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someirish-brawler · a minute ago
Found A Picrew I Guess :p
Tumblr media
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freestylelatino · 11 minutes ago
Crees que @mksssj era mejor antes que ahora? 🤔 👇🏼 . . SIGANOS EN NUESTRAS REDES 🐦 🌐 . . #mks #elquintoescalon #paulolondra #duki #fmsargentina #spotify #toxica #trueno
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tigerseye46 · 11 minutes ago
Peachpigshipping with A82, B78, C14, and C20? Thank you!
People really liking this ship. Not that I can blame any of you XD. I’ll make a full fic of it one of these days.
TW: Death, Blood, Nightmares
A82. “I recognize liars when I see them.” B78. “I’ll always be here, whenever you need me.” C14. “You disgust me.” C20. “I was an idiot to ever trust you.”
Blood splattered on the ground near the king’s feet and dark hair within his vision. He stumbled backwards, his eyes blown wide, he stared up at the White Bone Spirit who had a giant smirk marking her features, her feet floating above the ground and her red eyes glowing.
“I’ve won, Sun Wukong,” she declared proudly.
Screams rang behind the king and a familiar pink pushed past him to get to the body.
“I’ve won,” she repeated and then vanished.
“KID,” Pigsy screamed as he cradled MK in his arms, there was blood dripping down like a waterfall from the kid’s head. The kid’s eyes were shot open, lifeless. “No, please wake up. Please wake up,” the pig pleaded.
And inside Wukong was begging for the same. Please wake up, bud. Please wake up.
But they knew he was gone.
“NO,” Mei shouted and wept for her dead friend, her fists pounded against his chest. “NO! MK! WAKE UP!” Sandy pulled her off, she kicked and wept, begging for the demon to let her go.
Tang kneeled on the ground, using his hand to close MK’s eyelids, he took off his glasses and tried to wipe the tears.
“Bu-bud” were the only words he managed. “No…. It can’t be. He can’t…” He clenched his fists.
The White Bone Spirit appeared behind him. “It’s true. Your boy is dead and it’s all your fault,” she whispered. “How does it feel, Sun Wukong?”
When he spun around, she wasn’t there and when he turned back, he was met with the angry gaze of his partner. He hadn’t seen that type of anger directed at him since their friendship had formed.
The pig huffed and rushed towards him, grabbing his shirt. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT!”
His mouth was dry and it felt like he couldn’t breath. “Pigsy, love!”
“You promised you would keep him safe! Look what happened! He’s dead all because you decided to make him your successor!”
“I… I didn’t mean…”
“I was an idiot to ever trust you,” he spat out. “You promised me and I believed you! I even fell in love with you. Was that some part of your sick plan? Get me to fall in love with you then watch as you kill my son.”
Wukong trembled, his chest heaved up and down in a rapid fashion to bring some air back into his lungs. “I didn’t kill him!”
“YES YOU DID! From the moment you made him your successor, he was dead! I just knew it!”
“Babe.” He took a step towards the pig.
“You don’t have the right to call me that! Not anymore. You’re nothin’ but a liar. You disgust me. I hope you burn Wukong.” He unlatched the bracelet with the red and orange gem on his wrist and threw it at the ground, shattering the gem. He huffed. “Don’t follow us.”
“I didn’t mean to! Please don’t leave me!” They ignored his pleas as they brought MK’s body to the ship and then the ship slowly faded from view. He fell on his knees, sobs rang from his body as he stared at the broken jewelry. “Kid, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” he echoed over and over again like a broken record.
The spirit popped up once again with a cackle. “Poor Sun Wukong.” Suddenly, icy chains took him by the arms, he let out a gasp but didn’t fight back as he was pulled towards the darkness.
“Wukong,” a familiar voice shouted.
He ignored it, feeling resigned to his fate. This is what he deserved.
He shot up from his bed, sweat covered his face, his grabbed fistfuls of the blanket and breathing shallow. “Wukong, it’s okay. I’m here.”
“Pig-Pigsy?” He asked, not bothering to look at the voice in fear of getting his hopes up.
He was met by blue eyes when the pig tugged on his arm. “I’m here. You’re safe,” he reassured.
“Pigsy.” He pulled the pig into a bone crushing hug. He’s still here. He hasn’t left you. “Where’s the kid?”
