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mikuandmitski6 hours ago
Green and orange
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Yes I am indeed perfect and yes I am indeed dumb, thank you for noticing <3
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scorpiyeux20 hours ago
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toomanyf4ndoms722 hours ago
Mortal Kombat Invasion: Battle For Earthrealm:聽Kung Lao and Liu Kang vs Baraka.
summary: Kitana leaving to take on her own attackers, Liu Kang opens up about his doubts with Kung Lao. Unknown to him, Kung Lao is also struggling with his own thoughts.
On their way to the fortress, Kitana informed them that she had her own pursuers, not unlike Sub Zero, and had to leave the pair.
Liu Kang, understanding the desire to fight your own pursuers, bowed in respect.
鈥淚 wish you luck, Princess.鈥
鈥淟ikewise, Liu Kang.鈥
They separated, and Kung Lao attempted to ease his friend鈥檚 nerves.
鈥淵our girlfriend will be fine, brother.鈥
鈥淚 am certain of that Kung Lao; I only hope that-
Realising the full sentence, Liu Kang turned to glare at his comrade, before giving an exasperated sigh.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e proud of that one, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淥nly a little.鈥
Despite their situation, Liu Kang allowed himself to smile a little at his friend鈥檚 joke. That joy was quickly undercut by Liu鈥檚 face turning morose as he looked towards the blood red sky, a result of Outworld鈥檚 impact on the realm.
鈥淒o you think we can stop this?鈥
鈥淥f course, what make you ask?鈥
鈥淪hao Kahn has absorbed seven billion souls; his power was already great before and I admit he was a formidable opponent. With the strength he has now? I don鈥檛 know if I can do this alone.鈥
鈥淵ou forget. You are not alone. This isn鈥檛 a tournament where you must fight one on one. With all our allies against Shao Kahn, I have no doubt that even the mighty emperor will fall before us.
A voice interrupted the pair.
鈥淵ou assume you shall make it to the emperor.鈥
The pair turned to see the familiar face of Baraka, leading a group of Tarkatans.
鈥淚t is more likely that you both shall become meat for the tribe.鈥
The two monks were undeterred by the threat and turned to each other.
鈥淎s always.鈥
Baraka pointed his forces towards the pair, leaving himself alone to watch the fight.
Kung Lao threw his hat on the ground before teleporting in a burst of magic wind. The Tarkatan鈥檚 confusion left them open To Liu Kang leaping in and taking down five Tarkatans, making sure to only knock them unconscious instead of kill.
One of the Tarkatans grabbed him from behind, but as another was going to plant his bland into the Champions鈥 chest, Kung Lao reappeared and spun rapidly in place, creating a gust of magic wind that sent the remaining Tarkatans into the bay nearby.
Baraka looked at his unconscious forces in a mixture of respect and annoyance, before making his way to the pair.
鈥淒o you remember our last fight?鈥
鈥淚 remember beating you.鈥
鈥淎 mistake, like the one your Shaolin brothers made opposing Outworld.鈥
Kung Lao felt his thoughts rage at Baraka鈥檚 mockery of his dead friends but kept calm as he got into his stance. Liu Kang eyed Lao cautiously, before getting into his own.
Baraka, eagerly awaiting the taste of Lao鈥檚 flesh, unsheathed his blades and lunged toward his opposition.
Kung Lao avoided being impaled and the two traded blows, neither able to best the other until Kung Lao swept Baraka鈥檚 legs when he tried to grab him.
Kung Lao was going to strike a hard Blow to Baraka鈥檚 head, but was caught off guard Baraka lunged and bit down On Kung Lao鈥檚 arm, about to take out a piece before Liu Kang Kicked him away.
Liu Kang鈥檚 kick stunned Barka fir a little, allowing him to coat one his hands in flame and punch him in the chest hard enough to send him flying into a railing nearby. Liu Kang ran to tend to his friend.
鈥淎re you alright?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 fine.鈥
Kung Lao turned toward the beaten Baraka, barely managing to stay on his feet, and narrowed his eyes.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to end this.鈥
Kung Lao walked over.
鈥淒o you admit defeat?鈥
鈥淚 admit nothing, Earthrealmer.鈥
鈥淚f those are your last words鈥︹
Kung Lao took his Razor rimmed hat off his head and held it in his hand.
Liu Kang鈥檚 eyes widened as he realised what his friend was planning.
