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#New Woman
miss-ginz · an hour ago
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Tumblr media
Felt cute going out Friday night 🖤
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h-isforhome · 3 hours ago
screaming crying punching air, normal nightly routine :)
#god . it’s just .! mothers ..... coming out ...... acceptance ..... blah blah blah . fucked up ..... kids .... internalized homophobia.....#yk.....ykyk...... thinking abt it is crazy bro ...... hugs .... tears .... relief ........ rushed words ..... feeling like ur falling .....#being save at the last second ......... fuck that’s insane .#the way all this is ignited by a fic godddd . obsessed & projecting what’s new .!#besides that though. i watched half of the half of it w my 13y/o sister . convinced her it was more important than love‚ simon#she said she felt tired halfway which i get we started at 11:45pm lmao#hm & ofc just . thinking abt the implications of That. yk . my little sister interested in love‚ simon and they both die at the end#and the song of achilles and saying she liked ellie’s voice (which i 110% get bro ellie has a gr8 voice pls read all my textbooks)#yk yk . u get what i’m saying . yeah ... connect the dots yk.... course i am not pushing anything but it just goes back to my first tags .#besides that though <3 watched the 911ls ep . what the fuck was that. so so so evil i wanna give tomi a hug so bad#and i hate owen and his fucking mug shows hip Everywhere takes away from the story of a black woman that lost her husband#not 24hrs ago and it pretending everything is Fine like what the fuck the writers’ room Reeks of white ppl .#judd in glasses i’m . usghshsgh a nice look <3 i love the ryders sooo much omg#also watched the 911 promo & rewatched the ending scene ! what the fuck was that framing bro. what’s gonna happen. i am intrigued.!#anyway . i should sleep now big day tmrw everyone in my inbox babes u all will unfortunately have 2 wait like .#a solid 18hrs <//3#don’t know if anyone in my inbox rn is reading this if so hi ily i’m sorry ur amazing 💓💐💖😭😌💘💓💘
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adorekurapika · 4 hours ago
I DJSJAJSKA DONT GET THE WRONG IDEA I was just planning on asking for some platonic mito headcanons where she treats you like her child or smth
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liquidlizards · 6 hours ago
i know i hardly post these days, but happy 4 years of villainous! black hat is currently being subjected to a one-woman pole-dancing musical, courtesy of dem, while 505 and flug bake cookies in the kitchen and make it a personal mission to destroy her guitar as soon as she hits the 4 hour mark
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strwbrrylane · 8 hours ago
hi I would just like to say that I have lady dimitrescu BRAINROT so please excuse me if I go on a NyQuil-fueled, typo-filled rant abt her at 3am tonight.
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retropopcult · 21 hours ago
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New York, May 1943. "A woman and her dog in the Harlem section."
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jdhanke · a day ago
my new single, “GYPSY WOMAN” is out for streaming worldwide on all major platforms and as well as on my website enjoy...
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mollsbekah · a day ago
-Internalized Struggles-
Tumblr media
Internalized Struggles - Vent Vomit
Really one should write an "artist's statement" whenever one is still working on or recently finished with a piece.
I've always found artist's statements to be a bore and something I did not enjoy doing.
That I suppose is due to stubbornness to accept that I am no exception in this massive art world.
I have this delusion that my art speaks for itself. It contains the power to evoke immediate emotion and response. An audience should be able to look at my work and understand the message I am trying to send. They should within seconds resonate with the piece and desire to express their gratitude.
How egotistical, lol.
That is not how it works.
And somewhere along the way I honestly quit giving a shit.
Don't get me wrong. I want y'all to feel something when you look at my art. But whatever you feel is what YOU feel.
Point of this blog is to share how I feel.
If you care you care, if you don't you don't.
Read if you please, ignore as much as you wish.
Not shit I can do either way.
So thus beginning of an artistic vent vomit.
-Because that's more accurate to what this is than an "artist's statement"-
With the beginning page of a new sketchbook I created a charcoal piece.
Though it has been a couple months since I've done anything with this piece or even thought in depth about it.
However, it still holds a message for myself and one I can manipulate into being a good beginning for my expressionism series that is to be composed within the pages of that sketchbook.
I called this one Internalized Struggles because I wanted the audience to look at it and see that I was expressing my inability to be coherent. This time it was about me saying something that only I would get immediately. Created by me for me to force myself to see and hear me.
Nothing makes sense in this piece besides recognizable shapes. I had no clear direction and simply threw lines and smudges down on the page.
But that's how art school and creating "art" has always been for me. I want to create art but like Van Gogh level ya know? Inspirational, ground breaking, remembered.
But few people gave a shit about him when he was alive.
I suppose I will be remembered when I'm dead but it's not exactly like I would know for sure.
All I did was throw lines, shapes, and colors down on different surfaces. The pieces were supposed to be avant-garde but in all reality they were fluff pieces I pulled out of my ass because I thought they would be things my audience would admire.
And I was wrong. And even though I knew my art was shit, I was MAD that people saw through me. That's not what I was trying to do.
And now I don't give a fuck.
I never wanted to be honest with my artwork because I wasn't honest with myself.
I think I'm godly and I'm not.
I think I'm hot shit and I'm not.
I think I'm a genius and I'm not.
It's a never ending battle in my head. I'm either good enough or not worth anything at all. I am so desperate to been seen and heard and loved.
But I don't even recognize myself in the mirror.
And I don't know how to talk about it with anyone I just know when I look at this piece I have talked about it.
It's all blurred and smudged with directional forces pulling my attention all over.
And I need to get it out.
I need to be able to process appropriately so I can focus and move past these internalized struggles.
I know what I need to do and yet I don't do anything.
And I blame laziness, being busy, or being forgetful.
But in all reality I am just scared because I don't care.
I just want it all to be over with. I just don't know what the end goal is so how I can I even know when it's all done.
To think clearly would be a blessing.
-Molls Bekah
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alicitaffairs · a day ago
only started watching Mare of Easttown because it sounded like something my grandma would like so I wanted to vet it for her before suggesting it, come to find out today that she's been watching it already 🤡
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tomato-man-hater · a day ago
Sorry to bother you, can I ask bout the post with: “1. Women are never responsible for men’s acts of violence.” I was curious, doesn’t that perspective remove white women’s responsibility from the part they play in the violence against black people by having a history of making false accusations?
If I remember correctly the context behind the post was about male violence twords women not racial violence. If a white woman is knowingly manipulating a white man or several to attack a black person due to racist intentions that is a whole different story and that woman should by all means be held accountable. However women are never responsible for the violence men commit twords us daily all over the world.
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bakugous-trauma · a day ago
Nami tucking in at almost 2 am instead of 8??????
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simgerale · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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woman (from the other side of the room): Really, how long will the Empress make us wait? Perhaps what they say about her majesty is true after all...
magdalena: Oh? And what do they say?
w: [snickers] You have not heard?  They say she has not taken a husband because she is a spider that bites off the heads of men!
m: Interesting theory. One I had indeed not heard before. If you three will excuse me...
announcer (off-screen): Introducing: Empress Magdalena, ruler of the Volais Empire!
w: [gasps] 
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