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antimnemonic · 12 hours ago
have some Complaints abt in the heights but really i think it’s time i stop purposely letting negativity in my life. if i see something that upsets me im gonna pretend it doesn’t exist
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handypolymath · 14 hours ago
Me, looking down at the ginger cat meeping up at me to pick him up so he can ride around in my arms and try to steal my glasses: You are so adorable, but I wonder what you see in me?
Tumblr media
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churlishopossum · 3 days ago
I love when I ask men “have you ever dated a fat woman before?” And if the answer is any form of “no” (they rarely ever just say a plain no, and instead say some weird long hand version of no) they always ask me “why do you ask?”
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freckledsweetpea · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I thought I loved you, it was just how you looked in the light
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tdt2013 · 3 days ago
Iiiiim ngl to you from the excerpts and art I’ve seen it sounds like a lot of people obsessing over Hot Mlm Guys about red white and royal blue
oh yeah definitely . there is just literally nothing else i can possibly think of that would be appealing to YA readers besides that gjklfdkjgd
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-slaps a 🔁 on the table- give me that good heart hurting juice
(( I mean we also have bone-hurting juice but if you insist. Have BAR MUN's finest aged Part 4 Heart Hurting Juice. ))
[🔁 Time Loop AU]
It never ended.
All she could see was blood. All she could feel was a warm hand turning cold in hers as tears fell.
A second explosion filled her ears as she woke up in bed again, heaving breaths as she looked around. Everything was at it should be. Again.
Her mother calls her for what seems like her 10th breakfast of eggs and bacon, reminding her about the roast they'll have for dinner that evening. Again.
As Masumi puts on her uniform afterwards, slipping into her shoes, a familiar voice calls to her from outside.
"Yo, Masu-chan! Hurry up, we can't keep Koichi and Okuyasu waiting!"
A cold chill went up her back, replacing the warm fuzz she used to feel hearing Josuke's voice. As she greeted him and they began to walk, her mind went into overdrive wondering what to do...
Walking to school with him like this ended up the same way. Telling him to go on without her and she'd catch up did too. So did being a little late or a little early.
It all started after accidentally running into a business man the other day while looking for the serial killer on the loose in Morioh.
Maybe a shortcut will do it, she thinks as she pulls Josuke towards another way with the excuse of having enough time, taking a scenic route.
Once more there's an explosion that rings out, getting the boy's attention and rushing them to the scene.
Like clockwork, a young boy appears in their view after, yelling for help as the other two they were going to meet appear too.
And once more...Masumi can only watch as the others suddenly spontaneously combust, her hand holding Josuke's as the life fades from his eyes and tears form in hers.
The last thing she sees is a pink cat-like creature in the eyes of the youngest boy's body, a second explosion filled her ears as she woke up in bed again, heaving breaths as she looked around. Everything was at it should be. Again.
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groovymlm · 4 days ago
trans mens bodies regardless of medical transition status or lack thereof are effervescent
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zagreusboon · 4 days ago
Stop making art of naked black women with “perfect” bodies to make yourself look supportive
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baratittys · 4 days ago
ewww these dudes came into my workplace and asked for a picture of my asian coworker :/ like... why. why do they do this
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cornerstorebitch · 4 days ago
if you wanna think gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia are different i support that and will agree with you and thats because gender dysphoria is not real and body dysmorphia is lol
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musherum · 6 days ago
if ur a freak whos into misgendering or "detransitioning" trans ppl as a fetish please know that i am going to strangle you to death with your own entrails and it will be very poggers of me
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kpoperic · 7 days ago
you're a perverted chest fetishist
Ummm is that even a thing?????
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pendraegon · 8 days ago
every time i see white people on here who interact/are fans of asian media (in particular east asian media), then decide to treat people of color in these spaces as their [1] Get Out Of Racism Card because i follow this blogger or [2] think that said blogger is the authority on all issues??? and [3] proceeds to act not only bizarrely but inappropriately in regards to various east asian cultures as if said white person actually would know MORE than an asian blogger in regards to their own heritage is well.........i must laugh.
#it's so abhorrent.#i was very briefly in the mdzs fandom — i would even hesitate to say that in that i only liked talking about the show with my mutuals#but the things that i have seen as a result from that tag alone and likewise#other danmei/cdrama things that crop up on my dash because my mutuals are horrified by it well.#so fucking sick to death of you white people waltzing in thinking you know jackshit about asian cultures#the way you people treat and infantilize asian men and asian characters#the way that every so often posts like this pop up in these circles and yet all of you people ignore the words and comments of ACTUAL#fans of color and instead prop up white voices. it's sickening.#the way you use chinese culture to then prop up your own disgusting views regarding p*dophilia and i*cest and saying things like 'well this#is normal in the chinese fandom/in china' when VARIOUS chinese bloggers have said it's not and that you're just utilizing#progressive language in saying 'well if you criticize this work for being pedophilic/incestual/depicting X or Y positively then you're#racist against asian people' like. oh my god. do you hear yourself?#oh. this isn't about anything in particular i just. i don't know.#thought about how much im glad im no longer as active in cdrama spaces#because i don't have to deal with fetishists and racists.#but also im kind of sad because i remember being SO overjoyed by how much i adored the untamed and how even though i'm korean and not#chinese it was something that resonated with me to an extent....
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himbohargreeves · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
okay I know he was sitting on wet snow but it really just looks like he pissed himself :(
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smallestdogswilldie · 12 days ago
the amount of vagina related terf urls i had to block today,
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