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jammy-badger · 2 minutes ago
badgers top movies:
1.speed racer (2008)
2. night at the museum
3. the thing (1984)
4. the cutscene in grim fandango when glottis rides the anchor chain back into relevance
5. night at the museum again
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previously-on-hsmtmts · 46 minutes ago
Nini: You've never changed your towel??
Ricky: Why would you? You're always clean when you use it.
Nini: How am I attracted to you?
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ebi-pers · an hour ago
i relate to ricky because when i was like 10, i got a karaoke machine for christmas and the hsm2 karaoke soundtrack and i also could not stop singing bet on it everywhere i went
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iridescentides · 3 hours ago
okay the first ep was okay but slightly underwhelming. i love any episode of anything that features a party or gathering (see: my love for every glee ep with a school dance in it) but this one didnt give me enough party things. it was kinda just bouncing from exposition to plot point over and over. i wanted something more like the board game in the thanksgiving ep where theyre just hanging out
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fandomcentralsposts · 3 hours ago
I'm sorry nothing against Ricky Bowen love him usually but after that performance of bet on it he owes Zac Efron a personal apology
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jellypumpkin · 4 hours ago
I imagine kissing Katrina immediately after she just licked Mil from bellybutton to neck was slightly awkward for Fenix.
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sapphicadhder · 4 hours ago
Ok so, I was thinking about Andi Mack and Tyrus again and yesterday I saw ep 1 of s2 of hsmtmts and now I have this headcanon:
they're in hs and Cyrus forces Tj (and probably the rest of the gang too, minus Andi who goes to that art school) to audition with him for the theatre club that's gonna host a musical (if it's hsm bonus points) and like ye, Cyrus is pretty bad at dancing but he makes up for it with his enthusiasm+he can sing nicely so they give him a role with minor dancing. But Tj? Alright so. Tj, who at first didn't even want to audition cause it's just not his thing, decides to give it his best for Cyrus (and also because if Cyrus got a part and he didn't, they would have to spend less time together cause of theatre practice, so Tj figured he could give it a shot) which means he practices dancing and singing for his role, hoping to at least get a role as backup dancer or smth. He swears to Cyrus that he's practicing but he refuses to show him cause he's lowkey embarrassed/insecure and always tells him "you'll just have to wait and see at the audition" and then he does the audition and it's just... perfect? He sings incredibly and he puts so much energy into the dancing that he ends up breathless by the end (basically pulling a Ricky, bonus points if the song he does is Bet on it) and their friend group is like... WTF TJ, were you hiding that??? Anyway so, ofc, he gets one of the biggest roles (if not even the main male role) and Cyrus is in awe and so proud and smitten. Alright, as for the others: Buffy clearly gets a big role? Like, ofc? That's just a given. Jonah jokes that life's unfair cause TJ OF ALL PPL beat him but he still gets a pretty important role and Marty is a backup dancer. Andy and Amber ofc go watch the show and record it and bring them all flowers and jokingly ask Tj for his autograph.
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hizziemikaelson · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
oh, that slowburn is secured, huh?  😭
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mynerdcorneroftheworld · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bellamy must venture into enemy territory with an unlikely companion. Meanwhile, Octavia is forced to confront her past.
            6x09        What You Take With You
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ash-fade · 5 hours ago
hey!! can i request a kinda spicy ricky bowen x reader? just cute stuff, maybe he like sneaks into the readers room in the middle of the night or something? thank you so much!!
Better then fanfic.
Ricky X reader.
Tumblr media
Reader: Female!
Warning: SPICY STUFF AHEAD! Sexual content, not full smut.
If you want a non-binary version I can do it! I just wrote for most female but I don’t mind writing for anyone else.
Looking through tumbler in the middle of the night, but the best thing for someone who has school tomorrow but that’s not my fault. I’ve been craving some...Sexual attention, I don’t have anyone to do so, so I have to read it instead. I mean, come on, first you can get together with any fictional character and they can make you feel like it’s actually happening. What girl can say no to a hot guy that cares for her to not say yes to sleeping with him? Um, no one. But as I finally get to the romantic part of the story my phone rings scaring the life out of me. “Curly” pops up on my phone and I smile, but also blushing at the thought of him. Pushing everything aside I answer, “Ricky? It’s midnight, you okay?” I ask, he doesn’t call me usually in the middle of the night unless he has a problem. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little cold, can you open your window, I’m in your roof” What the fuck? I swear if he keeps doing this I’m going to instill a doggy door. I go to the window and hang up on him and open the window. He slid through the window, “Y/n! Hey sorry about coming here and-woah” he stop mid sentence looking at me, this confused me. So I look down and remember what I wear to bed tonight isn’t the best. “Oh, sorry...Didn’t know I was going to have over  Company, which reminds me! Why are you here tonight?” I ask him as I blush like hell, he could almost see everything, and when he can’t see he can picture a pretty good image.
