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wellfighter1up · 56 minutes ago
Mortal Kombat 11 | Sindel Cosplay
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Tumblr media
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lucia-safuriajin · an hour ago
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I did another version of this old post
Revenant Lao and his friend.
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Tumblr media
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shang-tsung-simp · 2 hours ago
ok but shang and raiden
between the two you have a bag of skittles cuz they is bringin on the rainbow lol
you have raiden, a demisexual gay ass simp
then shang, a bisexual hoe~
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ren-meteor · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
She’s very cute 🐯
Tora belongs to the lovely @tora-lotus 
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chadillacboseman · 8 hours ago
Kabal is such a fuckin dork
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tora-lotus · 8 hours ago
@shang-tsung-simp I had to give it colour 💕💕🐈
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scorpiyeux · 10 hours ago
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soulsnakebite · 12 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Rose For Show?
Warnings: anxious reader, MK1995 spoilers (? if there's anyone who hasn't watched it)
Gender: neutral
Description: Shang Tsung shows interest in you, but nobody of your friends trusts him. You are also not sure what that sorcerer is up to...
Tumblr media
You're eating dinner at Shang Tsung's Island right now. The food is very good and you're really hungry. Sonya, Liu Kang and Johnny are only slightly poking the food, but you could eat a whole horse right now. Until Shang Tsung appears and gestures to his servants to flip over all the tables with the delicious food. It broke your heart. And also leaving you with an empty stomach.
"What a show off...", you mumble under your breath, throwing the napkin to the side in frustration.
This is the first time you saw Shang Tsung, when he walked in with his long coat and hair moving gracefully as he appeared on that podest. You weren't sure what it was exactly that compelled you to participate in the tournament, but you just have a feeling you won't be able to leave this place.
As Shang Tsung was walking off the stage, after one of his servant lost in a deadly fight to Sub-Zero... in the middle of dinner..., you didn't see that he glanced at you with a sly smirk.
Liu Kang, Johnny and Sonya decide to go and explore the Island instead of going to sleep. Mainly because Sonya needs to have a talk with that sorcerer, claiming that he must know more about Kano and she needs to find him. Liu wants to quite literally fight Shang Tsung, while Johnny is wondering why he said yes to all of this again...
Johnny calls her admirable - Liu Kang points out that it's not her mind that he's admiring and you chuckle. Johnny doesn't even deny it. You decided not to follow your newly met friends and instead stayed at the main hall, watching how the servants are putting back the tables in their right position again and cleaning everything up.
You put your head in your hand, leaning against the front of the stairs that leads to the tables, with interest. The place is beautiful, you can't deny it. It's a bit creepy... must be because of the statues... but maybe moreso mysterious. The warm candlelights make it definitely very cozy.
You don't see how Goro was watching you and your friends from behind a wall, but the Prince of the Shokan followed Liu Kang, Sonya and Johnny. You have someone else's eyes on you...
You walk downstairs while the servants are still using broom and towels to clean the place, to discretely take a dish from a table before they could bring it back to the kitchen. You really are starving.
You find a more quiet place to sit and enjoy your meal. Sadly you didn't have a drink or any wager with you. But you're happy with what you have. It's quite nice... it's so quiet, warm and beautiful at night; at least at the part if the Island where you are staying. You let your legs dangle a bit from the most comfortable rock you found outside near all the spooky statues and enjoy your meal happily.
Thinking you're alone, you are relaxed and content. Sure, the tournament also gives you anxiety, but you have a nice opportunity to not stress about it too much for now. You don't hear any footsteps approaching you, and don't see how a certain sorcerer is standing behind you. l with a warm smile. He's thinking about how to introduce himself, being very pleased and excited to meet you here alone - he didn't even have to plan anything.
"A nice evening, isn't it.", Shang Tsung speaks up, startling you. You sit there with mouth full of food and can only need, eyes wide. You don't know if he's going to say something about stealing his food, plus he's a very deadly sorcerer - so you've heard.