鈥淜ung Lao, wait-
Kung Lao brought his razor hat down, bisecting Baraka in half as his eyes froze in surprise, observing as the halves separated and fell to the ground with a thud.
鈥淭he Shaolin are avenged.鈥
鈥淜ung Lao! Why did you do that?鈥
Kung Lao whirled around to see the concerned face of his friend.
鈥淥ur Teachings were explicit in never taking a life. Yet you-
鈥淭his monster killed our allies, Liu Kang, our friends. He had to face justice.鈥
Liu Kang stared at his friend, evidently conflicted.
鈥淚 agree that he needed to face consequences. But killing? Goes against everything we were taught.鈥
Kung Lao looked sorry for a moment.
鈥淚 wish I didn鈥檛 have to Liu Kang.鈥
鈥淲e should keep moving.鈥
Liu Kang gave one more look at the bisected Baraka.
鈥榊es, we should.鈥
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tonbinniea day ago
Songs that represent MK11 Female Kommbtants (parts to male version)
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thunderousmemesa day ago
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Kitana Khan
MK 11聽
Feel free to like/reblog聽
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thedestinysunknown2 days ago
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Mortal Kombat 9 - Kitana:
"Here's princess Kitana. She was always a very important character, in terms of lore, but in this newer games, you see her a lot more often than before, and I'm here for it. Kitana is awesome. She has such a tragic, yet solid lore, cute design and a moveset to die for. I've always been a fan of her fans, and in this game she uses em a lot, specially for combos. Overall, I am very happy with her inclusion in this game."
PS: the gameplay used for this gifset is not mine. The original video belongs to the user: XGAMER 744, on Youtube.
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shang-tsung-simp3 days ago
MK ships I happen to enjoy lol
idk a list of ships I enjoy
- Shang Tsung x Raiden (otp fokin foight me bitch, basically everyone knows about Shang Tsung and Raiden except Shang Tsung and Raiden haha)
- Shang Tsung x Sheeva (idk she'd totally put the smug sorcerer in his place, he'd love every bit of it--)
- Shang x Sheeva x Raiden (happy poly couple that prolly argues a lot but is real sweet at the end of the day)
- Sheeva x Arron (one I haven't seen done before but I have HCs I'll eventually post--)
- Sheeva x Fujin (Big beefy wahmyn and sweet bf? yes pls)
- Fujin x Cetrion (these two would be so dang sweet on each other, basically two hippies lol)
- Liu Kang x Kitana (one of the only canon ships I like, idk man they do work for me. he tries to act all cool but he do be simpin)
i have others I like but these are ones I currently enjoy a lot, feel free to ask about any of these if you're interested in hearin more
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chadillacboseman3 days ago
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scorpiyeux3 days ago
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photomodegaming3 days ago
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Mortal Kombat 11 has some great customisation options for the kombatants. Here鈥檚 a few of my favourite looks taken by me on PS4.
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avi174 days ago
MK X Pacific Rim AU Concept
Tumblr media
You ever get an AU idea in your head and go absolutely feral for a bit putting it all on paper?聽 Me neither, until now!聽 This isn鈥檛 so much a fic as just a detailed wiki-style outline, but hopefully it will still be fun to read!聽 I had a ton of fun figuring out how to translate all these concepts and backstories into the PR world. If anyone feels like doing anything with these ideas they鈥檙e absolutely welcome, just please credit me and link back to this post if you do!聽 I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l ever be able to write this into some massive longfic, but I definitely hope to do some shorts in this聽鈥榲erse. I brainstormed this with a bunch of people, and got some fun ideas from @sxvethelastdance鈥, @bastardsunlight鈥, and @fallen-angel-lucifer- thank you guys so much for humoring all this!鈥
Tumblr media
Pan Pacific Defense Corps Marshal Raiden was a legendary Mark 1 pilot dating back to when the program was first launched.聽 Based out of the Shatterdome in Tokyo, he and his brother Fujin, in their Jaeger Thunderbolt Gale, were the first line of defense from Kaiju attacks headed westward from the breach for five grueling years. However, they met their match in Motaro, the first Category 3 Kaiju to make landfall on Hokkaido, and when Fujin was torn from their Jaeger and killed, Raiden was forced to take down the creature solo- a feat replicated only twice since. The physical and emotional toll of that day led to his retirement from active combat, but he remained in the PPDC as a commander, as well as a mentor of other pilots.聽 When the Jaeger program was decommissioned, he was the last one to retain his faith in it, and took up leadership over the few remaining Jaegers at the Shatterdome in Hong Kong for one final stand against the Kaiju. Current Pilots:
