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#is only joke calm
deimosirl · 5 days ago
love how the only post ive made today that is getting any notes is the one abt me dying in madness combat canon. dedmos jokes, the universal humor of the madness fandom
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 14 days ago
i’m going be honest. alex is probably the first time in my life where i can really see myself in a character so much that it’s head turning. like sure i’ve related to other characters before obviously but i can actually see myself in him. he’s so many things; anxious, loyal, sarcastic, sensitive, talented, loving, smart but sometimes clueless and goofy and so much more but also importantly so comfortably gay. like i have never really seen myself or even related that much to most gay characters on tv. alex is the first time where i feel he’s an entirely realistic portrayal of a gay teen boy because i’m a gay teen boy and he’s just like me and others i’ve met like me which is amazing and i never thought i get see that. and not only is he a great rep on his own but he gets a love interest !! who likes him back !!! who is also a relatable teen boy that’s also gay !!! and them not officially getting together has nothing to do with their gayness or acceptance of themselves or something like that because there isn’t a big coming out or coming to terms that they like boys. they both already know that and are comfortable with themselves. there isn’t even a “but what if he doesn’t like boys” scene. their gayness gets to be so causal and they’re supported and loved and i appreciate that so much. and it’s obvious they would get together in a s2 which is so great. everything about alex and willie means to do much to me and sometimes i want cry about finally getting the sort of representation i so lacked growing up and it’s so important and meaningful. i love jatp and i would’ve loved it so much at age 17 too and alex and willie is a big reason why 
#like truly i cant really explain how much the gay rep in jatp means to me#and im saying this without even mentioning how great alex’s friends are because their support also means a lot#its all so good#tbh the first time i watched the show i didnt really know anything about it#and jokingly i said alex was gay because he reminded me of myself. also i think owen is cute but thats besides the point#anyways while my friend and i cracked jokes about the name reginald we talked over luke mentioning alex’s parents not being cool after#he came out and such#so my friend hit rewind because she caught the word gay and i cannot begin to tell you the amount of emotions i went there at once when alex#causally got comfirmed gay early into the show like it was a great feeling on so many levels#and it only got better the more i watched and then willie came and i get this big smile seeing them it makes me so happy its crazy really#and maybe im bais because im a nervous gay drummer with a thing for skater boys and i love ghosts and music so maybe this show and these#characters are almost everything i could want in a show so yeah#im going give its gay rep some high praise because on a personal level i think its amazing. i think alex and willie are great#and i want cry haply tears about it sometimes so maybe i need calm down about it#jk i wont they make me too happy its wild#and im not saying its flawless either but for me it just hits the mark realistically well#anywaya ive rambled enough#julie and the phantoms#jatp#alex mercer#willie jatp
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chadlesbianjasontodd · a month ago
i hope sometime my brain comes up with some fanfiction to write about commander cody bc he is DEEPLY interesting to me but i dont have any particular mechanism by which to explore this
#like he has approximately 0 screentime and yet.#commander cody#codywan#his small part in the rots novelization really grabbed me especially. cool calm competent but also the kind of relaxed friendliness#where he gets the same cato nemoidia running joke with obi-wan that anakin has. because they're extremely close! probably best friends!!#and he can (bc this is pre-chip era) turn on a dime from that camaraderie to shooting obi-wan out of the sky#with perfect regard and respect for how dangerous obi-wan is and how good at surviving#because cody is a person. but at the same time: he's the perfect soldier.#and his investment in being a soldier is total. being a person is incidental#cody the perfect soldier is paired with obi-wan the perfect jedi. and this is a match that only ends one way#i'm very invested in the idea of codywan bc cody *has* to be a far better commander than any jedi and he has to know it#him and obi-wan being very close on a personal level but cody also resenting him very deeply#because every day obi-wan gets people killed that cody could have kept alive. and it's almost worse that obi-wan is a decent general#rather than an actively bad one#he's just not good *enough*.#and the army has to be led by jedi. has to. cody would never have the chance to do better no way no how. but he could.#and at the same time he respects obi-wan. they're good friends.#but cody's a soldier and when the orders come down he'll do what needs to be done.#ok im putting this in the main tags bc this tag essay is technically a genuine character analysis post#sw#like obviously this changes a bit in the Post-Chip Era but it really informs how i think abt cody and his relationship w obi-wan#fandom tends to portray cody as like. kind of adoring obi-wan and being super loyal to him personally - which is fine! but#i just really enjoy complicated relationships. sprinkle some resentment in there. some betrayal. some spice
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aliens-on-neptune · 2 months ago
me: hmm i want to assign colors to julius and felicity, and make my own design for her, but i can't choose any. considering oswald and mickey are blue and red, i could give julius yellow like primary colors? but what color should i gibe to felicity then? i could give her purple or magenta but i'm tired of making every rubberhose girl so far with colors between pink and purple, i want something else for her(and besides magenta would be too close to red, and purple or indigo would be too close to blue, i dont want that). i could change and give julius purple or magenta and her yellow, but i don't want to make her share any colors with mickey,theyre already too similar.
