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#had to look up the movie but oh god.
seffersonjtarship · 7 days ago
Destiel but dostana au
ok. ok yeah but they're actually gay and they end up together.
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oflgtfol · 4 months ago
“god loves you!!” the church said and then in the same breath told us how god killed literally all of humanity except for like three people that one time, or how you go to hell for suicide when suicide is like 99% of the time a result of literal mental illness, or how you go to hell for questioning his authority or for a bunch of tiny little sins that just Add Up Over Time if you don’t properly go and grovel at his feet for forgiveness frequently enough, or you go to hell for simply not believing in god when he gives literally no fucking proof he even exists. and they made us excruciatingly aware of just how long eternity is and just how painful burning is so surely Burning In Hell For All Of Eternity is the absolute epitome of Pain and Suffering
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cosmic-connor · 5 months ago
so help me god by the time this day is over i will draw dan and chris in those fucking horrid orange and blue suits from dumb and dumber
#my dads two best friends had a running joke when he was engaged to my stepmom that they were gonna show up to his wedding in those#and oh my fucking god i wish they did every day of my life#i mean the little green leprechaun ass bridesmaid suit from the ep with hortence's wedding is a one hit kill already#but just. i must exact balance in the world by bringing this idea into existence its been haunting me#that movie is a critical core element of my childhood development#and its so funny because when i tell people that they either dont react at all and are like yea that movie was funny or are terrified#I HAD A FRIEND IN HS WHO GREW UP IN CATHOLIC SCHOOL and i was like yeah lemme put on a comfort movie from my youth#and she was like WHO IN THE FUCK SHOWED THIS TO YOU??? WERE YOU SUPERVISED???#i mean the answer is no but my parents WATCHED this WITH ME#the only time i ever looked away was when lloyd had that revenge fantasy of pulling that dude's heart out of his chest#and that one scene where hes asleep at the wheel and dreams abt that girl taking her shirt off but its the headlights of a truck#but i kept my eyes open anyway GDJASKJ#i dont watch many movies at all but thats a favorite holy fuck#god its so funny. they dont make shit like that anymore. YOU SOLD PEETEY TO A BLIND KID???#AND THE OFFICER WHO THINKS HES DRINKING AT THE WHEEL BUT HE WAS JUST PISSING IN A BEER BOTTLE#oh. if you havent seen that movie come to my house we will have an epic movie night like old times#sleeping bags on the floor and stuffed animals lined up on the coffee table u kno how it is#connor talks
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lesbianstarlightglimmer · 7 months ago
welp i have forgotten to mentally prepare myself for the new chapter of LFLS that dropped today so im going in like KABOOM
#i will always remain unintelligible. goodnight#meows#today went by so quickly except when i was at work. it wasnt AS busy ig but still bad to the point i didnt go to break til almost 2#hours before i was supposed to get off. oh but my twilight figure came in on time! now i just gotta hunt down AJ.....#unfortunately i didnt get to open the figure til forever later bc ofc AS SOON AS i pulled in my gparents showed up :)))))#so i had to sit there sticky and tired in my uniform until they left an hour later! but at least we got to watch the peanuts special#AND the donald duck one w the witch tho its one of those that makes donald look like an asshole. but seeing HDL made me smile#then we carved the pumpkin ate hotdogs and my brothers wanted to watch coco which is hmm not the best on halloween#but its still a good movie but god the songs are so much better in spanish but especially remember me it makes me cry#more than the english version. and the acnh event was fun but i kinda finished it in less than...30 minutes MAYBE?#like legit got all the items got the reactions gave everyone outside candy TWICE and that was it...? kinda miss the exhilaration#id get in NL when theyd chase you tf down and forcefully talk to you. this one they just dance around and hope you talk to em#but it was cute caroline bluebear and chevre were all just in the town square scaring each other back and forth#while. you know. being too cute to be scary. ANYWAYS im gonna read the new chapter and try to keep myself from arting
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shesthewindandsea · a year ago
Fuck I’m watching a new show on Netflix and the first couple notes in one particular song in the score triggered a memory of part of another score from a movie but I don’t remember what movie it was and it’s gonna bother me all night FUCK
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high-supernatural · 2 hours ago
Kai Parker x Female Reader/Character
Word Count: 1370
Warnings: typical tvd themes, sick Kai
Summary: Kai merged with Luke and started feeling different soon after. He got sick and the reader took care of him, throwing him into a fit of confusion. She doesn’t judge him for anything and has the understanding that he’s a product of his environment and acts out of revenge and distrust of others. Kai knows this after having a conversation with her and decides to find out all of her secrets too.
***since y’all like the one shots better than the series, I’m gonna write one shots for female readers under the name V for what I would’ve/will write in the series***
A week went by since Kai did the merge and V watched him like a worried mother the whole time. He was acting different. He had more emotion; he wasn’t trying to push her buttons as much. Part of her worried the merge changed him so much he’d break the pact they had, but she didn’t want to mention it to him yet – he seemed happy.
They watched a movie one night and she could’ve sworn she saw him tear up a little but when she asked him if he was crying, he said he had new allergies.
She didn’t believe him and her suspicions were confirmed when she heard him sniffling in the shower later that night.
She heard the shower turn off and pretended to be asleep to see what he’d do – he covered her with the blanket next to her and sat on the bed they had in the same motel room they stayed in since before the merge. She fell asleep like that eventually and woke up later to find Kai laying next to her with no blankets, backs turned to each other, googling “how to process your emotions”. She didn’t say anything, she turned her chest towards his back and cuddled next to him, pretending to be asleep when he whispered her name to see if she was awake.
He disappeared the next day, finding out from Damon later on that he went to his house asking about “processing emotions”. She didn’t talk to Kai about it, she figured he didn’t want to talk to her about it since he confided in somebody who tried to kill him instead of her.
Instead, she just gave him her normal affection with a little extra on the side. Forced hugs, sleeping where he slept, sitting a little too close to him on the couch – not like he was a pro at boundaries either – and food, lots of food.
Kai woke her up one night coughing in the bathroom. When he came out she asked, “what’s wrong,” Kai just said, “nothing,” and shut the light off. She saw the shadow of his face and knew he didn’t look good so she held her arms out motioning for him to lay with her. He reluctantly did, and he felt burning up.
“Are you sick?” she asked laying on her side against his back with her hand on his forehead.
“No, I’m fine,” is all he said.
“Well, you’re burning up,” she said and laid her head on his, “I’m fine,” he said again.
She covered him with blankets but still woke up in the morning and found him shivering, hotter than before.
She went out to get cold medicine and came back to Kai coughing in the bathroom again. She was about to walk in to see what was wrong when he said, “don’t come in here,” she ignored him because he would’ve ignored her, “oh my god, I can’t stop puking, I’m dying,” he said before coughing again.
“Kai, that’s not puke, that’s blood,” she said walking over to where he was leaning against the wall by the toilet to grab his arm and get him up.
“What are you doing?” he said groggy.
“Taking you to the couch, get up” she walked him to the couch with his arm over her shoulders as he groaned and laid down.
She put pillows behind him and held his mouth with a towel when he coughed more. She wet a towel with cold water and went back to sit next to him on the couch where he laid, feeling his forehead again and placing the washcloth there to cool it down before he coughed, and she held the towel for him again.
“What are you doing?” He asked again.
“You’re sick, I’m taking care of you, idiot,” she responded.
He responded only by coughing again and pulling the wet washcloth over his face, groaning.
She sat on the floor beside him, putting on movies while she read more occult books. This went on for a few days and Kai wasn’t getting any better.
Every time he’d cough, she’d hold a towel or bucket for him, put cold rags on his face, give him medicine and food, and trying to figure out what was wrong.
On the third day she sat on the small portion of the couch he wasn’t taking up with his body to put another cold rag on him to lower his temperature when he grabbed her forearm, pulling it away and looked her in the eyes, “why are you doing this?” he asked, sounding slightly angry.
“Doing what, Kai,” she responded with the same attitude he gave her.
“Taking care of me, what do you want from me,” he coughed.
“I don’t want anything from you except for you to not die, get over yourself,” she snapped back.
“You’re lying, nobody’s this nice without a motive,”
“I am so get used to it or take care of yourself,” she yanked her arm away and put the washcloth on his forehead again, walking to a desk behind the couch where he couldn’t see her unless he got up.
He moved himself to lean on his forearm, slowly getting up.
“Stop lying, V,” he wobbled when he stood up, “you can’t fool me anymore,” he grabbed the arm of the couch and sat back down coughing.
V kept her desk chair facing straight and looked at him, “I’m not fooling you Kai, it might be hard to believe somebody wants to not watch you suffer, but believe it, or get out,”
“You’re so dumb,” he muttered.
“You’re so dumb. So desperate to not have people leave you that you go way out of your way to do all this and get no results,” he said.
V stood up for this one, “I’m desperate for people to not leave me? I can see right through you, Kai, and all I see is a scared little boy who wants so badly to be accepted that he’d do anything, but instead, he turns himself into the bad guy to push people away because he’s become too scared to have the acceptance he’s been longing for all his life, so if you wanna talk about desperate—” she stopped herself.