“Sleepin’,” he answered, his snout buried in the king’s chest, he could feel the king’s rapid heartbeat.
Sleeping. So he’s alive. He’s alive. “Alive?” He had to make sure.
“Yea, he’s alive. Snorin’ like crazy though when I passed his room. What’s up, babe?”
“Nothing.” Please don’t push. Go back to sleep.
The pig snorted. “Yea, nothin’. I recognize liars when I see them.”
“You’re nothin’ but a liar!” He was a liar.
Upon seeing his partner’s face, Pigsy said, “Don’t worry, Wukong. I’m jokin’. What happened?”
“Do you really want to know?”
“If you’re willin’ to tell me. I’m not goin’ to force it out of you.”
That was one of the things he loved about the pig. He didn’t push unless the situation called for it. He swallowed roughly, a lump caught in his throat. “Okay.”
He watched as Pigsy’s face turned horrified at learning about the nightmare. The pig cupped his cheeks. “Babe.”
“It’s my fault. I killed him.”
“No, ya didn’t.”
“You said I did.”
The pig bit his lip. “Hon… that wasn’t me. Yea, I used to be angry at you. Really angry but I would never blame you for that. Not for one second.”
“I know,” he replied unconvincingly.
“I wouldn’t have accepted that,” he gestured to the courtship bracelets lying on the bedside table, one on top of the other, he remembered when Wukong first handed him his, he made fun of the king for being so old fashioned. “If I thought that way of you.”
“I know… but what if one day I can’t keep any of you safe?”
“You’re the Great Sage. I have faith in you.”
“Sometimes I worry if that’s enough this time.”
“It is. It has always been enough. You’re pretty strong, babe.” He squeezed his partner’s arm, feeling the muscle underneath. “And ya got an awesome boyfriend to help you.”
Wukong couldn’t help but laugh. “Yea, I do.”
“And a great son, great friends.”
“Yea, I have all of that.” He beamed. “Thanks. Sorry I woke you up.”
Pigsy made a dismissive motion. “It’s fine. You would do the same. I’ll always be here, whenever you need me.”
“Thanks, love.”
“You’re welcome.” He pressed a gentle kiss to lips. “Ready to go to sleep or do you want to stay up more?”
“Actually.” The monkey grabbed his face and planted small kisses across it.
“Wukong!” The pig’s heart thumped and he giggled.
“Okay. Now I’m ready to go back to sleep.”
“Alright, silly monkey.”
Pigsy nuzzled his chest. “I love you.”
“Love you too,” Pigsy mumbled then drifted to sleep, snoring rang in the air and drool went down the corner of his mouth.
Wukong got rid of it with his thumb. He kissed him on the head, relief sweeping over him, his eyes grew heavy and he entered dreamland.
This time when he slept, it was not of the White Bone Spirit’s win but a beautiful day with his partner and friends.
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lucia-safuriajin · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I did another version of this old post
Revenant Lao and his friend.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kano-kupcake · 2 hours ago
What about it?
Tumblr media
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that-black-dragon-clan · 2 hours ago
All's Hell that Ends Well
Chapter 2
Broken images flashed in front of Kate's eyes as she tried to piece together what happened. She remembered getting shot rather vividly - blood splattered the wall and then burning, stinging pain. There was an explosion. And then exhaustion. A green jeep, grey plane. Tattoo with knife and snakes. Bright light. More burning. Darkness.
Kate's hands flew down to her abdomen. Linen dressings covered the wound. The skin felt tender underneath - just the slightest touch sent white hot pokers of pain shooting through her belly and up her spine; stinging tears welled in her eyes. Sitting up suddenly became a herculean task.
It didn't help that the room was dark which made it all that much harder to maneuver her wounded body. She knew she had to take it slow but her predicament warranted immediate action. Impatience only fueled frustration.
"Easy, love," a man said, jolting her. The sudden movement aggravated the wound and burning pain blasted through her with renewed force. She winced but turned her head towards the source of the sound. The man opened a dark curtain to let the moonlight in. Scars over his eye caught her attention. Dramatic much? "You're a bit banged up. Good thing I found ya."
"Yeah. Good thing," Kate leaned back against the pillow. Her eyes scanned the room for anything she could use as a weapon. In her line of work, no one helped anyone out of the goodness of their heart. No one.
"Mind telling me what happened?" The man asked.
