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thesquidkid · 10 days ago
writing a fic, about to write the sentence "and I was stuck in this situation, like ever given" and I remembered that this fic takes place in 2019
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geordon · 7 days ago
I think there's a pretty big difference between lashing out when scared/stressed and being an angry person.
Between having an amount if anger in you that comes out when things get bad and being the one that makes thing bad
Between violence in reaction to something and actively wanting to cause harm
And I think some people could really do better in understanding that difference
#geo dialogue.txt#idk ive just been thinking about how the vrai fandom characterizes gordon#and how some people apparently watched a wat different series than i did based on the fanfics ive either read or looked at the tag of#and some people try to skirt the line in a really weird way of oh no he literally attacked ben but then snapped out of it#which could maybe work in Specific Circumstances but. the one im thinking of was literally just. the kitchware was all on the counters#bc ben didnt know that that isnt how it should work. its such a disproportionate response#but the rest of the fic treats it like this isnt a major thing. like. i Inderstand that people respond to trauma in wild ways#i get that. but if you attack someone over something that small then maybe you should tell them it would be best if they hung back for a bi#then you should go directly to therapy and get that sorted bc thats messed up and you cant pretend everything is fine bc you cried abt it#and you know what? the entire rest of the plot of that specific fic wouldnt have happened. which id be fine with#bc it involved gordon deciding to play with bens feelings to find out what those feelings were#which would suck and be awful even if it wasnt involving someone who spend a good chunk of time as a science experiment#if youre going to characterize gordon as someone with barely controlled anger issued whod do that then dont chicken out#if youre going to make him do these things then dont continue on to talk about how hes still a good person#maybe i only have strong feelings abt this bc im someone who lashes out when cornered & also with a sibling with really bad anger issues#but it really bothers me when people completely ignore that pre rescas gordon greeted everyone cheerily#and that post rescas gordon genuinely wanted to try to save as many peopld as possible#and acab stream gordon actively wanted civillians gone before the shooted started#that doesnt read to me as someone who'd attack someone who was trying to help but didnt know how#anyway hi i have a lot of feelings about things and got reminded of this in particular#not tagging the fandom stuff but if yoy wanna reblog or add onto this feel free
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official-lev-haiba · 15 days ago
(I’m so sorryyyy 😭 I change my url a lot so I’m real sorry 😭) Cool! I’ve never ridden a horse or anything before.
hop on!
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thevalicemultiverse · 22 days ago
"Sorry I made you." "I'm not mad, just don't be so hard on yourself!" "Sorry, thanks for taking care of me." "You're welcome." "I'll be fine. Nothing a hot shower and my happy pills can't fix." "Thank you for being my friend." "Aww, thank you you for being my friend!" "I promise I won't get drunk and try to make out with you." "I promise I won't become so fixated on you I try to murder you and make a suit out out your skin!"
“. . .I want to move to another table,” Victor says, leaning away from the two.
“Yeah, ah, think that might be a good idea,” Emily agrees, motioning everyone else up. “Come on, time to find a less creepy place to sit and enjoy some chicken wings. . .”
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