“Oh yeah? What else do you see, V?” he breathed.
She pondered if she should unleash all this or not for a second and decided she didn’t have anything to lose, “I see a kid who wants to be loved but knows nothing about it because he was never given that chance. How mad you are about what happened to you that you have no idea where to even begin placing it. Someone who’d begged all their life to change or to have another chance and feeling like they’ve screwed it up each time by not being who someone else wanted them to be, so they gave up—”
“I take it you know more about me than you say,” he asked with dark eyes.
“I know everything,” she said with eyes that overpowered his, “and I’m still here, so don’t come for me like that ever again,” she sat back down as he watched.
He thought for a second about what she said and somehow came to the conclusion that he didn’t need to be somebody else, but he needed somebody else’s magic.
“I’m going to find Jo,” he got up expecting her to try to stop him, but she didn’t, she let him leave.
(part 2 next)
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awyea-breadcrumbs · 5 hours ago
Aight fuckers, you best in be ready for some fluffy shit-
Secrets discovered by the ruthless
Friday evenings are always the best when you're with the Bakusquad. They'd all play boardgames, watch scary movies, talk about pretty much anything and everything!. They loved dragging Bakugo along as well and making him stay up later than fucking 8:30 which is when he went to bed-. But this Friday evening was different. This evening they found an unusual guest sitting, or sleeping, on the couch. That unusual guest being Mezo Shoji- "Uh oh, Looks like someone's been sleeping on your part of the couch Kam's-" Kirishima whispered to Kaminari, staring at the sleeping teen with a bowl of freshly made popcorn in his clutches "When did he even get down here-?" Sero asked tilting his head in confusion "Uggggh, whatever! Can we just get this stupid shit over with so that I can get some fucking sleep?!" hissed Bakugo as he snatched the popcorn bowl from Kirishima and sitting on Shoji's legs "Shhh! Dont wake him up! he's had a long day!" Ashido said scoldingly to the ash blonde "I dont give a damn. He can suffer with me-" suddenly, there was a low sound that came from the multi-armed teen. They all assumed he was waking up, but only to discover... "Is he.... purring?" The group all looked at Shoji, he was infact purring- his shoulders would rise and lower as he took soft breaths and the purring would perfectly fit in sync with his breathing, so it was him without a doubt making such adorable sounds "Oh... my god...." Ashido exhaled before taking out her phone "I have to record this-" she said as she pressed play on her camera. Ashido was recording for about ten minutes. The group, other than the very grumpy and tired Bakugo, were now gathered around their sleeping friend "Wait wait... what happens if you..." Kaminari then reached his hand forward, ignoring Sero's scolding, and started to pat Shoji's head. Making him purr a little more loudly and slightly lean into the touch "Awwwww" they all cooed. "W-What-... WHAT THE-" Shoji jumped back after being rudly awoken by his friends surrounding him, they all laughed and giggled at his jumpy reaction "Sorry Shojiiiii!!" Ashido giggled, clutching her stomach "We didn't wanna wake you!" "I tried to stop him!" Sero chimed in through snorts "My baaaad" said Kaminari, laying on the floor on his back as he raised his hand in surrender "Dude I didnt know you could purr, that's so adora-... I mean manly-... Adorably manly?" Kirishima shrugged and adjusted his headband Shoji was glad he wore a mask all the time so that his, rather ruthless, friends didn't see the furious blush on his cheeks as he avoided their gaze "Yeah yeah whatever. Just don't tell anyone.... please-" he mumbled as he went to stand up. Only to sit back down and begin purring again when he felt something on the top of his head "Heh.... not so scary now are ya arms?" asked Bakugo with a grin as he ran his fingers through Shoji's hair Shoji snapped out of it then moved away from Bakugo's hand and crossed his arms "Fuck you." he said under his breath as he walked off towards the elevator. The group watched their tall friend leave "Bakugo's gone soft~" Kaminari teased, getting the usual Bakugo death glare in response "I'll kill you."
Kaminari gulped-
this was an idea from @pinkydee10! thanks for that I was drawing blanks lol 😅 hope you like it!!
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shigarakisfavoritewhore · 11 hours ago
Heyoo so I’ve been thinking about this for a while
✨ maid shigaraki✨
So imagine this ur a successful business woman god knows how many companies u own, u live in this mansion( or whatever house u want) of course u have maids and butlers, u always had liked that one maid shigaraki he was adorable and always blushing and apologizing for any mistakes he made, u always made him clean ur office just to watch him that made him super nervous he thought u were gonna fire him, not to mention every time he bent down u can see that really cute pink lacy panties u oh so love, shigaraki liked u a lot but he knows he doesn’t have a chance with u I mean look at u !!! Ur amazing and gorgeous and him will u know plus he knows he’s only a maid nothing else to u (little does he know how much u adore him), let’s say he was cleaning ur desk and drops something and breaks he panics hard ( he’s almost hyperventilating) he runs to his room to hides he knows this is his last day, u were shocked when u heard glass breaking u thought shigaraki got hurt when u came to check u found him gone ( tbh u couldn’t give a fuck what happened to that glass) u looked everywhere u didn’t find him so u called one of the butlers to get him, they finally found him, poor baby was shaking while talking to u, u were upset why was he that scared of u?? then it hit u the best idea ever he can make it up to u, u started to shush him telling him it’s ok he can make it up, he of course accepted he will do anything for u, u  brought him to ur desk and to sit on ur lap he was blushing like crazy u started to talk about how much u love him, he’s like a precious jewel (ngl that made him emotional he never thought he was that important to u)to u but u were upset that he hates u or ( u thought he didn’t like u) he panicked confessed at this point u couldn’t wait so u bend him over the desk and flapping the skirt of the dress to reveal his cute lacy panties, u wanted to punish him for breaking that glass so u spanked him for bit, at this point shigaraki was a mess moaning and whining for u to fuck him. Let’s say u never were this thankful for a glass to break
♥️Kinks as always sub shigaraki and a dom reader I would say a master kink or a mommy one u can pick and a happy ending since I don’t have it in me , loll I kind of run out of ideas for kinks , OH MAYBE U CAN PEG HIM TOO SINCE U BEND HIM OVER THE DESK, why did i think of that now anyways I hope u liked my idea as always don’t forget to drink water and get plenty of rest ♥️
Warnings: Shiggy gets his ass eaten (as he deserves) MISTRESS KINK?! MY FIRST ONE?! anal fingering, anal penetration with toy.
By the time this is posted, I will be a fully vaccinated queen 😫🤚🏻
tbh I'm back in my mfing zone now that school is over.
Master List
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another day, another dollar. Well, another 10,000 dollars in your case. You were the image of success. You had everything you could ask for, except someone who cared about you. Who really cared about you. Money couldn't buy you love, and even if it did, you're not sure you’d want it. No, you wanted true love—the type of love you see in your home theater. But you'd never have that. Instead, everyone saw you as a walking bag of money. They felt they were guaranteed a new house and car if they kissed you well enough (they never did).
Although, there was one person that you cared about. His name was Tomura Shigaraki. You weren't mean, but truthfully you never made an effort to learn the names of the others. You had a huge crush on him. You knew it was impossible, that kind of love that only worked out in movies, and this wasn't a movie. This was real life, and real-life was harsh. All you could do was admire him, watch him work, and gaze at him lovingly. If only he knew, if only he knew how you got butterflies when you saw him.
He looked so cute when he bent down to get something. When he was hired, you had run out of male uniforms, so he was stuck in a tiny maids dress and the undergarments to match. You never mentioned it to him when you had gotten more uniforms, and he didn't ask for a new one. You were so glad he didn't, the little dress barely covered his cute butt, and the white lacy panties under it peeked out as he cleaned. He was immediately assigned to clean your office every day. No matter how clean it was, he was tasked to come in every day and dust the spotless shelves.
He seemed to hate you, though. He’d come in and clean as fast as he could and leave immediately. It broke your heart; you tried to be kind and make small talk, but he just wasn't interested. Or so it seemed. Secretly he just got so flustered when he was with you that he couldn't stand it. He was just so scared that he'd make a mess and lose his job. You looked so intimidating sitting in your big chair with your expensive clothes.
The first time he made a mistake, he was terrified. He dropped a book and froze. He was close to tears. After that, he repeatedly apologized, offering to pack his things, but you just knelt next to him and put a finger to his lips.
“It’s okay, Tomura, ” you said, “it’s just a book. Please don't worry, ”
The use of his name, his first name, gave him butterflies like never before.
“Th-thank you, ma’am, ” he stuttered.
“No need for formalities, call me y/n, ” you said, standing up to take your seat once again.
“Thank you y/n, ” he whispered.
He was frozen. God, what a beautiful name. It just rolled off his tongue so perfectly. He finished his job quickly and went back to his room. He sat there for hours just saying your name, hearing it, tasting it. You were so beautiful, so powerful in your big leather chair, looking down at the world. Because you were above them all, you were at the top. You had made it in a way no one else could dream of.
