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youknowmevj · 8 minutes ago
These two dudes having the same fashion sense, PTSD and BAMF bottom energy are >>>>>>>>>
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the-uncoordinated-house-cat · 19 minutes ago
We all just wanna marry the guy from the corpse bribe huh.
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allanalightwood · 31 minutes ago
Y'all I started shipping Mystrade after I found a Mystrade post on Pinterest while looking for Johnlock pins. They literally haven't met yet in the show but they have a whole fandom looking for proof that they HAVE met.
While watching the whole series, I think they met 3 times... -ish
1. A Study In Pink- at the end of the episode when they were at the crime scene - where they found the cabbie's body, the cabbie that John shot - Scotland Yard police officers and Lestrade were there. Mycroft was there too at the crime scene. Although, we didn't see them interact.
2. The Hounds of Baskerville- I forgot what happened in this episode like all I remember is that they were looking for a devil hound but then that wasn't it. Anyways, the part of the episode when Sherlock and John went to the resto and Lestrade was there,
Lestrade: I've told you. I'm on holiday.
Sherlock: You're brown as a nut! You're clearly just BACK from your holidays.
Lestrade: Maybe I'd fancied another one.
Sherlock: Oh, this is Mycroft, isn't it?
Sherlock: Of course it is. One mention of Baskerville and he sends down my "handler" to... to spy on me, incognito. Is that why you're calling yourself "Greg?"
John: That's his name!
Sherlock: Is it?
Lestrade: Yes... if you'd ever bother to find out. Look, I'm not your handler, and I don't just do what your brother tells me.
Meaning that Mycroft gave Lestrade that order to spy and look after Sherlock. AND HE LISTENED.
3. The Final Problem- This one's my favorite one. At the end of the episode... I can't find the exact words, but I'm pretty sure that near the end of the episode, Mycroft's at the hospital, and Sherlock asked Lestrade something along the lines of "Is Mycroft okay?" In which Lestrade responded with "He's in the hospital, he's resting." Meaning Sherlock trusted Lestrade enough to look after his brother, Lestrade went to the hospital where Mycroft's at. And saw him. In the bed. In a hospital bed. Tired. And feeling sick. I fangirled so much during this episode despite the fact I understood almost nothing.
There's one more during The Abominable Bride but they didn't actually meet. They met in Sherlock's mind.
And during The Sign of Three episode (I think) where Lestrade was wearing a polkadot tie to John and Mary's wedding, and Mycroft wearing the same one in Sherlock's mind palace. In my head, I feel like it's because Sherlock associates Lestrade with Mycroft.
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ashydoeswriting · 34 minutes ago
The Chronicle's of Sherlock
The bright blue sky begins to turn many shades of bright orange, pink, and red as the sun begins to set upon 221 Baker Street. Despite that, Sherlock Holmes, and John Watson, are both hard at work.
"Sherlock! I thought we agreed on no smoking around Rosy!"John yells across the flat.
"Well, it's not my fault her infant lungs can't handle the smoke! Perhaps she'll get used to it! Plus this happens to be a cigarette worthy case and I won't let some weak-minded child get in my way!" Sherlock yells back, ashing his cigarette.
Only an hour earlier a woman had given them a case. Although this one was, different, she had committed the crime, she even admitted to that, but the crime had been kidnaping, and it was Sherlock's job to find them.
"Well maybe if you went out and solved the case you wouldn't have to smo!-" John gets cut off by Mrs.Hudson walking in
"Stop fighting around the baby! Look, you've gone and made her cry!" She says, walking over and picking Rosy up "Now Sherlock, put that cigarette out and go do your job! And take John with you, he gets terribly lonely when you leave without him."
"I do not, "John says quickly, his face flushing a bit.
"Nevermind that" Sherlock puts the cigarette out and puts his hat and coat on "Come on John, the game is on!" and with that, they both leave.
Miss.Hudson chuckles just a bit as she sets Rosy down.
“Sherlock! How do you know where we’re going?” John asks as he attempts to keep up with him.
“Well it’s quite obvious, I'm surprised you didn't figure it out” Sherlock answers, his pace seems to quicken.
“You don’t actually know, do you?” John question.
“Of course I know, but I want to see if you can figure it out, put the pieces together John” he continues to walk on for a minute before hailing a cab and getting in, john follows.
“Big Ben? Why there of all places?” John asks upon hearing Sherlock tell the cabbie.
“She had crumbs from chips and a burger on her dress, along with a smell on her breath one can only receive from the fast-food restaurant that just opened across the street from there,” Sherlock answers rather quickly.
“Oh.. that makes sense,” John says, subconsciously seeing if he has a mint or gum in his pockets, which he doesn’t. Sherlock notices but doesn’t say anything for the moment.
About five minutes pass and the cab stops “Looks like we’re here” Sherlock steps out of the cab after paying, John steps out a second or two after him. They both then walk into Big Ben together.
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k112014 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
“What do people normally say?” “Piss off.” 
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Okay, so I have this friend (She is 3 years older than me) and she is a private detective. She is super cool, super smart, but is terrible with social norms and stuff, she kinda reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. Any way, one time we were hanging out and eating, but then she said she had to go for a moment and I was like okay, I'll wait for you. So she left, I just assumed she was going to bathroom, but fifteen minutes passed, so I decided to pay for the food and go wait by the car. Another ten minutes passed and I saw her running towards me and she was struggling to catch her breath. Then when I asked if she was okay she was like "yeah, sorry I was just chasing someone." And then she told me we were on a stake out thing.