What did happen? She was meeting with an informant that had intel about weapons being shipped in. The little shop where he sold fresh food from the farm. And then the fire fight. Of course she couldn't tell him that. "I don't remember."
"Mm, that sounds like bullshit if I've ever heard it. You see, I found your badge." He held up the little leather wallet. "And I can't help but think you were there to bust an arms deal."
Oh no.
Kate felt knots twist in her gut as the adrenaline shot through her veins, heart thumping loudly, pulse flushing her cheeks but she did her best to keep her face neutral.
"DEA don't investigate arms deals. So you want to stop pissing about and tell me who you really are?"
"I'm with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives."
The man leaned forward and pushed his thumb down on one of the bullet wounds. Katie cried out in pain and grabbed his forearm, digging her nails into the skin. It felt like her body was on fire, the pain radiating from her abdomen and shooting into her toes and fingers.
"Wanna have another crack at it?"
Katie kept her lips locked, gritting her teeth. He dug his thumb in again, much harder and making her scream.
"How about now?"
"Are ya CIA?"
She squeezed her eyes shut, fingers still digging into his arm."Yes!"
"Now see, that weren't so hard," he said, all smiles and sunshine. "Were you there to fuck up an arms deal?"
"Who got there before us?"
"I don't know!"
Another sharp pain as he dug into her.
"Fuck!" She gasped. Her head spun from the pain and blood drained from her face. "I don't know, I swear!"
"I believe ya, love," he smiled. "However, I do need you to tell me everything you know about the Black Dragon."
"Black Dragon?" Katie asked with genuine confusion. She was there to track the Red Dragon. Was her intel wrong? Were they there to fight this asshole? Suddenly the black tattoo with the snakes made sense. They weren't snakes. They were dragons. "Are you Black Dragon?"
"Ah, ah, I'm the one asking the questions," he frowned.
"I don't know shit about the Black Dragon. I was there tracking Hsu Hao."
"The fuck was he doing there?"
"He was supposed to be doing an arms deal. You're telling me that you assholes were also there to do an arms deal?" Katie couldn't help but laugh. Just her fucking luck. "Correa was double dealing. And I got caught in the crossfire."
"Fucking hell," he frowned. He pulled his thumb from the wound and Katie fell back on the bed, tears welling in her eyes. He stood up, hands on his hips and paced. It was like watching a lion in a cage. "How would you like a job?"
"Yeah, you could prove useful. The arcana defo helps."
"What the fuck's an arcana?"
He gave her a strange look. "Your arcana?"
"The glowy shit."
Oh no. Oh fuck. She used the Light. She was never supposed to use the Light. Steve was going to be pissed when he finds out - and that crotchety old bastard always finds out.
"You don't know you have a fucking superpower?"
"I didn't know there were others."
"Well your world just got a bit bigger, eh? Oh, here's your phone," he tossed it to her. "You might want to have a look at your emails and bank accounts."
"You went through my phone?"
"Best way to find out who you're dealing with. Your bank accounts were drained and files deleted. Sounds a lot to me like you got fired."
"No," Katie frantically went through her apps. He was right. Everything was gone and panic began to set in. She opened up an email from an unknown address.
Your services are no longer necessary.
Spies and other covert operators had a plethora of dangerous knowledge that could be harmful to not only others, but also their own organizations and/or governments. The best way to control someone with that kind of power was to present them as untrustworthy so that nobody would believe the truth, even if it was right in front if them. Take it a step further, and cut the spy off from their resources and identity, and you've melted the proverbial iceberg threatening to sink the ship. Needless to say, it was effective and terrifying.
"Why?" Kate asked aloud. It was all she could give voice to. A lump was forming in her throat and her heart sank.
"No idea, love. But tell ya what, you work for me and we can find out."
Everything was gone. She had worked so hard for so long to rise up the ranks and become a successful field operative. She helped get the asshole terrorists who killed thousands of innocent people. She proved her loyalty and devotion to the country she loved, and they just tossed her aside. How could they just throw her away? Most importantly why?
"So what do ya say?"
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dollyreblogs · 3 hours ago
Misha can also travel with a few other people through the mirror world, as well. So one of my favorite things about that is that you know Gabriel is going to be creepy about it as usual by either leaving a bloody handprint on the mirror or going into his mist form and just manifesting through the mirror along with Misha.