What you did next could be considered mean, just had to see more of him, so you made your office a mess. He came in and was quite surprised.
“I'm so sorry, Tomura. I worked late, and things just got...well y’know, ” you said, gesturing to your office.
“Please don't be sorry! It's my job, ma’am. I mean y/n, I'm so sorry!” Shigaraki rambled.
You laughed a little “it’s alright, Tomura. You don't have to apologize for anything, ” you assured him.
“Thank you y/n, ” he said, getting right to work.
Wrappers and bottles were thrown away and recycled; what a good boy saving the earth. For once, he took his time, no longer scared of you but still self-conscious when he bent down. Maybe he should ask you for a new uniform.
“I’ll be right back, ” you said, “you're doing a great job Tomura, ”
He smiled to himself as he worked until he broke a glass. He broke one of your glasses. Oh god, no. His face fell immediately. How could he let this happen? He was doing such a good job, but he...he let you down. This was it. He was fired, and he knew it. He’d never see you again. Never hear your laugh or watch you furrow your eyebrows as you wrote. He couldn't face you. He ran to his room, already beginning to pack his things.
You rushed towards your office at the sound. What happened? Was tomura hurt? Your mind raced as you ran back. What if Tomura stepped in the broken glass? Or it cut him? You'd feel guilty forever. You slammed open the door, but he had already left. You looked in all the rooms of the floor you were currently on to no avail.
“Hey um, you, ” you called to one of the butlers standing in the hall.
“Yes, madam?”
“Could you tell me where Tomura is? Light blue hair, red eyes?” you asked.
“Yes, he ran off to his room. He looked pretty spooked, ” he replied.
You sighed in relief, “thank you, could you fetch him for me?”
“Of course, ” he nodded, walking off.
You sat impatiently in your office, waiting for him. You checked to see what had broken. Oh, the vase your ex-mother-in-law gave you. You'd have to thank him later. He stumbled into your office, crying quietly. He was shaking as he walked up to your desk, barely keeping his balance.
“I'm so sorry, ” he whimpered, “I didn't mean to, I just was cleaning, and it slipped, and I'm so sorry I messed up. I'm already halfway done packing my things. It's ok you don't have to say anything, ”
“It’s okay, ” you soothed, “I know you didn't mean to. I'm not firing you, Tomura. It's alright, ”
“I know I- what?” he stuttered, “you're not firing me?”
“Of course not. It was a harmless mistake. I've meant to get rid of it for a while anyway, ” you said, “but you still broke the glass, and I think you can make it up to me. Would that be ok?”
He nodded with tears still in his eyes, “I’ll do anything, ”
You took his hand and led him over to your desk. You sat down and patted your lap.
“Come sit, ” you said.
He sat in your lap hesitantly, not putting his full weight on you. You pulled him all the way into your lap.
“Dont be shy, ” you said.
You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your chin on his shoulder.
“Tomura, why don't you like me?” You asked, “you're always so distant. Can you tell me what I did? I won't be mad, ”
“What do you mean?” he asked, head whipping around to face you.
“You never talk to me. You clean so fast that I barely see you for more than five minutes, ” you explained.
You sighed and stroked his cheek, “Tomura, I like you. I like you a lot. I’d never hurt you, or yell at you, or fire you. You're so special to me. The only reason I have you clean my office is so I can see you. You're the best part of my day. I have a lot of expensive things. Jewelry, clothes, cars, but none of them are as valuable as you, ”
“I don't hate you, I promise! I just get so nervous cause you're so pretty and successful, and you probably think I'm pathetic because this is all I'm good for. I'm just a maid, and you're such a powerful woman. I just didn't want to fuck u- I'm so sorry!” he stuttered.
“Tomura, you don't have to apologize for saying fuck. Do you have any idea what I screamed at my last business meeting? It was much worse than fuck, ” you giggled.
He blushed, “thank you. What I'm trying to say is that I really like you, but I get nervous because I might mess everything up, ”
You pecked him on the cheek, “you won't mess anything up, I promise. I feel the same way. How would you like to become my um personal assistant? You could hang out with me all day, pay is good, you won't really have to do any work, ”
“I- I’d love that so much y/n, ” he beamed.
“Yeah? Alright then, but um, I like your uniform as is, ” you teased.
He blushed, covering his face. You chuckled again, leaning down to kiss up and down his neck.
“What do you think about your pretty uniform, sweetie?” you whispered, “do you like it?”
“Yes, ” he whispered back.
“Repeat after me, Tomu: yes, mistress, ” you said, looking into his bright red eyes.
His pupils dilated as he finally whispered out, “yes, mistress,”
You smashed your lips onto his as he groaned. This was his fantasy. He'd lie in bed thinking about his boss’s mistress’s lips on his. Even if it wasn't sexual, he always craved your soft sweet lips. The way you were rubbing your hands up and down his thighs, pushing the hem of his dress higher and higher, made him squirm.
“Mistress, ” he moaned, “mistress please, I want you, ”
“Yeah? You want me? You want your mistress?” you cooed.
“Yes!” he cried, “yes, mistress!”
You shoved him out of your lap and bent him over the desk. You flipped up his skirt and groaned when you saw his panties. They hugged his butt so perfectly. They stopped just under his waist, and we're swallowed up by his ass like a thong.
“Fuck, ” you groaned, “remember that glass you broke, pet?”
He cringed a little at the memory but nodded, “yes, mistress, ”
“Good boy, ” you cooed, “I'm not mad at you, sweetie, no no no, but I’d still like to punish you. Although I think you'll like what I'm going to do to you, ”
“What are you going to do to me, mistress?” he said, looking back at you while bent over your desk.
It was impeccably neat, thanks to his hard work. But, unfortunately, that desk wouldn't remain clean for long.
“I'm gonna spank you, ok, sweetie?” you said, “let me know if it's too much, ”
He nodded, “ok, mistress,”
You brought your hand down, slapping his ass, watching as he gasped but bucked into your hand. Pain and pleasure couldn't be told apart when you spanked him like that. It should hurt. He should be mad, try and get away from the pain you were inflicting on him. But he loved it. He wanted your hands everywhere; it didn't matter if they were tearing him apart or providing unbelievable pleasure. He wanted you. He wanted whatever you gave him. You were perfect. You were everything, and every touch was perfect.
“Mistress, ” he moaned, “more, harder mistress, ”
You spanked him again, this one really stung, and he loved it. All he could do was moan, drool pudding on your desk. Two spanks, and he was gone, so sensitive in the most amazing ways.
“I'm gonna fuck you like an animal Tomura Shigaraki, ” you said, raking your nails down his back, “I hope you're ready, ”
He moaned, “yes, I'm ready. I'm ready, mistress. I want you to touch me. Please don't be gentle, ”
“Oh, I didn't plan on it, sweetie, ” you whispered, spanking him again.
He groaned, thrusting desperately against the air.
“Aw, is my little pet needy?” you cooed, “do you want to feel good, Tomu?”
“Yes, ” he whimpered, “yes please, mistress, ”
“Well, ” you drawled, “since you've been such a good boy for me, I don't see why not, ”
He groaned at the praise, “yes, mistress. I'm a good boy. I'll be your good boy, ”
You reached into a drawer under the desk and pulled out a bottle of lube and a dildo.
“I’ll have to get a strap for this soon and fuck you properly with it, ” you chuckled, “remind me, will you?”
His breath caught in his throat as he saw what you pulled out. Holy fuck, he wanted that inside him immediately. He watched you lather the lube onto your fingers, had you kept your nails short just for this? It wasn't like you had to use your fingers to get yourself off. You could buy as many vibrators as you wanted and get laid whenever you pleased. Had you been fantasizing about him? He was interrupted by a finger circling dangerously close to his hole.
“Fuck,” he whispered.
“We haven't even gotten started, Tomura, ” you cooed.
You pushed in slowly, letting him savor this new feeling. You got deeper end deeper, starting to thrust and curl it. It felt amazing, but this was just a warm-up. You added another finger at a sluggish pace, moving them lazily as he finally started to acclimate. Relaxing, he moaned and groaned for you, letting everything else go.
“That's my good boy, ” you muttered more to yourself than him.
He looked back at you with a beautiful expression. His eyes were half-lidded, and his mouth was hanging open as he panted like he was in heat.
“Mistress, ” he slurred, “I'm ready for more, ”
“Yeah? You ready for another finger? ” you asked.
“Want the toy, please, mistress. I'm ready, ” he moaned as you curled your fingers.
“Honey, you need to wait a while longer, okay? I don't want it to hurt, ” you soothed.
“No, I want it!” he snapped.
His eyes immediately filled with fear and yours with anger.
“What did you just say to me, ” you whispered menacingly.
“I'm sorry, ” he whimpered.
You spanked him five times in a row, hard. He cried out, tears dripping down his face. After you were done, you pulled him into your lap. He was still sniffling as you held him.