So tl;dr My friend took me out for lunch and then chased a criminal because turns out we were on a stake out.
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dearjamesxo · 4 hours ago
alright, can i just say how much i appreciate the portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in The Irregulars? because we've been fed palatable versions for awhile now and, guys, the man was written to have used drugs when he felt unstimulated. it was the epoch of the OPIOID CRISIS ACROSS BRITAIN, addiction was rampant, THE RICH HAD FRIGGIN ETHER FROLICKS, COCAINE WAS LEGAL, MERCURY WAS CONSIDERED A SUITABLE COURSE OF TREATMENT! LEAD WAS IN EVERYTHING, INCLUDING CHILDREN'S TOYS, etc etc!!!!
and yet we all want to believe that Holmes was right as rain? just because the drugs were available and, oh, ENGLAND WENT TO WAR FOR THEM, doesn't mean addiction was pleasant back then. addiction and regular drug use is ugly. it makes good people ugly. and while Holmes wasn't necessarily ever depicted as being a heavy user of opium, it was a very popular pastime in the years he lived. it's not a stretch to believe he, at the very least, tried it.
add the dynamic of a lost love and heartbreak and, yeah, the guy would likely have indulged.
that The Irregulars decided to show the unlikable, hideous side of Holmes' drug use is not only unexpected, but realistic. it isn't all Pink Floyd and strobe lights. IT GETS BAD. those who want to think it was fabulous because it was a societal norm are being purposefully naïve and childish.
IMO, that ugliness gives Holmes more character, depicts a side of him we've never experienced. it's meant to make us uncomfortable. and i kind of LOVE THAT.
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cyberdelph · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
by @3monthVengeance
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lgtboyz · 4 hours ago
no bc let me share the story my ex friend whose favorite show was sherlock always thought that bandersnatch cubicle looked like her ex whom she was still in love and that he was literally sherlock or whatever teenage girl stuff dont blame her for that part and that guy called me stupid and she was like well he is very smart so :/ instead of defending me and making me her best friend feel better well some people might be forgiving but i still hate the bitch
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londonlock · 4 hours ago
for sherlock to have said “i love ash” in the middle of the dance floor then he must have been dancing. he loves dancing. he was dancing to a love song in front of john in the middle of a club like sbdbfsdnsm he was DANCING even if it wasnt waltzing he was modern day dancing like the modern holmes he is
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viking-raider · 5 hours ago
Southern Generation VII
The next part of Southern Generation will becoming out soon, either today or tomorrow, so make sure to keep an eye out, and you're following and have notes for @viking-raider-taglist on and/or my tag list group chat!
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luci3skydi · 5 hours ago
Good drawing resource for anything set in Victorian times. Looks like this:  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fandom-puff · 6 hours ago
John Watson dating a younger woman would include...
Requested by: anon
Warnings: older man/younger woman, some smut, suggestive stuff throughout
Notes: I haven’t written for John in literally like a year so thank you for requesting this!
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
Oh my god he absolutely dotes on you
Sherlock can be as snarky as he likes, but John draws the line at him being a dick to you
I’m just gonna say this now: dad bod 😩
Best cuddles ever
Honestly he’s so warm and he makes an excellent pillow especially when you’re snuggling on the couch while he types
You two are such nerds together like he is the kind of boyfriend you could binge watch a box set with and he wouldn’t watch an episode without you bc he wants to watch it with you 🥺🥺🥺
He’s protective of you anyway, but as you’re younger than him that’s ramped up by like a million
Has lots of pet names for you
His wardrobe becomes your wardrobe
“I’m not getting that jumper back am I?”
“Not a chance, Watson,”
He holds you so tightly in the night 🥺
Goes into full doctor mode if you so much as sniffle
If he notices you haven’t really eaten or drank much today he’ll make you little snacks and cups of tea and glasses of water
If he notices that somethings not quite right, the first thing he does is check your forehead for your temperature and honestly it’s so cute
Forehead. Kisses.
Hugs from behind when you’re doing literally anything
Likes walking with his arm around you
At first he was conscious of people giving you dirty looks (he does look older than his years thanks to his army years) and people are so quick to judge and assume the worst
You, of course, Assure him that you couldn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks; you love him, and he loves you, and you’re both adults so what does it matter what other people think?
You sometimes call him ‘old man’ especially when he listens to music that came out waaay before you were born or if he asks you to help him with his computer
He gets you back by calling you a ‘youth’ (in the way that I imagine grandma’s do when they watch the news 😆)
Smut below
Okay he has a bit of an innocence kink?
It just rlly gets him going when you act all sweet and innocent (even if you’re not)
This leads to lots of kinky role playing in the bedroom
Only when Sherlock is out, especially after last time
Wear a pair of thigh high socks or a tiny skirt and John Watson will be on his knees
Remember how I mentioned the dad bod?
Yeah, while he may not be the tallest, he somehow still towers over you when he pins you to the mattress.
King of aftercare (regardless of who he’s dating)
Showers together 🥺
“Knock, Sherlock!”
He’s just an utter sweetheart okay 😭
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virtulee · 6 hours ago
sherlock talking about how the woman is clearly cheating because she removes her ring regularly
hey Fucker have you considered that i have so much fear in such a small body and need to get rid of it by fiddling with my ring
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fabricdragondesigns · 6 hours ago
10 Exact Moments That Made You Rage Quit TV Shows #8 Sherlock’s sister was the “real mastermind” and Moriarty just a pawn
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