuma but wasn’t in a position to say no. In their short marriage they generally avoided each other, especially after she got pregnant. Kuuru was an Uzumaki so she specialized in fuinjutsu and was one an up and coming sealmaster and historian, in addition to having a small water affinity. She died shortly after Hashirama was born due to complications from his birth. 
I honestly adore worldbuilding and figuring out how events before the story impact it from the start! (It’s also therapeutic to add in multiple moms bc canon refuses to acknowledge them!) 
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mira--mira · a month ago
in out of time will hashi find the giant scroll of his adult canon self? cause i gotta say that if it is still around as like a village treasure/heirloom so to speak, then hashi could have a whole bunch of weapons just ready to go that he could use that would be able to stand up to his crazy strength! and his mom being an uzumaki so him knowing at least some sealing/fuinjutsu for his weapons and maybe even healing makes sense to me!
Yes, he will eventually get it! I don’t think Hashirama’s scroll has nearly as much symbolic weight to him as the gunbai does to Madara but it’s definitely considered a historical piece by the village and still exists. As far as weapons that can stand up to Hashirama’s strength, it definitely has some! I think the broadsword we see is the “main one” and the rest are long-range or backups or smaller swords like he currently has in his current battle scroll. 
As for his mom being an Uzumaki that is both kinda true and not. BoaF is the AU where Hashirama and Mito are first cousins and his mom, Kuuru, was Ashina’s sister. OoT has a different set-up that ties into some different worldbuilding! Here, digging a bit more into how Hashirama and Madara came up with the idea for a village specifically, they each contributed individual ideas that coalesced ultimately into their larger one. Madara first brought up the idea of ‘showing each other our guts’ to Hashirama. He also has first-hand experience of the power multiple clans can have if they come together (there were instances of clients hiring more than one clan at a time as well as the specific events that led to his mom’s death). 
Hashirama has that same experience with multiple clans but also is in a unique position because of the Senju and Uzumaki. I think both clans regularly take in small cast-off groups (see the Senju accepting Uchiha deserters) but they do it in different ways. The Senju fully assimilate groups into their clan. They become Senju and their specific techniques get added as “Senju” clan techniques which is how the Senju gained their reputation as ‘one thousand hands, one thousand skills.’ The Uzumaki accept cast-offs too but because they’re in a more fortified/comfortable position on their island, allow the individual groups to retain their identities and not fully assimilate them. (Though, most individuals groups are compromised of ten or less so in a couple generations that’s kinda negligible.) All of that to say Hashirama’s mom in this AU, Kiyomi, belonged to one of those cast-off small groups that joined the Uzumaki. Her former clan was one of the ‘older’ ones so they’re highly respected, loyal, and close to the leadership which made her a marriageable candidate to the Senju. That influenced how Hashirama imagined how an allied village could be on a large scale. 
Kiyomi did know Uzumaki sealing techniques (she taught them to both, Tobirama picked up on them more but Hashirama does know basics), her elemental affinity was water (again more of a Tobirama thing but mokuton = earth + water), and she was a medic but an average one who dealt more with poisons and antidotes rather than healing (she also died by being poisoned but that’s a different story). 
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