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whatifxwereyou · 7 hours ago
The Oncoming Storm Part 25: Home
Liu Kang x Reader and Kung Lao x Reader (gonna do both, two paths!)
Oh no. That's all I have to say. Also, Chen is a delight.
A/N: This chapter was so long that I actually cut it in half to post it over two separate days instead. It was 12 pages and I figured that was a bit much. Though, 8-12 is what I average when I'm writing fiction for publishing so... haha <3 love you guys! hope you are all doing wonderful!! Also please, please make dick jokes in the comments. PLEASE lol.
Part 24
Chapter Index
It was a struggle to open your eyes even if you were awake. You had rolled onto your side and were facing the window. You could see the light of the morning peeking in from along the seams of the dark curtains of the hotel room. Somewhere throughout the night, you’d readjusted and now you were the little spoon. You could feel his soft, even breath on your shoulder, warm and comforting. His arm was tucked beneath you, the other wrapped tightly over yours that rested over your chest.
You didn’t want to get up, so you closed your eyes again and sunk into his arms, clearly not thinking. Your back was pressed against his chest, your hips pressed square against his too. He tightened his arm around you, and nuzzled into the side of your neck, a hot sigh tickling your sensitive bruised flesh. More importantly, you could feel him pressed right against your backside in all his glory. There he was. Liu Kang. You snapped your eyes open and were as stiff, well, as he was, afraid that you would make it worse if you moved even if you were incredibly curious.
Just what kind of good dreams was he having?
Then you had to try not to laugh. You carefully turned to bury your face in the pillows, and it was so hot that you swore you might be burning alive. Liu Kang and his inherent warmth against every single part of your body was killing you.
You were going to suffocate. Or catch fire.
Deep breaths. Breathe through his hand gently clutching yours. You could do this.
No big deal.
Liu Kang was wrapped around you, pressed against you, and you were trapped in his arms and trying desperately to think about anything other than that. The impure thoughts were rampant.
Chen would have been screaming your victory throughout the temple. She also would have told you to just go for it. Make that complicated ride that much more complicated. Poor choice of words, brain. Chen had gotten into your head. And all the tension you’d built up with Kung Lao and Liu Kang had no release to speak of.
“Liu?” You decided the best thing to do would be to wake him up. Sneaking out of his arms would have made things both awkward and worse.
He stirred at the sound of your voice and pulled you tighter. It took everything inside of you not make a sound of surprised delight at the impressive mental picture he had very clearly painted. Oh, god there were so many jokes popping into your head. Sarcastic defense mechanism, go away! You had to keep it together. No laughing. No moaning. No jokes.
Your face had never been redder. He was waking up. Thank god. His lips brushed against your shoulder, and he nuzzled right against the side of your neck, nose pressing just behind your ear. This was hard. Ah, damnit brain. No jokes! With a soft moan just against your neck, he shifted.
Then, very suddenly, Liu pulled his arm out from beneath you, let you go and rolled onto his back, knees bent so that the blankets didn’t reveal any secrets. Yeah, the secret had more than been revealed already. You appreciated his modesty anyway. You carefully scooted onto your back, careful not to brush against him in any way and fanned your face. There was no talking down the redness in your cheeks, no hiding what had happened.
“Sorry,” he managed, his voice still gruff and sleepy. He stared at the ceiling and seemed to be coaching himself through his own deep breaths. You sat up and adjusted your shirt that had become unbelievably crooked. Some of the buttons had even come undone. Jeez, you’d certainly been busy while you’d slept. “You… sleep alright?” He pinched the bridge of his nose and the fact that he was trying to have a totally normal conversation like that hadn’t happened was hilarious.
No laughing.
“Yeah, it took a while to get to sleep but I basically blacked out when I did. Feels like I could sleep for another year though.” You somehow managed to act normal. As normal as you could with your face as red as it was and your eyes as wide as they were. You could barely have a conversation about where you were relationship-wise, so you were pretty sure that you weren’t ready to discuss his morning wood.
You needed Chen in that moment. You needed Chen to help you uncomplicate this yarn ball of chaos in your head. Then again, Chen would have just told you to go for it. To reach around and give it a go. You had to close your eyes and try not to laugh again. “What about you?”
You didn’t laugh. Kudos to you.
“Tired this morning.” It was the first time that you had ever seen Liu Kang looking like he could have slept longer than you did. In fact, he was a little pale. Not terribly so, but then again, all the blood in his body was busy somewhere else. It took every ounce of your strength not to ask him if he was okay. He would tell you if he wasn’t. “I need a shower. Will you be okay alone?”
“Yeah. Go ahead.” You purposely turned toward your own bed to offer him modesty, but you might never be your normal color again. Red forever. You waited for the sound of the bathroom door closing before you flopped back on his bed and stared at the ceiling. You’d changed your mind. “I can never ever tell Chen this happened.” The teasing would have gone on forever.
While he was in the shower, you changed into some of your new clothes and then cleaned yourself up. In the mirror your cheeks were finally turning back to a normal rosy color. You checked on the jade to make sure that nothing had changed during the night, and then you packed up, opened the curtains to the hotel room, and straightened up while you waited for Liu, doing anything in your power to stop your renegade thoughts.
“Do you need to stop anywhere before we go back to the temple?” Liu joined you moments after you were dressed, clothed in his familiar black and white gi, and back to his old self. Still a little pale though.
“Hmm?” You had just finished tucking the jade into your bag.
“You didn’t really get the chance to pack up your things to stay with us. I figured you might need to do some shopping.”
He was so damn thoughtful. “I actually went shopping before I met with you yesterday morning.” You patted the bag. “So, I’m okay. Thank you for offering though. I really did need a few things, especially since I keep destroying everything I wear with ink.” You patted his shoulder as you walked past him to sneak into the bathroom now that he was finished. You had to make yourself presentable and enjoy these modern amenities one last time before you returned to the temple.
Afterward, you stopped at a food stall on the road and grabbed breakfast. Then you hiked up the mountain just far enough so that Liu could summon Raiden to bring you back. You still weren’t quite sure how they did that. Was it a prayer? It looked like a prayer. He was a God, after all. Liu had used a flourish of fire, but Kung Lao had just closed his eyes and then boom. Lightning.
You were back in the temple in a flash. You pulled the bundle of jade out of your bag and offered it to Raiden while Liu Kang updated him on what you’d gone through. It felt weird to be back but not in a bad way, necessarily. This was your home now, you guessed. You hadn’t really talked about it. Everything had happened naturally and without question.
Raiden peered into the shirt and then allowed the jade to fall onto a second pedestal that had been placed a few feet away from the first one which was currently encased in glass. “Good.” Raiden seemed impressed, and you beamed. He really did have a fatherly presence about him. “I need time to examine these artifacts and attempt to unravel their purpose. The wickedness and power that has been infused within them continues to elude me.” You had expected him to need time, but you had also expected him to be able to figure it out. Again. He was a god. These things took time, you figured but you also had no idea how to process what you were up against. It was still way above your head. “From what I’ve devised from the dotaku, it was used in a dark ritual. It is tainted beyond my sight with dark energy. You two will check into the infirmary on and off for the next few days. Kung Lao has come down with a terrible fever since his return. I suspect it’s the curse on these objects causing it.”
Liu gave you an accusatory look as if to ask if you were hiding something from him. You shrugged and shook your head to his silent request. “I’m bruised all over but other than that? I feel fine. And that bell was all over me. We were much more careful about the jade. Trust me, if I had a high fever then you would know it. I’m a big baby about fevers.”
“Even if it turns out that you are immune to the impact of these objects, I would like you both to make certain that you keep a watchful eye on your health and report all symptoms to those in the infirmary.”
“Yes, of course Lord Raiden.” Liu Kang bowed respectfully before him.
“When I’ve uncovered anything of note then I will call upon you.” Raiden spoke more to you than to Liu and you bowed your head as you had learned to do. You were grateful to him for trying to help you at all. Raiden very well could have just let you die and had someone else take the mark from you. This was still beyond your understanding. Gods, curses, magic. You’d jumped into it all headfirst and had embraced the chaos, but there were moments where your logic-brain said ‘excuse me’ and you had to sort out the nonsense there.
