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#i’m so out of loop
dxnce-cxrmen · a day ago
I’ve been busy for like 2 weeks and come back to komaeda trending what happened
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showerpoufs · a day ago
tagged by @mrgutsberserk to list 15 songs i’ve been listening to recently!! i tag @jotarora @sapphoraclub @heartknives @e-cologies @torturelabyrinth @winchflat @abettersondaughter and whomever else would like to <3
olivia rodrigo - brutal
megan thee stallion - thot shit
the cars - you’re all i’ve got tonight
liz phair - spanish doors! but all of soberish actually :))))
TAEMIN - advice
blessid union of souls - hey leonardo SORRY this is my forever summer song. this is my personal summer girls by lfo
pixies - gigantic
mary jane girls - in my house
SOPHIE - it’s okay to cry
j.zen - duo hen sheng which uh. well if you know you know.
charlotte martin - stromata
the unbelieeeeevable big joanie cover of cranes in the sky
veruca salt - shutterbug
nick drake - fly
panic at the disco - LA devotee I KNOW SORRY
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rigatonireid · a day ago
i love my gut for telling me to stay away from certain blogs from the beginning <3333
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vanitedraws · 3 days ago
LMAO RE8 spoilers i guess ------------------------------------------------------------but ethan technically like died at the start of game 7 and was reanimated by the bio super powered mold that was Around omar the time and thats what did most of the work in reattaching his gotdamn hand (and also all the other horrible injuries he sustains through the whole game, like when he gets hung up on hooks by his hands and then just rips 'em off, pours on the healy juice and is fine)
So he can engage in cock and ball torture and be fine? Good for him
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vanitedraws · 3 days ago
So in the RE games, Ethan winters can reattach his limbs back by pouring that magic juice okay alright. So if his dick ever gets cut off
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inkykeiji · 6 days ago
I am super curious about your professor now, do you have any more anecdotes on him?😂
oh my god anon i could go on about him forever you just opened the floodgates
my program was really, reaaaaally tiny, so i became quite close with many of my profs!!! i’m super grateful for it, because they’re all such amazing people, and they really helped shape me into who i am today! i miss them all so much :( i truly loved university and i plan to go back!
so! for the particular prof in question, i didn’t actually get to take one of his classes until second year (bcoz i had to take intro to film first before i could take any of the classes he was teaching) but after that i took—and i kid you not—every single one of his classes until i graduated. mf acted as if he DIDNT know he was my favourite prof (he totally did) and had the audacity to BLUSH when i told him he was (for context: he actually asked me to take his seminar in my final year, because he knew i hated the subject matter but was all ‘i’d really love to hear your thoughts + interpretations’ and i went ‘sir, are you kidding? you know you’re my favourite prof’ and he went ‘ooooh stop’ all bashful n whatever and then i was like !!!!! I TAKE ALL OF YOUR CLASSES FFS LIKE UR VERY CLEARLY MY FAVE)
anyway it was really cool that he started teaching when i started uni because i got to watch him grow as a prof!!!!!! he was a little nervous for the first few classes he taught, but as he became more comfortable he really came out of his shell (as did i, in the program) and that was super cool. we bonded over social anxiety and he gave me some advice and some tips on how to deal with it!
but YEAH he really did say to me ‘i only give one of these (an A+/mark over 90%) out a semester, and YOU keep getting them. publish this fucking paper!!’ and i was like ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ but the student journal only publishes papers under 3500 words :( hahaha but he really did pester me about that in a very endearing way. and he really was a notoriously difficult grader (his ratemyprof can attest to that LMAO) but he was also an incredible teacher and was very fun, so his classes filled up CRAZY quick (just like prof!keigo’s do oops). i’m surprised i made it into each one honestly a fantastic feat idk how i managed that hahaha
he’s seen me cry more than any of my other profs have (tho tbh they’ve all seen me cry at least once yikes) but i had many breakdowns in his office that were met with tough love lmao. but he really eased my anxiety and became almost like ??? a comfort person for me? like i knew i could go talk to him about whatever and he’d be totally honest with me. he also gave me dark chocolate a lot hehehe and he did ‘baby’ me when i needed it (he’d let me make video essays instead of oral presentations and introduced them for me and everything 🥺 i never had to stand in front of any of his classes and speak)
the last time we spoke was right before i graduated. we were talking about it and he told me ‘my office door’s always open for you. come by any time, seriously.’ and i had planned to visit him, just to chat n whatever, but then covid hit RIGHT after i graduated, and the campus closed, and just :( i have to email him soon tho, because he’s one of my references for my masters application!!! hopefully i can visit the campus soon; there’s two other profs i wanna visit as well :(
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katierosefun · 12 days ago
girls be like “i’m fine” but then watch the scene where the cynical sarcastic tall one clings to the idealistic small one and begs them to please stay because you’re the kind of person i wish i was but never could be
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nicolodigenovas · 12 days ago
Coming out is SO EXHAUSTING. A bit good but exhausting. Like a very long run that leaves you good tired but you realise you’ll be always far away from the end
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cinnamoniic · 14 days ago
me trying to figure out why there’s a 2 hour video in my recommended about the cancellation of the mcelroys
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orpheusminseok · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve been figuring out how to make bead bracelets lately and I’m happy to say I’ve been improving bit by bit!! On the left is the first one I tried making for my wife while on the right is the latest for my prima~
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insert-penname-here · 15 days ago
It’s taken about two weeks for the fact that Wilbur is on Tumblr to register.
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