Tumblr media
Liu Kang and Kung Lao Jaeger: White Lotus Original base: Hong Kong
The home base heroes of the Hong Kong Shatterdome, pilots Liu Kang and Kung Lao are the top graduates and darlings of the Wu Shi Jaeger Academy.聽 Raised together in a martial arts sect before the first breach and drift compatible since their ranger training began, they are nearly inseparable- though Kung Lao has never quite forgotten how Liu Kang's scores just barely edged out his own in their individual skill assessments, and he strives constantly to prove himself his partner's equal (despite Liu Kang's insistence that such competition is unnecessary). Their Jaeger, White Lotus, is a well-rounded, powerful machine, featuring high-powered flamethrowers, as well as a system of fuel vents that allow it to set its fists alight and heat them to brutal temperatures in close-quarters battle. For ranged combat, it utilizes a circular blade mounted to its head, which can be thrown like a boomerang with enough force to slice through buildings.聽
Tumblr media
Kitana and Jade Jaeger: Edenia Glory Original Base: Lima
Interplanetary refugees, Kitana and Jade escaped to Earth after their homeworld was attacked and overrun by Kaiju invaders.聽 Their spacecraft crashed in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, and though they immediately searched for civilization in order to warn Earth鈥檚 people of what was to come, the first wave of attacks had already begun.聽 After making their way to Lima, they volunteered to put their combat skills and close bond to use as rangers in the South American Jaeger program. Together they have defended the coasts of Chile and Peru since the Mark-2 days, though between battles, they spend their time in communication with the PPDC and the U.N., sharing what information they can about the Kaiju and other alien life previously unknown on Earth. Their Jaeger, Edenia Glory incorporates technological elements from their original planet not used in any other Jaeger, and is lithe, fast, and deadly, with a style focused primarily on precision bladework rather than hand to hand brawling.聽 Its name is a tribute to their lost homeworld, and they use it to great effect to prevent Earth from suffering the same fate.
Tumblr media
Sonya Blade and Jackson "Jax" Briggs (later Johnny Cage) Jaeger: Flawless Victory Original Base: Los Angeles
Both Lt. Sonya Blade and Maj. Jax Briggs had successful careers in the U.S military behind them when the first Kaiju came ashore and attacked San Francisco.聽 Though at the time, Sonya was in the field pursuing the criminal Kano, she returned to the states when her friend and superior officer, Jax, suggested that they might be good candidates for the newly-formed ranger program.聽 He proved to be right, and the two did time at the Shatterdomes in both Los Angeles and Anchorage, fighting off Kaiju from Canada to Mexico, and became well-admired figures within the military for their ascent.聽 Though far from unscathed, the ostentatiously-named Flawless Victory is the last American Jaeger left standing by the time the program is decommissioned and is a tank of a machine, sacrificing some speed for the greatest physical strength of any Jaeger still on the field. Like the other American Jaegers, for long range combat it favors plasma cannons and explosives- particularly a ring-shaped plasma blast with wider coverage than the usual single beam- but it is at its most effective when delivering a crushing beatdown up close and personal. Johnny Cage is the star of a popular series of action films dramatizing the battles of the Jaegers and Kaiju, and to many civilians at home, is as much the face of the Jaeger program as its real members. 聽He has a secret ambition to become an actual pilot and has an impressive record in simulations, but because of his celebrity status (and his personality), Marshal Raiden and the other Jaeger teams refuse to consider him as a true contender. 聽However, when a vicious fight with two Kaiju at once leaves both of Jax's arms shattered, taking him out of commission as a pilot for the foreseeable future, Sonya is forced to accept Johnny as her new co-pilot in order to keep Flawless Victory in the fray where it is needed. Despite her irritation with him, they turn out to be drift compatible, and become a formidable duo in their own right.