You were trying your best, but it always came back to thought that you were very likely going to die because of this. Raiden turned away from you, dismissing you without a word. Liu nodded toward the doorway and you walked with him, dragging your bag behind you. Being out in the world for a few days had been nice. You weren’t sure how long it would take to acclimate to life in Raiden’s Temple. Right now, you were just hoping that you’d have the time to figure that out.
You made your way into the infirmary and Chen practically ran to you and gave you a hug. You were a little surprised by it but returned the affection. “Welcome back!” Chen smiled brightly and then bowed to Liu Kang respectfully. “Raiden has orders for us to keep an eye on the two of you. Please take a seat.” Chen led you to one of the empty benches, so you sat down there together.
Chen examined Liu first, taking his vitals and writing them down in a notebook she had nearby. You sat awkwardly, tapping your forefinger against your knee. Chen sat back up after she was done and then rested her hands on her knees.
“You have a fever, Liu Kang.” She tapped the paper and he blinked in surprise.
“I feel fine.” He insisted, looking to you as if he had to justify it after all his accusatory glances. He’d worried about you so much that he seemed to think that the tables were about to be turned.
“Just over 100. But if Kung Lao is anything to judge by then this isn’t the worst of it yet. I recommend rest and fluids.” Chen then frowned and narrowed her eyes. “Not that I can force you to rest, of course. I suggested the same to Kung Lao and he said, and I quote ‘I will take it into consideration’ except that his fever was spiking up to 104.”
“That sounds right.” Liu sighed but you felt suddenly on high alert. That was one hell of a fever! You’d have to check in on him. “I’ll rest and if I feel worse then I’ll check back in. If not, then I will be here in the morning just in case.”
“Thank you.” Chen slumped her shoulders as if this were a relief in comparison to having dealt with Kung Lao.
“Y/N?” Chen looked to you disapprovingly as if you were about to be just as stubborn.
“I feel fine! Why doesn’t anyone believe me?”
“You often say that you’re feeling fine when you are not, in fact, fine,” Liu whispered, and Chen snorted with laughter while taking your vitals.
“Well, I am legitimately fine right now. Honestly! And I don’t mean to lie about that stuff. The last few weeks have been weird so my definition of fine has kind of changed.” You pouted. You hadn’t meant to give anyone a false sense of how you’d been feeling but fine one day had meant that you could use your arms again and fine another meant that you’d had a vision but were still functioning. Chen glared at you, trying to discern if you were hiding something. Then she made a little note in her book. You craned your neck to try and read it and so did Liu. You gave him a look to silently scold him, and he returned it. You tightened your lips not to laugh but couldn’t hide your grin.
“She’s not lying. No fever. In fact, your temperature is even a little low. This is the most normal checkup you’ve had since you’ve been here, Y/N. I want you to come in for bloodwork later but for now… you’re okay.” Chen still seemed suspicious and Liu did too.
“Wow, you just can’t believe I’m the finest in the land right now.” You teased and Liu laughed and then shook his head as if embarrassed that he’d laughed at it. It had been a terrible joke, to be fair.
“Thank you.” Liu stood and bowed politely to Chen. You joined him and waved at Chen.
“Y/N? Could I talk to you for a second?” Chen called you back just as you’d made it outside the infirmary and back to your bag.
“I’ll be two seconds.” You told Liu who leaned against the wall of the doorway. Now that you knew he had a fever, his pale face made sense. Your hurried over to Chen. “What’s up?”
“So…?” Chen nodded toward Liu Kang and then gestured to you. You stared in disbelief.
“Are you kidding me? Right now?”
“Umm, yeah right now.”
“It’s complicated.” You rubbed your temples in annoyance. “And I obviously don’t have time to talk about it right now.”
“Oh, thank god that it’s finally complicated!”
“It has always been complicated, Chen. Get your mind out of the gutter.”
“I can’t. But this is disappointing news.” Chen sighed in obvious frustration. Why was she frustrated? You were the one surrounded by a sea of hormones all damn day! “Come chat with me when you get the chance. I want to know how it went and also what complicated means.”
“Can I please go now, Chen? Please? He’s just standing behind me waiting for me while you gossip.”
“Yeah, he is, isn’t he? He hasn’t taken his eyes off you once by the way.” Chen sighed dreamily but her expression quickly shifted. “On a more serious note… I’m worried that you aren’t having symptoms the way that they are. I have a bad feeling again. Keep checking in with me, okay?”
“You are a surprise every time I talk to you.” You gently grasped Chen’s shoulder. “I’m going now.”
“You better find me later!”
“You’re a terrible monk,” You whispered and then pointed at another monk who had been very obviously listening in, silently nodding your head as if to add in that he, too, was a terrible monk.
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toomanyf4ndoms7 · 13 hours ago
Mortal Kombat Invasion: Battle For Earthrealm: Kung Lao and Liu Kang vs Baraka.
summary: Kitana leaving to take on her own attackers, Liu Kang opens up about his doubts with Kung Lao. Unknown to him, Kung Lao is also struggling with his own thoughts.
On their way to the fortress, Kitana informed them that she had her own pursuers, not unlike Sub Zero, and had to leave the pair.
Liu Kang, understanding the desire to fight your own pursuers, bowed in respect.
“I wish you luck, Princess.”
“Likewise, Liu Kang.”
They separated, and Kung Lao attempted to ease his friend’s nerves.
“Your girlfriend will be fine, brother.”
“I am certain of that Kung Lao; I only hope that-
Realising the full sentence, Liu Kang turned to glare at his comrade, before giving an exasperated sigh.
“You’re proud of that one, aren’t you?”
“Only a little.”
Despite their situation, Liu Kang allowed himself to smile a little at his friend’s joke. That joy was quickly undercut by Liu’s face turning morose as he looked towards the blood red sky, a result of Outworld’s impact on the realm.
“Do you think we can stop this?”
“Of course, what make you ask?”
“Shao Kahn has absorbed seven billion souls; his power was already great before and I admit he was a formidable opponent. With the strength he has now? I don’t know if I can do this alone.”
“You forget. You are not alone. This isn’t a tournament where you must fight one on one. With all our allies against Shao Kahn, I have no doubt that even the mighty emperor will fall before us.
A voice interrupted the pair.
“You assume you shall make it to the emperor.”
The pair turned to see the familiar face of Baraka, leading a group of Tarkatans.
“It is more likely that you both shall become meat for the tribe.”
The two monks were undeterred by the threat and turned to each other.
“As always.”
Baraka pointed his forces towards the pair, leaving himself alone to watch the fight.
Kung Lao threw his hat on the ground before teleporting in a burst of magic wind. The Tarkatan’s confusion left them open To Liu Kang leaping in and taking down five Tarkatans, making sure to only knock them unconscious instead of kill.
One of the Tarkatans grabbed him from behind, but as another was going to plant his bland into the Champions’ chest, Kung Lao reappeared and spun rapidly in place, creating a gust of magic wind that sent the remaining Tarkatans into the bay nearby.
Baraka looked at his unconscious forces in a mixture of respect and annoyance, before making his way to the pair.
“Do you remember our last fight?”
“I remember beating you.”
“A mistake, like the one your Shaolin brothers made opposing Outworld.”
Kung Lao felt his thoughts rage at Baraka’s mockery of his dead friends but kept calm as he got into his stance. Liu Kang eyed Lao cautiously, before getting into his own.
Baraka, eagerly awaiting the taste of Lao’s flesh, unsheathed his blades and lunged toward his opposition.
Kung Lao avoided being impaled and the two traded blows, neither able to best the other until Kung Lao swept Baraka’s legs when he tried to grab him.
Kung Lao was going to strike a hard Blow to Baraka’s head, but was caught off guard Baraka lunged and bit down On Kung Lao’s arm, about to take out a piece before Liu Kang Kicked him away.
Liu Kang’s kick stunned Barka fir a little, allowing him to coat one his hands in flame and punch him in the chest hard enough to send him flying into a railing nearby. Liu Kang ran to tend to his friend.
“Are you alright?”
“I’m fine.”
Kung Lao turned toward the beaten Baraka, barely managing to stay on his feet, and narrowed his eyes.
“I’m going to end this.”
Kung Lao walked over.
“Do you admit defeat?”
