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#zira blackwell
Claw of Demand || Zira + Ratigan
The wolf had spit the claw out and Ratigan had picked it back up. It was cleaned and folded into a envelope. After a sufficient amount of rest he had contact Ms. Blackwell to request her audience, the connotations of good news heavily implied.
The notion of returning to her home had been a daunting one but he forced himself in the direction of the manor despite the wolf’s insistence against it. Going in without any knowledge of what she was had been one thing, meeting her in his office another— but to go back? (It didn’t seem to realize he was going back to prevent their demise.)
He knew what to expect now, greeting the maid and stepping over the threshold, resisting the urge to cover his nose. In due time even the smell of death could be learned to be ignored. Ratigan smiled at the request to wait while Ms. Blackwell was informed of his arrival, nodding his understanding that he wait there.
The envelope was resting against his heart in the inside breast pocket of his suit’s jacket. There was also a contingency plan waiting on his computer for his underground associates should he not return to it in the event of his death. Not as any revenge plot, just putting the pieces in motion for someone new to take care of empire. And cat. 
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dr-drckken · 3 months ago
Enter If You Dare || Drira
Word on the street was that someone in this little town had a whole museum in their house. Or mansion? What defined a mansion as opposed to a house-? Gah! Whatever! It didn’t matter! The point was that they had some pretty cool looking stuff inside. He knew this because apparently the place was open for the university people and Drakken had snuck in with a group of students to stake out the place. 
He had gone during the day, because going at night was stupid since that was usually the time everyone was home to sleep. Also he was sort of scared of the dark and if he needed to make an escape he didn’t want to do it in the dead of night. 
Anyway, he had dropped in through a window and tip toed his way to the rooms they had allowed them to go into with all the stuff. But then he thought, why confine himself to these things? Why not take this opportunity to look through the whole house! Surely they kept their best stuff away from the public eye. 
So off he went, opening doors that had previously been closed off before, smiling to himself. 
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swynlake-spill · 4 months ago
hello today begins my countdown to the biggest event of 2021 (we peak early) aka Zira Blackwell’s birthday party. let’s celebrate with some bardcore
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swynlake-spill · 8 months ago
im shook you left out the blackwells in your ranking!!
WHAT me i would nEV--
Tumblr media
OKay so maybe i did!! In my defense, I was doing #classic Swynlake fams and the Blackwells have only been here for six months!! Maybe even less! And if I threw them in the mix, pfft, no one even stood a chance i mean rly. 
Still, you’re right. They deserve it. 
Tumblr media
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swynlake-spill · 8 months ago
Why can't Mama Zira be a candidate?!
WELL, if this is a honest question, then technically, you cannot be a candidate until you live in Swynlake for one year or something, I think. They moved in May? 
I’ll say if for us all: technicalities! 
I demand a rewrite of the rules rn. What if I created a petition titled “MAKE ZIRA BLACKWELL A BOARD MEMBER” ? How many signatures would I get? Certainly as many as the Knightley Penis Petition. (Yes, that’s what I’m calling it.) 
Sound off below if I, your humble gossip blog, should make this petition! 
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swynlake-spill · 8 months ago
FMK: Wendy, Mocha, Zira
Finally, a loyal reader who has been paying attention. <3 also fuck you <3 
F: Wendy, objectively. 
M: Zira, obviously
K: Mocha, and this ‘K’ stands for “I would like to be K-worded by Mocha Chino” as it would be my greatest honor 
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swynlake-spill · 8 months ago
Who should BIcon Franny Robinson ditch that literal piece of cardboard for
Actually, I LOVE the Franny/Cornelius pairing. They are OTP status. I mean, she tries way too hard and he doesn’t try at all! It’s a match made in millionaire heaven!
But I will curate a list of people they can invite into the bedroom for a little spice:
1. Zira. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY. What I like about Zira is I believe she would be the dom in this relationship. 
2. John S. If he slept with a married couple, I would finally have something to talk about! 
3. Rita and Roscoe: I believe this married couple is the opposite of Franny/Cornelius in every single way, and so what happens if we lock them in a basement together with nothing but a black light and a list of clues?! Oh, maybe I’m thinking of an escape room... either way, I would like to see it. I do believe only one couple would be left standing. 
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swynlake-spill · 8 months ago
fuck, marry, be their sugar baby, kill: Zira, Seamus, Simba, Clarion
F: Simba, mostly bc I assume Ber is also there and I really love a 2 for 1 deal.