This one instead steps closer to you with his hands clasped neatly behind his back, and smile not wavering. As he stands in front of you, you watch him bow to you and introduce himself: "I am Shang Tsung. It's a delight to meet you."
Of course you feel a bit awkward, and swallow the food in your mouth slowly. You don't quite know what he wants from you; but you introduce yourself as well. His eyes fall to your plate of food and you can see how he tries to hold in a chuckle.
"Are the rocks more comfortable than the chairs, my dear? I wasn't made aware of such; if I knew I would have changed the interior design.", Shang Tsung jokes around, clearly amused. You can't help but laugh a bit, sensing that he doesn't mind one bit that you took the food. What he says next surprises you though.
"Why don't you join me at my personal dinner table? I would love to have some company. As much as these rocks might be comfortable to sit on, I assure you that my chairs are much more comfortable. They're Outworld's best...", Shang Tsung holds out his arm for you to hold onto. You need some time to process what is even happening, but you simply comply and leave the plate behind.
Shang Tsung once more tries to keep his smile hidden, but can't. He seems so genuinely... happy - though some part of you is alerting you that this man is a sly snake, just like Raiden likes to call him. Who knows what is going on inside of that evil mind, and what he's scheming.
Johnny, Sonya and Liu Kang see you and Shang Tsung walking off with you and decide to follow you, thinking that you found him first and therefore will be the one to get information out of Shang Tsung. So they follow you and end up hiding somewhere to listen in to what you're saying.
You notice them from the side of your eye soon enough as you're walking. Shang Tsung started talking about his belongings and the beautiful things on his Island that you can see right now, with pride, so he doesn't notice. Once you see him wanting to turn his head, because Johnny stepped on a stick, you grab his upper arm abruptly and he looks at you surprised.
"I am impressed, Shang Tsung, truly. Can we hurry up, though? I'd really like to eat right now.", is the first thing that comes into your mind to save the situation. Shang Tsung just smiles happily again.
"Of course, my dear. This way, please.", he moves forward and walks down the stairs, holding his hand out for you to guide you... unnecessary but very sweet of him. You just never had someone do something like that for you. Shang Tsung is a true gentleman - which you did not expect, after everything that Raiden said about the sorcerer.
When you arrive, Shang Tsung holds out the door for you and also later holds the chair out for you as you sit down. He takes off his jacket and gives it to one of his guards - revealing his deep red button up shirt the black embroidery and dark vest he was wearing underneath.
Some servants bring you a big variety of food to choose from before he silently gestures for them to leave. You just watch at this whole scene happening around you with much interest. Shang Tsung notices and hides his smile behind his clasped hands, as he leans on the table.
"Wine?", your date asks, as he picks up the bottle... must be a very expensive one. Not that there's anything not expensive here... But you decline and settle for water.
"I don't want a headache before the tournament begins.", you chuckle half-heartedly, and Shang Tsung just looks at you with an unreadable expression, squinting a bit. Turns out he was forming a question in his head.
"Tell me... do your friend know that you're here?", Shang Tsung asks with a serious expression, leaning a bit back in his fancy chair, one hand resting on the table. If you weren't apprehensive then now you surely are. That he brought this up makes you nervous.
"No. Last time I saw them they wanted to go on a walk. Look at the... beautiful flowers and... statues.", you answer. You're not entirely lying right now, so you're good. Hopefully. Shang Tsung looks down before taking in a breath and that unreadable smile returning to his face as your eyes meet again.
"I see.", is all he responds with. Which doesn't really take the nervousness out of you. You could have sworn you just almost started sweating... "I apologize for questioning you. You're hungry, please enjoy your meal.", the man politely says, sitting nearly on his chair again. His posture and the way he holds himself is always so neat, it's mesmerizing.
