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dcepticonn · an hour ago
if i could be friends with one undertale character aside from sans, papyrus and mettaton i'd be friends with undyne so i'd have a big buff tall scary fish lady to protect me when ppl r mad at me
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chittapornswife · an hour ago
Now that u have reminded me of om Shanti Om I'm trying to remember if I ever showed u that mark om shanti om edit I made? I genuinely cannot remember lol jfjfhdjd if I did pls disregard this message and have a splendid evening xo
i have a very vague memory of talking about om shanti om with you but i don’t think i’ve seen that edit😭😭😭 pls do share 😌🙏🏼💗 also off track but hated arjun rampal in that movie except he’s so good looking irl😭😭😭🗣
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jvsphere · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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thinking about my fav tropes in fanfic vs my venus sign and venus chart...much to think about
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pastellfaerie · 5 hours ago
top 5 songs? ~
ty for asking !! mwah 💕 hm rn my top 5 are
im fine - ashe
mi amor - nova miller
montage - bares
high/bye - cody frost
yoga - llusion
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pastelpaperplanes · 5 hours ago
Omg what brushes do you use?
Tumblr media
I like to rotate through a handful of some standard ones that come with Procreate! These are the ones I use the most by far
Searching around, there’s actually a whole lot of free brushes that can be downloaded to Procreate as well
My favs have been the SPACE pack and FLORA pack, a whole lot of extremely generous artists have free packs compiled, honestly explore around Gumroad and what not to add on to your brush folders!
Plus look into some tutorials on making your own brushes/stamps because they can be LIFESAVERS if you have to draw smth repetitively, or if you need a quick way to slap on your personal watermark!
Hope this helps✨
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yugiohz · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CRIMINALLY underrated please give her a listen n as her top single “I deserve more” says SHE DESERVES MORE
Tumblr media
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twogoodacres · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is a picture of relief.
Our winter plow guy had pushed a bunch of gravel over my soloman’s seal, and I was worried that maybe he’d killed them. Not so! Not only are they doing well, there are more then I’d thought. Turns out I must have continually mowed some down last year because they’d ventured onto the lawn. I’ll be much more careful this summer and when they die back in the fall, I’ll be transplanted them to a muc safer and appropriate spot.
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plutoswrath · 8 hours ago
✧ astro notes and titbits pt. 2 ✧
please do not copy my work.
other astro notes: 1, 2, 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧ people who have strong 8th house influence in their synastry possibly could have bonded over trauma or experienced similar hardships/traumas in life. Thus, these people usually find themselves having similar emotional patterns/emotional reactions and instincts. 
✧ a general tip for people with planets in retrograde: more than often, it will be fruitless to just go ahead and copy the standard, all that is considered ‘normal’ in your eyes, because it’s what most people do. Even though in other people’s behaviour might be partly truth to you, retrogrades force you to really look deep into yourself: how do you tick? What triggers you? What feels good for you and what doesn’t? How do you operate and what motivates you? Retrogrades push us to really figure ourselves out because they do create blocks and thus let a planets energy not flow freely. If you just try to ‘fit in’ with the rest without any second thought this could potentially backfire.  
✧ people with personal planets in Libra/Libra Ascendant find themselves pretty often in other peoples business (no matter if intentionally or unintentionally) but usually don’t like it when people unexpectedly do the same with them, especially if they aren’t close. With some Libra placements this can be due to their strong wish to keep a ‘pretty’ image around their life, they don’t like it when people see they are struggling. 
✧ Pluto in 3rd/Lilith in Gemini or 3rd/ Scorpio in 3rd house individuals could have experienced shared trauma with their siblings (!)/cousins, they might have walked similar paths at one point in life.
-> adding on to that: with Pluto/Lilith/Scorpio in 3rd or Lilith in Gemini it’s also likely that there was an open or secret power struggle with siblings. The siblings might have fought for attention from the parental figure or about who has the ‘upper hand’ amongst the other. Lies, secrets/secretive behaviour or pushing believe systems/opinions onto the other might have been common. 