But also because I love the idea of Seiji brushing his teeth only for his reflection to turn into Misha who has green hair.
"We are needing to talk, Seiji."
"...I see you found my prank-"
And then Misha just glares at him before grabbing him by the collar and pulling him through the mirror.
Condé: Where were you?
Seiji: Misha trapped me in a mirror to Pelé's house and I ended up having to watch him test out his new glo-pants...God, I hate them so much now-
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purble-turble · 3 hours ago
I can't help to think that in the Prince Mk escape thing, when Wukong and Mk meet it is so happy and warm, (despite Wukong being a bit suspicious). Making Macaque either jealous or getting a bit attached. One way or another there is mostly liked attempted murder, and maybe a bit of kidnapping.
Yeah, at first Wukong would be suspicious that this is some kind of trick by Macaque, but since he has his Golden Eyes of Truth it only takes him a minute to realize that it's the real MK. So their reunion is just as heartwarming and sweet as it should be, a father and son who have been separated under the worst circumstances now finally getting to see each other alive (and not exactly well, but close enough I suppose)
Of course, once the initial euphoria of seeing MK has escaped, Wukong is horrified that he's come here where Macaque can get his claws into him. He doesn't trust that he won't just hand him right back over to Red, and the fearful look in his eye when he finally looks back over at the shadow monkey says it all.
Luckily Macaque has something else in mind. That moment of excitement was the closest Macaque has seen Wukong be to his old self since he captured him.. that's all he wants. He wants his Peaches back, and for them to be together again. He's managed to trap him at Flower Fruit Mountain using the fillet Red gave him, but all that's seemed to accomplish was making the Monkey King miserable and despondent... Macaque seemed to underestimate how much he cared about the kid and what it did to him to lose him in such a traumatic way. So rather than turn him back over to Red, he decides to keep him around so Wukong will perk up and he can work on getting him back to his old self again. Of course he doesn't say this outright.. In fact, he uses the threat of turning MK back over to King Red constantly to get Wukong and him to obey him, and it probably works pretty well. After a while, he probably does start to get attached to MK as well. He really is a good kid, after all. He can't admit it, though, or they'll know his threat is an empty one, so he continues on as normal, trying not to let on.
MK's not satisfied with living on this mountain with his monkey dad and his captor.. rather, he wants them to fight Red to defeat him once and for all and save the world. Macaque's not really interested, though. He's got everything he wants there and Red helped him get it, so why turn against him? So MK's going to have to find a way to either convince him to help, or find a way to defeat Macaque first so that Monkey King will be free from the effects of the fillet and can help him. In the meantime he sticks around.. not that he has a choice. Macaque hasn't put any kind of restraint on him or anything, but if he tries to leave, he'll definitely hear it and come scoop him up and bring him back again.
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dollyreblogs · 3 hours ago
Okay so I think I'll mess with the Yamisoka time line a bit where Denji kills Himari and Minako also takes control of her clan but also, when Misha kills Kagami.
To make it a little bittersweet, I've decided that when Misha shoots Kagami that she shatters into a million pieces like a mirror since she bonded with her reflection and that Misha took the largest piece he could find from it and just...keeps it.
He looks into the mirror but it doesn't reflect everything, much Kagami, who never casted a reflection other than that of Himari's will.
The rest of Kagami's shattered pieces are in a box in Eiji's office, he never looks directly at it and he acts like it's not even there, much like how Kagami treated him.
Misha still tries to be upbeat but now, the only problem is he can't shoot a gun without letting a tear go down his face, Seiji told the Sons of Sin what happened so they do their best to be sympathetic with him but even then, they can tell he's hurt deeply over having to kill the one person who he loved more than anything else.
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voltage-vixen · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love seeing this side of him! 💖
VIP Room Affection Story
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purble-turble · 3 hours ago
Concept. Weapon MK, but it’s him and the group trying to get him to snap out of it. Something like Holo-Pearl and Steven from SU.
Ah you mean like from this post? Yeah I thought that idea was super cool, and smallpwbbles did amazing art for it!! Haha, yeah it might be fun to take that kind of angsty concept and make it a little more light hearted by applying Steven Universe logic to it.. like Mei gets up to some hijinks by propping MK in front of a video game to try to get him to play and it ends up with him attacking and wrecking the place :U
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v-e-n-t-i-n-g · 3 hours ago
- indian lake project -
i know it’s highly unlikely, and has been debunked... but god...
something about that whole conspiracy makes my brain work...
mkultra children... yeesh
Tumblr media
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brieflamptoadhumanoid · 4 hours ago
"See ya, bud..."