So you dig in, and can't help yourself from complimenting Shang Tsung, who is even happier than you think when you say you really are genuinely enjoying this dinner. His heart is warming up his chest because he managed to please you, but it's not evident on the exterior of the sorcerer.
It would be nice, but Kano barged into Shang Tsung's room unannounced, clearly upsetting him immediately with his behavior, as you see the sorcerer's expression change from content to pissed off. "Mister Shang Tsung, there are intruders! We don't know who, but someone is lurking around your Island. What if they sabotage our plan?", Kano seems out of breath. There are a lot of stairs around here to be fair.
That's the first time you see him not being gentle, which makes you realize that he acts much different with you... "Get out!", Shang Tsung demands. He turns to you and apologizes for this interruption. You have a feeling you weren't supposed to hear that, but for some reason the sorcerer doesn't show any signs of trying to get rid of you now. You almost thought he could...
He gets up from the table as you do - realizing you need to catch some sleep as well. "Thank you very much for this evening Mister Shang Tsung, but I must go now.", you announce. But Shang Tsung can't let you leave without handing you a rose he had prepared for you. He planned on gifting it to you later, but since circumstances have brought you together earlier, he doesn't mind one bit...
You take the rose from him without a word from either of you. As you look into his eyes, you don't know how red your face is at the moment. Although deadly, his eyes pull you in... they really feel like he's looking into your soul, so you abruptly look away - more because you feel a bit vulnerable right now and don't know what to do with this emotion, than fearing he'd take your soul any second. Though he could have done so easily.
It makes you realize that you have no idea what you're doing. You just went away with the deadliest sorcerer, host of the tournament, on top of that known for being a snake. Logic was definitely not your compass today.
Tumblr media
You can't stop yourself from saying yes to another date with him, but don't know if this is for "the plan" again... or if you really have feelings for the sorcerer. All you know is that you can't keep yourself from smiling at the beautiful red velvet rose in your hands that Shang Tsung gifted you earlier, while looking into your eyes with his beautiful deep brown ones.
The powerful sorcerer Shang Tsung is sitting in his chair right now and daydreaming about you... "I cannot wait to see them fight Kano...", he says to himself, before taking a sip of his dark red wine and swirling it in his hands gently.
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soulsnakebite · 16 hours ago
Kabal, Cassie, Fujin, Quan Chi, Liu Kang persuade the reader to love the sport
I hope it's okay I rephrased it a bit.
Tumblr media
They persuade you to train with them...
Tumblr media
⚜ Kabal is a bit of a lazy potato himself, who likes to hit the snooze button about 4 times in the morning before getting up. Has he sometimes come late to work? No. He's fast. He'll be there in a second anyway. So you both need training and Kabal is the one who decides to be the motivator between the both of you. He praises you of course and says that after training you can go back to bed and sleep or treat yourself to a slushy... or make out on the couch - whichever you're up to, Kabal won't say no. Though sometimes you both skip a day of training entirely and decide to go right to the "treat yourself" part. He doesn't want to be harsh with you and enjoy your time together.
Tumblr media
⚜ Cassie is a very fun training partner, but she will absolutely not go easy on you. Of course she'll give you a hand and take lots of breaks with you if you can't keep up. You don't stop joking around, and you laugh loudly when you manage to pin her down to the floor. Everyone looks at you at the Special Forces training grounds and smiles at you two. The fun atmosphere and cheering from the people around you, makes you like training. Cassie likes to go and get some milkshakes after, and you always look forward to that. You might not like training as much, but you like spending time with Cassie so much, that you're eventually the first one to initiate it, making her smile at you.
Tumblr media
⚜ Fujin makes your training with him very playful and fun, so you won't get stressed out. Fujin is not very strict, he just wants to help you and spend more time together with you while also helping you like training more. He throws in a lot of wind jokes, but he is also a very good at encouraging and praising people. You feel very comfortable with the wind god and it truly is a nice experience - when you get tired, Fujin immediately stops and asks that you drink some water. He looks out for you and never pressures you to do something. Soon enough you look forward to waking up in the morning to wave at your favorite god and start the training, which is quite flirty but productive.