“I admit nothing, Earthrealmer.”
“If those are your last words…”
Kung Lao took his Razor rimmed hat off his head and held it in his hand.
Liu Kang’s eyes widened as he realised what his friend was planning.
“Kung Lao, wait-
Kung Lao brought his razor hat down, bisecting Baraka in half as his eyes froze in surprise, observing as the halves separated and fell to the ground with a thud.
“The Shaolin are avenged.”
“Kung Lao! Why did you do that?”
Kung Lao whirled around to see the concerned face of his friend.
“Our Teachings were explicit in never taking a life. Yet you-
“This monster killed our allies, Liu Kang, our friends. He had to face justice.”
Liu Kang stared at his friend, evidently conflicted.
“I agree that he needed to face consequences. But killing? Goes against everything we were taught.”
Kung Lao looked sorry for a moment.
“I wish I didn’t have to Liu Kang.”
“We should keep moving.”
Liu Kang gave one more look at the bisected Baraka.
‘Yes, we should.”
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justnerdthings · 13 hours ago
New Beginnings Ch.5
female reader x Liu Kang/Kung Lao (Not sure which yet)
I don't need to explain anything. I'm a dramatic ass bitch.
Also, you find out your arcana today!
- Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4
Day three of training. Your arms ached to the point that changing out of your night robe and into a clean gi took several minutes. Today was not going to be fun.
The morning had gone about the same as yesterday. You were only a step closer to the edge of that cliff, but thanks to withdrawal, you may as well have been hanging off of it. The pain throughout your body acted as a welcomed distraction. Training with Liu had been the same.
It was after dinner now and Liu was leading you through the halls.
“How are your arms feeling?” Liu asked.
“And your back?”
“Still sore, Liu…” You’d been a little testy today. The pain radiating in your upper body probably didn’t help, but you knew the real reason. This was the third day in a row you hadn’t taken your medication.
“I see…” He’d noticed your demeanor since breakfast, and it only seemed to get worse throughout the day. Lao had warned him you were rather hostile this morning. He was worried this would happen. “I’m sorry that we don’t have your medication here.”
“Why can’t I just go home and get it? I’ll come back.”
“Even if you did, what would happen when you run out?”
“I’d just get it refilled.”
“And what if Mortal Kombat comes sooner than expected and you are without it? It can last days.”
Today you were in no mood for his knack of poking holes in your logic. But you bit your tongue.
“This will be good for you,” He said.
“This is hell, Liu.”
“It will pass.”
“But will I?”
Liu looked at you and his jaw hardened. You’d been increasingly more morbid since breakfast. “Is there anything I can do?”
“Not unless you got two-hundred milligrams of sertraline in your pocket.”
He frowned. “What did you used to do before you were on medication?”
You sighed. Patience was wearing thin. “Run.”
“Yeah. Not far or anything. Just enough to burn off the rogue adrenaline.”
“Would you like to run?”
You looked at him, not entirely sure what he meant.
“We can run.” He gestured down the hall. “Lao and I used to race each other through the temple many times.”
“What stopped you?”
“It wasn’t challenging anymore.” He grinned.
You chuckled and rolled your eyes. “I doubt I’ll be much of a challenge, Liu.”
“I don’t mind. Besides, endurance training is important for a fighter.”
Again with his logic… “Okay. Sure.”
He smiled. “Great. Whenever you’re ready.” He gestured.
You took a few deep breaths as you stared down the hall. It couldn't have been more than a few hundred feet. That would be easy enough. Your legs pushed off, and you ran at a comfortable jog. You hadn’t done this in years. It felt alien at first, but you quickly picked up the pace as your legs remembered how to carry you properly. Your heart pounded as you raced through the halls, dodging monks. It was like a metronome you had to keep up with. You felt so free, you turned a corner and kept going.
Liu had no problem keeping up with you, but stayed back at a pace to keep an eye on you. After a while, his presence behind you grew annoying… suffocating. You sped up, but he must have kept up. You could practically feel him breathing down your neck. Your heart pounded faster. Your anxiety was creeping up again. You were starting to feel things that weren’t true. Bugs on your arms. Always bugs on your arms. Thick air...
You couldn’t breathe.
You came to a stop and put a hand against a wall. You leaned against it as you fought for each breath. Your chest was on fire. Sweat had soaked you. You clenched your eyes shut and bent over as your chest, arms, and back screamed with pain.
Liu was right there. Concern was all over his face as he moved in front of you and knelt to meet your eyes. Seeing them closed so tight, and the pain on your face, fear flowed through him. “Y/N. Y/N! Are you alright?” You felt his warm hands gently hold your face.
You shook your head free from his hands. “Can’t… can’t bre—… breathe,” you gasped. Another squeeze of pain in your chest finally caused tears to roll down your cheeks as you cried out. Was this it? Was this the heart attack you had feared would come ever since you were a teenager? You hadn’t thought much about it in the past few years, but this was it, wasn’t it? You were going to die. You were going to die just like your great grandparents had, just like your grandmother had, how your mother was predicted to die. Heart disease was going to kill your whole family. And you were going to die right here, right now!
Strong arms had swept you up and your body tensed with the sudden weightlessness. Did you just die? No. You were being carried and rushed down the halls.
But you were still convinced this was it. You were dying. You were dying and there wasn’t a real hospital anywhere near here. You were doomed. Your heart pounded faster and harder as if it was about to burst out of your chest. You were going to die in this strange place. No family. No friends. Your chest tightened and you gasped, gripping Liu's gi as if it would save you. Your heart was doing summersaults. Tremors began to plague you and your blood turned into ice. Tears were streaming down your face now as panic took complete control of your body.
There was a pause in Liu’s pace as the ground began to shake. You could feel him hold you closer, protectively, before consciousness slipped away from you.
Liu’s own heart was racing as he watched your face. The pain that shot through you… You weren’t breathing properly at all. Tears unlike he’d ever seen streamed down your face. He had no idea what was happening to you, but he knew it wasn’t good. It wasn’t right. You needed medical attention.
In one graceful motion, he’d scooped you up. You shook in his arms. You were so cold. Something was definitely not right. He carried you down the hall, racing for the infirmary.
The ground rumbled. He barely registered it before it shook his footing off kilter. He held you closer and backed against a wall to steady himself and you. A crack shot up the wall opposite him which quickly webbed off up and down the hall. Pieces of the cave were falling. The icy wave of adrenaline washed over him. The temple was crumbling!
Lightning shot through the hall. Lui ducked down and out of the way with you, using his back-side to shield you from stray sparks. The shaking stopped. Peeking over his shoulder, he found the cracks in the walls to be mended with black glass. He didn’t move for a moment. Would there be an aftershock?
But nothing came.
He stood. You were still safe in his arms. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked down at your face. His heart skipped.
You were limp. You’d passed out on him. At least he hoped you were just passed out...
He held you closer, chest to chest, ear to your lips. A relieved sigh escaped him again. You were breathing. Good. He carried you again, running for the infirmary.
You laid on an old gurney, still passed out. The monks were confident that you weren’t in any danger, but it did little to wave Liu’s worry. As Lui stood by you, he thumbed his prayer beads, trying to register everything that happened. You had been so frightened…
“How is she?”
Lui was pulled out of his head and looked up. Raiden had pulled aside the curtain. Lui quickly bowed his head in respect, surprised to see him. “They say she’s fine,” he answered.
Raiden nodded and stepped closer to you. His hand hovered over your head for a moment, then he moved it slowly down the length of your body right to your feet. “Fear consumes her… She must learn to control it. She nearly killed you all.”
Lui had watched him, then looked to his face with confusion.
Raiden glanced to him and swept his hand back up your body as if trying to pinpoint something. "Don't tell me you haven't caught on yet, Liu Kang," he said with amusement.
"She did that?" Liu asked in disbelief, watching Raiden's hand. Could you really have shaken the earth so violently?
Raiden nodded. Finally his hand stopped right above your chest. "Ah, there it is." He clenched his hand, as if grabbing hold of something and pulled his hand up as if lifting something out of you. A small black wisp was pulled from your chest. It wriggled in protest as Raiden held it.
Liu's eyes widened at the sight. "What is that?"
You released a breath and your chest stilled.