M: Clarion. I would like to Rule A Kingdom Please
SB: Zira. I am sending her my adoption papers as we speak
K: SORRY Seamus you aren’t my type (but obviously you’re Lachlann’s 😉 )
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swynlake-spill · 8 months ago
i know seamus is sugar daddy potential but what about the sugar mama zira standing RIGHT THERE!!! do her kids want a new step parent???
You are right and you should say it!! I want to point out that Sugar Mama Blackwell has not gone without notice, and the Spill is very honored to have her as one of our favourites for the moment. 
Tumblr media
ANNNNNND is it any wonder why? She sent Swynlake on a shopping spree! She showered us in champagne and mini-sandwiches and a string quartet! I could cry! personally would not want a step parent though if i were her kids bc what more could u possibly need, mama blackwell is Giving Me Everything 
so yeah please continue to woo me Mama Blackwell because it is working. 
Love, Boba 
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professorofcrimeratigan · 8 months ago
Into The Lion’s Den || Zira + Ratigan
The new semester had always sent everyone in the department into a certain type of disarray. A scrambling to get everything done before the first day of classes and nervous jitters for another beginning to their year. This go around, there was another chain of emails being sent out to the history department to add to the frenzy. 
A Ms. Zira Blackwell had been gracious enough to open her home to students wishing to use the collection of artifacts within its walls, and the department wanted to send her their thanks. A meeting had been called to deliberate over this. In the end they had all voted on Ratigan to be their messenger.
It hadn’t been hard to get them to point to him, he had been working with the majority of them for a while now. Long enough to have earned their trust and to know their tells. It was only a matter of shaking off their want to see what was inside, too. 
He stepped across the grounds of Talon Hall in the cooling air of the afternoon. There was still a residual heat in the air as autumn was not quite with them yet. The shade made it more bearable, golden rays filtering through the green of the trees, reflecting the pattern of the leaves in the shadows below. Right on the agreed time, he stood at the entrance to knock on the door. 
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nuka-blackwell · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
The Lyons Blackwells
But I set fire to the rain Watched it pour as I touched your face Well, it burned while I cried
@kovu-blackwell @zira-blackwell @vitani-blackwell
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tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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vitani-blackwell · a month ago
Two of a Kind || Mittani
Vitani was mostly positive she wasn’t technically supposed to be doing this. 
Zira did not tell her daughter to make allies with Anthony’s wayward offspring yet Vitani was going to anyway. She didn’t even need to tell Mitte/Mandy/whatever the fuck anything about the Blackwell family’s real mission in this town. Or that there was one in the first place. 
All she wanted and needed to do was make a sexy lady vampire friend to drink blood with.
And what better way to do that than to rent a room at the Tipton and come with an offering?
Vitani sat on the bed, braiding the fiery red hair of Shania, one of her current human pets. Shania was a farmer’s daughter from Besydus who Vitani had compelled never to speak of her true nature, but who was otherwise a willing participant in their give and take relationship.
Should Shania want to break off being one of Vitani’s regular blood banks, she would simply do as she always did and compell her to forget the incriminating bits. She liked to put into her former pets’ heads that she was the one woman they’ll never quite get over.
When she floated the idea of inviting another vampire to share in her blood, Shania eagerly accepted. Silly human had a lust for danger, didn’t she? Vitani rewarded her generously for accepting and promised another generous reward after the fact.
A knock on the door signaled the guest of honor’s arrival.
“Wait here, kitten.” Vitani cooed, pressing a kiss to Shania’s forehead and going to answer the door. 
“Thank you for accepting my invitation. I hope you can forgive me for waiting so long to become properly acquainted.”
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dian-morey · a month ago
Deal with the Devil | Dira
Seven hours. 
Seven hours and rotating teams of nurses and other doctors around him... and still he couldn’t save them. He needed to be better. 
If they had caught the bleeder in time, their patient would still be there. He threw his gloves into the bin a bit more aggressively than he would have if the surgery had been successful. His colleague tilted her head at his frustration.
Here comes the Grey’s Anatomy speech welling up inside him. At this point he’d rant to anyone who’d listen. It was poor Blackwell who was stuck with Dian. “I should have done better. How did I miss that bleed? By the time I noticed it, the whole field was a pool. Had to have been a dissection. He could have made it and I failed him and his family. He has kids. How am I gonna tell his family that I fucked up and their husband and father bled out because of me? I should have been better...” 