“You can't talk to me like that, Tomura, ” you said.
“I'm sorry, mistress, ” he whispered.
“It’s alright, honey, ” you said, stroking his hair, “everyone makes mistakes, ”
“You're not mad anymore, mistress?” he asked.
“I wasn't mad in the first place, Tomura. I could never get mad at you. But you can't act out like that. You need to be my good boy, remember?” you said.
“I remember, ” he nodded, “if I'm a good boy, can you still use the toy on me? Pretty please?”
“of course, why don't you clean up the desk, sweetie. You drooled all over it, Tomura, ” you said, holding back a laugh.
He blushed but got to work, and in no time, it was spotless.
“Ready to make it messy again, ” you whispered in his ear.
He kissed your neck, “yes, mistress, ”
“See, there's my good boy, ” you praised.
He hugged you, gripping your shirt in his hands. You held him tight. Even though the shirt was close to five hundred dollars, it didn't matter.
“I'm ready, ” he whispered, “for whatever you give me, ”
You let him lean over the desk again, prepping his hole with the original two fingers you had slipped in, adding a third, much to his delight.
“If you had been a good boy, I’d be fucking with my toy right now, ” you reminded him.
“I'm sorry, mistress, ” he whispered.
“It's alright, sweetie, this was a good lesson, ” you said, leaning down to kiss his neck.
He shivered; he loved how sweet your kisses were. You were such a kind mistress, and he swore to himself that he would be such a good boy for you. Only for you. You finally pulled out of him, which was a blessing and a curse. He felt so empty but knew he was bout to be filled to the brim. But to his surprise, the next thing to push into him was your tongue. You licked and sucked the sensitive area, listening to him whine and moan shamelessly.
He knew you had your office soundproofed; you had a relatively colorful vocabulary. He was panting, nails scratching down your desk. Your tongue was wet so warm, just so- oh fuck, so perfect. He loved how it felt to grind back on your face. The most powerful woman in the world was pleasuring him, loving him. What had he done to deserve something as wonderful as this? He was interrupted by a harsh slap on his ass.
“I asked you a question, Tomura. Are you ready for my toy?” you said.
“Yes, mistress, I'm ready, ” he nodded frantically.
You pumped two fingers into him a few times before making a show of lubing up the dildo. You ran your hand up and down it, squeezing and smearing the liquid around. You rubbed it up and down his asshole a couple of times before pressing gently. It slid in with ease. He was gasping, legs trembling from being stuffed full.
“Mistress, ” he gasped, “it's so good, ”
“Yeah? I'm glad, ” you laughed, “that was the goal. Would you like me to start moving it, sweetie?”
He nodded frantically, “yes, yes mistress, I want it, ”
You thrusted slowly, dragging it in and out of him. He was moaning shamelessly, wanting you to see to hear to taste to smell to touch every part of him. He trusted you with life. You sped up, and Tomura’s eyes rolled back; he bucked against your hand. He was losing it now, blabbering mindlessly about how good it felt, how pretty you are, and that he'd always be a good boy.
“You're taking it so well, sweetie, ” you praised, “cum whenever you need to. There's no rush, ”
He nodded even though he couldn't really understand what you were saying. He felt himself getting sucked deeper and deeper into a pit of absolute bliss. Then, just as he was about to slip away, the door opened.
“Miss y/n I-” your representative stuttered.
“I'm busy right now. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll notify you when I'm free, ” you smiled calmly.
Meanwhile, Tomura was the absolute opposite of calm as he fought his orgasm. He didn't want a stranger to see him cum like this! But that just served to push him deeper into his pleasure. The deeper the toy fucked him, the more he lost it until he cried out.
“Mistress! I'm c-cumming!” he moaned.
Cum shot out of his cock, splattering on the clean floor. He was panting. He had just came in front of a stranger and loved every second of it.
“Aww, look at the mess you made, honey, ” you cooed, “such a messy boy, ”
You pulled him into your lap.
“As I said, I'll contact you when I'm free, ” you said, looking at your wide-eyed representative.
He stood there in shock.
You cleared your throat, “Um, are you gonna stare or just...?”
“I'm so sorry I’ll be going sorry to interrupt, ” he stammered.
You laughed a little, looking down at Shigaraki.
“Well, someone had fun, ” you teased.
He whined in embarrassment and hid his head in your chest. You laughed again and stroked his hair. You two sat there the rest of the day, getting absolutely no work done.
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jessie-writes-things · 12 hours ago
At the end of the day, aren't we all sluts for the one bed trope?
Softly chanting one bed! one bed! one bed! one bed!
Pairing: Will Miller x Neutral Reader
Words: 1k
Genre: Fluff. Does one bed count as a genre?
Warnings: some swears, but otherwise none.
Status: Not edited.
Summary: Look, I'm just a slut for this trope and I needed some soft Will.
Tumblr media
There was only one bed. Because of course there was. Because turning up to a hotel in the middle of the night and thinking there would have two rooms available, let alone two beds was too much to ask apparently.
You should have paid attention to the reviews on Google. At the very least, you should have stopped Will from talking you out of not paying attention to the reviews. We’ve slept through worse. Remember that camping trip? We all got pissed and Santi threw up into the fire and stunk up the camp? Three stars is better than two, or one. We can always sleep in the truck.
You were tempted to sleep in the truck after seeing the room. The images on Google really did…something, a lot, to make the hotel look better than it actually was. Pulling into the dark parking lot, you thought you had turned up at the wrong place, double checking the GPS on your phone before realising nope, it’s right. At least some of the sign is still working and there’s at least one living person inside the lobby.
The old lady at the desk had been lovely, holding up a solid two-point-seven of that three star review. We don’t get a lotta people around here. You were sure she checked out Will as she said that, a good full once over when he wasn’t looking before turning and winking in your direction. You nearly lost it there, stifling a laugh as your tired brain tried to compute the absurdity of it all.
Did she think you were together?
She must have. Handing you one key, mentioning they were fully booked for the night. Fully booked your ass there had max been three cars in that lot.
Maybe she just knew? Sensed some sort of energy that neither one of you could pick up on.
Oh god, was this old lady playing wingman? Did she think she was doing you a favour by setting up this scenario? That must be it. This shit only happened in movies.
Somehow it got worse. The two of you, stood by the door, staring down at the smallest double bed you’ve ever laid witness to. Or maybe you were just trying to distract yourself from the mysterious stains splattered onto the mattress.
How the hell was this going to work? The ditty thing was hardly long enough to fit Will as was!
‘I could take the chair.’
Ah, yes, the chair with half a cushion missing, one leg broken and springs sticking out from the back. To fuck were you going to let him do that.
You shook your head at him, ‘You drove most of the way here.’
‘I also thought this would be a good idea.’ He did have a fair point. This was his fault, but not fault enough that you would put him through that torture.
And Will knew that.
He did manage to fit on the bed, barely, having to bend his legs and squish himself between the splitting head and footboards. That left about a quarter of the bed left for you and there was some serious debate about sleeping on the floor which had Will rolling his eyes, grabbing your hand, and pulling you down to meet him.
There was only one pillow, if you can call the flimsy, yellowing piece of cloth a pillow. Your neck is going to hurt tomorrow. Not that he cared much. You could see the smile in the slivers of silver moonlight creeping in from the cheap curtains, eyes winkled around the edges as Will tucked his arm under your head.
It was the middle of summer, not too hot but enough to go without the blanket that smelt a bit too much like dog piss for your liking. Maybe that was for the best in some way, never realising just how warm Will ran until you were that close.
And you were close, which was stupid now that you thought about it. Things were close. Your leg was under one of his. His knee was lodged a bit uncomfortably against your stomach but that was neither here nor there. Chests pressed together so tight you could feel the rhythm of his heart pounding. You couldn’t really look him in the eyes without going cross-eyed, focusing on the peeling wallpaper over his shoulder while trying to forget how your nose brushed against his cheek every time you breathed.
You don’t remember your eyes closing or for how long, but you caught yourself in that strange mid-phase, not quite awake but not quite asleep, head heavy as you counted each movement of Will’s chest against yours, a comforting, steady pattern that you didn’t want to admit was comforting because while you’ve never thought about it before, yeah you guess Will was comforting but now that you thought about it once you couldn’t get the idea out of your head like how he smelt like pine trees and petrol and smoke and did he even smoke or was that from the room dear god at least he didn’t smell like dog piss because that would have ruined everything.
Will shifted onto his back, hand still tucked around your shoulder, and you were half aware of being moved with him, your cheek now pressed against his chest. His heat did something strange, speeding up for a few paces when you moved your heavy arm to rest around his middle, scooting closer to him so there wasn’t a spring stabbing into your side. It calmed when you settled into him, fingers brushing along your neck and it must have been an accident but you were sure you felt his lips against your head, a soft muttering of I love just as the waves of sleep finally pulled you under.
