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#pokemon gold and silver
idenisade · a day ago
Mini pokemon comic ^^
That's how I see Johto gang. I love all the protagonists and rivals (except XY when it comes to rivals) and I wanted to make a mini comic that came to my mind. If this post goes well, I can do it with other protagonists and rivals from Pokémon ❤
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, I love preciousmetalshipping ❤
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My otps in the Pokémon anime
The rule is: I can only choose a single ship for each series. Bear with me. 
I won’t do analysis and long explanations as usual, just a list full of amazing couples. 
I obviously like many other ships: I multiship as hell and I barely hate any ship in particular. Feel free to ask my opinion about any pairing—I like to talk about this stuff. I didn’t include X&Y because I can’t think of any ship that I love more than others, I have some ships but can’t really choose between them; I didn’t include the current series either because it isn’t over (and I don’t have any otp with those characters at the moment anyway). 
Pocket Monsters (S1 in the West): PokéShipping
No one is surprised, I guess.
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Pocket Monsters Orange Archipelago (S2 in the West): PokéShipping
Again. Do I really need to say anything?
Tumblr media
Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver (S3-5 in the West): PokéShipping.
Not my fault if Kasumi was there for 276 episodes.
Tumblr media
Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation (S6-9 in the West): ContestShipping.
I fangirled so hard everytime they were on screen. Rivals to friends to lovers at its finest.
Tumblr media
Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (S10-13 in the West): AppealShipping.
Look at them and tell me they’re not in love with each other. I dare you. 
Tumblr media
Pocket Monsters Black & White (S14-17 in the West): BusterShipping.
YES, I am indeed a sucker for rivals-to-friends-to-lovers dynamics.
Tumblr media
Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon (S21-23 in the West): JellowShipping.
What can I say? These two sweeties stole my heart. I did want to include Kukui and Burnet as well, but they’re just superior.
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ihopethisendswell · 2 days ago
Here's a hot take:
Black 2 and White 2 are what the Johto games should have been ( the pacing in story and level progression)
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galaxystarrrr · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Used the coin case glitch to hatch a Skarmory in Pokémon Silver and made him shiny.
I have yet to get a shiny Skarmory in Pokémon Y.
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I hate the Pokemon youtubers and streamers who are like,
"Everyone hates grinding! It's the longest part of the whole game!"
Like,,, you CLEARLY don't have a mental illness and it shows.
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mx-myth · 15 days ago
Silver: Don’t tell me those brain-dead lowlifes are calling me again.
Crystal: They are your parents.
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pocketpixls · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here is some pixel sprites I did within generation 2 Pokémon sprite limitations. First is Eiscue, but the bottom two are a Motobug and Buzz Bomber, badniks from the Genesis Sonic games, because why not.
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animalphax · 17 days ago
In this episode, we count our blessings as we study the Venonat's diet and get wistful about the friends we lost touch with over the years. 
Please like, comment, share, subscribe, and tweet your least favorite celebrity for more Pokemon Phax! 
Follow us on: Twitter: @animalphax
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bluethealpha-art · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A fun, quick little project I’ve done for myself to present how I design houndoom’s, my favorite Pokémon. I like showing variation in all Pokémon I draw/design, and sometimes I go a little overboard with it or when I combine realism with them. 
Houndoom is one of the ones I’ve gone a little overboard with. XD
This was purely made for fun, and nothing is meant to be super anatomically correct and such! And yes, I realize there are spelling/grammar errors hidden about, though I unfortunately didn’t save a .psd version of these images and don’t feel like rewriting everything to fix minor mistakes haha
In the horn section, Photoshop cut off the last part without me realizing. It was meant to say that either a trainer or professional must file the horns down to help their Houndoom maintain the length of their horns!
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akwardnerdity · 21 days ago
Uncomfortable Pokémon Thoughts (Part 1)
1. If Pokémon are the only type of fauna in the world, anyone who eats meat is eating Pokémon.
2. Vegetarians may not be off the hook either given the various grass pokemon, though there appear to be plenty of non-pokemon floral variants.
3. Slowpoke tails are something that are prized. We know this because team rocket was mass harvesting them. There must be a market for slowpoke tails somewhere, otherwise there would be no point in harvesting them.
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aw-colorcat · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Gold and silver!
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adobe-outdesign · 23 days ago
Reviews of All Scrapped Spaceword Betas
Exactly what it says in the title. This is also for my reference, as I might redesign some of these later for funsies. 
I’m only including Pokemon that were 100% scrapped (we’re not here to argue what might have become what) and aren’t evos/pre-evos of existing Pokemon. Also, I’m using the English fan-translations for the names because I don’t speak Japanese.
Tumblr media
Our original fire starter, and yeah, I can see why this was scrapped. For starters (heh), it looks more like a rodent that evolves into a lion than anything resembling a bear. And secondly... it doesn’t really have a clear focus, nor a memorable design. It’s just kind of a rodent-bear thing with flames tacked onto it. 