Adrenaline kicked in again and Liu moved closer. No...
"Ah-uh. None of that…" Raiden chided gently. He placed his free hand directly on your chest and gave you a small shock. It jerked your body. Your lungs dragged in a breath as life was restored to you.
Liu allowed himself to breathe again. Raiden pulled his hand away from you and turned his attention back to the black wisp caught in his other hand. "Disease plagues her family, Liu Kang. But no longer does it plague her." He squeezed the wisp in his hand and sparks ignited. It burnt away in seconds.
"Disease?" Liu had no idea you were ill.
"Her fear stems from this disease. She has lived in fear of it since she was a small child."
"Is her anxiety is gone now?"
"She will still have anxieties, but knowing that her heart is not a time bomb will ease it." Raiden looked over you again. He placed his hand on your head, then turned to face Liu. "She is fond of you, Liu Kang. With Kung Lao's help you two will give her reason to not only fight, but live. I'm interested to see how that turns out." A small grin pulled his lips as he turned away and pulled aside the curtain. "Very interested indeed."
You woke later into the night. You hated yourself. You hadn’t had an episode like that in years. You’d forgotten just how bad they were. You felt like a total jackass that you'd wasted everyone's time. You had thought you were going to drop dead! You laid there on the gurney, cussing yourself out with a throbbing head, staring at the ceiling and those stupid lanturns… Did the walls always have that black glass running through them?
Liu poked his head through the curtain and knocked on the wall. You turned your eyes to see him. He offered you a small smile. “May I come in?”
You nodded and closed your eyes for a moment as the headache shifted behind them.
He stepped in and to your side. His smile turned sad. Pity. It was pity. You were sure of it. “How do you feel?” he asked innocently enough.
You held your head and tears started filling your eyes again. "Like an idiot."
He frowned and moved closer. “You are not an idiot.”
“Yes, I am. I thought I was dying. But it was just a stupid anxiety attack!” You kicked an IV rack in your frustration. Liu hadn’t been expecting that and jumped slightly. The crash gained attention from the monks and one pulled the curtain aside to investigate.
“Sorry,” you said through tears. But you weren’t.
The monk looked from you to Liu with suspicion. Liu nodded to him and moved to pick up the IV rack. He set it well out of your reach. Luckily you weren’t hooked up to it. The monk stayed for a moment longer until he was confident that everything was fine. Liu returned to your side. “When you described your anxiety the other night, I had no idea it was this bad.”
“I forgot,” you admitted, wiping your nose.
He nodded and pulled over a stool, taking a seat. “I can see why you would seek the help of medication.”
“Enough to see that I need it?”
“No.” He watched as you continued to cry. He took your hand gently and held it in both of his, causing you to look at him. “Lord Raiden visited while you were unconscious. He cured you of your family's illness."
You didn't know what he meant. Your brows knotted.
"Why did you not tell us you had heart disease?" He asked, his voice gentle. “I would have never let you run if I’d known…”
You pushed yourself up a bit, watching him. You hadn't had the disease that your family had… At least it hadn't been diagnosed yet. "What did he do?"
"He removed it. You no longer suffer from it."
"What?" You couldn't believe what you were hearing. You had heart disease? You knew you would eventually, but a small part of you had hoped you never would. But you did have it. Did. And Raiden had removed it? "How… How could he just remove it?"
"He can do many inconceivable things."
You stared at him. No… No way. That was impossible...
Liu gave you a smile as if he knew you were doubting him, doubting Raiden. "You're not going to die, Y/N," he said so tenderly, so sincere. Oh, God, he was telling you the truth!
You pulled your hand from his and covered your mouth. Tears streamed down your face as a tremendous weight had lifted off your shoulders. You sat up and fell into his arms. You sobbed like a little baby. You were going to be okay!
"Lord Raiden," you said, hardly containing your immense relief as you quickly climbed the steps to meet him in his sanctuary. You weren't sure how to say it, so you just said it. "Thank you. Thank you so much!"
Raiden turned and lifted a white brow, but he was smiling. It was very refreshing to have you around. The monks were always a little too proper for his taste. "You're welcome, Y/N," he said, his voice hinting at his amusement.
"I… I don't know how, or why you did it. But really, thank you," you couldn't possibly thank him enough. It was like he gave you a brand new start at life.
He chuckled. "You're welcome, Y/N," he repeated.
You stopped before him. You could feel the electricity in his aura and it gave you a surge of energy. You smiled to him, then bowed your head politely like you'd seen the monks, Kung Lao, and Liu Kang do.
"Ah. I see you've been watching the monks," He suspected.
"Yes." You lifted your head to look back up at him. His glowing blue eyes were staring at you.
"How has your training been going?"
"Exhausting." You sighed. "And painful."
He grinned. "There is a saying you humans have. I think it would apply to you."
You thought for a second. "No pain, no gain?"
"Yes. That's it," he realized.
You gave him a small frown. This wasn’t the end of the pain.
"I assume you've decided to stay."
You nodded.
"Can I ask you something?"
"I believe you just did."
It took you a moment to realize he made a joke.
He chuckled. You were a delight to play with. "What is your question?"
"Why me?"
Ah. Yes. That question. He'd been expecting that. He nodded. "Why not you?"
"... I don't have any experience."
"That's not entirely true."
"What do you mean?"
"You have plenty of experience standing up for yourself and others. You have even fought to keep others alive--others who were strangers to you. I believe Liu Kang said it quite accurately: You have a brave soul."
You fell silent. He was right. You had spent most of your life fighting. It just wasn't the fighting Mortal Kombat needed.
"Oh, but it is." He'd read your thoughts again. "There is more to Mortal Kombat than defeating your opponent. You must have something to fight for. Something more than glory…"
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soulsnakebite · 16 hours ago
Kabal, Cassie, Fujin, Quan Chi, Liu Kang persuade the reader to love the sport
I hope it's okay I rephrased it a bit.
Tumblr media
They persuade you to train with them...
Tumblr media
⚜ Kabal is a bit of a lazy potato himself, who likes to hit the snooze button about 4 times in the morning before getting up. Has he sometimes come late to work? No. He's fast. He'll be there in a second anyway. So you both need training and Kabal is the one who decides to be the motivator between the both of you. He praises you of course and says that after training you can go back to bed and sleep or treat yourself to a slushy... or make out on the couch - whichever you're up to, Kabal won't say no. Though sometimes you both skip a day of training entirely and decide to go right to the "treat yourself" part. He doesn't want to be harsh with you and enjoy your time together.
Tumblr media
⚜ Cassie is a very fun training partner, but she will absolutely not go easy on you. Of course she'll give you a hand and take lots of breaks with you if you can't keep up. You don't stop joking around, and you laugh loudly when you manage to pin her down to the floor. Everyone looks at you at the Special Forces training grounds and smiles at you two. The fun atmosphere and cheering from the people around you, makes you like training. Cassie likes to go and get some milkshakes after, and you always look forward to that. You might not like training as much, but you like spending time with Cassie so much, that you're eventually the first one to initiate it, making her smile at you.
Tumblr media
⚜ Fujin makes your training with him very playful and fun, so you won't get stressed out. Fujin is not very strict, he just wants to help you and spend more time together with you while also helping you like training more. He throws in a lot of wind jokes, but he is also a very good at encouraging and praising people. You feel very comfortable with the wind god and it truly is a nice experience - when you get tired, Fujin immediately stops and asks that you drink some water. He looks out for you and never pressures you to do something. Soon enough you look forward to waking up in the morning to wave at your favorite god and start the training, which is quite flirty but productive.
Tumblr media
⚜ Quan Chi is a more neutral teacher, as in - he doesn't mix friendship or relationship with business. Training is simply training between you two, and you don't find it too thrilling. When you point it out, he must now think of a solution. He likes having you around, he wants you to come over more often. So he tries out praising you a lot throughout, which reveals itself as very effective. It motivates you and it also makes you feel good about yourself. Quan Chi looks pleased but he's genuinely happy he found a solution. What made training perfect is when you asked him to take care of your soar muscles. Now it's something he always does after training - you deserve it after all.
