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#Happy Birthday
earthlystar5 minutes ago
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Happy Birthday Lizzy!! 馃帀馃巵馃巶
Here are the photos I took at @lizzy-dotharl鈥檚 birthday party at @meepsthemiqo鈥檚 house! Tagging all that I personally know that was there: @snow-covered-moon @wysteria-ffxiv @aurelia-polyps @mythopoet-of-amaurot @fate-calibration-alpha @eorzeanstarlight and @faerieearthangel to name a few of the many that attended, not to mention those that followed the party on Lizzy鈥檚 stream! I hope we brightened your day, even just a little bit.
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everythingpuddle14 minutes ago
Oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry if its not anymore, idk what timezone you live in.
Thanks, I appreciate it!
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teishee17 minutes ago
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Happy birthday 馃巶 Epel馃崕馃崕
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animalcrossingbirthdayboard42 minutes ago
Happy Birthday Tank!
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This jock rhino gets his name from the fact that he鈥檚 as strong as a tank! He鈥檚 the only rhino in the series who has been in every animal crossing game so far! Tank has the fitness hobby and he loves working out all his muscles! He鈥檚 skilled at doing push ups, and one day he wants to be a cartoonist and draw very muscular cartoons! He loves black blue mountain coffee (as it鈥檚 the buffest coffee) and his favorite song is KK Lament! Wish him a very muscular birthday!
(PS. Do Jock Villagers count as himbos despite the jock title?)
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lokiemovillianlover50 minutes ago
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A birthday present to the awesome @lunaauditore ! Wanted to give ya something on the day. I remember you said you are a huge Sailor Moon fan so, here!
Hope I did Miss Usagi justice.
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shelovesaku58 minutes ago
Midnight馃寵 (Atsushi x reader)
Atsushi x Fem reader 馃拰 鈽丗luff鈽
馃彸 A/N : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MAIN CHARACTER 馃コ this isn't my best because I rushed it, forgive me Atsushi stans he deserve better, I know. But I wanted to post on his birthday really badly so take thus- K.C 馃拰
p.s: this is also my repenting post for this and this. <3 sorry for hurting you /hj
Tumblr media
"Here you go Atsushi." You smiled while serving him a bowl of udon.
He shyly but gratefully took it from you "Wow it smells so good y/n, thank you so much you didn't have to, really."
You smiled and assured him you didn't mind preparing meals for him, you adored seeing him smile at the simplest acts of kindness towards him.
"No its no bother for me. I'll happily prepare you any meal. It contents me to see you enjoy my cooking so much. You deserve it after working so hard all day."
A gentle smile spread across his face while me looked down at the hot meal you prepared him. "At the orphanage, people always told me I'm worthless. I had no idea where my next meal will come from or my next bed. No one would of care if I died on the street. But, then you came along Y/n, thank you for kindness. It means a lot to me."
That was a while back, now here you are laying besides him. You admired His face soften and eyes shut from the other side of the bed.
Was it really ok to look at him this way, you were a simple assistant at the agency, nothing about you was special. But you couldn't help it when he just brought you so much comfort to look at when the soft sliver moon light shined through the thin curtains and gently lighting the room.
He was everything good in the world. He was the sun that lit up your world with so much hope. He was the one to put back all your pieces when your broke. He was the one to shield you from this cold world. He was the one to give you so much love it was almost overwhelming.
Careful not to wake him you rest your head chest his chest. His chest raising and falling at a steady along with the soothing rhythm for his heat beating. It was a sound so pretty it made you want to cry.
You felt Atsushi move slightly.
"Y/n? Why are you awake? You ok, did you have a bad dream?"
You shake your head and burry your head in the crook of his neck, the faint smell of vanilla greeted your nose. He always smelled so nice and comforting.
He wraps his arms around you pulling you closer and pulling the covers, as if it was safer under the covers.
He pulls the covers closer , as if it was safer under the sheets. You closed your eyes, a sleepy smile finding its way on you face You wished nothing more than moments like these to end. Being in the embrace of your lover. Yes he was a member of the Armed detective agency. You can find him always putting his life on the line for anyone and everyone.
It sadden you he didn't see himself the way you did. In your eyes he was prefect. He always put everyone above himself. Endured any hardship, even if it was meaningless at the end. He never gave up. He always found a way to improve.
It sadden you even more
To think the life he's lived before you, every time you look at him you find small reminders. Like the burn marks on his stomach form the orphanage. He hated them for letting them haunt him with his past, and some day they still hurt. But you always gently caressed them and place soft butterfly kisses on them, easing the pain.
But it was all ok now. Because you where here. You were the first person to be so kind to someone as worthless as him. You always believed in him when even he didn't. Never once did you leave his side, you never judge him and accepted him with all his flaws. You gave him the affection he longed for so long, love so soft it could heal any broken heart. He didn't think he deserved any of this, but you always made it seemed he deserved it and much more.
"Why are you up anyway y/n? It almost midnight"
you nod and pull away just enough to see is face
"Am waiting for it."
He makes a confused smiles
"Why? You should sleep, you need your rest."