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xreaderfanfics · 12 hours ago
Still Hate Me? (Frank Iero x reader)
Word Count :  888
Description : Frank and reader are braking up cuz Frank goes on tour with My Chemical Romance. a few years later they meet again. 
warnings : language (it’s a warning right?) 
AN : This is the first time I publish my work on here so.... I hope y’all enjoy it :)
Tumblr media
I held back my tears as I was standing next to the door, Frank stood in front of me, his suitcase next to him.
Him and his band mates are going on their first tour. My chemical romance got bigger and now they are going on tour for a year.
So we decided to brake up. Well he decided, he said it'll be better for us. Now I regret this decision.
"Hey please don't cry love" he said and whipped the tear that escape my eyes. "I'll be back for you alright? I love you" he said and cupped my face, our lips met in a sweet kiss and I nodded.
"I love you too, your gonna do great, just don't think about me." I said and my heart broke at those words.
Two years of being together ends like that. He was my first boyfriend, my first love.
And now we're saying goodbye.
I walked outside with him and the boys were there.
We were best friends for three years. We were inseparable. Now my gang is leaving.
We’re separating.
I waved my family as the van left. When I knew it was far enough I started to cry. Knowing that I might never see them again.
"Seriously Mia this ring is amazing!!"  I squealed when My best friend showed me her engagement ring.
Her husband to be is a very nice guy, and I really think they are perfect for each other.
"I know" she said with the biggest smile ever. "Mia this is great!! You and Josh are so perfect together!!" I said and hugged her
"Now, for the reason that I called you" "Wait didn't you called me to tell me you got engaged?" "Well yes.. but also no. I want you to be my maid of honor"
I smiled and felt honored. "Oh my god Mia!! Of course!!" I said and jumped on her.
We set at the bar and talked a lot when I heard a familiar voice coming from the tv
I turned around and saw the band. My Chemical Romance. And Frank was just talking about the tour and how great the fans were.
My eyes filled with tears. I haven't talked to any of them for two years. And he never kept his promise.
"Hey are you okay? I know you miss them.... Him..." Mia said and I wallowed and nodded.
"I'm fine, let's talk about the maid of honor's dress. Cuz I'm not wearing anything pink and puffy." I said and she chuckled.
I looked back at the screen for a second and then turned my attention back to Mia.
"I still think you should start dating again, it's been three years since you've been with someone." Hazel said and Mia nodded.
"I can't" I simply said and took a sip from my beer.
I walked home alone planning on watching a movie and order food.
"Y/N?" I freezed, that voice that I knew all to well.
I turned and looked at the tattooed guy. His hair grew a little, the lip ring was still there, and those eyes, those beautiful hazel eyes that kills me.
"I knew it. It is you. I missed you so much" he said and walked towards me and I felt the tears in my eyes.
Ever since he left I never been the same. And now he's back?! Just like that?! No phone call in three years! Nothing!
All the saddens, anger and resentment that I've had inside of me for the last three years were out of control.
"What the fuck are you doing here?!" I yelled and he stopped, realizing that I was mad.
"Please calm down, let's talk..." He said softly but I didn't care.
"I hate you" I blurred out and I saw the hurt on his face. That only made me want to keep hurt him like he hurt me.
"I really fucking hate you, you know?!" I said to him and he stept closer to me.
"I kept saying to myself that you did it for me. That your not calling cuz you don't want to interrupt or something. That you loved me!!" I chocked out and he didn't said anything
"But you didn't. You don't give a shit!" I pointed at him.
"And I just fucking hate you!" I yelled as the tears dropped on my face.
"Ihateyou!" I repeated my self and sobbed burring my face in my hands.
I felt a pair of arms wrapping around me and his familiar sence filled my nose. He hugged me and kept me close to him as he storked my hair.
"I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry love" he said when I calmed down, my hands wrapped around his torso. "I hate you" I wispered and he kissed the top of my hair "I know"
"I do" I said and looked at my, now husband with a huge smile. "I do" he said back, our hands locked together.
"You may kiss one another"
Our lips met in a sweet kiss as all of our friends cheered. I pulled apart, my body close to Frank's and I smiled up at him with adoration.
"You still hate me?" He asked softly and I chuckled "yes, I do" our lips met again and I felt complete again.
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neoyi · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Continuing on from the last play session, this one covers Disney Castle/Timeless River, Port Royal, Agrabah, and Sora’s second return to Twilight Town.
*I’m fairly indifferent with Demyx, but I get why he was a fan favorite back in the days. He’s got personality: cowardly, lazy, and apathetic, Demyx probably mooches off the rest of the Organization XIII’s sweet pad, playing his sitar and doing weed, and never paying rent.
*Mickey Mouse Club was a horrifying choice to use as Disney Castle’s primary background music, it’s almost insidiously catchy.
*I love how little you actually need to fight within Disney Castle because Minnie’s holy powers mean she can fuck up a Heartless’ day anytime.
*Yeesh, I don’t miss Daisy’s portrayal as a Nagging Girlfriend at all, it's such a garbage characteristic. She’s so unreasonable here that it borders on parody.
*I feel like the writers had to squeeze in a small “We can’t mess with the timeflow here” in order to leave Timeless River as is. Er, was? Which, fine, time travel is a finicky thing, but it's especially a safety net because it prevents Sora and friends from trying to redeem Pete.
Like I think this is the only section in the game where we get any kind of sympathy for Pete, being so miserable working for Maleficent and longing for days gone by as a former sea captain. Sora and pals had no issue working with Past Pete to stop Current Pete, so one would think in another situation, they'd convince his retro self to stick with boats instead of any grand ambition of evil. It wouldn't be the first time Sora gave a shit about rules if it meant helping the greater good, but I guess he made an exception here or something.
*I'm also amused by Timeless River because the time traveling here is so innocuous and confined to this particular Disney World. I've heard the main plot in later games goes balls-off-the-walls apeshit with the time traveling in comparison and oh boy, I can’t wait till I get to those!
*I could see Disney telling Square Enix why Pirates of the Caribbean had to follow the movie’s plot beat-for-beat during game development, what with being the hottest shit at the time of the game’s release, but it means a hell of a lot more cutscenes than any of the previous Disney Worlds I’ve been in and the experience is poorer for it.
The Disney Worlds work best when they aren’t adapting its respective movie almost scene-by-scene, but utilizing their chief characters and setting that integrate with the bigger narrative while being self-contained (dear god, Kingdom Hearts is basically Disney Extended Universe.)
It’s stifling even for a game studio like Square-Enix and their notorious love affair with cinematic cutscenes, and an example of what happens when the game is restricted to playing an abridged version of its respective film.
Tumblr media
*I will never understand why they censored the guns the pirates were holding. I get the characters are realistically designed and thus, might evoke a more visceral image of Characters Shooting Pistols In A Fictional Game For An All-Age Audience, but like Clayton from the first KH had a gun. Were they really concerned that Sora would get hurt from a bullet wound when they had no problem with Clayton shooting him in the face just because he looked more like a cartoon?
This problem also plagues Xigbar even though his guns are much more fanciful in design.
*My god, the models for the PoTC cast is still strikingly good even now. Square Enix had made a reputation as a studio that blew you away with incredible graphics that no one else was able to capture at the time. A lot of game companies has since caught up, but back then, they were on another level.
*Speaking of horrendous Disney executive meddling, this game also has the Chicken Little summon, a character who otherwise likely would never have appeared in the games because nobody goddamn loved that movie. Presumably, the little bastard got in because that was the latest Disney Animated Canon that was to arrive by the time KHII came out.
And man, Chicken Little is a wretched, wretched film.
*Bless James Arnold Taylor, he is a fine voice actor and he really tries, but he can’t capture Jack Sparrow.
*I was shocked the first time when they decided to adapt Return of Jafar. I assumed Disney sequels didn’t “count”, but lo and behold, there’s the Iago redemption arc.
*Kairi is only marginally better here than in KH1 by a significantly low bar. About roughly the halfway point of the game, she gets sick of waiting and when the first opportunity strikes, she decides fuck it, she’s gonna find Sora and Riku by herself. ...Then she promptly gets kidnapped by Axel minutes later. I mean, she tried.
*Pluto’s ability to just end up any goddamn place he wants with no rhyme or reason is the funniest reoccurring thing in the series. I love how he’s the first character to end up in the World That Never Was even though he’s just a dang dog.
*Kingdom Hearts is a game that you have to take at face value, otherwise questions start rising about the nature of an anime boy traveling with a sentient dog man and a disgruntled duck with no one in any world finding this strange.
Twilight Town is such a sleepy, ordinary town with local urban myths the closest to anything weird happening that in any other situation, would probably wonder just what is up with that kid, Sora, and his doofy traveling companions.
“hey guys are you also seeing a dark, magical floating portal with an axe symbol or is it just me?”
Tumblr media
*The way Seifer just shoved the Struggle trophy into Sora’s (well, Goofy’s when Sora refused it) hands after the trio saved him and his friends from the Nobodies feels like a comical tsundere gesture (”J-Just take the trophy, baka!”)