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zira-blackwell · 3 months ago
Cursed Be She Who Moves My Bones ; [Zitani]
Someone was trying to stop her.
It did not take a genius to assume it was the noble king himself. That would be the obvious answer. And it wouldn’t surprise her if he had already gathered a cult following to do his bidding. It was not so different from Zira’s own little band of informants and servants. Their blind loyalty would lead to their undoing, she was sure, so she was unconcerned.
Especially because she had an advantage: Zira had been alive, here in Swynlake, when the spell to break the charter had been written. Which meant she knew what much of it would mean. 
It was Mohatu, whose bones were first interred in the mausoleum that now sat in the center of the sprawling Swynlake courtyard. Not her daughter’s. She had died before the charter had formed. Before Swynlake had formed. Zira knew that it was Mohatu who died first, because she had killed him. 
So nice of him to leave his bones in such an obvious location. Right on top of a hill, in a beautiful white marble building. 
The whole thing was laughably easy. Compelling the deacon to make himself scarce in the middle of the night. The moon was high in the sky, painting everything in cool, blue light.
Zira stood with her hip cocked, a sledgehammer on her shoulder. She smirked as she looked up at the engravement in the mausoleum’s pediment.
“By virtue and fidelity,” Zira scoffed.
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swynlake-spill · 4 months ago
top three best dressed for zira blackwell's medieval party?
oh yes! what were the fruits of my hard labor! was all my research for naught or did Swynlake bring the fie to the fashion fire?
These winners will probably not be surprising to you at all, but who cares? Let’s praise the royals of fashion! 
Tumblr media
Unsurprising! But once again, Lou Bonfamille understands how to make a statement! His medieval inspired gala look combines the bests of both mens and women’s fashion of the era, and most importantly of all: CAPE. RIGHTS. CAPE CAPE CAPE. I was near tears at all the ugly horrible black and brown tunics i saw on swynlake’s sexiest men (and women this time: big yikes!) but Lou has never let me down and he never will! Oh, I would toil happily the fields of Lou Bonfamille’s manor with an outfit like this! 
Tumblr media
this outfit made me cry in the bathroom literally
like obviously this is not 100% accurate but it pays attention to the things that MATTER and okay maybe i am just an absolute sucker for an outfit that is somehow both soft and feminine and boldly masculine????? like the cHAINMAIL COLLAR and the flowing TRAIN please queen can i carry that for you
Tumblr media
there were lots of amazing gender-bending moments at the medieval gala, and this is a shoutout to Jane Darling’s very sexy rougish armor, as well as Rose and Tiana’s knightly get-ups. Third place was therefore a very hard spot for me to pick but in the end, I decided to honor the #classics and oh how rare it is for not one but TWO boys to be recognized. I just absolutely love the trumpet sleeves on this gorgeous pale green dress. Points for no corset and lacing up the sides and embroidery where embroidery should be! Did Tad read my powerpoint? I cannot prove it. But if he did, it’s an A+ from me! 
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zira-blackwell · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Zira Blackwell for her Birthday Gala
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zira-blackwell · 4 months ago
the only secret people keep is immortality ; [zowl]
Someone was on to them.
No, Zira did not actually think that Dipper and Eilonwy had much to do with it, which was why they were still alive. They must have been compelled or spelled or some such. By themselves, they never would have figured out that Zira had the grimoire in her possession. She was furious with Kovu, as he was the one had brought it to her. Something had gone wrong and now their entire mission was hanging in the balance.
Normally, Zira did not like dealing with sorcerers. Not because she was against working with others, oh no. Zira knew to cast her net wide and pull in as many allies, witting or unwitting, to assist in her plans. She was not so proud as to refuse help when offered. Sorcerers were the proud ones. They were proud and powerful and that made them dangerous. Volatile.
However, they were also useful and there were certain things that she could not do without their help.
Like a charm to conceal her family’s magic. It was an important step to take. Especially considering Zira knew that Arthur knew that something was off about her. There would be no explaining her being here otherwise. He was not a stupid man. Which meant it would not belong before he found out. And Zira could not have him discovering her weaknesses.
After careful consideration of the sorcerers at her disposal, Zira found herself in front of Howl’s door. She recalled the rumors of years past, where Howl had broken dark curses (and everyone knew the only way to break a dark curse was with more darkness) and how he had been friends with the dragon sorceress who had lived in these parts. A shame she wasn’t around, Zira would much more willingly deal with her.
She knocked sharply and when the door opened, her smile was sparkling.