Tumblr media
⚜ Liu Kang overworks himself to the max. When you point it out he just smiles at you and shrugs. "It's my duty as protector of Earthrealm.", is all he says. For you this means that he drags you with him to training - otherwise you wouldn't actually see him as often, since he trains a lot. But the Chosen One promises that it'll be fun. You might end up a bit too exhausted, and then Liu Kang admits that this must have been a little bit too much for you. Next time when you get tired Liu Kang asks you to climb on his shoulders, back, or wrap your legs around his torso, while the monk does push-ups or of the like. He laughs when you say that you can train like this all day.
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toomanyf4ndoms7 · 17 hours ago
Mkx Kobra.
Bio: Once a Street Punk from New York, Kobra always wanted to know how good his self defence classes would work in an actual fight. After killing some criminals, he gained an insatiable lust for blood and violence. This ruthless bloodlust gained him the attention of the Black Dragon.
Alley Punk: Adds Brutal, dirty special moves along with new combo attacks. (Adds NY beat down, Dirty tricks, Spiteful Spit, and new Combo attacks.)
Street Fighter: Kobra utilises his Chi in flaming attacks (adds Chi Strike, burning kick and rising punch)
Kickboxer: Kobra uses the knowledge from his old classes to deliver powerful kicks. (Adds kick Flurry, roundhouse, and a new throw)
After defeating Shinnok, Kobra’s ambitions grew. He battled Kano for control over The Black Dragon. It was a battle he lost. Finding himself wandering the Netherrealm, Kobra was approached by Emperor Liu Kang. Liu Kang offered him a position as a gladiator in the Netherrealm. Kobra accepted and now fights surrounded by the Glory he thinks he deserves.
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72stars · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sketched while watching Mortal Kombat (2021). I like it! it's neat
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justnerdthings · 23 hours ago
saw your post and went straight for the ask box immediately HAHA.
how about mk2021!liu kang with fluff? i don’t really have a specific scenario in mind but something fluffy with him please :D
Okay so I wrote this while I was in the middle of a panic attack, so I used that. Sorry if it triggers anyone.
Tumblr media
Liu Kang fluff~
You were in the middle of a panic attack. It came out of nowhere. You were just sitting there in the warm sand, meditating. Your mind wandered somewhere. The next thing you knew, your heart was beating so hard… so fast. Your chest tightened and spasmed. It took the breath out of you. Tears streamed down your face. You had no idea what set it off, but it had come with a vengeance.
He was right there. Liu Kang moved closer to you and gently held your face in his warm hands. “Look at me,” he spoke gently. You wanted to, but your eyes kept shut tight as the panic turned your blood cold. “Look at me!” he said, firmer. He knew sometimes it took a strong hand to pull you out of your episodes.
You opened your eyes, vision blurred by tears, and looked at his distorted face. You sobbed as your heart palpitated.
“I love you,” Liu told you. “I love you so much. You are the best thing to ever happen to me.” He wiped away the tears on your cheeks with his thumbs. He’d found out that the best way to help you get over a panic attack, was not to try and calm you down. It was to distract you. Trying to calm you down just backfired every time. Your mind was racing out of control with no real direction. He’d give it direction. Then you would be able to control it. “Do you remember the first time we met?” He’d asked.
You nodded, but the memory was drowned out by the mysterious doom that gripped you.
“I thought you were the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen,” he said, wiping more tears from your face. “I never thought I’d have the chance to have you. I am so honored to have you now.” Liu leaned in and rested his forehead against yours. “You have no idea how much you mean to me,” he whispered.
Tremors had taken over your arms. Liu moved his warm hands down your neck, over your shoulders, and down to your arms that he rubbed slowly. It was the adrenaline, he knew.
“You are so strong. You are so brave,” he said before placing a quick kiss on your nose. You loved that. You didn’t know why, but it was so damn cute. Your lips twitched with the slightest grin. “I am so proud of you. You have come so far. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.”
A small cry escaped you as you lifted to your knees and fell into his arms. Liu held you so close and tight as you hid your tear soaked face into his chest. He pulled you onto his lap. He was so warm. Liu was so cozy. There really wasn’t anything like cuddling up to a pyromancer. You were engulfed in his heat. Your arms wrapped around him as if he could disappear at any moment. You knew he wouldn’t. Liu would never leave you. He would hold you there all night if you let him. You’d tell yourself that you didn’t deserve him, but he wouldn’t budge from your side.
Liu had noticed your arms had stopped shaking and your breathing had slowed down. He wouldn’t mention it though. That ran the risk of reminding you of your anxiety. He rested his chin on the top of your head gently and began rocking you slowly. After a moment he broke the silence. “What do you think Lao would look like in a dress?”
You snorted a laugh. You couldn’t help it. Liu grinned. It was working. Humor was always your favorite. Liu was never good with actual jokes, but he could get you to laugh with ridiculous questions.
“Do you think he could walk in heels? Or would he just…” He trailed off.
It earned him a small giggle from you. It was the image of Kung Lao in some gaudy, old dress and stumbling around in high heels that was doing it. Maybe Lao would be shouting at you for laughing as he caught himself here, there, and everywhere.
“He could even carry a purse,” Liu added.
Your shoulders shook with the small laughing fit growing in your stomach. Liu was sure that you’d stopped crying now.
“Maybe a hat?” Liu suggested with a grin.
That one got him the pleasure of seeing your face come out of hiding. You looked to him with a tear stained sheepish smile. He moved a hand to wipe the residual tears from your face gently. Slowly his thumb traced your lips as he watched them.
“You are so beautiful,” he whispered and lifted your chin closer. He kissed your lips so tenderly--so lovingly.
You melted right into him as you always did.
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mmd-riko · a day ago
Tumblr media
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canonliukang · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[gesturing vaguely to the Mortal Kombat kast]
They’re members of the alphabet mafia, your honor.
Hey guys! Here’s part 2 (part 1 can be seen here) of what I guess I can call my pride series of MK characters and the various flags for the month. I’m not particularly taking requests for my own sanity but you MIGHT see more of these from me!
Ref & Credit
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soulsnakebite · a day ago
G for Liu Kang form Mortal Kombat 2021 movie if you watched it ofc!! He's too cute I'm sorry 🤚😔🥺 thank you!! ❤️
Yes of course ☺
Tumblr media
Get over here - How do they flirt
Tumblr media
Liu Kang is a very kind person, who is deeply grateful for everything he has in his life. A humble monk, holding the power of a whole fire dragon inside of him. He is a genuine guy, who dislikes injustice. So he stands up for you often if Kano for example starts pestering you.
He never flirted with anyone before, instead he is very good at holding up conversations by asking how you're doing or if you need anything. What you love, what you desire; he's very interested in that stuff. But it never gets awkward with him.
Liu Kang is a very sweet guy who brings a flower with him next time he asks you to meet up after training. "Here. This is for you. It made me think of you.", he says with a cute smile as he sits down next to you.
You twirl it around in your fingers, feeling your chest warm up from this gentle surprise. "Thank you.", you can't keep yourself from smiling from ear to ear.
Ever since he realized that he has a crush on you and likes you more than a friend, Liu Kang has only slightly changed. Yet it's only obvious to the people who are his family - meaning Bo' Rai Cho, Kung Lao and Raiden.
Liu Kang likes hanging out with you as much as he can. You might brush it off as simple kindness at first, not feeling special. Everyone, even Sonya, encourages him to be more upfront about his feelings for you. So that's what he does:
Liu Kang cups your cheek and you feel your heart skip a beat and face flush - not knowing what's going on. He simply looks at you with a serious expression, his beautiful deep brown eyes making your chest feel all fuzzy.
"You are beautiful.", Liu Kang tells you in a soft tone of voice. He takes your hand in his and rubs his thumb on it tenderly, before looking up at you again and giving you a smile. "I like you... very much."
Your response is up to you...
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morri-gans-teapot · a day ago
So while I'm working on Match ups and the last request I have here are some things you can ask for. For Mortal kombat and the bad batch/Clone wars. You can ask for up to 4 numbers and I'll make a mini fanfic for it. I won't be doign these until after I've finished the match ups.
So enjoy some more content. P.s all of these are lines from fanfics I've written over the years.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I'm the leader here!"
"What did you do this time?"