✧ Lilith in the 3rd individuals especially could have struggled with always being the second option or even ‘the other woman’. In their romantic connections there could have always been someone who they needed to ‘switch places’ with and thus their partner made them feel not only neglected but also unwanted and/or reusable.
✧ Saturn in Gemini/the 3rd could have struggled with always having to take responsibility for their younger family members/siblings -> they might have not been receiving a similar amount of encouragement/praise/warmth from parental/autorative figures in family/school.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧ The relationship between the archetype of Saturn and Pluto can actually show a part of how we become adults: Pluto can show us where we become disempowered and helpless, while Saturns energy forces us to finally take responsibility about our feelings of helplessnes/hardships and thus we start realizing how to take care of us and how to take responsibility in the physical, material and emotional realm.
✧ General observation I’ve made over the years: people with profound Cancer/Moon, Pisces/Neptune, Taurus/Libra/Venus and Gemini/Mercury influence in their chart could have struggled with people perceiving them as the ‘manic pixie dream girl’ -> there’s potential to get an unhealthy emotional attachement to these individuals as they are usually very receptive of other peoples feelings and vibes 
-> This also goes for people who have Pisces/Neptune or Aquarius/Uranus in the 5th or these generational planets aspecting Venus/Ascendant or their 7th/12 house/lord of the 12th/7th house 
✧ sentences you might hear from someone with Saturn in the 8th (or  more so what they generally think and struggle with): “This is my, not your problem, so I don’t want your help” - “I need to be strong for the both of us, because I don’t trust you enough to let myself fall“ -  “I don’t like you seeing me weak” - “I like to spend money on you but please let’s not merge our financial ressources/I need to keep it seperate!” 
-> that’s because Saturns limitations and hardships fall into the house of shared ressources, these peoples problems with vulnerability and intimacy show in the way they handle shared emotions in a connection! 
✧ people who have Chiron in a Cancer/household degree (28) or Pisces degree might feel like they took on the traumas/struggles from their mother/family or might be extremly aware of generational traumas inside their family and have to confront them.
✧ a general question for people with Venus in the 11th: have you ever asked yourself ‘why can’t I find a partner that is exactly like my friends?’ -> making meaningful as well as progressive friendships may come easy to these people, but finding the same support and love they receive from friends is also a crucial attribute they need in a partner. They might want that exact same friendship connection in a partner that they have with their close friends, next to romantic feelings/interactions and thus might profit from really befriending a love interest first and taking their time with them. 
✧ People with strong Pisces/Neptune, Cancer/Moon and Virgo/Mercury influence need to learn to listen to their body as it is usually a constant reflection of their emotions/mind and thus would really benefit from practicing grounding techniques and body mindfulness 
✧ From personal experiences I noticed that people with personal planets in/strong influence of Scorpio/Pluto, Aquarius/Uranus, Cancer/Moon, Pisces/Neptune, Capricorn/Saturn and Gemini/Mercury usually really dislike it when people treat them like a puzzle that needs to be ‘figured out’. They usually just want someone who listens and understands them. People with strong influence of those energies most of the time know about their complex emotional nature and sense of self, they like people who show effort in getting to know them, but dislike people who try to label them too much/think they know them better than they do. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mitsususu · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
For I am still thy lover true, come once again and love me. Castles, quests, and adventure! Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“Change Your Stars” (M, 52) by histoires_eternelles, JJK
“No, wait.” Steve reached out a hand to stay Sam, overcome with a terrible, or maybe a brilliant idea. “All he has to do is not fall off his horse,” Steve said, with a slow smile spreading across his lips.
Sam frowned at Steve.
“One of us could ride in his place.”
A Steve/Bucky Knight’s Tale AU with a double dose of Identity Porn, featuring fake-knight Steve and secret-prince Bucky.