*Sora being adorable again because he just missed Kairi in Twilight Town and he cannot stop thinking about her is wholesome as all get out.
*Twilight Town is established as A Normal Town that just happens to be a hot spot for weird multidimensional hoppers. So...what the fuck is Vivi?
In FF9, he's literally a sentient creature that was created (Black Mages being separate species in Gaia than just a class), but it's clear the FF characters in the KHverse are alternate universe takes on their prime counterparts. The implication is that Vivi is and has always been a resident of Twilight Town. But is he still a Black Mage? Or is he human, but his brimmed hat is so big it covers his entire face so it only gives the illusion that his face is shadowy?
(I know, I know, this definitely falls into overthinking territory.)
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diffuserlover · 16 hours ago
For the rest of eternity
Tumblr media
- fem!reader x Taehyun (all members are in the story)
-Little fluff; angst; supernatural?? Horror??
-TW: death and blood 
-Friends to lovers
-Description: You and your best friends are taking a road trip when all of the sudden fog appears and you guys have to stay at the only place you could see through the fog. Motel Light. 
this is my first story and it kinda just popped up in my head please don’t judge lol
“Please tell me everyone is ready to leave” Yeonjun yells. 
“I can’t fit my last suitcase in” Beomgyu whines. You were already sitting in the back of the van we rented. You turn around. 
“How many suitcases do you have” You ask as you see Soobin walking over to help Beomgyu. 
“3″ Beomgyu says looking down. 
“You know the limit was 2 and a backpack” Soobin says smacking him. They soon enough figure out how to stack the suitcases. You turned around as Taehyun sat next to you. Beomgyu got into the middle seat next to Hueningkai. Soobin got into the passengers seat while Yeonjun drives. You guys were expecting to be in the car for about 9 hours, then stop at a hotel, and then drive for another 9 hours. You really didn’t know where you guys were going, you were just driving around and enjoying your last summer together. Yeonjun was going to college in the United States. He took a gap year and everything cause he didn’t want to leave. Soobin is moving as well but it’s just an hour or two drive from Seoul. 
“Blast the music” Hueningkai yells rolling down the window. You all laugh and roll down the windows and blast the music, singing along and having fun. 
Yeah that only lasted for about 4 songs before Beomgyu accidentally hit Hueningkai and they started arguing. Anyways long story short Yeonjun put them in time out and it’s awkwardly quite in the car. Thank god you had Taehyun next to you. He hands you an airpod and turns on a movie on his phone. As you and Taehyun are like 1/3 into the movie Beomgyu speaks. 
“There is nothing to do” He whines. You roll my eyes at Beomgyu’s statement. 
“You have a phone right?” you say to him. 
“Stop sassing me” Beomgyu says. You laugh slightly at his words. 
“me sassing you? oh my god” you say sarcastically. 
“No more fighting” Soobin says. All of you end up doing your own little things. you and Taehyun watch movies, Beomgyu playing Rhythm Hive too loud, Hueningkai had his headphones in, Soobin was annoying Yeonjun, and well Yeonjun is driving. 
It’s been hours in the car, around 6 hours. All of the sudden the car got cold, the heat stopped working and then fog surrounded the car, it was impossible to see anything. 
“This wasn’t on the forecast” Soobin says.
“We should pull over” Taehyun says. 
“It’s like 12 am is it safe to just pull over” Hueningkai says. 
“Wait look! it’s a motel, we can stay there” Beomgyu says. The Motel sign was the only you could see “Motel Light” it said in white lights. 
“Good idea” Yeonjun says carefully pulling into the parking lot. The fog seemed to disappear but it somehow got colder. You all start to file out of the car.
“Soobin and I will go get us rooms stay here” Yeonjun says before locking the car. Beomgyu and Hueningkai were sharing a blanket. Taehyun wraps a blanket around your shoulders. 
“I don’t like this place” Beomgyu says. 
“What does it not live up to your 5 star hotel needs” Hueningkai teases. You all join in on teasing Beomgyu. But you have to agree with him, this place didn’t give off nice vibes. All of the sudden their blanket is blown away in the wind. 
“Shoot” Beomgyu curses under his breath. 
“No funny business, these were the only rooms they had” Yeonjun says handing you and Taehyun a key. Room 45. 
“Why are we all so far apart” Taehyun ask looking at our numbers. Beomgyu and Hueningkai has room 22 and Soobin and Yeonjun had room 9. 
“These were the last rooms they had” Soobin says. You look up at the sign. “it said Vacancy and then switched to No Vacancy. But you are the only ones here? there is no other cars?” you thought.  
“Come on let’s go” Taehyun says grabbing my bag for me.
“I can take my bag” you say.
“No it’s alright I got it” He says. you turn back to the others. 
“Night guys” you wave at them. 
“Night kiddo” Yeonjun says smiling at you. We all part ways. You and Taehyun are close like really close, but this is something you guys have never done. Sleep in the same room. Just the two of you. You are even more nervous because, well you have a crush on Taehyun. You open the door for the two of you and their was only one bed. You both blush looking away from each other slightly. 
“I’ll get ready quick, then you can have the bathroom” He says rushing in the bathroom. You fish out your toothpaste and toothbrush and a change of clothes. It took Taehyun a good 3 minutes to get ready in the bathroom. You then get ready. You walk back out to see Taehyun running his hand through his brown hair. “Why does he have to be so cute” you thought shaking your head before putting away your stuff in your bag. 
“It’s almost 11, we should get some sleep “ Taehyun says. You nod hoping into bed next to him. It was a little awkward. You laid facing away from each other. Taehyun shut off the lights. Soon enough you both were passed out. 
You woke up hearing a scream. The alarm next to you said 3:07 am. You were scared to say the least, it’s the literal witching hour and you hear a scream. 
“Tae? Taehyun? did you hear that” You ask shaking him awake. 
“Hear what” He says confused turning on the lamp. 
“Nothing, nothing sorry” You say laying back down. As your head hit the pillow there was pounding at the door. Taehyun and you both sit up. He went to talk but you put a finger over his lips. You get up and walk over to the door. Taehyun follows behind you. You nervously look into the peep hole. You see Yeonjun knocking on the door covered in blood screaming to let him in. You swing the door open yelling “Yeonjun” but there was nothing there. Not even a speck of blood. 
“You saw Yeonjun” He asks. You nod confused on how you just saw him. 
“Your probably just tired, maybe it was someone else?” Taehyun says trying to convince himself as he closes the door. You sigh still confused on how the hell Yeonjun as there. As you two walk back to the bed the pounding starts again. This time you can clearly hear Yeonjun yelling “let me in”. Taehyun rushes to the door. He looked through the peep hole and gasps. He then swings the door open. This time Yeonjun was still not there but there was a trail of blood, like blood that had been dragged. Taehyun steps out and looks in the direction it lead to. On the wall at the end of the hall it says “One down 5 more to go” written in blood. 
“This has to been a joke” You say freaking out a little bit. 
“I don’t think it’s a joke” Taehyun says. 
“Let’s go check on Soobin and Yeonjun then?” You ask. Taehyun nods grabbing your hand. You try not to blush as Taehyun leads you down the stairs and across the motel to room 9. He knocks. 
“What are you guys doing up?” Soobin answers rubbing his eyes. 
“Is Yeonjun in there” You ask looking into he room.
“He left to get us water like 15 minutes ago” Soobin says. 
“You don’t know where he is?” Taehyun asks. 
“Should I?” Soobin asks concerned. 
“Just look and we will explain” You say grabbing Soobin’s hand and dragging him to the wall of blood. But when you go there. It was gone, the blood and the writing. 
“It was just here! Taehyun and I just saw it!” You say standing there. 
“Nice try you guys, go to bed i’ll see you in the morning” Soobin says walking off. The two of you go back into your room.
“I know I didn’t imagine that, you saw it too” you say sitting on the bed. 
“there has to be a reasonable explanation for this” Taehyun says. 
“Then let’s find it” You say. He looks at you confused. 
“As in explore this motel” He asks. You nod. 
“Let’s do it” He says. You both get up and leave the room walking down the stairs again. 
“We should start at the front desk” Taehyun says. You agree. When you guys get to the front desk nobody was there as expected cause it’s 3 in the morning. Taehyun rings the bell. You look around. 
“Hello?” You say. 
“How can I help you?” You hear a voice behind you. You both turn around as you grip onto Taehyun’s hand. There was a lady in her 70′s to 80′s. Her hair was a light grey curled like a movie star back then, she was wearing a white night gown. The scariest part about her was her piercing blue eyes. 
“We were wondering if you have seen our friend he said he was getting water, we thought he might have been here” Taehyun says talking to the lady. As she steps closer, you see her hands stained red. 
“No i’m sorry I haven’t” She says. She looks at us. 
“Would you two like to have some tea? you seem rather cold” She asks. Everyone single part of your body was telling you no but yet you said “yes we would love to” Taehyun looks at you like you were crazy after the old lady turned away. You guys follow her to a big white door, you enter a room that looked much nicer than the other rooms and it was bigger. 
