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#( oh dang nice! )
redxriiot · a month ago
Thing to know about Bab!Kiri: He’s probably more scared wary of you than you are of him. If he’s being especially snarky or hostile, chances are it’s because he’s feeling especially anxious or even intimidated, even if he does love a good fight and will immediately try to engage if he sees a chance/he has to.
#hc#//Dealing with Bab!Kiri is a lot like dealing with a feral cat tbh#//Right down to baring his teeth an snarling as a warning his tolerance is getting REAL low#//And I don't think that's really a surprise to anybody#//I say that unironically#//Gotta get him all nice and calm without really forcing it#//Show him you mean well; actually put the EFFORT into doing so without making him feel trapped or threatened#//Bc he WILL fight and bite if he starts getting way antsy#//Kiri by late in his third year of middle school was more properly socialized jkdfnfd#//Kid grew up with ONE childhood friend and didn't get any new buddies 'til middle school#//And it took them awhile for him to get used to everyone's affections and ways of behavior#//NO touching allowed unless he gave the say so or initiated#//Honestly; cat people are more likely to vibe with Bab!Kiri than any others#//Case in point: his childhood friend#//Dog people probably love UA!Kiri more djfbdfkg#//Special people get to see he's actually more cat than dog even after everything#//Even if the kinda clingy'n rowdy kinda lil' kitty#//This ain't the first post on here about that and it prolly won't be the last hfbd#//Oh the irony of him being a shark lad and acting more like a cat#//Oh the irony of him being antsy around cats when he's so dang similar#//Though it's not like he can fight at their level bndfg#//If he fights a human bc he feels threatened; it can be excused somewhat#//If he fights a CAT; much less so#//Honestly; that's prolly why he tries to avoid more tense confrontations with cats; tbh-#//Not to mention he's got a sunshine reputation to keep up now. Bab Kiri wouldn't be above snarling and baring teeth at cats#//PFFT; instead of fur puffing up; it's his Hardening acting up and rippling over his skin#//Ahh; fun thoughts
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aventisz · 2 months ago
pff with mermay drawing near and me checking out your merman and orc story i happened to find your drawing of the merman crawling away and i just couldn't help but imagine that the slipperiness of his body helps him crawl hilariously fast on smooth surfaces 😂😂😂
Gotta go fast, man!
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sarahisatotalgeek · 2 months ago
a quiet update- it's been a little over a year since I fully accepted that I was queer
it's been a rollercoaster, and there have been a lot of labels that I've stepped into and out of as I've figured myself out
I've been straight (lol)
straight again
meh, probably queer
but straight tho
probably queer
bisexual?????????? (came out on tumblr as this, as well as to three people irl)
queer, just queer
and now where we are arriving today,
lesbian :)
(gay, queer, and sapphic all work too)
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earthssprout · 4 months ago
🌿🍃 answered asks ! // unprompted ( always accepting ! )
-- @gxntil​ sent: I just want to say a little thing! I LOVE the way you write Ari. She is believable as a child. There have been so many times in media where I have just seen people write children speaking or acting in a manner that a child just wouldn't. Too much like an adult who thinks this is how children speak/act. I just needed to say this <3 (also I accidentally unfollowed when I went to click on the icon to get to the ask, WHOOPS!)
Tumblr media
OOC. oh my gosh !!! dearie I just -- ; A ; this is one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received. if I’m honest, I’ve felt a bit uncertain as to if I wrote her to be believable, or close to it … I always try my best to think of mannerisms, speech, etc. that I feel fit her best but also, sound like a CHILD … and I think it’s something I worry about a lot when writing her ; u ; I always worry about her being believable & it made me smile reading this … this message means the world to me, you are so kind to reach out & share these nice things … thank you so much !
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inkykeiji · 4 months ago
Hiya Clari as always I hope your day is going great 💖
I am doing pretty good actually for once, haven’t really been able to make many plans and do a lot considering everything going on <3 one good thing is spending time with my boyfriend which is very beneficial in many ways if you catch my drift hehe 🥰 omg that reminds me of a situation I got myself in recently and the embarrassment has just come back to me, I’ll give details if you want but it just includes a very awkward breakfast with his family the morning after - I have never wanted to leave a conversation faster
Really looking forward to bmb can’t wait for it to be out - I know once it is out I’ll probs send a long anon just gushing over your writing as usual <3 I’m wishing you a very happy day and I’m sending all my love and hugs and everything to you <33-🍯
hi honeybun!! i hope yours is, too!! <33
aw bb i’m so so so glad to hear that!!!! ehehehehehehe yes yes i know exactly what you’re talking about 🙈🙈 OMG please please if you’re comfortable and willing to share i would love to hear it ahahahaha i’m SO curious!!! no pressure tho ofc <333
thank you!!!! i cannot wait to share it!!! it’s taking even longer than i expected because the damn thing just keeps growing BUT i’m still really really really excited to share it and i’m working my best to get it posted asap!! <33 it’s my sole focus now so it’ll be the next piece i post!! AAAAH ehehehehe i cant wait to hear all of your thoughts, too!! 😈😈 thank you honeybee, i am wishing you the very same <333 ily lots!!!
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indubitably-a-goblin · 4 months ago
my fam was trying to figure out my type so they were naming out a bunch of actors n shit and they landed on “nice hair and cheekbones” and i’m so fucking pissed about it because now whenever I see someone on a show and I’m like “oh dayum they cute tho” they always have nice hair and cheekbones i’m so ANGRY
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fwuffletail · 6 months ago
Aghrnsjf I wish I didn’t have to do this but I’m sorry I’m turning off anon asks :<
Like i don’t want it to be where one individual ruins it for all but it’s too much of an annoyance where if I can remove the problem, I’d take that option pfffbf 👉👈
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