“Right! Um, I came here because...Well, I wanted to tell you something” he placed his book bag down. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around my self, a bra and shorts wasn’t that bad, but...It wasn’t good either. “Tell me what curly?” He always comes to me, I like it. It makes me feel needed, I mean yes I did have a crush on him, so being needed in a romantic way would be great. “Oh...Um, I didn’t plan this far” he looked down and put his hands in his pockets. “Ricky, it’s me. You know I wouldn’t judge or anything. Your save with me, I know almost everything about you” I smiled at him. “Well not everything” his eyes where almost sad, and scared. But he made his way to sit next to me on the bed. “Well, tell me everything” I move closer trying to comfort him. He takes a deep breath and looks at me in the eyes, “I can’t stop thing of you...Ever since the play, getting to know you, and seeing everything you are. I think...I think I’ve feel for you, and I don’t know what to do” I stared blankly at his face, this was like all the Wattpad story’s I have read, but...It was real, and with Ricky. “And I know...I know there is a chance you don’t like me back, and that’s okay! I just couldn’t sleep until I told you, your al I seem to think about anymore” I was still frozen, everything was happening inside me. “Y/n...Say something” I think I was scaring him by not saying anything, he probably thinks I don’t like him.
“I..” I shake my head, my head still not wrapping my head around this, “You like me? Like, romantically?” I asked him. He nods, blushing. “I do...And, I would really like to know if I have made a fool of myself” he laughed nervously, I know he was worried. “Ricky, kiss me” I say smiling at him, maybe this was better the Wattpad stories. He took a second to do so, but he did it. We finally kissed, his soft lips felt like heaven. I put a hand behind his head and brought myself closer to him. He put his hands around my waist and held me like it was the one thing he was born to do. His tongue slipped into my mouth and started to explore, and I softly moaned. I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment and he pulled away and smirks. “Was...Was that a moan?” I roll see my eyes. “Maybe!” I wanted to hide in my blanket. He moved closer to my neck and kiss it softly, this was the action the I could moan and die from. “I enjoyed the way you moan, and if you want I can make you moan more” he licked my neck and I put my hands around his neck and nodded, not trusting my voice to not crack.
He did make me moan more, but this was just fooling around, this was him showing me that he cares. Gentle, but hard, loven. Everything that I have ever wanted was now mine, and I was his. 
Sorry the was so short!! I tried! Thanks for the request!! Hope you liked it!
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jsimonew · 5 hours ago
Mini HSMTMTS spoiler but if Ricky kisses Nini on the tops of her hands again (while wearing dog tags) I’m going to COMBUST.
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wlw-in-a-forest · 6 hours ago
ive seen so many caswen hcs that say they're not really big on pda but.......
do y'all remember when ej and nini were dating? he was not afraid of pda
mans constantly had an arm around her or was latched to her side (he's touched-starved okay <3)
and now that episode one of the new season is out we've all seen that rini is that couple. the one that is literally so disgustingly in love and they make it everyone's problem
so i don't think ricky's shy about pda either
the only reason i think he would be is bc he might not be out yet,,,,
but i feel like ej would be the type who's very open about being bi (or. the exact opposite. because he feels like he has to be the golden boy and this will change people's perspective of him. there's no in between. (sorry my brain is always looking for ej angst xx))
anywho this brings me to my conclusion that ricky would be a little uncomfortable with pda at first, but ej is always pulling him closer and reaching out first (not to make ricky uncomfortable. he just doesnt realize why ricky isnt as affectionate in public and he's used to showcasing his love to everyone)
ej's always complimemting him and fawning over him and hugging him and ricky's like ejjjjjjj. my reputationnnnn
and then the first time ricky pulls him in for a kiss first ej gets so happy which only makes him more affectionate because omg i just love my boyfriend so much and he kissed me this time :DDDD and it's a whole cycle
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ricksayeghmd · 6 hours ago
Ricky sayegh md No Longer Put Your Fitness Last -  Use These Tips To Make It A Priority
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In order to maximize your fitness potential, be sure to lightly exercise sore muscles the next day. This will allow blood to flow into the muscles at a much higher rate, therefor speeding up the healing process. Be sure to do more repetitions, but at a lighter weight or lighter strain.