Tumblr media
Hanzo Hasashi and Kuai Liang Jaeger: Phantom Vengeance Original Base: Nagasaki
From the Nagasaki Shatterdome, the bright yellow Mark-3 Jaeger Shirai Ryu defended the coast of the Yellow Sea across three countries.聽 Its building was overseen by its husband and wife pilots, Hanzo and Harumi Hasashi, and it was named for the legendary warrior clan from which Hanzo claimed descent.聽 It was in service for four years, though Hanzo and Harumi always spent as much time as possible between missions with their young son Satoshi, who lived with them in their quarters at the base so that his parents could still have a part in raising him in a world that would not guarantee a reunion for families who choose to separate. Across the sea based in Shanghai was an organization known as the Lin Kuei, a private military contractor funded by shadowy, unknown sources.聽 Though its bread and butter was anti-Kaiju weaponry, it also began to develop its own Jaegers- the only ones outside the PPDC, created from illicitly obtained blueprints, and hireable for the right price.聽 Its crown jewel was a small, stealthy machine called simply Sub-Zero, unique for its proficiency underwater and tendency to use coolant as a weapon rather than fire or explosives, and piloted by two brothers- Bi-Han and Kuai Liang. When the massive Kaiju Kintaro directly attacked the Nagasaki Shatterdome, Shirai Ryu was the only Jaeger left to defend it. Desperate, the Hasashis attempted to contact the Lin Kuei, as they were closer than the nearest other Shatterdome in Tokyo.聽 They received no response and were forced into battle alone, and though they prevailed, the price was too high- not only Harumi鈥檚 life when part of their cockpit was crushed, but Satoshi鈥檚 as well, buried in the wreckage of the base.聽 In his grief, Hanzo blamed the Lin Kuei- particularly Bi-Han, with whom he had never gotten along- for what he perceived as a failure to act due to greed and amorality. What Hanzo did not know that day was that they were experiencing the first double event in history, and Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei were under attack by the Kaiju Sheeva at the same time.聽 The Kaiju hivemind had figured out Sub-Zero鈥檚 usual strategy of attacking from the water, and were ready with an acidic bite that tore a hole in the cockpit, which rapidly flooded.聽 After a similar failure to make contact with Shirai Ryu, Bi-Han was swept out into the sea and presumably drowned (though his body was never recovered), but Kuai Liang, despite a bleeding face and water up to his neck, managed to kill the Kaiju mere moments before Sub-Zero ceased to function. After his release from medical, a furious Kuai Liang set off immediately for the remains of the Nagasaki Shatterdome to confront Hanzo for his failure to respond to the attack, since Shanghai was within Nagasaki's area of coverage. Both blinded by rage, they nearly got into a fistfight in the middle of the base, but once they realized what had truly happened, their anger cooled.聽 They bonded over their grief, and the unfathomable experience of having to pilot a Jaeger alone after such loss- and in the process, discovered they were drift compatible, and that they both wished to continue the fight in retaliation for what the Kaiju had done to their families. Their new Jaeger, Phantom Vengeance, is a strange sight- constructed from salvaged pieces of both Sub-Zero and Shirai Ryu (along with some newer tech to fill the gaps), it looks as much like a walking ghost as its pilots. However, it should not be underestimated based on its appearance. Quick and light (for a Jaeger), it features a retractable grappling hook to drag Kaiju into the range of its blasts of powerful coolant, and a devastating grip to snap them like twigs once frozen.聽
Tumblr media
Other Players:
After the destruction of Sub-Zero and the defection of Kuai Liang, the Lin Kuei concluded that the problem with the Jaeger program was the human element of drift compatibility, which limited the number of possible pilots and held them back due to concern for their partners in battle.聽 Therefore, in secret, they began a series of horrific experiments, fusing subjects with their Jaegers to operate more like batteries than true pilots, and erasing their memories through drugging and electric shock in order to create blank minds that could operate together without the complications of emotion.聽 Assassins Cyrax and Sektor, along with Kuai Liang鈥檚 close friend Tomas Vrbada, were among the subjects of this initiative, forced to operate a three-armed machine called Triborg.
