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#you’re BUSTED
daddyjackfrost · 3 days ago
no because we as a society did NOT recover from this gem from the universe
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mpilgrimx · 29 days ago
Plans for the day as soon as I finally get out of bed at 3:15pm today:
1. Masturbation
2. Eat / Get coffee
3. Go to the movies at 4:45 to watch Spiral
4 . Go home and wallow in the big sad
Let’s goooooo!!
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penemily · a month ago
Talking shit about Savannah Hayes because you’re a morcia shipper is ugly and busted as fuck. Talking shit about Kevin Lynch because you’re a morcia shipper is glamorous, seductive, intellectual, and true
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fallensvint · a month ago
Tumblr media
SOPHIE???? OH BCXHCCHC kiss me, maybe??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pullinajalonzallnite · 2 months ago
This woman came in and complained that the belt on the check stand was ‘too wet’, after throwing a fit last night about it not having been sanitized before she put her stuff down.
(after she ignored me asking her to wait a minute so I could sanitize it)
I bite my tongue and told her I was sorry but I didn’t have time to wipe it down completely.
(again, because she blatantly ignored me while also rolling her eyes at me and threw her stuff on the belt)
She then proceeded to bitch to my boss about it and on top of it all whine that I didn’t tell her ‘have a good rest of your night:)’ like I tell everyone else and that I just handed her a roll of paper towels when she asked ‘well what am I supposed to do now that my groceries are wet?!’
I just walked off the moment I was finished and told my coworker to switch with me until she left and put up a display for him.
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apolohgy · 3 months ago
#not to be depressing when the sun is still out but i’ve been Realizing (trademark) lately that i don’t get excited/giddy like other people#like i have happy moments ofc. and i’ll look forward to a new tv or finishing a book on libby but last year i was watching this video#(all my introspections correspond to some youtube video bc that’s all i dosjjqlsk) and she’s a vlogger so she was like filming her morning#her breakfast and guitar lessons etc and each time she’d be like god the sun is so bright 😁 it’s so warm outside 😋 this oatmeal is SO#delicious i love this recipe!! 😘😊 i love how my guitar lessons are going 🥰🤗#and i’ve been watching her videos for a while but it wasn’t until last year that i was like hmm i haven’t been excited or happy like that#for a while 🤔 and i know a certain extent of her happy go lucky demeanor might be bc she’s an influencer and that’s just. a part of the job#to look bubbly and like you’re loving life. i love her videos so this is not me being a hater qkejklwss it just so happens that watching#her made me realize i’ve been feeling like a robot for a long time and not noticing. btw for context her channel name is ‘sukkari life’#and then i think mm maybe that can be written off as personality differences. but i think i’ve been d word for a while and don’t want to#fully admit it. i’ll be like i don’t feel excitement or happiness the way i used to+lost interest in hobbies+can’t maintain conversations#for longer than 5 mins but it will pass 😳 but like uhh i’ve probably been like this since i graduated college and it’s sinking in just now#bc i’m unemployed at home all day so i don’t have the distractions i used to. i mean i was depressed/anxious and going to therapy in#college but at least i was going to work making all A’s and reading and embroidering lmao. i hate that i see my depression as less valid#when i’m being productive but alas there it is ! but now there’s nowhere to run nowhere to hide . like sis you’re laying in bed all day and#last month i couldn’t even finish reading howl’s moving castle even though i liked it and wanted to. and i want to go to grad school so#bad but finishing the applications? yeah tried doing one (1) last year and that was a bust. all this to say that i’ve been thinking about#dipping my toes into the world of anitdepressanrs again LMAO. i mean all they did for me in 2018 was give me horrible nightmares and the#withdrawal period was so scary (had to quit cold turkey bc my therapist dropped me w/o informing me. gorgeous and sexy)#but i would be open to therapy combined w medication just to feel... not like a robot for the first time in years! i want to get a job#simply to afford this but i hate working .. unmovable object meets unstoppable force? 😳 jk i would work if it helped me afford therapy. i#hate being a shell of a person. anyways this is so long i’m sorry but i’ve been keeping this bottled up for a while hehe! if you read it#all the way i adore you and i’m telepathically sending you a $20 gift card to panera bread
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jeongvision · 4 months ago
💌 send this to the twelve nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get five back you must be pretty awesome 💌
Tumblr media
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quinnfebrey · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jasontoddsguns · 5 months ago
Dick: I don’t believe in killing criminals, it’s immoral.
Tim: Taking someone’s life takes something out of your soul.
Damian: Father and Grayson taught me that murder is never the answer.
Jason: Heheheh my guns go brrrrrrrrrrrr
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lovelyamneris · 5 months ago
the minimum wage went up and my boss was like “don’t worry I’ll make sure you get your raise back. I’m such a fair boss you know this.” lady if you’re such a fair boss then give me more then a .50c raise like at least give me a dollar omg
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