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a-cowboy-needs-a-hat · 11 minutes ago
fun idea: when someone says they dont use a label, havent found a label, or otherwise havent specified their sexuality/identity: dont put a label on them. its not your business. additionally, when someone does say "this is what i identify as" - believe them! respect them! they know themselves best! its not your business.
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goblincxnt · 43 minutes ago
I’ve just seen the cowboy Bill post......... Bill in chaps, then again, Bill in assless chaps...
bill in assless chaps is all i need rn
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wolveseatrabbits · 56 minutes ago
New toy came in the mail today!
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beccanoodles · an hour ago
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From: With Love, From Bebop on AO3 [Now Updated!]
The room grew stiff, nobody moved.
Jet stood, tense and slow, just like the words that followed.
“Alright. Nobody panics, nobody moves.”
“You can’t let him do it Jet,” Faye whispered.
Jet placed his fingers over his lips, “shh…”
He moved a little, the culprit stepped back with a whine as well.
“Shit.” Spike muttered under his breath. His eyes were solid with intense focus. Edward almost failed to hold back a cry.
Jet held up his fingers, “okay,” he mouthed, three…two….”ONE!”
The man practically leaped for him, but Ein was too quick. His tiny legs carried him up to the top of the stairs, their single, hard earned, juicy steak in snout.
In the chaotic chase, Jet knocked over a soda can, which landed on Faye and caused its own loud commotion. Spike and Edward watched in horror as Ein stood triumphantly at the top of the metal stairs.
In an instant, it was all gone.
Jet deflated with defeat as Faye moaned in the background about her sticky legs.
“Well. Looks like it’s just bell peppers again my friends.”
Edward curled into a ball and wallowed, she really wanted to try the meat she had heard so much about.
Spike appeared as if he was holding in a hiccup.
“You alright there Spike-o?” Jet asked, somewhat weary.
Spike’s fist met hard against the table; a physical jolt pulsed sharply through everyone.
Ein responded with a happy bark before he trotted away into the depths of the Bebop’s metal belly.
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tahitianmangoes · an hour ago
<3 new OT3: tm, cowboy anon and movie anon <3
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Niceee, I'm down for this!!
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hopalongandrew · 2 hours ago
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Outdoor Concerts > CHANGES👀👀 Time shifts, day shifts, additions. Parents & Nannies: please do me a favor and post to your neighborhood parent groups. THANK YOU! Photo by @thirddegreebernie OUTDOOR CONCERT SCHEDULE Drop in. $20/family. Socially Distanced. Grownups mask, use discretion with little ones. Weather-permitting. If rainy, confirm on my IG or FB story morning of, I'll post an hour before if not earlier. SATURDAYS 11am Fort Greene Park ~ *moved* to the hill on the far side of Tennis Courts SUNDAYS 11am Prospect Park main meadow (enter via 3rd Street or Garfield Place or Grand Army) (QUESTION: would you rather this at JJ Byrne Park? I can ask them.) MONDAYS 10:30 *Time Change* McCarren Park behind park house (Bedford Avenue/Lorimer Ave) TUESDAYS 11a Adam Yauch Park on the edge of Brooklyn Heights / Cobble Hill (Enter on Atlantic Ave. or on State Street) TUESDAYS 4pm Murray Park, Long Island City. (On astroturf ballfield) WEDNESDAYS 11a Fort Greene Park on meadow (AKA "dust bowl") WEDNESDAYS 4pm TRIBECA Washington Market Park THURSDAYS 11a JJ Byrne Park PARK SLOPE! (5th Avenue and 3rd Street on the ballfield) (this will move to weds or Friday in another week, stay posted!) THURSDAYS 4pm QUESTION do you want me to play at JJ Byrne Park in PARK SLOPE or someplace else? I can ask for permission. FRIDAYS 10:30am *Time Change* Cadman Plaza Park BROOKLYN HEIGHTS (on astroturf near the Memorial Wall) FRIDAYS 4pm Cadman Plaza Park – help me get this off the ground! BRING: picnic blanket; shakers, "cowboy" hat. NOTE: I’d love to see some of my 3-6yo saddlepals at the afternoon shows! NOTE: I'm only doing this in the larger parks where there's plenty of room to socially distance — none of my favorite smaller parks—I hope ya understand! singingcowboy #urbancowboy #cowboymusic #brooklyn #nyc #newyorkcity #cowboy #cowgirl #cowpoke #rodeo #vintagewestern #westernwear #familytime #family friendly #kidsmusic #musicforkids #kids #toddler #outdoorconcerts #kindie (at New York, New York)
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luvcowboyass · 2 hours ago
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Shit I've got a hard-on.
Boy, get over here in the chute and suck me!
Fuck yeah, boy, your hot mouth is all a cowboy ever needs....
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tahitianmangoes · 2 hours ago
ooh, i've got one! pretend this is in a cowboy voice: excuse me, are you lost? bc heaven's a long, long way from here ;) ;)
Oh my! I am *blushing* 
Keep talkin’ like that cowboy, I’ll show you a lil piece of heaven 😘
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chocolategir · 3 hours ago
My house is very cold and so are my hands >_>
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