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worldsnotsaid · 3 minutes ago
I hate that trope of women purposely putting themselves in stupid, illogical situations in the name of being “badass,” and then putting innocent people in danger by their actions. It’s usually because writers don’t usually know how to actually flesh-out strong willed characters beyond being assholes who are disguised as charismatic warrior-types. Sorry, but no. It’s not being strong-willed or brave to illogically put yourself in danger and then blame everyone else for your decision. Pls stop doing this, I can’t take another woman-protagonist like this.
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whatmighthavebeen · 5 minutes ago
“Do you hate people?” “I don't hate them...I just feel better when they're not around.” Charles Bukowski
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kmorgzz · 10 minutes ago
Is this why you're into cars?
but also, Kar is just a nickname for me 😂 the only thing about cars that i know is the basic essentials:
1) how to change a tire
2) how to change my wiper blades
3) how to put in new wiper fluid
4) how to change my taillights
5) how to fill my tires
6) how to jump a battery
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andthefact · 22 minutes ago
I will forever be confused as to why Patrick wants to be with Ander when OMAR is RIGHT THERE
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danneelsmain · 23 minutes ago
First, sorry that I missed your sleepover! College killed me this week ugh. I need a break. I NEED IT.
And second, I got just one more assignment for the week that is due midnight and have to catch on Monday's work because I'll out the entire Sunday (have a 4 hours long car ride to my aunt's house on Sunday)
But my results of first semester was just announced and me became the class topper so that is one good thing that happened this week!
Hope you have a good day! And good luck with your assignments! You have a lot to do!
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danneelsmain · 24 minutes ago
Hi bestie, I hope you’re doing better 🥺💗 sending you all the hugs and love in the world!
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I'm not right now but thank you !! I had some soup tonight so that helped for earlier's issues but a blanket's helping me rn for some new ones that popped up
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danneelsmain · 25 minutes ago
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i took a small one, as i was emotionally exhausted but looks like i'll be up late tonight
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sparerarepairs · 28 minutes ago
#ShareYourPride Day 18
no but seriously, y'all are awesome
@aliresix , @magsdomino , @kaleidoscopekai , @applekie ,@starving4content
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zamonaviycom · 29 minutes ago
Ziyoda - Ya Nabi salam alayka
Ссылка на источник: Читать дальше »
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roxzania · 31 minutes ago
Ask Box Is Open
I'm leaving my ask box open for anyone who'd like to ask questions, request merch designs (pride heart pattern and pride knives), and just show support. Anons are allowed, as I don't have a problem with them and not everyone has an account while surfing this place.
My DNI List
My blog is intended to be safe for everyone from the LGBTQ+ community, but in general, I'm safe for anyone even if they're not LGBTQ+ (unless you are on my DNI list). I would like to offer advice that I may have for some people regarding mental health and LGBTQ+ identities. It might not be the best advice, but it's from my experience and it may be helpful for someone. And that's what matters, even if it helps only one person. So don't be afraid to ask questions! I might not know the answer, but I can pass your question on to others to help out too!
Since I'm always still learning about the LGBTQ+ community, I also very much welcome ideas, thoughts, advice, and explanations anyone is willing to give. Mental health advice is also very helpful too!
A little about me: [below continue line]
- I'm an Alexigender Genderfluid person who prefers They/He/She pronouns. I also identify as Bigender, Non-Binary, Demigirl, and Xenogender as part of my Genderfluidity (I consider them micro-labels as I shift between these half of the time). - I'm Aroaceflux. I mostly identify with the aroace spectrums (like Aego, Grey, Demi, Apothi, etc). I'm rarely outside of these spectrums, which I define normally as Omniflux and/or Panflux depending on the fluctuation. - I'm 20 and a full-time college student who had to quit my job due to medical reasons when the pandemic started. Living with financial aid offered to college students where I live, but I very much want to have a job (but can't as of yet) so I'm trying my best to work at home with making merch. - I also have mental health issues. It's only been a few months since I got professional help and a partial diagnosis for some of my issues. But I've dealt with it for quite a long time. I was officially diagnosed with Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder (I do need some advice for BPD, as I'm still learning more about it as time goes on). And I have some form of Anxiety that has not been diagnosed yet, but I am working with people for it.
I suppose that's all to get the ball rolling and get a few introductory questions out of the way. And kinda "meet the artist" for more questions later. I honestly don't know what else to say, as those are probably the biggest things.
I actually do encourage questions about LGBTQ+ identities and mental health, because this does help me personally. I have a lot of trouble with coming up with thoughts and explaining things, so making time to finally answer those things can be beneficial for me. But also a learning experience for other people who want to understand more or are going through something similar and need something/someone to relate to somehow. But of course, a lot of what I'll probably say is from my own experience or my very unsure statements about myself... but I'll try to be genuine as possible.