“Good evening, Master Pendragon.” The name made her want to roll her eyes or choke on her tongue, but she kept a smile on her face. “My name is Zira Blackwell and I would like to enlist your services, if you would be so kind.”
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swynlake-spill · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
👀 and what if tomorrow’s countdown is everyone posting Instas of a bit of ankle 
its for HER (zira blackwell)
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labellerose-acheron · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
BDRP Resolutions Task
Characters: Belle Rose Acheron, Onyango “Simba” Lyons, Toulouse Henri Bonfamille, Mei Qin, Attina Monroe Triton, Thomas Edward Richard Harrington III, Zira Blackwell, Miguel Franco Rivera Serrano, Vishaka Chakraborty, Daniel Edward Daisuke Darling
Write your RPer Resolutions for 2021! 
My biggest resolution is that I want to focus on my new babes. Sometimes I gravitate towards my older ones because I feel more comfortable with their stories and they have really solid connections. Sometimes, I get intimidated making new connections for my characters because I feel like...everyone already has their group of friends and I feel like there is no where for my character to fit? Then I just cut off my character and suffocate my muse for them, because what is the point if they don’t have friends and people they care about/that care about them?
So, yeah. That’s my biggest one. Additionally, I’m going to continue on working on being more #chill. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better, but because my health anxieties and stuff have been acting up a lot lately, I know my temper has been a little short or I’ve seemed abrasive. I promise it’s not because I’m mean, it’s just because I’m anxious like 24/7. <3
Write at least one resolution, or “goal,” that you have as an RPer for your character(s).
Belle: Therapy! Even before experiencing her PPD, Belle has absolutely needed therapy. I really love doing therapy plots with my characters, because I am a big advocate for therapy! So, that’s my main goal for her. And in that vein, work on both being a mother and continuing on her career path! (Also, become a better wife and partner.)
Simba: FUCKING DIAGNOSE HIM WITH ADHD. Simba’s life is so insane that every time I start building up to this plot, shit goes down and then I don’t actually get around to it and it’s PISSING me off, because I think it would be a really interesting story. Additionally, things are gonna blow up with the whole knight plot. Also, I want to play with his political stuff a bit more and his standing in town.
Toulouse: Have him become more comfortable as Helle’s partner and as another parental figure for the Acheron children. He very much feels like his position in the family is temporary while they just need more hands because the babies are so young. Also, I want him to go back to school and start taking more of an interest in werewolf rights, which was always kind of the goal for him.
Mei: Process her grief! I think, at the end of the day, Mei is actually going to have a rather short arc when it comes to her burnout from her grief. Which doesn’t mean she cares less! Not at all. I just think she’s going to process her grief in a mostly healthy way. Which I think will be interesting and nice to explore with her. Since most of my characters like...wild out when they lose someone.
Attina: Get her back into music! It was one of my goals with Attina for her to become a musician again. It’s kind of symbolic of closing that chapter of her grief and moving forward. Also, of course, get married!! It was my number one goal in my app for Attina to fine someone to love and who loves her and it just feels really nice to have hit those goals!
Thomas: Did anyone order a *cups hands around mouth* REDEMPTION ARC? I thought Tom was too nice, so I made him a dick. Kidding. I really liked that I tricked everyone into thinking he was just a good dumb boy, because I always intended for him to be more complicated than that. He is a good guy, but he was raised in a cult and he has a lot to unlearn. This is the beginning of that journey.
Zira: Conquer Swynlake. Break the charter. Kill some people. 
Candace: Explore her anxiety more. Also, make her realize living a lie just to please others is dumb. Also, get her to become closer to her step-family and start accepting that they aren’t going anywhere.
Miguel: Make him some friends. I really want to establish him within the town. I want him to make some mistakes too along the way. He can be selfish and cruel when he wants to be. I also want him to do more fun ghost things.
Vishaka: Open her shop! That’s truly the main goal. I want this to happen within the first six months of me having her. I just think it’s a neat plot. That means I want to get her more integrated in town and I want her to realize she wants to plant her roots. (Maybe some romance too? Though, after the shoppe.) 
Daniel: Baby, baby! I want to see him pushed around by his family a little bit--and then stand up for himself. I want him to make some friends. I’d love for him to meet the other mermaids because he knows little about that part of his culture and even if it’s very different (mermaids v ningyo) I think it could still be beneficial for him. 
Write at least one resolution IN CHARACTER for your characters. What do THEY want to accomplish or change in the New Year?
