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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
carmen-sandal-eggos · a day ago
Gray fans what should i add to this drawing of him to indicate its him (his face is covered and he's in pre grad vile uniform)? Stealth suit in the corner? Crackle rod? Something else?
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carmen-sandal-eggos · a day ago
Xifeng, with a mic and a picture of Huang Li: You are my daaad-
Xifeng: You're my dad! Boogie woogie woogie!
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 10 days ago
Zack: What's wrong?
Ivy: I used that space pants pick up line on Carmen, you know the "are you wearing space pants? Cause your ass is out of this world" one.
Zack: How'd it go?
Ivy: Before I could add the second part she said "No, they're Carmen Brand Outerwear pants."
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 10 days ago
Le Chèvre: What's that in your hand?
Tigress: Wallet.
Le Chèvre: How'd you get it?
Tigress: I helped someone to lose it.
Le Chèvre:
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 10 days ago
Player: I know many codes and how to write them, but I cannot use binary.
Ivy: Why's that?
Player, turning to her, grinning: I'm nonbinary
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 11 days ago
Shadowsan, frowning: Zackary, I do not think this is a good way for you to be spending your allowance-
Zack, playing all the rigged arcade games: It's my money and I get to choose how to waste it!
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 13 days ago
CS fic authors in main, the server's writing prompts go out tomorrow! If you're not in the server and wish to join (we have all things CS there), DM me for an invite
Tumblr media
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 17 days ago
Shadowsan: When you live under my roof, you live under my rules.
Ivy: Oh yeah? How about now? *Goes on top of the roof*
Ivy: That's what I thought
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 18 days ago
(In Milan)
Zack, while Carmen makes her way down the catwalk: Maybe she's born with it...
Zack: Maybe it's Maybelline.
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 19 days ago
Just gonna say it cause I feel like it needs to be said: You can dislike other ships and only like one, and that's one thing; but if you make stuff actively dissing other ships (unless it's a problematic ship) like calling the ship idiotic or making memes that crush other people's harmless headcanons, then that's another thing. If you don't like a ship, that's fine. Just don't make stuff ragging on it. We're all trying to enjoy the show, shipping or not
Also- when you make stuff that's meant to support your headcanon, unknowingly it may put down other people's headcanons (especially with the way it's worded) so be wary of that please
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 21 days ago
Some morning zulia fluff
Zari let out a breath and opened her eyes, blinking away the blinding light that fell from between the curtains. She sat up, resting on one elbow. It was a weekend, meaning she didn't have to go into work today and that she could stay home and relax. She turned her head to the right, smiling at what she saw.
Zari shifted slightly, moving a hand to tuck some hair behind Julia's ear. The movement caused her to stir, limbs slow from rest. When her eyes were open enough to see clearly, Julia returned the smile.
"Good morning, love." Zari greeted, enamored with the woman in front of her.
"Good morning, dear," Julia yawned and stretched, leaning into her lover. "How are you?" She listened to the soft beat of Zari's heart.
"Well," she answered. "How about you?'
"I'm good," Julia moved from her place at Zari's chest to her face, leaving a kiss on her cheek. "You're so beautiful."
"Says the goddess herself," Zari chuckled, wrapping her arms around Julia. "I love you." She whispered into her hair.
"I love you, too."
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 23 days ago
Carulia fluff from earlier today
"Jules, we have to get up," As much as she didn't want to, Carmen tried to lift herself from the bed, only to be pulled back down. "Woah!"
"Sorry," Julia mused, putting her arm around Carmen. She buried her face in the crook of her neck, murmuring into Carmen's hair. "Can you stay today?"
"Jules-" Carmen rolled over to face her, putting a hand on her cheek. She felt the pink on her cheeks as she stared down at her girlfriend. The sun danced through the curtains against the bedsheets, illuminating their features. "I suppose I can." Carmen kissed her head
"Thank you." Julia said, hugging her tighter.
"Of course," Carmen replied. She brought her hand to Julia's head, running her fingers down the ebony lines. "How did I ever get so lucky?"
"You're beautiful, darling." Carmen whispered.
"I could say the same about you, but your beauty couldn't compare to what you say," Julia looked up, meeting her gaze. "You're the most beautiful person in the world." She kissed Carmen's jaw, gaining a soft chuckle from the thief.
"Will you let me win this argument?"
"Of course not." Julia smiled, resting her head against Carmen again
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 23 days ago
Some Zulia/Zarulia fanfic that was based on that one meme that's like "oh you wanna kiss me so bad"
Julia smirked as she plucked the keys from Zari's hand with ease, tossing them between her hands. They had been at this cat and mouse game of friendship for a few weeks now, one taking something from the other and them having to get it back.
"Come on, Argent. Give it back." Zari held out her hand for Julia to drop the keys into. Julia placed them in her hand before taking her coat.
"What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" Julia grinned, dancing around the room with the blazer.
"More like agent has my coat..." Zari rolled her eyes, taking off her shoes. She made her way toward the other agent, planning how to go about the situation. Julia was behind the coffee table at the moment, moving opposite of Zari. When Zari stepped one way, she went the other.
"You'll have to fight me to get this back," Julia put the blazer on, noticing how baggy it was on her. Meanwhile Zari took her chance to sneak up behind her, trying to grab the blue article. "I think it suits me- hey!"
"Something wrong, Argent?" Zari lifted and eyebrow and smirked, one hand on Julia's shoulder. Julia looked around, grabbing a pillow and pushing it toward Zari's face.
"Nope!" She laughed as they pushed against the pillow on each side, trying to bust the other. "Ooh, you wanna kiss me so bad." Zari stopped, with Julia ending with the winning push.
"Yeah," a slight tinge of red painted Zari's cheeks. "I do."
"Wait, what-?" Julia shrugged off the blazer, making eye contact with Zari. "Did you say-" The taller of the two looked down, nodding.
"I do want to kiss you," she turned her gaze to Julia again. "If that's alright with you..."
Julia could feel her ears burn as she stared into Zari's eyes. She chuckled softly, nervous.
"How... how long have you felt this way?" She inquired, handing over the coat.
"Since we first started talking for real. Not just as partners but as friends," Zari frowned, turning away. "It's a stupid idea. Forget I mentioned it-"
"No, no," Julia took her by the wrist, pulling slightly to get Zari to look at her. "It's not a stupid idea." Zari knitted her brow.
"What are you implying, Argent?" She felt her heard pounding in her chest, the fact that there was pink on Julia's cheeks not helping.
"I think what I'm trying to say is..." she took a breath, leaning in slightly. "I like you, too." Zari's eyes widened, quickly becoming soft again. She too leaned in, feeling the heat radiate from her face.
It was nice, Zari thought. Her lips were on Julia's, one hand on her back, the other on her cheek. It was Zari that pulled away first, a smile plastered to her face. She opened her eyes, finding Julia's hands against her face.
"Well?" Julia spoke, moving a strand of hair out of Zari's eyes.
"Well what?"
"Was it what you wanted?" Zari smirked at the question, planting a kiss on Julia's forhead.
"Of course it was."
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