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#God Bless America
thecarolinapatriota day ago
Tumblr media
President Trump: 75 million voters and I continue to support you!! #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessPresidentTrump
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realkalel4 days ago
Project mocking bird- President Trump was right, it's all fake news!
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unicornofgt4 days ago
Lmao I saw the same thing and I was like....sure she'll notice eventually...right??
lmao probably not dude i鈥檓 not even sure i鈥檓 awake rn it鈥檚 a damn miracle i saw the ask come in at all
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mutantalientrash4 days ago
are you an usamerican and you see an italian making an informative post explaining why mafia is bad and you feel compelled to defend your indisputable human rights to write your sexy rpf mafia aus? look no further, win the argument by destroying your opponent with these replies:
i cooka da pasta 馃構
mama mi谩 cunt*
i eat da meatball**
lol white people wanna be oppressed so bad
something something mario
explain condescently why actually mafia is ~international~ sweatie, it's not cultural appropriation 馃憖馃槞馃拝馃***
invoke your italian american birth rights lawfully inherited from your great-great-great grandma, who you affectionately call Nona馃懙馃挄馃挒
if you were failed by your usamerican school system resulting in you not having enough reading comprehension and argumentative skills, a meme will do (don't listen to them king you're funny af)
*I can understand the mamma misspelling but why do you always add at least one accent mark somewhere? to spice things up?
**variation of the first one in case you don't feel in a pasta mood, diversity wins!
*** never, ever, an italian would call mafia aus 'cultural appropriation' but this is used as a tactical move to confuse your opponent. simple but efficient
feel free to add more!
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omnimans6 days ago
thank you!! 馃槶
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realkalel7 days ago
馃檹God bless America 馃憤馃憡馃嚭馃嚥馃嚭馃嚥馃嚭馃嚥馃嚭馃嚥
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