+ Steve pretends to be a knight and Bucky pretends to be a squire. Jousting, banquets, falling in love, and chivalry.
“A Simple Breeze, A Single Spark” (T, 36k) by leveragehunters
Like he'd been waiting for his cue, a tall, dark-haired man appeared behind the jailer. He wore a fighter's leathers, all in black, with a long sword peeking over one shoulder. His eyes were a complicated grey, flecks of blue giving them richness, but they were…empty.
Steve fought not to recoil from the blankness, letting his gaze flick to the bird perched on his other shoulder. It was some kind of hunting bird, maybe a falcon or a hawk, no hood or jesses, and it mantled, staring down at Steve like he was a mouse it was considering for dinner.
They were something from a legend or a nightmare and they were here for Steve.
+ Ladyhawke AU. Bucky is a wolf by night and Sam is a hawk by day. Steve joins them on their quest to kill Pierce. 
“silver and gold” (E, 19k) by Claudia_flies
Bucky wakes up to the sound of the rooster, like he’s done every morning since he arrived in the village. The crow echoes through the yard and makes the horses move in their pens below him, they too waking up to the day.
+ Omega Bucky escapes Pierce and finds a home in a new village. He gets an anonymous partner for his seasonal heats and a crush on Lord Steve
“The Tale of the Silver-Armed Knight” (E, 5k) by BeaArthurPendragon
After being exiled from Ireland, Steven Grant is quietly making a new life for himself in York crafting the finest armor in all of England. One late December afternoon, a legendary knight visits his smithy to commission armor with very specific requirements.
Mr. Grant has a few requirements of his own.
+ Part 1 of a series where Blacksmith Steve and Knight Bucky spar and get frisky 
“A Midsummer Knight's Dream” (E, 29k) by cobaltmoony, GoldBlooded
Sir Steven, knight, alpha, and baron of a small countryside estate, receives an invitation to a Royal Tournament: It’s a winner-take-all competition, and the prize? The hand of Prince James, the kingdom’s most eligible omega, in marriage.
It seems like a lifetime ago that young Steven left the palace – and his best pal, the prince - to attend to his familial duties. Since that time, he’s dreamed of reclaiming his friendship with the prince; if not as a companion, then perhaps as a member of the prince’s guard.
Prince James, royal, omega, and heir to the throne is tired of being reduced to his designation and pressured into an arranged marriage like a political pawn. He devises the tournament as a means to an end: winner claims his hand in marriage, but if he wins? He’ll get to claim his own future.
Let the tournament begin...
+ Omega Bucky fights for the right to avoid arranged marriage. Childhood friends, requited feelings, heat/rut. Dense King George and awful Rumlow
+ More Medieval stories here
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strideofpride · 11 hours ago
top 5 TV antagonists!
Oh man, this was tough.
Devon Banks (30 Rock)
Tumblr media
Chip (Search Party)
Tumblr media
Jenny Joyce (Derry Girls)
Tumblr media
Beverly Leslie (Will & Grace)
Tumblr media
Magdalena (Galavant)
Tumblr media
Ask me my “TOP 5/TOP 10” anything!
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sneezysubbyboi · 13 hours ago
💦Mess talk💦 is now my favorite thing.. Consider hearing these at the height of a sneezing fit-
"ghuh.. my nose is dripping so much.."
"If I sneeze one more time, it's gonna get everywhere~"
"-stay back! before it.. g-gets HIH- mEssy!"
"where are my -hih- tissues..? I neED..."
"shit- I didn't think that would c-come out- hhih-"
"oh no.. not again..!! *~messiest sneeze~*"
"God, that was a lot.."
"I-i'm sorry, I can't control how messy they get.."
"If I sneeze again.. i'll definitely-...hiH-"
Couple these with thick sniffling where they're trying so hard to contain and holdback what's coming in vain — I am melting^^
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