Shang Tsung is a scientist, shunned from the academic community and at times running afoul of the law for his unethical- if not outright twisted- biological experiments. He and Marshal Raiden have crossed paths in the past, and though no one knows the details, their enmity towards each other is clear. However, in his desperation after the decommissioning of the Jaeger program, Raiden had Shang Tsung brought from prison to the Hong Kong Shatterdome, and gave him access to whatever parts he needed to find a way to destroy the Kaiju- by any means necessary. Shang Tsung agreed partly because of the money offered, but mostly because the world's destruction would throw quite the wrench into his own personal goals. (And maybe because it was deeply satisfying- and perhaps useful- to have the Marshal in his debt.) Where his allegiance will lie at the end of the day, however, is anyone's guess.聽
For such experiments, one needs a steady supply of Kaiju parts, and for contraband like that, Raiden had to look even lower- to the crime syndicate the Black Dragon, led by Kano and including his associates, Kabal and Erron Black.聽 Though once mercenaries dealing in everything from illicit arms trading to assassination, the Black Dragon followed the money and and put all their resources into the trafficking of Kaiju parts.聽 With demand so high, they have become immensely powerful, but their involvement with the PPDC in the name of greater profits ends up bringing Kano face to face with his old nemesis, Sonya Blade- with predictably violent results.
Nightwolf was the historian of the Matoka tribe, which had long ago predicted a great cataclysm that would bring about the end of life on earth.聽 Though he had been skeptical that such legends were real, when that cataclysm came to pass in the form of the Kaiju invasion, Nightwolf was not content to merely await a prophesied destruction.聽 He left home and applied for the ranger program, but although he trained toward being a pilot and had the necessary combat skills, he never found a partner with whom he was drift compatible.聽 Rather than dwell on this with resentment, he pivoted his focus into other ways he could help, and found his place as a technician and LOCCENT officer.聽 Transferred to Hong Kong after the decommissioning of the Jaeger program, he was the rangers鈥 primary point of communication with the base while in battle.
Though most of the world fears the Kaiju, there are also those who worship them, and such admiration has evolved over the years into a full-blown religion.聽 The shadowy high priest of this cult is Quan Chi, who claims that the Kaiju have been sent by the God of Death himself- to end the days of humans on Earth as we so richly deserve.聽 Recently, a strange, hollow-eyed man calling himself Noob Saibot has appeared like a shadow at Quan Chi鈥檚 side, serving as his personal bodyguard against all threats and a fellow ardent believer in the inevitability of humanity鈥檚 destruction. Mileena is a grotesque fusion of Kaiju DNA with that of Kitana, which was stolen against her will when she was injured and bled during the invasion of Edenia. She enters Earth as a general of the Kaiju, connected to their hivemind, along with the first Category 5 to ever come through the breach, Goro. 聽Together, they intend to ensure the will of their creator and the ruler of the Anteverse- Shao Kahn- is carried out.
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zeeroweenies4 days ago
i can鈥檛 tell you how much i love the theme omg it鈥檚 so hard to come across people from the lollipop chainsaw fandom 馃槱
AHH ty that game was the pinnacle of my childhood and I had the biggest crush on Juliet bye馃様鉁嬸煆 I鈥檓 gonna change it to something mortal kombat themed with jade or mileena soon im tired of looking at the color pink馃槱
Edit: bye I鈥檓 gonna change my theme now I鈥檓 sorry Juliet馃ズ
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lilmissriottbliss4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For myself so @ylove-bandaesthetics and I match 馃枻
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soulsnakebite4 days ago
Tumblr media
Birthday Adventure (2)
Tumblr media
For: my faves
Warnings: some swear words
You wake up in your room feeling groggy. You get dressed, put on the makeup look you prepared for your special day to feel good, and head towards the exit.
You haven't planned much today - just bought one of those nice colorful cakes for yourself for breakfast. It's because you aren't home right now, since you're a contestant for the tournament that's going to begin soon. It's really something you feel could change your life, and that is much needed right now...
You didn't manage to make many friends yet, so nobody knows about your birthday, but found quite a nice place to stay. Today you'll have to board Shang Tsung's ship that will lead you to his Island.
You walk out to be met with a very nice weather, deciding to take a better look at the boat that is going to bring you to your hopes and dreams this evening... maybe that's a bit too much daydreaming, but you feel it in your heart that you're at the right place.
Suddenly some thief running away bumps into you and almost knocks you into the water, but someone catches you...
馃尮 "Woah there, buddy! Are you okay?"
馃尮 "You're lucky I was there to catch you. Tell me, who are you?"
馃尮 "Are you alright?"
馃尮 "Oof- Shit!"
馃尮 "What a pleasant surprise..."
馃尮 "No need to thank me."
馃尮 "First time here?"
馃尮 "Careful there."
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