Tumblr media
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moonstruckkrp · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Moonstruck, we're thrilled to see you! You have 3 days to accept the friend request from Luna Lunaticus. Remember to post your introduction within 3 days and if you have any question at all, don't hesitate to ask. Happy roleplaying, hope you enjoy your stay with us. ♡
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tigerseye46 · 5 hours ago
👀 New ship? More Peachpig/Monkenoodles with A52, B72, B74 and B94?
New ship! I’m mostly calling it peachpigshipping but I’m tagging it as monkenoodles too.
AO3 link
A52. “Did you just smile?” B72. “Am I dreaming or did you just say you like me?” B74. “Have I ever told you how cute you are?” B94. “Oh my god, you like [Name]!”
Pigsy placed a wet rag on the bar and began scrubbing while Sandy rambled on about his day, the chef made sure to nod and murmur at certain points to affirm he was paying attention. He enjoyed hearing the big guy’s rambling, it was a great stress reliever after dealing with customers.
“So I visited big brother Wukong for some tea.” That statement made the pig’s ears perk up and a small smile appeared on his face, the smallest mention of the monkey made his heart leap. He bit his lip to suppress the grin. When Sandy’s voice died down all of a sudden, the pig lifted his chin up to see the demon with his tilted slightly to the right and an eyebrow raised. “Why did ya stop?”
The demon met his question with one of his own. “Did you just smile?”
“Did you just smile when I mentioned Wukong?”
“No,” he said in an unconvincing manner. “Why would I?”
“Okay… So my big brother told me…” Another smile. “You did it again!”
“No, I didn’t!”
“Uh huh. You’ve been doing that a lot lately, Pigsy. Smiling when my big brother talks to you or you hear about him, blushing when he touches you, giving him a break by not yelling at him all the time. Oh. OH! Oh my gods, you like Wukong!”
“Shad-Shaddup,” he exclaimed as his face turned a rosy red.
“Awwww! That’s adorable! Right, Mo?” He asked the cat on his shoulder with Mo giving an approving meow in response.
“Shush! I just think he’s cute. That’s it.”
“You like my older brother,” Sandy teased in a sing-songy voice. “If it’s any consolation, he likes you too.”
“Yea. I was talking to him-”
“Wow. Ya talk to your brother, what a shocker, Sandy.” His voice dripped with sarcasm.
Sandy rolled his eyes. “I was talking to him and he mentions you a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier than when he talks about you. You make him happy.”
His mouth went dry. Wukong talked about him? “Are ya sure?”
“Completely. I know my brother. You should ask him out!”
Ask him out? ASK HIM OUT? He couldn’t do that. “No! I am not doin’ that! Certainly there’s better options than me. I’m-”
Sandy cut him off by saying, “One of the best people I know.”
His eyes became soft. “Sandy…”
“It’s true. You know even with your bitter beginnings, he likes you. There’s something different about him when he’s with you. I could set you up on a date.”
“A date?!” He massaged his neck. “No! No! I couldn’t ask that of you and ya could be mistaken. Maybe he just thinks of me as a really good friend.”
Wujing looked at him as if he was an idiot and for some reason, it felt familiar. Wait, why did it feel familiar? Oh well. “Good friends don’t blush when they ramble on about their friend’s stunning blue eyes or their “friend’s” adorable passion for noodles. Huh, Pigsy?”
He blinked. “Ya got a point… but are ya sure?”
“YES! Now can I please set you up on a date? I could set up a romantic cruise.”
“NO! Sandy, I love you. I really do but I don’t want to get my hopes up.”
“Please. Let me set you up on a date. I want you and my big brother to be happy.”
“Pleaasseeeee!” His bottom lip quivered while his hands clasped together and he gave his best puppy-dog eyes.
The pig sighed and pinched the bridge of his snout. “Fine. One date!” He put up a finger to emphasize his point. “If this goes south, I’m blamin’ ya.”
“It won’t.” He squeezed the pig and cradled him from side to side. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You won’t regret this,” he shouted and ran out of the shop.