"Can you repeat that, I was to busy staring into your eyes"
"I got spiked by something"
"Look I'm not the brightest tool in the tool box"
"Please don't shoot me for being an inconclusive"
"Statistically we have a 20% chance of dying"
You think I act bad you should see yourself, blushing little virgin"
"Fuck I hate people "
"Please stop nearly getting yourself killed!"
"Maybe I don't want to behave"
"You would like that wouldn't you"
"You're the reason we are in this situation"
"You better Fuck as good as you fight"
"Are you jealous?"
"You look good as a dad"
"I'm gonna lose my shit" "At the old people?!"
"What is the meaning of this?"
"Dear Lord, your a father now."
"Get back here, Vermin!"
"You're starting to make a nasty habit of being in trouble"
"Why the fuck would you buy that?"
"At least I have a nice ass"
"I think I'm in love with you, and I don't know what to do"
"Is this what it takes to make you quiet"
"But I wasn't smart enough for that"
"Drinking drink?"
"Then bend me over and fuck me, hard and fast"
NO! don't move your comfy"
"Oh god, that's your ' I did something I shouldn't have' "
"Are you drunk?"
"Welp it's times like this I wish _____ was here with us"
"Murders on my mind"
"How much do I look like a fuck boy? " *Points gun* "Enough"
"You will not make progress if you do not practice"
"I know you are in here, we must talk. Now"
"You act like a Bitch in heat, it's shameful"
"Just kiss me!"
"Keep that foul mouth shut"
"are you alright?"
"you an I will be having words on our way back"
"Lets do this again some time"
"I will meet you in five minutes"
"Oh, Hey ____, good morning ain't it?"
"Doesn't matter your not leaving here by yourself anyway."
"Lot worse ways to go out, being Slammed into a wall by a handsome man"
"He's an asshole. But he's all handsome, socially out of tune"
I don't want to lose you"
"Stop messing with things you don't know about!"
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whatifxwereyou · 2 days ago
The Oncoming Storm Part 24: Raging Tide
Liu Kang x Reader and Kung Lao x Reader (gonna do both, two paths!)
You did it and Liu Kang couldn't be prouder. Your brain is finally done buzzing and you find clarity in the Seas of Cloud. Then you return to the hotel- and then... drama!
A/N: Listen, I cannot wait for you guys to get to the next chapter. Like, so excited about it you have no idea LOL. I grinned like a crazy person writing it. I loved this one too, but trust me. As always, I love your feedback and that you took the time to read this nonsense. And as always, open to suggestions. Smooches. I will add links later, things are SUCH chaos right now.
Part 23 Chapter Index
You sat in stunned silence and full of heavy breaths. You patted Liu Kang’s shoulder to see if he was okay and he offered you a thumbs up. Finally, you sat up and pushed your drenched hair from your face. You’d done it. You hadn’t drowned. Yay. You half-expected the creature to come back for vengeance but the water was still. There was something in the water though, glittering near the shallow shore that you’d crawled onto.
“Liu,” you coughed. You reached to grab it, but Liu grasped your shoulder to stop you.
“If it’s cursed, then we should try not to touch it directly.” He scooted closer to the edge of the pool. You were both completely soaked, clothing stuck to you. He peeled his shirt free of the sash around his waist and used it to scoop up the glittering something from the water. You groped around in hopes that your flashlight had made it with you but it was hopelessly lost. The water had probably ruined it anyway.
He set down his shirt, so you pulled it closer and carefully adjusted the cloth to take a look at what was within. It was a series of funny shaped stones. The sight of them made you shiver from head to toe. The monster’s defeat had done nothing for the foreboding feeling in the cavern. “What is it? It looks like… jade?” You rubbed your eyes and coughed up water. Liu patted you on the back and examined the stones before tying them up in his shirt securely.
“The ancient emperors were filled with jade after death. They believed it would provide their souls with immortality.” Liu set the bundle of stones behind you and then leaned back against the stone to catch his breath. You were impressed and grateful for the studious and insightful Liu Kang. “That’s why you saw them in your vision. This jade must have been used in those rituals and then hidden here.”
“Which means that it was stolen from a corpse, right?”
“At least one.”
You leaned your elbows on your knees and focused on your slow breathing. Your limbs were heavy and you pushed your hair back. You caught your breath and sat in silence other than the roar of water falling from above.
“You were great.”
You could feel him watching you and so you turned to him.
“Hmm?” What did he mean? You’d zoned out, focusing on the wheezing in your lungs.
“You were great,” he repeated, leaning up on his hands. You were careful not to admire the rest of his physique- something definitely worth admiring because god he was gorgeous. Even all bruised up he was impressive to look at. The bruises looked better than they had a couple of days ago. Even though you’d seen him shirtless a hundred times it still left you a little flustered. “You’re so much stronger than I give you credit for. I never meant to belittle your capability by worrying about you.” He sat upright and scooted a little closer to you. There was such sincerity in his eyes that it made you nervous. “I’m afraid to lose you, Y/N, not that you aren’t strong enough.”
“Liu…” You weren’t sure what to say. You felt bad for having gotten on his case about the worry at all. It was sweet that he thought of you so fondly. You owed him an apology at the very least. “I don’t mind you worrying about me, really. I was in my head and I’m…”
“You don’t have to say it, Y/N. I just wanted to tell you that you were great.” He urged his hand over yours and gave it a squeeze. You smiled, grateful that he understood that your nerves had gotten the best of you. You’d convinced yourself of things that just weren’t true. He was absolutely wonderful.
“Me? I’m great? Liu, you’re insanely skilled. I’m shocked at what you’re capable of.”
“I’m beat if it means anything.”
“You’re amazing.”
“Well, thank you.”
“We make kind of a great team.”
“We do.” He smiled fondly at you. “Your arcana is really coming along. The implications of what you could create are… astounding.”
“I’m a little proud, honestly.”
“You should be.” He stood and then reached for the shirt full of jade. You stopped him and then took it yourself.
“I’ll carry it. Just in case.” You didn’t want him to get sick if you could help it. If this curse was tied to you, then it was safer for you to hold it. Besides, you’d already been exposed to the bell so you figured what the hell. Liu didn’t fight you on it which surprised you. He really did trust you.
“We can climb up if you’re up for it. It’ll be easier than going through the cavern again especially without flashlights.”
“Are you up for that? You said you were beat.”
“I exaggerated.” He offered you a hand to help you up and you took it.
“Aren’t you freezing?”
“I’m fine. Are you? You’re drenched.”
“I’ll survive. But I’m just saying, you could have used your sash.”
“My sash is keeping my pants up, Y/N.”
“Is that what you would have preferred?” He took a running jump and climbed onto the ledge above him. Then he offered his hand over the edge to help you up. You tossed the shirt onto the ledge and then jumped and grabbed his hand before climbing to join him. He was still waiting for an answer from you.
“I’m thinking.”
He laughed and then gave you a boost to the next ledge with the shirt in your arms. Then he bounced off the wall of the cavern and caught the lip of the ledge and climbed up next to you. The river that flowed in from the mouth of the cave flowed over the edges below you. The fresh air was a breath of relief. Pink radiance shone from the light of the setting sun. You left the cavern and walked around the edge of the river, stopping at the top of the slope that led back down to the path.
The mountains peeked above the clouds, whisps fluttering around the ridges and through the trees. From there they really did look like waves in the sea. The sun was setting beneath the clouds, pink and purple light illuminating throughout the gaps in them, the darkness of the night sky behind them. As the wind made you shiver, the clouds fluttered like ripples of ocean waves. You held the bundle of jade close to your chest and stared at the clouds in awe.
You’d never once believed that something could take your breath away so completely but there you were, breathless. You laughed in surprise and Liu joined you. You watched the clouds flutter past as the sun sunk lower, brilliant oranges kissing the pinks and purples. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”
“Pictures don’t do it justice.” He folded his arms over his chest. You stood there watching the sun go down. It felt as though you were making up for the sunrise that you hadn’t gotten to watch together the other morning. You shivered. “Y/N?”
You turned to him, tearing your eyes away from the bewitching clouds. “Yeah, Liu?” You set down the shirt full of jade next to you. He’d already been watching you and you felt your cheeks flush. Usually you noticed when he was staring. His stare was always so intense. He took a step closer and pushed your messy, drying hair away from your face.