The best Pokes usually have a "catch” to them, and these guys lack that. For example, this got replaced by Cyndaquil, which has the concept of flaming spikes that form out of its back. That’s memorable. This, well, isn’t.
Possible reason for being scrapped: Lack of focus/interesting design
Pokes to fill the void: Teddiursa and Ursaring are probably the closest in terms of being bears. Something about it also reminds me of Growlithe/Arcanine, probably because it’s a fluffy fire thing that evolves into a bigger fluffy fire thing with a mane and black markings.
Tumblr media
This has the same problem as the Flambear line, just less extreme. It’s okay, being a little plesiosaur that evolves into a bigger plesiosaur, but it also lacks an interesting catch to it. The pearls are maybe something, but they’re not really emphasized, just kind of tacked on. Plus Dragonair kind of has the crystal neck ornaments on lock. And the horn. And the underbelly. And the water theme...
Tumblr media
I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to a plesiosaur water starter in the future, but it would probably have to be completely redesigned.
Possible reason for being scrapped: Lack of focus/interesting design; too similar to Dragonair
Pokes to fill the void: Dragonair, as mentioned above. If you want a plesiosaur, Lapras is always a thing.
Putting the rest under the cut for length.
Tumblr media
This is one of the most chaotic beta evolutions out there, aside from beta Girafarig. I can see the resemblance between Sunmola1 and Anchorage to some extent--counter-shaded blue fish with two fins and a short body--but the anchor part of the evolution comes out of nowhere. Then it sporadically turns into a gulper eel, which has nothing to do with the previous two evolutions at all.
I’ve heard some people suggest that Sunmola1 basically gets dragged into the depths and turns into a deep-sea creature due to its anchor, which is a fantastic idea. However, if that’s what they were going for here it’s not really clear, and I think it could be executed much better.
Individually, Sumola1 is a little plain. Not terrible, but I think they could do something more interesting with the little head thing. Anchorage is memorable, but there’s something very un-Pokemonish about it. I think it’s just the fact that it’s basically cut in half--I keep expecting the backsprite to show its organs or something. Grotess is also a bit too plain.
It’s also worth noting that at some point, this was the evolutionary line, which is more consistent but much less interesting (save for the middle evo’s eyes, which are pretty great).
Tumblr media
Possible reason for being scrapped: Lack of evolutionary consistency; some designs plain or not very fitting for Pokemon
Pokes to fill the void: Alomomola is a sunfish Pokemon. Sharpedo is a shark crossed with an object, and Grotess almost certainly became Huntail and Gorebyss.
Tumblr media
These two... are pretty good. They have a simple catch--black cats with bells--and the designs are nicely executed and memorable.
If I had one complaint, it’s that they maybe seems a tad unfocused in the backend of things. They’re dark types, but have a bunch of “cutesy” moves, and it’s not clear why’d they be dark apart from being black cats. They seem to have a magical girl vibe (Bellboyant looks a bit like Luna from Sailor Moon, which is probably not a coincidence), which also has nothing to do with the bells or the dark theme. I do think that the designs themselves are fine though, and that if you just focused on the sound concept a hair more you’d have a pretty great Pokemon.
Possible reason for being scrapped: Not entirely sure, these definitely would’ve been popular. Might’ve just been a balancing thing, or it lost the dev popularity contest. 
Pokes to fill the void: Skitty kind of has the same vibe as Rinring. They also remind me a bit of the Meowth line, being cat Pokemon with metal attached to them. The Purrloin line takes over the “dark-type cat” aspect.
Tumblr media
I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, it’s a very plain looking Pokemon. The idea of it balancing a fireball/bomb on its nose instead of a ball is clever and memorable enough... except that it’s dependent on it being on that pose. It can’t balance that 24/7, and once it stops all you’re left with is a plain sea lion with dark points.
However, it’s fire/water. The only fire/water we have right now is a legendary, so it would be sweet to have one that’s just a regular poke. So it’s not that the concept itself is bad, using a water-based animal and adding a fire type; it’s just more that the execution is lackluster. Give this guy a hook not related to the fireball and make the seal itself more interesting and I think you’d have something here.
Possible reason for being scrapped: Lack of interesting design
Pokes to fill the void: Volcanion is our only fire/water Pokemon for now. In terms of seals/sea lions with a circus theme, Popplio is a decent enough match.
Tumblr media
Someone at Gamefreak hates tigerballs, because this line was planned for Gen 1, scrapped, then planned for Gen 2 and scrapped again. Which is strange, because while it’s not the best design it’s not bad either. It’s very very cute, and could definitely find an audience.
However, I’m not really sure what the premise is here. If it’s based on tiger clay bells, then it doesn’t really play into the bell theme much at all. And if it’s not... why is it so round? It’s not that the roundness is bad, but it would usually form the hook for this Pokemon, like it collects static electricity in its fur that makes it puff out or something. Maybe some dex descriptions would’ve made this clearer, who knows.
Also, Electiger is literally the exact same design as Tigrette, just bigger. It would either need a completely new final evolution or would need to show up as a single evo. 