The pig gave an exasperated sigh. “I’m goin’ to regret this,” he said and went back to cleaning.
Pigsy tugged on the collar of his blue flannel. Why did he agree to this again?
In the middle of Sandy’s boat was a table covered by cloth with candles on each side along with petals scattered across it. He crept forward but paused when he spotted a familiar monkey talking with Sandy who was in black and white suit with his hair combed back.
Wukong was wearing an orange button up and tan pants, a monkey necklace around his neck, he looked so handsome.
The pig’s face burned, he needed to go home and change right now! Maybe he could slip out before they noticed him. He spun himself and took a step when he heard a shout from Wukong, “Pigsy!”
He turned back with his shoulders hunched to see Wukong right in front of him smiling and Sandy by his side with a smirk. “Hey, Wukong. Hey, Sandy! You look, nice, Wukong,” he complimented.
The monkey’s cheeks were a deep pink. “Thanks. You look nice too.”
Sandy huffed and nudged his older brother. “Hm?” The demon made a gesturing motion. “Oh!” He passed a bouquet of roses to the pig. “Here.”
The pig eagerly took it with a grin and took a big whiff of the flowers. “Thanks. I didn’t take you as a ‘give people flowers’ type of guy. Cliche much?”
The king barked out a laugh.“Well the cliches are good when you’re trying to impress someone,” he stated with a wink.
Pigsy’s face flushed further. They stood there grinning at the other before Sandy said, “Okay, love birds. Come on. Follow me.”
The three walked towards the table with Wukong pulling up a chair for Pigsy. “Here you are.”
“Such a gentleman,” he teased as he sat down.
Wukong’s smile in response was blinding, he pushed the chair closer towards the table and he took the seat across from the chef. Sandy glanced between them. “Do you guys want anything specific to eat?”
“No, little brother, anything is fine.”
“Yea. I’m good with anythin’.”
“Alright. I’ll be right back. But first.” He pulled out a bottle of peach wine and poured it in their glasses. “There. I’ll be back,” he exclaimed and ran off, in the background, classical music started playing.
Silence lingered between the two until Wukong lifted his wine glass to his lips and drank. “You know I only drink wine on special occasions.”
“So I’m a special occasion?” He asked shyly.
“Yea, you are.” Pigsy ducked his head at the reply. “Have I ever told you how cute you are?”
“Wh-what?” Wukong thought he was cute?
“I’m glad you agreed to go on a date with me.”
“Ye-yea. Me too. That you agreed, I mean. Didn’t think ya would.”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know…. Just didn’t really believe Sandy when he told me you were interested.”
“Of course I am. I like you.” Pigsy choked on air. “Pigsy?”
“Am I dreamin’ or did you just say you like me?”
“Awww. I’m flattered you have dreams about me but no, you aren’t dreaming. I’m serious. I like you. In fact, I got another gift for you.” He reached inside for a box. He opened it to reveal a golden bracelet with an orange and red gem in the middle. A courtship bracelet.
Pigsy’s heart thumped rapidly. “Wukong…It’s beautiful. I- like you too.”
“Can I put it on you?”
The king’s tail wagged, he skipped over to the pig and placed the bracelet around his wrist. The pig rotated it. “It looks wonderful on y- mmmm…” He didn’t have time to finish that sentence when he was gripped by his shirt and pulled into a kiss.
“Sandy! I’m here,” MK shouted as he stepped onto the boat. “Want to hang out? Wait… flowers, candles, soft music playing. Am I trapped in the calabash again?!” He gasped then ran off. No way was he going on a date with a fake Mei!
The two didn’t notice he was there, they separated with love present in their eyes until Sandy brought out a plate of spaghetti. The date was filled with laughter and handholding with Sandy smirking on the sidelines.
A few days after their date, Sandy decided to go back to his brother’s mountain for some quality time, not saying a word when a silver band with a pink gem was clear on his brother’s wrist.
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fosermi · 5 hours ago
22 guardian macaque au please? macaque and mk?
Thank you anon for asking me to write this prompt! This was genuinely pretty fun to write!
Oh, you’re just grumpy.
Mk sat down across the table, lazily picking at the food on the young child's plate. Something was clearly wrong and macaque could see it. 
The guardian kept looking back at his adopted kid, trying to figure him out. Only to yield no results.
"You've barely touched your food kid… what's wrong?" 