"Tomorrow is May fifth" You say in a soft whisper in his ear, You felt his face grow warm
"Y/n! You don't have to stay up late because its my birthday. I think its really sweet but i want you too get rest,"
"Too late." You said with a loving smile and pampering his soft face with kisses as it turned midnight.
"Happy birthday my love."
I hope this was okay for now :") sorry it wasn't the best -K.C 馃拰
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dettan-artsan hour ago
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It's Monkey's birthday! Cheers for the future Pirate king!聽
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iamerica13an hour ago
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Happy Birthday Deidara! You would have loved talking sh!t about modern and contemporary art! KATSU!
May 5th
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heavy-lobsteran hour ago
It may not be Sunday but it is @mememetaknight 鈥檚 birthday so uhhh have a hastily drawn Chilly! Happy birthday :D
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casstamosan hour ago
the day after the man who would be king aired i was so like laid low and cried out i woke up really late and stumbled into the kitchen 2 pour myself a consoling glass of chocolate milk as you do. My mom comes in and shes like hey come outside for a second. i was like why she said well just do it. So i do and i see this
Tumblr media
and im like what the fuck? Is this for real? and my moms like ya:)
tried to get them to name him Cas but they wouldnt. His names cody. here he is now 10 years on
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sixeyesgojoan hour ago
Dear Elli,
it鈥檚 me, Nie. Gosh, I suck at letters
First of all, happy birthday!
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 been a little more than a month since we met. According to Tumblr at least but somehow it feels muuuuuuch longer.
I remember it clearly: the way I read your Best Friends series (there was only one part at that time) and commented how I wasn鈥檛 sure whether I found it sweet or hot. Turns out, you thought the same! And then I (playfully) suggested that you聽鈥榗ould always split it into two parts鈥. And girl, you clowned me by deciding to go with 5 parts instead.
I also remember talking you through your first shadowban because damn, I felt bad because the same happened to me 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Furthermore, I was surprised when you followed me first, I was like聽鈥淭hey really wanna follow me? omg鈥 馃槼馃槼馃槼
I really felt like a little girl who just got her birthday present or something, that was soooo exciting lmao
Don鈥檛 really remember who dmed who first but I love the way we sent each other weird songs (key word: Nicki Minaj Starships) AHAHAHA
It felt like we鈥檙e riding the same wave.
The way I complained about people calling me a Gojo anti? Not iconic of me but you editing that high school Gojo onto my forehead surely was iconic as hell!
Tumblr media
Let鈥檚 see, what else do I remember?
Ah yes, the way I attempted to become nun-nie after reading one of your smuts (I think it was the Toji escort one) but failing after.... 10 (!) minutes or even less... embarrassing 馃槚
Our endless talk about our WIPs (and us struggling with writing) and me cackling whenever you went聽鈥淚S IT ANGST???鈥 at mine. But that was not one-sided because I also questioned whether I could withstand the heat in your smut 馃ゲ馃ゲ
Prime example: You writing Best Friends part 3 while you told me about it and I was like 馃サ馃サ馃サ馃サ but also laughing because we were looking for Domain Expansion names for the Reader and all I contributed was聽鈥淚s 鈥楤last of Divine Intervention鈥 Jesus鈥 ultimate technique?鈥 馃槶馃ぇ
Okay, so here鈥檚 another random memory I remember but I don鈥檛 have any idea how we came to talk about it:
Candy. I recall telling you about how I didn鈥檛 like Candy Corn but that was already mid-convo??? And at some point you said something about聽鈥渄isc-shaped鈥 candy and my illiterate ass read聽鈥渄ick-shaped candy鈥 and that literally had me googling dick-shaped candy aksdhakdhasjkd
Also, our constant聽鈥淥h, what time is it??鈥 in dms HAHAHA
At some point I memorized that you鈥檙e 6 hours behind me and even added your timezone to my phone (this is real love 鉂).
Not to be horny on main but... The times we talked about domming Gojo bye
Wayyy too many times... not that I mind tho HAHA
Tumblr media
Thank you for being a friend to me. Over the past few weeks we鈥檝e grown so close - I never would have thought because I didn鈥檛 expect to find any friends on here but wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way. Thank you for talking to me & making me feel at ease 鈾
Remember, you can talk to me at any time - I signed up for it.
Now let me smooch you hehe 馃槡
In conclusion:
Dear tumblr user @megumifushi鈥 , I love you very much and I hope we can continue creating funny memories in the future 馃挋
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, here鈥檚 a funny convo we had in the first few days of talking:
Me: Girl, see you in hell
You:聽 omg ok 馃槚
Me: Hope we鈥檙e in the same district
You: HAHAHHSAHA聽 DISTRICT? what in the hunger games 馃拃
Me: I wanted to say department actually but my bye-lingual brain
You: no it made sense I just love that you thought the devil would care enough to organize our suffering 馃槚馃槚馃槚
Me:聽No, hell is an offfice and we have to work agonizing hours
(P.S: I sound so dry here because I can鈥檛 use emojis when I chat on Tumblr on my PC... even for this letter I had to go back and forth between PC and phone to add emojis 聽OASJSJCJc)
Signed with love,
Nie 馃挏
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