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#i really liked it though
astraldemise · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
godzilllas introduction in godzilla (2014) and him in godzilla vs kong (2021)
we can finally see his lovely face now
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min-my-beloved · 10 hours ago
not doing this now because I already have so many infinity train related ideas I don’t wanna get caught up in a new one but one day I should make a quiz that tells you which of the infinity train quote that live in my brain rent free you are
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zeytins · 16 hours ago
idk horror films that pivot around witches from the burn-at-the-stake colonial american history (the conjuring, vvitch, the autopsy of jane doe, for example) being real always seem less compelling to me. for obvious historical reasons it’s obviously kind of ironic and sad because these films are terrifying and yet I feel that a ghost or corrupted soul of the innocent that nonetheless brings strife to emulate the rage of what killed them (hysteria, group thinking) would ultimately be a more compelling antagonist that would then give the film a great way to work around themes and a way to resolve the conflict that would feel emotionally satisfying and an end to the story...
and even more so a film that is set during a fictionalized version of that hunt meant to be a thriller depicting the mania that sets in on towns and the protagonist is one of the accused seems like a lost opportunity. I see lots of prompts like “tell a horror story without using the usual elements” and what’s more terrifying than your own community turning on you? framed the right way, it might be even taken as paranormal, or as a psychological thriller, because there’s nothing more terrifying and offsetting than the darker and more animalistic parts of our minds? obviously not every horror film out there means to tell a compelling story some are just meant to scare you but I feel like if you add in the right themes horror as a vehicle has so much potential especially this one trope
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ladyhime · 16 hours ago
Seeing people complaining on social media about how the AoT fandom is the worst because of how they react to the ending really brings back memories to me. Those people probably never were in Naruto or Bleach fandom, because if they saw what people from Naruto and Bleach fandoms (especially NaruSaku, SasuKarin and IchiRuki shippers) did in 2014 and 2016 after those manga ended (and a lot of them are still salty about the endings to this day) they would know the true definition of the worst fandom. Like I am not justifying anything those EH shippers and AnR supporters are doing right now, but believe it or not it used to be even worse back then. You are just late to the party. 😂
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cowsaresushi · a day ago
thinking about SmashBurger. Went there with a friend last week, and damn, I haven’t had a burger, since quarantine started (bc I got kicked out of college because they went “we’re infected. please leave. here’s your refund. see you some other semester in person???” (wasn’t kicked out for something I did lmao. sad that I couldn’t go to that Gatsby party because there was a PANDEMIC because it was going to be lit af, but welp, maybe next year. it’s in the spring, so it should be okay by then. or i’ll get a very handsome mask. both.)
damn, smashburger is good af. ‘specially the shroom swiss burger because i like mushrooms. I do like vegetarian burgers, though i won’t touch blackbean burgers because i HATE beans. mushroom burgers though, hell yeah. too much cheese though. What’s its face, shake shack has a mushroom burger but they destroy is with cheese and grease and wow, a bit much. don’t worry you don’t need that. i just like mushrooms.
anyways, burgers. i do like burgers.
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cafffine · a day ago
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kingleedo · 3 days ago
Kpop Tag Game~
Post a pic of your first bias and your current bias from your bias groups to see where your loyalties lie ^^
Block B || Zico - Yukwon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ONEUS || Ravn - Leedo [ tho it was only a day before I was all like OMFHGHGHG LEEDO and I still bias them two but eachh ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ateez || Seonghwa - Wooyoung
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and as for other main groups I still bias, nothing changed
BTOB|| Ilhoon ; SHINee || Onew ; VIXX || Leo ; GOT7 || Jackson
tagged by @moon-typewriter
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flowersforthemachines · 3 days ago
Understanding the nuances of わかる (分・解・判)
So there I was minding my own business playing Nier Replicant when I encountered this line:
Tumblr media
(Translation from the English version of the game: “I’m not sure this will help, but I know a guy who has the same disease.”)
Here, 「判る」 (or, well 「判らん」) reads as 「わかる」
I have already seen it used in the game at least once but wanted to see if it would show up again and it did! Don’t think I’ve ever seen this boy in the wild before so I decided to look up how it is different from its siblings 分かる and 解る.
Is the most common of them all. If you are reading this post, you probably already know what it means so why would I write about that? Moving on.
This verb involves a clear understanding of the matter. In particular, it means being able to understand the meaning, contents (not *physical* contents, mind you), the worth etc of something. Requires a 理解, so to speak.The idea of being able to grasp the contents of something can be seen in words like 聴解 (listening comprehension) and 読解 (reading comprehension). You can use it in sentences like:
英語が解る。(”I understand English”)
問題が解る。 (”I understand the problem\the task”)
An example from Nier: Replicant itself:
Weiss: あの者は、恋人の事を本当に愛しておるのだ。
Nier: 遊ばれてる気がするけどね。
Weiss: ばれている、とはどういう事か?
Nier: シロにはわかんないよ。
Weiss: 何を言うか。我に解らぬことなど無い!
Translation from the English version of the game:
Weiss: Such affection! This man has clearly been entranced by his lover.
Nier: Seems to be he is being played.
Weiss: Whatever do you mean?
Nier: You know, this may be one of those things a magic book just can’t understand.
Weiss: Ridiculous! There is nothing beyond my knowledge! (I would’ve said “beyond my understanding” instead but Nier:Replicant’s translation is honestly too good to criticise)
It also has another usage! 解る is used when talking about understanding somebody, like, on having an emotional capacity to understand someone’s feelings.
俺の気持ちが解るもんか!(”No way you can understand how I feel!”)
私はあの人の事がよく解るわ。(”I understand him well”)
Now onto the thing that started it all. Most likely the first thing that pops in your head when you see the kanji 「判」are words like 「判断」or 「判明」which are basically what this is about. 判る involves being able to give a judgement on something, to classify and seperate. Guessing write from wrong (善悪が判る), seeing the difference between two or more things (違いが判る)
Back to the phrase at the very begnning of this post.
「役に立つか判らんが。。。」is a very good example for this verb because something’s usefullness is definitely something you can judge.
Comparison time!
In the first case, we have more of a general quesiton. A simpe “Do you know this person?”, as if in do you know their name, have you spoken before etc.
The second sentence, however, implies that you don’t, in fact, know the person in question but there are clues that can help you figure out who they are. Like when you can understand where they came from by their accent or whatever.
I’ll add more to this post if I have more thoughts on this. God, I love kanji. This was so much fun.
Note: I’m neither a native nor a professional linguist and all the information in this post is based on my personal knowledge or stuff I found on the internet.  
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wiltking · 4 days ago
just finished reading a gay book that i really liked but had a hard time really getting into the romance aspect because the characters are aged 17 and early 20-something. and i just dont understand. genuinely. why people do these age differences. theres no reason for it! its fiction! for the love of god why not make them both adults! i dont get it!!!
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mark-of-daemons · 5 days ago
What do you think about side spinoffs for resident evil like opperation racoon city, mercinary mode, outbreak and so on?
tbh I actually don’t mind them. I know that’s a not so welcome opinion as far as most people go but I actually have had a lot of fun with them. Merc mode is always a classic, outbreak and some of the others are interesting looks outside of the usual same 4 characters we typically get. ORC to me is also fun, but it’s just meant to serve as mindless entertainment and for me it does a good job at that
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