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#pokemon black and white
quotes-of-dreamland · an hour ago
Ribbon, teasing: Somebody hungry?
Kirby: In case you haven't noticed, I'm always hungry and that's that!
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lexaa-xx · 3 hours ago
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Thank you for the Ghetsis's event DeNa.
Also , here's Ex ver too ❄️
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1s-unova-confirmed-yet · 7 hours ago
[ 08.05.2021 ]
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darkheartprincess13 · 8 hours ago
Ash' Dragonite is so precious 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️
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Meanwhile Iris's Dragonite is...
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ihopethisendswell · 9 hours ago
My very first pokemon series was Diamond and Pearl. I loved that series to bits. After that I decided to watch previous series, right? They were fun. But then I was like ' aw, there's no more?'. Enter Black and White.
When I first saw Black and White, the first thing that I noticed was Iris. She's black/ black-coded. At the very least, she has the darkest skin color in the main cast other than Brock. That was cool as fuck. As I continued to watch the anime, I grew to love her and her pokemon. I even adopted her 'your such a kid' bit cause I thought it was the coolest thing ever. That only lasted a day I think. Anyway.
I was WAY more invested in her character than the other two ( no offense Cilan. Your pretty cool). Her pokemon was so funny to me ( EMOLGA), and I just loved her character. Imagine my surprise when I found out the majority of the fandom disliked her character compared to the games. Before,I was confused, but went a long with the hate. Now, having played both white and white 2 I can say that honestly? I feel like they're both good, on my opinion. Especially after this episode. In my opinion, without the anime, Iris wouldn't be as known in the pokemon community as she is now. Better have her known than not, y'know.
I saw all that just to say I love Iris, and I'm so proud of her achievements. Stan a queen.
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lady-bridgett · 18 hours ago
Also is no one going to talk about how the Shadow Triad is back in Unova probably freaking the fuck out that Ghetsis just DISAPPEARED
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thegreenzorua · 19 hours ago
Pokemas were cowards for not giving the unovan protags thick new york accents
not just the protags, i wanna hear ghetsis sounding like this guy during his mental breakdown at the end of bw2
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thegreenzorua · 19 hours ago
my cat's name has the same amount of syllables as ghetsis so i've been singing his name to the tune of ghetsis's battle theme while he meows in confusion
that's so amazing
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thegreenzorua · 19 hours ago
i like to imagine that Rosa and Nate are basically your typical goofy american teens and thus they use slang and meme language and when N hangs out with them he’s just so confused
Nate: ghetsis do be kinda sussy tho
N: I’m sorry what
Rosa: oh worm?
N: ??? there’s a worm here?
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[ 07.05.2021 ]
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thegreenzorua · a day ago
Just a random HC of mine is that if N were to ever visit the Galar Region the second he spots the Wyndon Ferris wheel he’d get SUPER excited, he’d definitely go straight towards the Ferris wheel immediately wanting to ride it after noticing there was a Ferris Wheel existing there. (Such a shame we couldn’t actually ride the Ferris wheel in Pokémon S&W, would’ve been serious nostalgia for B&W/B2&W2 fans. O well tho.)
He’d probably do something like
(N Spots Ferris Wheel)
N: *Le GASP*
N: “fErRiS wHeEL-”
Normal civilians from Wyndon just be looking at N like: 👀
N: “Ahaha oops might’ve said that too loud-“
this is absolutely canon, anon, whatchu mean-
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natdafat · a day ago
Tell me why this part of the fight seemed the most terrifying Pokémon battle of them all.
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This dragonite is trapped, can't hear, can't see and can't do anything but suffer. And then dracovish uses ice fang a 4x effective move. You're telling me this wouldn't cause mental trauma for dragonite.
This was also dragonites first time ever seeing a dracovish. So from its point of view it sees a strange Eldridge horror for the first time and then nearly dies from it. Terrifying.
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hxlyconn · a day ago
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White | Hilda doodle just because.
lineart? idk them, srry.
also the hands look kinda wrong bc idk how to draw hands like a decent human being <//3
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vaninihead · a day ago
N is one of the best pokeboy in the entire Pokémon franchise HAHSHAHS
Here's my fanart of him! He is one of the reasons why I kept on coming back to Gen 5.
You can also find me in:
IG/Twt: vaninihead
FB: Vanini
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