Remember; Stay friendly and Safe! Ask Box - Ask, Request, Give Advice, Chat, and Love away! 💙
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lilbulb · 32 minutes ago
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angelicamerlinbarnes · 40 minutes ago
Does anyone ever think of why certain characters hate Muggles? Like, none of them are right, obviously, and some of them have shit reasons like pureism, obviously, but like… some of them I get it. Of course Harry doesn’t want to hang out with Muggles, even if he doesn’t hate them - the only ones he’s ever known were his shit abusive aunt, uncle, and cousin. Of course Draco doesn’t like Muggles - he was raised to believe they were worse than him, and nobody ever taught him better, and he never met one. Of course Severus doesn’t like Muggles - the only one he knew lost his mother all her status, family, and fortune and abused both her and Severus for nearly two decades. Of fucking course they don’t like Muggles. The only Muggles they knew were assholes.
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objectshow-headcanons · 40 minutes ago
Hey uhh just 2 let you guys know dont send in anything about dogs or relating 2 them . (like dog fursonas n like furry dogs r ok but not . actual dogs the animals or anything referencing them)
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firelxdykatara · 41 minutes ago
one of my biggest pet peeves in this fandom is when someone calls kaz (or, really, any of the crows, but especially kaz) ‘a child’, because like. no. he’s not lmfao. he’s very much not.
and like, ok, if you want to be ridiculously, overly literal and claim that anyone under the age of majority is A Child, then maybe (except there’s no real evidence that the AoM, if there even really is one, in Ketterdam is 18), but what’s really going on when people do this is they are either trying to make it seem like it’s morally OK for kaz to be a thief and a murderer and a gang leader/crime boss (bc he’s A Child and couldn’t be expected to know better uwu) which is completely ridiculous-
or they’re trying to make it seem like it’s weird for anyone who reads about these people acting like adults and doing adult things like murder and excessive violence to one another to find them attractive in whatever Mental Landscape they conjure while reading if they happen to be adults themselves, and that is it’s own brand of stupid (and also rooted in anti rhetoric, so these people must make it seem like these characters are Literal Children even though they really aren’t because they are fictional characters and any way you slice it all of them were robbed of their childhoods and forced to grow up too fast and a lot of people will have as their mental image the grown ass twenty-something actors portraying them in the show and a lot of us already had mental fancasts involving adult actors anyway so let it the fuck go my god)
and either way it’s just weird???? kaz isn’t a child. kaz does bad things, he knows they’re bad when he does them and he doesn’t care because they serve his goals. i wouldn’t even say that he believes the ends justify the means, he just never bothers to attempt any justification. he doesn’t care about right and wrong. that doesn’t mean he’s some sadistic monster who enjoys inflicting pain for the thrill of it--i think it’s very important that he carefully crafted a reputation around himself that ensures that because people believe he is a monster, he doesn’t have to do every monstrous thing in order for people to believe he will and act accordingly--but he’s still like. not interested in morals, and he probably never will be. he has lines he likely wouldn’t cross, he will respect people who respect him, he will (usually) keep his word unless there’s a good reason why he shouldn’t, but he’s not a good person. and that’s ok! that’s part of what i love about him!
but i think trying to excuse his behavior with ‘he’s a child’ (even if that isn’t necessarily the intention it’s absolutely how it comes across; ‘child’ implies a kind of innocence and naivety which simply doesn’t apply to kaz) is vastly missing the point of his character in the first place. 18 isn’t some magic number where you go from ‘child’ to ‘adult’ overnight. this is why we have terms like ‘teenager’ and ‘adolescence’, because there is a whole lot of development that happens between ‘child’ and ‘adult’ that is not implied by either term, and it’s why we also have ‘young adult’ for that late teens/early twenties transitory stage. and it really doesn’t matter how you conceptualize childhood development, kaz is no longer a child at the point where the books begin, and he hasn’t been for quite some time.
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dew-fr · 46 minutes ago
My lore is basically "local town lives right on the edge of the weird and the mundane, and it's a line that keeps getting blurrier every single day and they can't be bothered to keep track anymore".
No big mysterious villain or plot. No really big strange thing happening. Everything is strange.
Someone or something tries to destroy the town or kidnaps someone every week and each and every time Rick gets up with a sigh and vanishes for about three or four days--sometimes a week--and then he comes back with the missing person or with some weird thing and he's more tired than ever and then he sleeps for 4 days.
And sometimes four strange, fluffy creatures wander in in a trench coat asking for some cupcakes and you don't really question it at this point.
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v-hope · 46 minutes ago
i think no one’s online but you know how i sometimes take 🌺 tiger flower 🌺 concepts you send and write small drabbles?
how about you guys send me slice of life concepts for me to write short fake texts of them instead 👀
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