“Here sit i’ll get the tea going” She says. 
“why would you say yes” He asks you.
“I just feel like she knows something” you tell him. 
“But she just might be the owner, we don’t know” He says. 
“Exactly we don’t know” you say. Taehyun was about to say something back before the old lady comes back. 
“Here you go” she says handing you each a cup. 
“So what’s your name? do you own this place?” Taehyun asks. 
“I’m Greta, my husband used to own the motel before he he died” She says. 
“Oh i’m sorry” you say feeling bad for her. 
“It’s alright dear, your names?” She asks us. 
“Jaehyun and (make up a name)” you say. 
“What lovely names” She says. 
“Thank you” Taehyun says. Taehyun and you didn’t drink the tea she gave you. Taehyun started small talk with Greta. 
“I think we should go back to our room” you say. You weren’t getting the best vibes from this room or her. 
“Leaving already?” She asks tilting her head. 
“Yeah we have to get back on the road in the morning” Taehyun says getting up. 
“It was very nice to meet you Taehyun and y/n” Greta says, her eyes flash red. You and Taehyun run to get the others. 
“None of you are leaving” Great yells before the door shut behind us. 
“We have to leave now” you says rushing over to room 22. Taehyun bangs on the door. 
“Come one get up” You yell. Beomgyu opens the door his silver hair a mess. 
“What do you want?” He asks. You push behind him and drag Hueningkai out of bed. 
“We are getting Soobin and Yeonjun and we are leaving” Taehyun says to the guys. 
“Let me get my stuff together” Hueningkai says. 
“No!” Taehyun and you shout. You and Taehyun drag the others to Soobin and Yeonjun’s room. 
“Why are you two so on edge” Beomgyu asks. When you get to their room, the door was cracked. Taehyun steps forward pushing you behind him. You tell the others to stay quite. Taehyun pushes open the door and there was blood everywhere in the room. On the walls, on the floor, and on the bed. 
“What kind of sick prank is this” Beomgyu asks. 
“2 down 4 to go?” Hueningkai says looking up. You all look up to see writing on the ceiling. Then you hear the water running. 
“Soobin come out, the prank is over” Beomgyu says. You all walk closer to the bathroom door, as you got to the door handle you see bloody water coming out of the bathroom. 
“Leave come on let’s go” Taehyun says grabbing your hand and running to the car. 
“None of us can drive” you say. 
“Beomgyu is taking classes” Taehyun says throwing the keys to Beomgyu. 
“Wait what if Soobin and Yeonjun could be alive” you says feeling guilt bubble in your stomach. 
“They aren’t alive by the amount of blood that was everywhere” Hueningkai says. 
“It doesn’t feel right, I feel like we could still save them” you say.
“It’s too dangerous, we need to leave” Taehyun says to you stepping closer. 
“Give me 5 minutes to search the motel and then I will be back and we can leave” you say. 
“I’m not going to let you do that” Taehyun says distressed. 
“Why do you care so much if I go leave for 5 minutes” you say starting to get mad. 
“Because I don’t know what I would do if you died” You look at him confused. 
“I really like you y/n, gosh I might even love you” Taehyun groans. you try to fight back a smile. 
“I really like you too Tae” you say wrapping your arms around his torso hugging him. You look up at him and it’s like time had stopped. This is what you have always wanted, to be with him and you finally could. 
“Nobody is leaving” Greta says. You all turn to see her standing next to Yeonjun and Soobin. They were pale, chains on their neck and arms, Yeonjun’s blue hair had blood in it. They were covered in blood and stab wounds. 
“I was going to be nice to you y/n, you and Taehyun looked so in love and I just love young love. But you lied to me and I got mad, nobody lies to me” Greta yells pulling out a thick knife that glowed blue. 
“What’s wrong? your getting a permanent room here at Motel Light for free” Greta says quite creepy. 
Taehyun grabbed your hand as the four of you ran to get safety. 
“y/n!” you heard Yeonjun yell. You let go of Taehyun’s hand and stood staring at Yeonjun. He was no longer covered in blood and he looked normal, his pretty blue hair styled to perfection, he was wearing a look you picked out for him. 
“Hey kiddo, don’t you want to stay here with me? forever” He asks walking closer to you. 
“Let’s go” Beomgyu says grabbing your hand. They drag you into an empty room and into the bathroom. You all huddled close hearing the sounds of your best friends begging you to come out and stay with them. 
“We are never getting out” you say. 
“Someone has to be a distraction” Hueningkai says. 
“No, they would never make it out alive” Taehyun says. Hueningkai got up. 
“What are you doing” Beomgyu asks. 
“I’m going to be the distraction” Hueningkai says. Tears flowed in your eyes immediately. 
“No, don’t you dare walk out that door Kai Kamal Huening” you say. 
“Beomgyu has to drive and you two deserve a chance to be in a relationship, i’m okay with this I promise, you were the best friends I ever had in my life. Thank you” Hueningkai says. 
“Please don’t leave” Taehyun says in tears. You all were in tears.
“On my cue make a run for it” Hueningkai says. 
“Love you guys” He says running out. You all get up. 
“Come and get me” Hueningkai yells. As you guys run to the car you hear Hueningkai’s scream. It broke your heart hearing him scream and beg for his life and there was nothing you could do about it. Beomgyu gets into the car. Taehyun opens the passengers seat and shoves you in. You watch as Taehyun goes to open the back door but it wouldn’t open. 
“Unlock the door Beomgyu” you say stressed. 
“It’s unlocked” Beomgyu says. You reach over to try to unlock it but it kept locking. When you looked out the window you saw Greta right behind Taehyun. 
“Taehyun!” you yell trying to open your door. You watched as Greta grabbed him.
“Let me out! I need to help him” You cried as you tried to open the door. 
“Go! Leave i’ll find my way back to you, Beomgyu don’t you dare unlock that door” Taehyun yells. 
“I can’t leave him” you cry as Beomgyu starts to pull out of the parking spot. 
“Stop moving the car” You cry trying to stop him. 
“Take care of her” Taehyun says before you watch as Greta stabbed him in the stomach. Your heart broke into a million pieces as you pulled out of the parking lot. He was gone. The love of your life was gone and you never got to tell him that. As you pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street everything went black
“That fog was thick back there i’m glad it only lasted a few seconds” Beomgyu says laughing slightly.  
“My boyfriend is a pretty good driver considering he doesn’t even have his license yet” you say to Beomgyu. 
“Thank you girlfriend” Beomgyu laughs grabbing your hand and kissing it. 
“Focus on the road you dummy” You say laughing. Beomgyu gives you the biggest smile. 
“I love you” Beomgyu says.
“I love you too” You say smiling. 
All existence of Hueningkai, Yeonjun, Soobin, and Taehyun was wiped from you and Beomgyu’s mind. All traces of them were gone, no hints, nothing was left. They are trapped at Motel Light knowing their best friends forgot about them. Knowing that the love of Taehyun’s life was in love with his friend for the rest of eternity. 
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A fluorescent green gaze pierced through him from the rearview mirror. As much as the eye contact sent chills down Dale's spine, he didn't want to look away. Some primal part of his brain was much more comfortable keeping his eyes firmly planted on the predator in the back seat of the police car.
"Why won't he leave?" Dale whispered to his partner, the woman grit her teeth.
"I don't know, but I'm not the idiot who decided to fucking arrest him." spat Whitney.
"I didn't think it would work!" Dale hissed. They were trying to be quiet, but he was certain the ghost boy could hear them clear as day, especially with the quiet of the late night streets. "I was just following protocol. We're not supposed to ignore criminal activity."
"The protocol," Whitney's knuckles tightened on the steering wheel as she circled the block for the third time. "Is to not fuck with the ghosts Dale. Especially that one."
She jerked her head roughly to the boy in the back seat, he was looking around the car and humming to himself, he didn't appear to be paying attention, but that didn't mean he wasn't listening.
"Look I just... we need to at least keep up appearances. We can't just let people think we aren't even trying."
"Yes! Yes we can!" Whitney snapped her mouth shut as her volume started to rise with frustration, she glanced nervously into the mirror and took a deep breath before continuing in a low tone. "We aren't paid to deal with this kind of bullshit, we radio it in and let a Fenton or a Guy in White deal with it."
"Okay I get it!" Dale ran a hand through his thinning hair. "I just... I feel so pathetic doing nothing when ghosts are just running around destroying public property-"
"Oh yeah no that's fine Dale that's a great reason to go and put handcuffs on the most powerful ghost in the fucking city." Whitney took the next turn a little too sharply, Dale felt himself lurch sideways, but the boy in the back hardly moved. It wasn't especially surprising given his usual disregard for the laws of physics.
As well as all the other laws that Officer Dale was supposed to be enforcing.
"I told you I didn't think he would actually come willingly." Dale whispered harshly, his voice containing just the barest hint of hysteria. "I just wanted to show him that we aren't total pushovers, I didn't expect it to go this far."