A quick but quiet "nothing" came out as a reply from the child across from the demon in disguise, making the latter's eyebrow rise in wonder. 
The atmosphere around them fell silent once again, more awkward than before, as Mk continued to play with the food served on his platter. 
A few moments later, Macaque got up from his place with an abrupt "I got it!", causing the child to look up at his adoptive father.
"Got what?" 
"Oh, that you're just cranky!" Macaque said as he walked over to his son's side and gently picked him up. "I know just the thing to help you cheer up!" 
Left with no choice, Mk clung onto his guardian, voicing out his curiosity "what would that be?" 
"A story time!" 
Macaque could feel Mk's entire being shake with excitement in his arms allowing himself to chuckle at the sudden change in mood of his son. 
Carefully, Macaque put Mk down in front of a makeshift shadow theater, dimmed the lights, provided his son with some snacks, and started to tell a story. An adventure across the lands of China led by a hero and his warrior. 
As the story ended, Macaque looked out from behind the theater to peek at Mk. Only to find him fast asleep, lightly snoring and cuddling up to one of the local monkeys that would come to visit every now and again. 
The black monkey smiled before cradling his son and getting himself comfortable on the many pillows that acted as makeshift seats for the shadow plays he often did, soon finding the allure of slumber too strong for him to resist.
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vikathebest · 5 hours ago
"What did they do to you
For you to look at me so blankly?"
Demon Hunters AU
Tumblr media
It took some time before Macaque finally calmed down from gripping Wukong and dragging him down to kneel on the sand. MK decided to just squat near the shore and draw something with his stick.
Even though the sunset shining over the shore of Flower Fruit Mountian lit up Wukong's once vibrant orange hair, framing his face beautifully, there was no ignoring the vivid rough, pitch black tech, replacing Monkey King's soft ears and cheekbones, leaving only scars at the edges if you focus long enough. His once pretty golden eyes, now pitch black other than the glowing eyelights.
Macaque couldn't stand to look any longer so he tore his gaze down, only to be reminded of the dirty bandadges wrapped carelessly around Sun's torso. He was sure that if he were to take it off, his components would be sticking out from the injury to his chest plate. Though most of his body looked normal, he knew that under the decieving handiwork layed bio-machinery pumping his still (luckily) real heart.
But Macaque didn't care about those new details, no, the thing that hurt him the most was how Wukong looked at him when he first came here with MK.
He looked at him as if he didn't recognize him.
And that emotionless look hurt him so much more then that time Wukong left him all those years ago, because so no matter what- Wukong always looked at Macaque with either anger, or guilt, or sadness, or even love.
But now he looked at him as if he was a stranger.
Macaque took off his scarf and draped it carefully over Wukong's neck and shoulders. He couldn't bear to look at all those scratches and gashes... at all that machinery. He couldn't bear to imagine what Lady Bone Demon was doing to him all these 500 years, but he still asked;
"What did they do to you..."
Wukong only slightly tilted his head (and Macaque didn't miss how his eyelights focused on him like a camera lense).
"For you to look at me so blankly?"
The only response he got was;
"Yo, Big Mac, you done hogging the Monkey King over there?"
Damn kid.
First actual comic important to the plot of this AU and it's angst. Goddamn it.
Wukong doesn't seem to recognize Macaque, and it looks like the shadows are slowly creeping in. Guess those 500 years under LBD's "care" didn't do Wukong so well.
Even though Sun is pretty wierded out by some stranger gripping onto him at first, the small part of his mind that stayed untouched by LBD (but not for long) that tells him to be a douche and eat ungodly amount of peaches- seems to recognize Mac a teensy tiny bit, so he allowed Mac to have this moment.
If you want more context for the Demon Hunters AU, here's my first post that explains the basic plot of what I have in mind for this thing:
Macaque: *holding onto Wukong for his dear life* You took everything from me.
Wukong: *Thanos voice* I don't even know who you are.
Also, yes. MK does call Macaque "Big Mac" in this AU.
If you have any questions regarding this AU (or are even interested in sharing some ideas, wether it be for this AU or just Monkie Kid overall), be free to ask! I would love to hear it!
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kano-kupcake · 6 hours ago
What do Kabal and a Meatball Marinara have in common?
They're both toasted subs.
Thank you, goodnight.
Tumblr media
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