While that sounds harsh, I do really like this design. Fix the evo, figure out/build on the hook of it being round or bell like, and maybe refine the markings a touch and it would be pretty perfect.
Possible reason for being scrapped: Not sure. Might’ve been too similar to Pikachu (both being yellow round electric type Pokemon with zig-zag tails, and og fat Pikachu was also very round). The need to rework the evolution also might’ve turned GameFreak off of it.
Pokes to fill the void: Spheal and Rowlet are both pleasantly round. Pikachu is cute and electric themed in a similar way. In terms of tigers, Raikou is also electric-type. The exact way the stripes are done here is also very similar to Litten.
Tumblr media
GameFreak. GameFreak, you are telling me that we almost had a voodoo-doll Pokemon based off of Ushi-no-Toki-Mairi that evolves into a fucking jiangshi panda?? You are killing me here.
A few interesting things to note here:
Kurstraw evolves at level 1. How? Why? No idea. It could just be a placeholder, but...
The fact that Kurstraw was set to have Curse as its signature move (then called “nail”) and that it only learned this move at level 100 makes it evolving at level 1 seem intentional.
To make things more confusing, it almost seems like (and this is speculation on my part) GameFreak’s intention was to encourage players to not evolve this thing. Stats are comparable, Kurstraw only gets its signature move if you level it up to where it can’t evolve, and Kurstraw has the better moveset (getting frigging destiny bond at lv. 16, while Pangshi gets... splash (which. makes more sense when you consider it’s called “hop” in Japan but it’s still useless). If that was what they were aiming for, then that’s a really unique mechanic that would really make this poke stand out.
Design wise, Kurstraw is... well, it’s a doll with a nail rammed through it. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not very Pokemon-ish. Meanwhile, Pangshi is maybe a little too much like a Jianshi rather than being reminiscent of one, right down to the little hat. The pose, fangs, and panda colors (which resemble Jiangshi mandarin robes) are more than enough to get the hook across.
What I really love about these two are the expressions. They are just like, so dissonantly happy. Kurstraw is literally like
Tumblr media
and Pangshi has the dead-eyed thousand-yard stare of Espurr, except unlike Espurr it looks completely and utter deranged. It looks like if this Pokemon ended up in Mystery Dungeon, it would respond to every question with “my favorite color is blood”. Amazing.
Possible reason for being scrapped: I think these two might’ve been scrapped just because they were too scary. I mean, it’s a voodoo doll impaled on a giant nail that evolves into a literal actual corpse. The implied violence was probably just a bit much for GameFreak.
The reason I think this is, beside the fact that they have fairly solid designs, good hooks, and all of their stats and moves in place, most beta Pokemon have had their premises revisited at some point. But we’ve really never gotten a voodoo doll Pokemon since this, and we definitely haven’t gotten any jiangshi Pokemon either, which suggests the problem lied in the very concept rather than the execution.
Pokes to fill the void: People say that Kurstraw was reworked into Banette, but if anyone Pokemon resembles it to be, it would actually be Mimikyu. They both have cloth bodies with drawn-on smiley faces that resemble something cuter than them and they both want to curse you for existing.
For Pangshi... well, there’s Pancham if you’re looking for tiny pandas. If you’re after a jiangshi though, you’re out of luck.
Tumblr media
This Pokemon has a great hook. I mean, a Pokemon that wears a pelt that transforms it into a werewolf? Hell yeah. Not to mention it might be a reference to an obscure Nordic tale about people donning wolf pelts to turn into wolves for ten days.
Design wise, it... well, Wolfman looks almost exactly like Venonat. I’m not the only one who sees this, right?
Tumblr media
That aside, I think the idea could be played up a little more. Wolfman is fine, save for its Venonat-ishness, but Warwolf doesn’t do much for me, basically just being a larger version with claws and fangs. If the idea is that it turns into a werewolf by wearing the pelt, what if its evolution looked somewhat like a wolf? Or better yet, the actually body of the thing changes to fill the wolf skin more, so it looks like its a part of it? That would really elevate this Pokemon to a new level.
Possible reason for being scrapped: I’d guess that it’s the same problem as Kurstraw and Pangshi--too scary. I mean, that is a dead pelt of some kind, which means that it killed and skinned some kind of Pokemon, and that’s not getting into questions of what Pokemon they got that from.
It’s also worth noting that when we did finally get a werewolf Pokemon via Lycanroc, it was minus the pelt concept.
Pokes to fill the void: Lycanroc as our werewolf Pokemon. In terms of design, Venonat is very similar as noted above. And something about it really reminds me of Snorunt, being little critters with glowing eyes that wear a cloak of some kind and live in the cold (this line was ice-type).
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vni-lvnitha · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Quick redraw of Silver :)
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yoowasis · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Professors but they’re with eachothers’ starters for the day lol
Pokemon are drawn mostly from memory (excluding the grass starters cus they were feeling reall off when i tried to draw them from memory)
Torchic just wants to be given sammich uvu
Mudkip straight up stole it lmao
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