Weight training is vital in a well-rounded fitness program. While not every program needs to concentrate on building muscle mass like a pro weightlifter, some attention to weight training is necessary for every fitness regimen. Weight training tones the muscles and makes them work efficiently. This has a positive impact on overall health and fitness at even the most modest levels of weight training.
To get fit, and stay fit, you should consider the effects of your lifestyle as a whole. While a small portion of your time set aside for exercise will help you get fit, there are much greater benefits to be had with a holistic approach. Minimize any unhealthy activities and seek out healthy alternatives that contribute to your overall fitness.
Ricky sayegh md Top service provider. If you're looking to get in shape another thing to consider is to gradually increase the difficulty of your regimen. If you increase it too fast you will lose your motivation, and too slow, the results will be too slow. For example if you used to walk 30 minutes a day at a rate of three miles an hour increase it to thirty minutes, or increase your speed to three and a half miles per hour.
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redamancy-and-daisies · 6 hours ago
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celebpits · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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watcrmclon · 7 hours ago
for every 🎸 i receive, i’ll make a playlist of 5+ songs from my music on shuffle!
1. Tu recuerdo (versión unplugged) // Ricky Martin 2. Hay amores // Shakira 3. On an island // David Gilmour 4. Plastic beach // Gorillaz 5. Hung up // Madonna
es que esta playlist no tiene pies ni cabeza jdkfdg but i love the fact de que me gustan mucho todas esas canciones :’D
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mackmeta · 7 hours ago
HSMTMTS 2x01 Review
New Year’s Eve was a great way to return to HSMTMTS especially after such a long gap. Let’s dig in!
Vladimir Lenin once said that, ‘’ there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen". It’s been almost a year and half since S1 ended but this past week has seen revelation after revelation as the fandom has resurrected itself and promotion for S2 kicked into high gear: Joshua Bassett came out, Frankie and Joe confirmed that they are a real life couple, Larry seemingly confirmed that S2 will only have 11 eps rather than the 12 initially ordered, and perhaps most importantly Olivia revealed that she and the main cast are under contract for 4 seasons and made clear that she’s leaving the show as soon as her contract is up.
I really enjoyed this premiere, it felt like picking up right back where we left off. I’m guessing that S2 was originally supposed to premiere around Christmas or New Year’s but the holiday decorations and real Utah snow add a charming aesthetic to the ep. Tim Federle deserves credit for giving HSMTMTS more of an ensemble feel which is no easy feat with a cast as large as this show has. It likely won’t last due to covid restrictions  but at least for tonight we got to see all the characters hanging out together acting like a real group of friends.
The dialogue tonight really reminded me of Glee and I think I mean that as a compliment. Miss Jenn in particular seems to be doing her best April Rhodes impression minus the alcoholism. 
The rini scenes tonight were lovely. Perfect gift was a great song and I loved the rini duet during the music in me as the world faded around them leaving just the two of them. The Harry Styles reference is funny in light of Josh’s coming out interview. Of course, it’s hard now to separate Nini and Ricky and Olivia and Josh. Their chemistry shines through as 2x01, 2x02, and possibly parts of 2x03 were filmed pre Jolivia breakup which seems to have happened around summer 2020. Whether they can keep that same chemistry later on in S2, not to mention future seasons, remains to be seen.
A major theme tonight was communication and clearly Rini need to work on theirs. Poor Ricky had to learn that Nini’s moving to Denver the night before she leaves town which has to remind of him of his mom effectively abandoning him. Ricky saying that he’s never gonna breakup with Nini ever again sure sounds like foreshadowing for a disaster though the odds that this time Nini initiates the breakup are pretty good. 
I’m glad that the show is continuing to delve in the Bowen’s divorce story with their house being sold and Ricky and his dad having to move into an apartment. Divorce is expensive and the division of assets typically leave people less well off. Mike Bowen needs to work on his communication skills but he’s rocking that beard; it takes him from depressed divorced dad to depressed divorced daddy.
Seblos was cute and in a nice change of pace Disney doesn’t seem to be cynically teasing them then cutting their scenes. It was refreshing to see them just being a couple and to hear Carlos casually refer to himself as gay. In that regard tonight’s ep didn’t seem like it was a Disney show at all and it’s major progress that there are now two main gay characters on HSMTMTS. We learn that Carlos is rich which seems likely to be a source of conflict with Seb who comes from a large farming family.