“You’re beautiful.”
You clenched your jaw and averted your eyes. A gut reaction. You hadn’t expected that. Obviously, you shared some deep attraction but you had never figured your appearance being part of the equation. You hadn’t thought about it other than being desperate for pants. It was a very direct and exceedingly sweet thing for him to say. You weren’t quite sure how to process it. It turned out that you were kind of bad at compliments. Liu Kang was full of admiration and compliments today. You had never considered yourself beautiful but you wouldn’t fight him on it either. “Look at me, Y/N.”
You did but it had fought your every instinct. His eyes were dark but still filled with fire. They were bewitching, passionate, and full of things that you weren’t sure either of you had the guts to say. Stepping closer, he urged his hand to your cheek and you placed your hand over his, not to stop him, but to bask in the warmth of his fingertips.
“Liu,” you began with every intention of starting a conversation. You had to talk about this. You’d kissed Kung Lao and you wanted to tell him that. He needed to know. You didn’t want to be a passive part of this decision anymore. But it didn’t feel right to bring it up just now. You weren’t sure it would ever feel right, but you would work up to it. His lips were so close to yours, his hand at your side, touching you as if you were something rare, something that he might not get the chance to hold again. In his arms you felt precious. “We shouldn’t.” That was close enough, right?
Apparently not.
“You’re probably right.” His breath was warm on your lips and you were hypnotized by them. They twitched just enough into a smile. “Or…” His lips were addictive, smile dripping with warmth, his eyes seeing all your secrets without you having to say a single word. It was like a drug. He picked up your hand and placed it to his chest, over his heart so you could feel how hard it was beating and all because of you. Was that really possible? “You can stop me, Y/N. If you want.”
His lips were dangerously close. Saying yes or no would make your lips brush against his and his lips had done more than enough brushing against yours. You didn’t think you could take it if they did it again without it becoming a kiss. His thumb brushed against your cheek and when you said nothing, his lips gently caressed yours before engulfing them. Liu Kang’s kisses before this had all been soft, enticing, a deep slow burn.
But this kiss was just like him.
Burning passion and you didn’t hesitate to return his affection, not for a second. You had fought what you’d desired for so long and while you didn’t know what you’d do in the long run and were uncertain what your heart would choose, you knew that in that moment you wanted to kiss him. That was all that mattered. You could control this moment.
As your lips savored his, his arm slipped around your waist and your body pressed firmly against his. You urged your hand over his shoulder and into his messy hair. His tongue was wet and warm, his hand going from your cheek and into your hair as you tilted your head to the side to embrace his teasing tongue.
Every bit of his body was warm, pulled against yours, your curves pressing against his muscular form. You grasped his hair a bit tighter. Breathing seemed an impossible task, but who needed breath? You shivered from head to toe beneath the chill of the wind and pulled back from his lips only as the wind nearly knocked you off your feet. Liu steadied you and laughed in surprise. You had to talk but for now it felt nice to have kissed him without having to run away or come up with an excuse as to what had happened and why. You rested your head against his chest and he held you, arms strong around you, chin resting on top of your head. He turned just to give you a soft kiss on the top of your head.
Your heart hurt.
But he held you, hand brushing down your back slowly as if he understood the hurt in your heart. His arms were so comforting and strong that you couldn’t help but bury yourself against him and savor the moment. His muscular body so close to yours was an overstimulation in itself, but in the best way.
“We should go.” His voice was husky and soft, lips close enough to your ear to brush against it. You would have usually hid the shiver it incited, but you didn’t. He gave you chills and you wanted him to know it. “It’s getting late. We’ll return to the temple in the morning. We’ve earned a night in that room.” He kissed the top of your head again and then let go of you reluctantly. You nodded to agree since your mouth was currently still thinking about his rather than words.
If you managed to talk, it would be too much, and now was not the time. That kiss had been perfect. The time for talk was coming but for now you had a mountain to hike down. You retrieved the bundle of jade and made your way back to the path below. You continued along the path, making casual conversation but both clearly drained. It wasn’t awkward. Your kiss hadn’t made it weird. If anything, you both seemed in higher spirits than you would have been otherwise. You still felt that guilt in the pit of your stomach but you also weren’t sorry that you’d kissed him.
By the time that you reached the hotel you were exhausted. Your room was on the second floor and you took the stairs despite your weariness. There were too many people waiting by the elevator and you were a frightful mess after your ordeal in the cave. You’d already gotten plenty of looks just because Liu Kang was half-naked. You couldn’t blame them for looking. He was delectable.
The hotel room was nice, spacious, and there were two beds with plush white comforters. The television against the wall was more modern than the one you’d had at home before all of this. The bathroom was the nicest that you’d seen in so long that you immediately decided you would be taking a shower before bed.
You were grateful that he’d insisted on a night’s sleep in the hotel room before you returned to Raiden’s Temple. It was a nice reminder of what the rest of the world was like.
“I didn’t expect the room to be so nice.”
“It was the only place in town not booked. I guess this is a popular spot this time of year.”
The place you’d gone to in Japan had been overbooked. This place looked like it had plenty of hotels and space. You had the distinct feeling that he had found a nice place for you to relax in on purpose and you were appreciative of it. Who were you to point out that he sounded dishonest?
“I’m very excited about a hot shower.” You dug in your bag for one of the button-up nightshirt and short sets you’d purchased and set it at the foot of your bed.
“Before you do, you weren’t wounded, were you? I didn’t think to ask earlier. Blaming adrenaline.” He was digging through his own little bag that he’d brought with him. You set the bundle of jade in his shirt on the table next to your bed. He could have also blamed that he’d been thinking more about kissing you than if you were wounded, but you wouldn’t bring that up.
“I think I’m okay. Thanks, though.” You smiled. “You okay?”
“As far as I can tell. Enjoy your shower, Y/N.” He nodded toward the bathroom. You took your things and went into the bathroom and locked the door. You hated that you were picturing how lovely he’d look under that showerhead. Your face red, you shook it off and set your things down on the counter.
God, you missed modern showers. This was one of the best comforts. You had never been happier for the heat and pressure of the water against your sore body. It wasn’t until you were in the shower that you realized just how sore and exhausted your body was. It had been through the wringer the last few weeks. Your arms had scarred something fierce and your side was still healing. Your neck was just as bruised and you had various scrapes all over you from the fights of the last few days.
You stayed beneath the water longer than you should have but it was a luxury you knew you wouldn’t have much anymore. Eventually you got out, got dressed, and left the bathroom after cleaning up after yourself. Liu was seated at the foot of his bed, meditating. He hadn’t changed or cleaned up or anything like that. Apparently, he’d spent the whole time meditating. His arms were perfect, even without flexing and it was through this admiration that you noticed a scrape over the bruise that you’d given him on his shoulder. This one looked fresh. You returned to the bathroom, got a clean washcloth, wet it, and then sat next to him on the edge of his bed.
You brushed the cloth over the scrape to make sure it wasn’t worse than it appeared at first glance. You were sure he would take care of himself now that the bathroom was free but you wanted to check on him. The scrape was big and deep enough that you had to. If it got infected or went unnoticed because of the bruise, you wouldn’t forgive yourself. He opened his eyes and watched as you cleaned the wound.
Then you pulled the cloth back to take a proper look. It wasn’t bleeding anymore, thankfully. You waved your hand next to it to help it dry. He hooked his index finger under your chin and tilted you up to him. You smiled and he pushed your hair back, his hand lingering in it. You needed to talk. You kept thinking it but your mouth wasn’t listening to you. You wanted to lay there with him, talk, and try to understand what you were both feeling and what any of it meant. Instead, Liu Kang pulled his hand back.
Maybe he was thinking the same thing. Either that or if he made that jump to kiss you again then maybe you wouldn’t stop kissing and things would be even more complicated. God, you needed to get laid. Chen was right. There were so many hormones that it was killing you.
You had to push that out of your head, the mental image of him crawling over you, strong arms on either side of you... Stop it, stop it immediately, Y/N. You were too hot now, you wanted to fan your face but you fought the compulsion.
You had to talk.
Whatever came next involved action, confrontation, and conversation.
Then, much to your surprise, Liu Kang looked suddenly guilty as shit.