Belle: Pass her exam and become a certified solicitor. 
Simba: Be a good husband! Stop drinking (before he gets caught.)
Toulouse: Help support my family as best I can. Do more art.
Mei: None, is it a new year? 
Attina: Get married!! Come hell or high water. (Maybe also secretly make up with Andrina but she won’t admit that one out loud.)
Thomas: Repent for my mistakes. 
Zira: Conquer Swynlake. Break the charter. Kill some people.
Candace: She doesn’t really have any resolutions, tbh.
Miguel: Keep my family from discovering secret. (Yes, this is a resolution.) Do well at school. Write at least one song that is EP worthy.
Vishaka: Heal from my grief. Help my community as best I can.
Daniel: Find and free John!
(love the contrast between me and my children. they do not know what is best for them, smh.)
List one or more characters you have never interacted with that you would like to do so.
gosh, this is always so hard for me bc i feel like interact with so many. like...if i think they’re neat i just,, as for a para.
i have a secret goal to make simba canonically know every single character in the RP, so there is that.
Edward. I just think he’s neat.
Elsa. I keep telling Silv but it has not happened yet.
Iago. My next character and he will get on quite well.
Jessica/Susan. Succubus!! My next character will also vibe with them.
Plotting Exercise! Pick one of the resolutions/goals in #2 and plan a rough guideline to how you could accomplish it. i’m doing two because i need to figure out both these plots...
MOCK PLOT: Do You Believe in Magic? (Alternatively: Attina Discovers the Power of Music)
First Para: it honestly starts with this wendy x attina thread right now, where they are talking about music. maybe it ends with wendy asking where she can take some music lessons or learn some more and tina tells her that she has a few books and such. wendy asks why/how she has/knows so much and attina admits that she used to play. 
Second Para: attina has a run in with some musician (ber/dodger/who are our music ppl who are not the tritons? lol) where they are struggling with a piece of a song that they are fiddling with and she helps them by saying something off hand like, oh that should be in a major key or a minor key.
Third Para: a convo with idk ariel or something about her band, maybe they’re struggling to get something off the ground and attina suggests x, y, z to fix the problem--ariel and attina talk about how ariel doesn’t even really remember attina playing at all. 
Fourth Para: attina, alone at the house for some reason, wanders into the music room and gets annoyed because arista has left her guitar out. though, instead of putting it away, she picks it up and starts fiddling around on it. one of the sisters OR maybe one of the SOs? catch her and then bring it up to the applicable sister -- i actually think that could be a lot of fun.
Fourth Para, part B: whichever sister finds out from their SO gets all excited attina was playing and gossips with the other sisters--somehow arista finds out about it.
Fifth Para: arista invites attina to play some music with her and they have a cute lil jam sesh (others can join in!! in my triton feels!! attina sings!!) 
Sixth Para: idk i think it’d be fun for attina to start volunteering at the community program and maybe have a run in with ber where they talk about parents and using music to understand things and attina realizes that music can ~~ heal. 
MOCK PLOT: If I Could Make a Living (Alternatively: Vixey Opens a Store)
First Para: ...also happening kinda right now thanks to Ashley, lol. Barbie and Vixey reconnect. Barbie tells Vixey about her business. They talk clothes and fashion and all that good stuff.
Second Para: Vixey participates in a clothing drive with Tiana and/or Jun for the local church. While there, they discuss the fact there isn’t anywhere in town for people to clothing shop on the cheap.
Third Para: Vixey talks to Ella about her shop, Rags and Bags, and admits that she is thinking about opening a shop. Ella encourages her!
Fourth Para: Vixey brings up the idea of opening a shop with Jun, partially thinking he will convince her out of it. He doesn’t. In fact, he encourages her, which leads her into looking for investors.
Fifth Para: Find an investor! This could be someone shady or not. Maybe a few different people. Once she finds an investor and starts feeling better about all of it, she will write a petition!
Sixth Para: A petition signing open!
Seventh/Eighth Para: Some set back. Maybe there is a Swynlake disaster, lmfao. OR the hospital in London contacts her telling her that she could have her old job back if she wants it. This is something which makes her reconsider her commitment to the shoppe, but she speaks with someone (Ella/Jun/Barbie) and they tell her to trust her heart, so she submits her petition!
Ninth Para: ...this is an event but technicalities: a clothing drive! Where everyone in the community can donate old clothing to be part of the thrift shoppe as part of the opening!!
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