Tumblr media
⚜ Quan Chi is a more neutral teacher, as in - he doesn't mix friendship or relationship with business. Training is simply training between you two, and you don't find it too thrilling. When you point it out, he must now think of a solution. He likes having you around, he wants you to come over more often. So he tries out praising you a lot throughout, which reveals itself as very effective. It motivates you and it also makes you feel good about yourself. Quan Chi looks pleased but he's genuinely happy he found a solution. What made training perfect is when you asked him to take care of your soar muscles. Now it's something he always does after training - you deserve it after all.
Tumblr media
⚜ Liu Kang overworks himself to the max. When you point it out he just smiles at you and shrugs. "It's my duty as protector of Earthrealm.", is all he says. For you this means that he drags you with him to training - otherwise you wouldn't actually see him as often, since he trains a lot. But the Chosen One promises that it'll be fun. You might end up a bit too exhausted, and then Liu Kang admits that this must have been a little bit too much for you. Next time when you get tired Liu Kang asks you to climb on his shoulders, back, or wrap your legs around his torso, while the monk does push-ups or of the like. He laughs when you say that you can train like this all day.
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chadillacboseman · 17 hours ago
I need Kabal to be Ka-BALLS deep in me rn.
Is that anything? I've had two hours of sleep.
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soulsnakebite · 17 hours ago
Hi🙂, can you write the alphabet, please: Rain - letter S. You have a wonderful blog! 🤗
Thank you so much! ☺ Kind words like these mean a lot! 💜
Tumblr media
Soul Chamber - They thought they lost you
TW for angst/ near d3ath
Tumblr media
Rain has less than a handful of people he trusts. And only two people who ever really loved him - his dearly beloved mother, and you.
The temple you went into crumbles, making a lot of noise and a sea of dust go up.
"Lord Rain... your partner, they... didn't make it.", one of his partners on this mission very carefully announces, knowing how sensitive the demigod is... he lost his mother. He can't lose you too.
"Don't you dare say this.", Rain days through gritted teeth. He just felt his heart sink and stomach twist, but he refuses... "No... they're not...", he mumbles.
Rain directs all his sadness and anger he feels from the guilt that he failed to save you - not being there for you when you needed him the most - into ordering people around. A lot more demanding than usual, because you're his everything.
"Amateurs! Why did I decide I could trust you!?", Rain is seething right now, heart broken. Even Raiden has a sad expression on his face, understanding in how much pain he is right now; everyone is letting Rain be.
As the demigod runs into the fog of dust and disappearing from everyone's sight, big dark clouds appear and start pouring very heavy rain.
He freezes when he sees you - coughing, covered in dust, and clearly walking with a slightly injured foot. Rain rushes over to you and picks you up bridal style. He holds you tightly against him and kisses your lips firmly. "I thought I lost you, my love..."
You wipe away the tear running down his cheek with a smile. "I'll always be there for you, Rain.", you assure him as you caress his cheek with your thumb and he leans in to kiss it, before he opens a portal.
Rain doesn't want to see the others right not who put you in such risk. He needs some time with you alone to calm down after all the emotions he just went through.
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tonbinnie · 18 hours ago
Songs that represent MK11 Female Kommbtants (parts to male version)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yuvon · 21 hours ago
Lotus: Oh my god- DOKTOR
Doktor: Hmm, yea?
Lotus: Care to explain yourself before I pull this out?
Doktor: I don't think I need to explain myself
Lotus: Oh yea? *pulls out a human heart*
Doktor: *drops his clipboard in silence*
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yuvon · 22 hours ago
Stryker: We got you on camera
Kabal: Well, I got you flowers!
Stryker, blushing: Ah...
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