Kung Lao had looked guilty too. What the hell did that mean?
Boy, you really had to talk.
“That was it, right?”
“Hmm?” He seemed nervous.
“That was the only wound, right?” You’d been vague, you supposed, since you were both clearly thinking about unrelated things.
“I think so. I need to clean up but I had to… clear my head.” He stood.
“You okay, Liu?”
“I’m great, Y/N.” He bowed. “I’ll be back.” He went into the bathroom and you ran your fingers through your wet hair. Then you got up and opened the door leading onto the small balcony outside. You leaned against the railing, watching the city below. From there you could see people going about their night. Some people were heading home from work, couples were strolling along the streets, families were making their way back to their hotels. The mountains were haunting at night but in the best way. The clouds hung so low that they misted over the rooftops of some of the bigger hotels.
You heard Liu approaching behind you but didn’t turn to look at him. He stood behind you and you could feel his eyes as they lingered over your body, the way that he often did.
“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
“The view is something.” You leaned your head against your arms and smiled. It had been nice to have your brain shut up for those few minutes. “It feels almost surreal.”
He came to stand next to you, prayer beads wrapped around his palm. He seemed more himself than he had been before he’d disappeared into the bathroom. He’d changed again, this time into loose comfortable pants and a tank top which surprised you. You’d never expected to see him in anything other than his gi. He set his hand on your shoulder.
“We should rest.”
“Yeah, probably.” You stood and he ushered you inside. He locked the door, and you pulled the curtain closed. Then you crawled into your bed and pulled the blankets to surround you. Liu did the same in the bed across from you. He turned off the light. You rolled onto your side to face him.
“Goodnight, Y/N.” He held his hand out across the gap between beds. You reached to give his hand a squeeze and then hid again beneath the blankets.
“Goodnight, Liu Kang.”
You sat up in bed with a start, panic gripping at your chest. Everything was dark with the exception of the red light on the bottom of the television hanging on the far well. It took you a solid minute to realize where you were and that you hadn’t been taken somewhere against your will. Pulling your knees up to your chest, you wrapped your arms around them and closed your eyes tight.
Your chest ached.
That man’s hand had been so deep in your chest, squeezing your heart. You’d nearly forgotten after the chaos of everything. Then you’d slept and had seen hell. Your body had been consumed by ink, hands tied up as if attached to marionette strings. Then you’d seen flashes of them. Liu, Chen, Lao, Raiden, your sister, your niece. Dead. Their eyes wide open, milky, flies crawling across their flesh that was decaying right before your eyes and all because of you.
Tears streamed down your cheeks and you wiped them quickly to get them to stop but they were quickly replaced with new ones. You buried your face in the blankets and waited for the tears to stop, shuddering into them.
You couldn’t sleep with those images in your head but you had to at least stop crying. Liu Kang was in the next bed over, sound asleep. In your dream, he’d been trying to get to you, to protect you from yourself even though he was dying right before your eyes. It had been an especially cruel dream, leaving you trembling and sobbing over your very worst fears.
That was right.
Liu was right there. You could see his face. He would reassure you that he was okay, that he was alive, that it had been your subconscious preying on your worst fears.
You crawled out of your bed, fixed your shirt, and without a second thought pulled up his blankets just enough so that you could crawl into bed next to him. He shifted and leaned up on one arm, opening one eye sleepily. He looked you over, lingering a little longer on your legs than you expected. Then he blinked his eyes closed again. “Everything okay?” He cleared his throat after speaking and then blinked again as if struggling to resist the pull of sleep.
“I had a nightmare.” Your voice broke and you realized that this might be inappropriate but you’d needed to see him- to touch him. “Can I just… hold you for a second?”
“Come here.” He adjusted himself to make room for you and you climbed in and scooted closer, hand atop the comforter. He was still in the process of moving and suddenly scooted back as your hand rested on him through the blankets and he laughed nervously. “Hey whoa, careful where you’re…” He gestured to your hand that sunk into the bed after he’d moved. Your face burned and you laughed even if you were still on the brink of tears.
“Sorry.” Your laughter faded quickly when you saw his tired face. You never wanted to see him suffer the way that he’d suffered in your dream.
“It’s fine… just…” He cleared his throat and adjusted a bit further on the bed. “You had a nightmare?”
You sat with your knees curled up beneath you and were careful not to touch him after that. You didn’t know what the situation was with that. He pushed his hair back, waking himself up a bit more.
“A nightmare and not a vision, right?”
“There was no ink so I’m thinking it was a nightmare.”
“Tell me about it.” He leaned back against the pillows and rubbed his sleepy eyes. You didn’t think about this part. You hadn’t expected him to want to hear about the nightmare but there he was watching and waiting for you to spill your guts.
“You… you died. You all died.” You furrowed your brow, and you hated the way the words sounded. “You died and I couldn’t save you. You kept… trying to save me and…”
“Yeah, definitely a nightmare. Have them all the time.” He urged his arm around you and with surprising control, he urged you to lie next to him and rest in his arms. “Come here.” Like you’d had a choice. He held you close and adjusted himself to be more comfortable. Then he pulled the blankets around you both. “You can stay here for the rest of the night. I hated you being all the way over there anyway even if I was having a nice dream.”
“I’m sorry that I woke you. I just needed to see you.”
“You’re better than the dream anyway.” He closed his eyes and gave you a comforting squeeze. Better than the dream? Did that mean that the nice dream had been about you? You couldn’t wrap your mind around that right now. You kept picturing them lying dead before you. He rolled onto his back and urged you to rest against his shoulder. You placed your hand against his chest and considered that this was definitely the way that lovers slept. You had no word for what you were, but you were grateful for his arm around you.
You tried to rest, closing your eyes, but then you saw their faces again, desperate, pained, and dying. You gripped Liu a bit tighter, securing your arm around him and curling up against his side.
“It’s okay, Y/N. I’m here. I’m safe. We’re all safe.” He was drifting in and out of sleep already.
“Thank you,” you breathed, not wanting to keep him up any longer than you already had. You watched him drift to sleep before trying again yourself. You were grateful not to find any of the residual nightmare waiting for you. The lullaby of his calm breathing wasn’t enough to ease your heavy heart, but it was soothing and reassuring. He was there. No one was going to hurt them- not tonight at least. You pictured the jade bundled up on your side table and wondered if it was to blame for the sinking pit in your stomach.
You relaxed your grip on him and while it took ages to fall asleep after that, you did sleep.
In fact, you crashed hard.
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chadillacboseman · 2 days ago
How would movie!Scorpion movie!Kung Lao and movie!Liu Kang react to seeing their s/o getting injured during a fight.
Tumblr media
Hanzo is desperate, terrified when he sees you collapse in the dirt. He pummels the remaining enemies and rushes to you, ripping his mask off and tossing it aside. He's murmuring as he pulls you close-
"Stay with me, stay with me, you're alright-" the words are more for him than for you.
He's scared.
When your eyes flutter open weakly, he chokes back a sob and presses his forehead to yours. That man is gonna carry you wherever you need to go to get treated, even if you can walk. Glowers at doctors/monks/whoever is caring for you, like he's daring them to make a mistake.
Tumblr media
Kung Lao freezes up when he sees you drop.
He calls to Liu Kang, who circles your form with a ring of fire as Kung Lao drops to his knees by your side. He throws off his hat and pulls you into his lap, clutching your face with his hand, "Come on-" he's kissing your forehead, "Wake up-"
When your eyes finally snap open, he lets out a nervous sort of half-laughing noise and kisses you.
"I thought I lost you-" he's kissing you again, "Never scare me like that."
He hovers while you're being taken care of- watching the monks do their work.
Tumblr media
You know that scene in the movie where Liu Kang loses his temper and absolutely immolates Kabal with the dragon form fatality? Yeah, that's happening if he sees you fall during a fight.
After he's finished obliterating everyone within a 500-foot radius, he's running to you. Liu is smart, he assesses your wounds. You're going to be okay, but you're losing blood.
He carries you to the temple and treats your injuries himself with the help of the order of light. He doesn't leave your side until you are well enough to start training again.
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tea-demon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I can’t lose you…”
If they had died together I would not have been able to handle it, but it should have been that way😭😭 (click for higher res)
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