my tests and missing homeworks waiting to be done: are you serious right now
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girlsgentrification · 2 months ago
sometimes i go this town is not THAT small but i hear birds chirping and a mf rooster 💀
#i cannot defend this your honor 😭#i stayed up watching reality tv w my sister it was v noice#got weirdly anxious tho it sucks lol i’m listening to calming muzik tho#my sister gave me a blowout and straighten my hair and it looks so much better than i do it#the only reason i do it THAT weird is bc I’m afraid of destroying my curl pattern#but omg when my sister saw my curly hair she called me corbin blue 💀 my shrinkage is crazy#also the amount of gay bitches here is astounding like ily be brave bbs#ANNNDDD i went to this knock off gamestop to buy my bro minecraft on the switch and these dudes running the front were SO rude at it like 😭#ITS A GOOD GAME ‼️‼️‼️ H8ERS#this one dude scared me so bad like in front of us shot this fake gun to the dude ringing us up and made a corny joke about minecraft#i was like..... get me outta here bro 😭😭😭 and my sister said that shit only happens when I’m around like WHYYYYYYY#she said i have this weird girl next door vibe and i was like hmm my lana lang serve i see LMAO jk jk#wondering how different growing up would’ve been if i was cuter like I’m not Devastatingly cute but I ate my younger self up#i made her laugh a ton too which never happens like what’s happening#i feel like i wanna go home but ik I’m gonna b real lonely over there and I love how simple life here is#except the maga republicans like girl get a grip he lost 💀#i think I’M cool and it’s scary to ME like ppl WONT THIS TRAINWRECK 😭 not tryna act bigheaded but it’s WEIRD#this is a morsel of what Actual well adjusted sexy ppl go thru but goddamnnnn this is 🥜#i wish i could live in the bustling city and have this fresh air and nature surrounding it#life is so sick how you rlly have to pick one or the other 🤕💔#straightened**#if i would better social skills i would shoot my shot but i am LITERALLY N O T THAT 😭#i think I’m cool tho. i dress cool. i come across as aloof. I’m decent in looks so i dunno man#someone step up by super m me rn make me yr husband#random but having twin telepathy >>>>>>>>>#oh and im setting up my music library and its insane how much is in there like i have no idea what minimalism is dude#jays communication center
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knifenymph · 2 months ago
when i get back to costa rica..... i promise to take sexy pictures with my machetes.......... and not sexy like male gaze sexy i mean sexy like i assume y'all know what i mean and what my vibe is HHAHA and anyways any picture with a machete in it is sexy so its not hard
#op#chatter#I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEM#oh my god so before i left i hid my machetes in my lil cabin space#not super well hidden but i doubted anyone would be in my space like that so ...#and later marlon made a joke and said that he found them and was planning to use them for dumb marlon stuff LMFAO#and i was like . Marlon. I am very calm about a lot of things. You know this.#But touching my things? My Machetes Especially? Ab So Lutely NOT.#LMFAOOOOOO#and he got the memo real quick LMFAOAOAOOO do not TOUCH my machetes#i am very very borderline territorial when it comes to my things#i dont have many knickknacks or possessions but i am very particular abt the ones i do#i do not like anyone touching my things - even my mom doesnt enter my room when im not present LMFAO and knocks when i am#i am very very chill abt near all else lol but .......... thats a hard no without permission#one time one of the girls in the program was like .. Jasmine.. i have.. a Question for u..#and i was like ... Yes ?#and she goes.. could i .. pretty please so possibly .. maybe .. use your guitar? i PROMISE I KNOW GUITAR SAFETY AND etc etc etc LMFAOOO#and it was only because shes queer and masc and we kinda would flirt that i said yes ....#and then later another girl was like .. yea wow i was amazed that she even asked - i thought that was 100% off limits LMFAO#i forgot that when we stated boundaries at the beginning of the program i told ppl not to touch my stuff and not to even ask bc id probably#shoutout to past jasmine for layin down the LAW!#but so when marlon made that joke i was like ..... Ah .... you do not know Proper Jasmine Etiquette ......... LMFAO
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stxphxn-strange · 2 months ago
Tony: Stephen invited me to a group Spotify session so we can listen to music together while I’m working, except he’s only listening to one song and won’t let me change it.
Stephen, who has Pink Floyd’s “Sorrow” on repeat and at max volume: I’m GOING THROUGH SOMETHING
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crickiss · 3 months ago
Having hero F/Os is so comforting actually.......specially when they're so cool and strong, heh. Knowing they'd always do their best to protect me, even tho they don't have to, makes me feel safe and it's.........quite nice. It's nice to think they'd care abt me just as much as I care abt them ♡
#(dont rb this please! thank you🌼)#vent tw#fr please dont read any further if u dont want to; i wouldnt like to bother or ruin anyone's mood so please feel free to ignore this!#the only reason why im making this post is p much just to talk to myself publicly. cuz i cant keep my thoughts to myself ig heh :'B#anyways im super fucking nervous rn ♡#this is what happens when i try being assertive for once. now i feel like everyone in my classroom is out to get me </3#this could just b me being paranoid; jumping to conclusions and thinking of the worst-case scenario n such. but still im so ;;;;;;#i rly feel like i just comitted social suicide. i already felt like they all hated my guts but now i truly feel like they could. beat me up#why did i suddenly feel the need to stand up for myself?#why couldnt i just stay quiet and endure their bs like i always do??? stupid stupid im so stupid <////33333333#no joke im having the worst panic attack over this rn ive got cold sweat and im hyperventilating and shaking like crazy hdjskjfdkf ;;;;;;;;#i feel so lame and weak for depending on them but i rly wish sai and mumen could protect me in this situation ;;#they cant b by my side which is unfortunate but at least the thought of them comforting me is enough to calm me down a bit.........#and i appreciate and thank them so so much for that. for being with me. in a way. i couldnt b more grateful for that#if they told me everything will b ok then.........i guess i just wouldnt have any choice but to believe them. heh ;v;#anyways if you read this far-- first of all im sorry for wasting ur precious time hsjxjskjf. but also......thank you so much :'>#i would kill for u ♡ /j#fr tho......i care u :')♡ /gen#oh and um im so sorry for the vent post. i hate being the bringer of bad vibes but oh well :'△#bullying tw#suicide mention
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sunforgrace · 3 months ago
when the parasocial kicks in and people make the discourse out of a bit
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