Bet on It was really fun and I liked that Ricky apparently couldn’t stop singing it. The medley of HSM 2 songs was fun but I’ll be real with you wildcats, I never thought HSM 2 or 3 were nearly as good as the first movie so I’m not sad that they’re doing something else this year.
Wild that Big Red’s mom also calls him Big Red. Salt Lake Slices seems poised to be a big part of S2 both as hangout spot and work location for some of the characters. Redlyn are sweet together but sometimes Big Red comes off as a closeted gay guy which isn’t ideal for a het pairing that is supposedly a big part of S2.
Nice to see Gina so excited to have sleepovers with Ashlyn. We know from 2x03 that Gina contends with being single on Valentine’s day and from her glances at Ricky tonight she’s clearly not over him. Tim’s playing with fire and I can only hope he knows what he’s doing. I liked the little detail of Kourtney having AOC on her vision board, it feels true to the character (hopefully AOC gets elected president one day if the USA doesn’t collapse into a fascist dictatorship or civil war before then). EJ’s beard has got to go but I like that he seems committed to being a better version of himself; very doubtful his plan to go straight to Duke like his forefathers doesn’t change by the end of the season. 
Derek Hough did a good job of playing Zach as a subtly condescending man who managed to swiftly undermine Miss Jenn’s confidence, we’ll see what he and North High bring to the table.
Looking Ahead:
Next week are auditions for Beauty and the Beast, we know Ashlyn gets the role of Belle and EJ has conveniently removed himself from the running for Beast which presumably clears the path for Ricky to take the lead. There’s been some controversy over the casting choices and I’ll save my comments about it for the 2x02 review.
We get to see Lily who looks like a meaner version of season 1 Gina, we’ll see how much depth she actually ends up getting. Howie is introduced in 2x03 and Antoine likely shows up later on. Jack likely shows up towards the end of the season.
Howie seems to have a connection with Kourtney though the character synopsis does say he gets close to a wildcat or two which certainly leaves room to slide him into Gina’s plot. We know Antoine is into Ashlyn so that’s another love triangle to look forward to. Jack was described as having wanderlust and most of the cast seems not to have filmed with him so I think it’s likely that he plays a role in convincing EJ to take a gap year rather than head straight to Duke. 
A translation leak on TikTok reveals that in 2x03 Gina is sad that she’s only gotten a Valentine’s Day gift from her mom. A brief clip from the promo shows up her on her porch at night holding a heart shaped box of chocolates. If that’s supposed to be from a secret or semi-secret admirer than it has to be from either EJ, Ricky, or Howie. If it’s a platonic gift then it could be from anyone, we’ll see what Tim has up his sleeves.
Nini moving back to SLC is a question of when not if. It’s going to be very difficult to bring her back in a way that’s justified and also doesn’t leave the time she spends in Denver looking like a total waste. Frankly, I’d rather the show just bite the bullet and bring her back with as little fuss as possible.
We’re possibly around a quarter way through HSMTMTS given that the mains have 4 season contracts and presuming that the show is not cancelled earlier. At the very least the show will be radically different after S4 if they try to continue it as Olivia has made very clear that she’s going to leave asap to pursue her burgeoning music career full time (notably she’s only done the bare minimum of promo for S2). 
Looming over the remaining seasons of HSMTMTS is what the professional relationship between Olivia and Josh looks like especially since in many ways the show is built around Ricky and Nini. Off screen relationships have often caused on screen problems and dating a co-worker is rarely a good idea since even clean breakups leave lingering resentments. Obviously the Jolivia breakup was not clean, Driver’s License, Deja Vu, and Good 4 U (which is a certified bop) were clearly written from a place of hurt and in some ways were written to hurt. It’s no surprise that Joshua has dropped his duet with Sabrina Carpenter from his EP; someone on his team at least is trying to stop the damage to his reputation. There’s a decent chance that Olivia’s songs becoming such hits has irreparably damaged Joshua Bassett’s reputation among the same pool of largely young women that he’s targeting his music towards thereby cutting off his music career at the knees. If nothing else this behind the scenes drama should keep things entertaining for a while.
Until next week Wildcats 
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random-nerd-3 · 7 hours ago
HSMTMTS fic bingo!
This was just something fun I did to hopefully drum up some new HSMTMTS fics on ao3! Lmk if you want another one, I'll make it for you guys!
Tag me if you try and complete a bingo! I wanna read all the fics!
Tumblr media
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hohslop · 7 hours ago
idk how anyone say ricky isn’t in love with nini with that song he wrote for her. that boy is whipped.
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