They circled the block once more as Dale checked the rearview mirror again. Phantom was playing with his handcuffs, jiggling the chain and twisting his hands around them. It was almost like he was trying wriggle his way out of them, Dale knew perfectly well that they were just ordinary handcuffs, and he could phase through them at any moment. Phantom had to know that too.
Whitney flicked her eyes between the mirror and the road.
"Asshole," the word was barely audible, Dale would have missed it had he not seen her lips move. "He's just doing this to fuck with us."
"Of course he is." Dale rubbed at his face tiredly. "He's probably got nothing better to do, maybe he'll leave if another ghost shows up?"
"And exactly how long do you expect us to go around in circles waiting for that to happen?" Whitney asked through gritted teeth. "This is getting fucking embarrassing."
"Maybe we should just take him in," Dale sighed in defeat. Whitney took another corner way too hard, jostling him roughly in his seat.
"I am NOT taking Phantom back for processing. They will NEVER let us live this down, and I am NOT becoming the joke of the precinct because YOU decided to be a god damn moron and arrest a fucking ghost."
Another sharp turn and the entrance to the city park flew by their windows again, Dale had lost count how many times they'd circled the block, but somehow he was certain that Phantom hadn't.
The little shit was enjoying this, why couldn't he just sneak into a movie theatre to get his kicks like a normal teenager?
Whitney growled and pulled the car into a complete stop, the wheels screeched and Dale let out a loud WHUFF as the inertia jerked him hard against his seatbelt.
His partner violently wrenched the door open and pulled herself out of the car, slamming the door shut behind her with far more force than was necessary.
Dale followed suit and looked over the roof of the car as Whitney pulled open the back passenger door and whistled sharply, pointing up and out into the sky.
"Go on, get. Ride's over, you've had your fun."
"Awww come oooon," Phantom whined, "I didn't even get to hear you use the siren!"
"Don't care, we're the police, not baby sitters. Go find some ghost cops to bother."
"The ghost cops aren't as fun," Phantom moaned, but he did as he was told and stepped out of the car. "You know, you guys shouldn't swear so much around minors, you're corrupting the youth!"
"I'll corrupt my foot up your ass if you don't get going." said Whitney, flatly. She put her hand out and Phantom effortlessly dropped the cuffs from his wrists and tossed them at her.
He pulled a face at her as she fumbled with the handcuffs, sticking out a very green tongue.
"I saw that young man!" Dale pointed at him from the other side of the car. "Don't let us catch you disrespecting an officer of the law again! Next time you won't get off with just a warning-"
"Dale! For the love of all that is holy shut your damn fool mouth!"
Phantom hopped backwards from the irate woman, his last few steps landing on empty air. He floated gently upwards with a shit eating grin on his face.
"Well this has been fun but I gotta head off, but thanks for the company! We should do it again some time, see you around!" He waved a casual salute and swung around, legs stretching out into a long swirling tail as he sped off into the sky.
Dale felt his knees shaking as he slipped back into the car. Whitney settled into her seat, hands steady as a rock as she belted herself up and started the car.
"That was terrifying." He gasped.
"And yet you still had to keep playing bad cop."
"I'm sorry it just slipped out! He's no different to any of the other punks we deal with around here. A wiseass with no respect for authority." Dale huffed and folded his arms, crossly.
"...He probably wasn't any different, before he died." Whitney said, quietly.
Dale didn't respond, letting the statement sit heavily between them as the car pulled away from the curb.
"I forget that sometimes, you know." said Dale. "This is the first time I've ever seen him up close and he... he really does just look like some kid. How do you think he... how do you think it happened?"
Whitney let out a deep breath as they completed their final lap around the block and headed in toward the city centre.
"I have no idea, and I'm pretty sure that's the kinda thing you can't ask." she paused for a moment, before continuing with a quiet pain in her voice. "He's so young."
"I wonder if his parents know," Dale mused sombrely, "That he's, you know, still around?"
"Who knows."
A car cut them off suddenly at an intersection.
"That was a red light." Dale announced.
The police car's lights flashed as the siren echoed through the empty streets, and Whitney slammed her foot down to catch up with the offending vehicle.
The conversation was over, but neither cop forgot about the incident, and neither could look at their city's hero and menace quite the same. Dale had gotten quite good at seeing ghosts as merely 'creatures', or 'monsters', things that were entirely Strange and Other. Being up close and personal with one had been a much needed reminder of what a ghost truly was.
And that ghost, the one messing around in the back of his car, was a boy. Just a boy. A boy who had a family, a boy who had a life, a boy who had died.
When Dale got home in the early hours of the morning, he hovered by his kids' bedroom, carefully easing the door open to look at their little sleeping faces. Just to make sure they were still there, right where he left them. Still breathing, still alive.
He knew there was a family out there somewhere, parents who had looked through their son's bedroom door and seen only cold, empty sheets.
Dale stepped very carefully over the spilt lego pieces on the floor, and gave his girls both a long, heartfelt kiss on their little heads, before going back to his own room to lay by his sleeping wife's side.
No, no he truly couldn't look at Phantom quite the same way, not anymore.
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amazingmewtwo · 20 hours ago
Beta AU incorrect quotes but I do them
@kagazuly Hello there Idk I thought it’d be fun to do some incorrect quotes of my own uwu
(all of these will contain spoilers, so make sure you’re caught up ...Also some of these might have been done already Idk I didn’t check)
Kirumi: Okay guys, let’s go. Rantaro: Shotgun! Shuichi: But you had it on the way here- WHOA! Rantaro, holding a shotgun: No, I found a shotgun! Rantaro: And I want the front seat. :) *cocks it* (source: Thomas Sanders)
Miu: If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you follow them? Rantaro: I’m the friend that jumps off the cliff. Miu: Okay. [beat] Miu: Wait- (source: Tumblr post)
Rantaro: But we’ll have to find a way to distract the mastermind...Are any of you good at jumping up and down and making annoying noises? Himiko: My time has come. (source: Gravity Falls)
Ryoma: You know, the indigenous species here can be really aggressive, so it’s important to take all necessary precautions when approaching. Ryoma: *beeps airhorn at a duck* GET FUCKED (source: Vine)
Monokuma: How do you plead? Kaito: *looks at Shuichi* Shuichi, whispering: Not guilty...! Kaito: Hot milky? Kirumi: FOR FUCK'S SAKE, JUST LOCK HIM UP ALREADY (source: Tumblr post)
Miu: I’m having another baby. Ouma: Oh! Congratulatio- Miu, slamming down adoption papers: It’s you. Sign here. (source: unknown)
Kaede: When you’re done with your tea, I’ll look at the leaves and tell you your fortune. Himiko, setting her cup down: Alright, I’m done. Read mine. Kaede: Okay, I see a ladder...Which can mean either a promotion or a violent death. Himiko: ...I'm a student, I can't get promoted. Kaede: Mhm. Mhm. Who’s next? (source: Friends)
Ouma: I wrote Himiko a note telling her how I feel. Miu: That’s progress! Ouma: I tore it up and flushed it. Miu: Eeehhhh... Ouma: It’s still progress! (source: Be More Chill)
Kaede: Please? For me? Maki: Don’t do that. Kaede: What? Maki: You think every time you say “Please? For me?” I’ll do whatever you want. Well not this time. Kaede: Please? For me? Maki: Maki: Okay. (source: Icarly)
Shuichi: We found a death note on Tsumugi’s body. “Fear is the mind killer, but so am I.” Rantaro: Huh. Sounds like something Kiyo would say. [pause] Rantaro: ...WAIT, THAT IS SOMETHING KIYO WOULD SAY! Korekiyo: Fuck. Rantaro: KIYO’S THE FUCKING KILLER!!! (source: ChilledChaos)
Shuichi: I understand now...If it weren’t for the mastermind, you wouldn’t be-! Rantaro: Dying? No. Shuichi: ...I was gonna say “evil”. Rantaro: Oh, no. I’d definitely still be evil. If this situation was reversed, this conversation would never have happened. Rantaro: You’d be dead, and I’d be laughing. Rantaro: Hahaha- oh, it hurts to laugh... (source: Dragon Ball Z Abridged)
Tatsuya: Hey, how’s it going? Kiibo: Pretty good. Kiibo: Now you might have thought there were two different people talking, when actually... Tatsuya: It was me again. Movie magic! (source: Prozd)
Kirumi: Describe what the mastermind looks like! Shuichi: They’re tall. Kirumi: Go on? Shuichi: They wear heels. Kirumi: Do they look like a bitch? Shuichi: ...What-? Kirumi: DO THEY. LOOK LIKE. A BITCH!? (source: Pulp Fiction)
Tatsuya: I can’t wait to get a job at Starbucks so I can spell people’s names wrong. Then they won’t be able to Instagram their cups. Miu: Are you Satan? Kirumi: Are you God? Ouma: Are we humans? Shuichi: Is this the real life? Rantaro: Or is this some sick, twisted fantasy? Kaito: No, this is Patrick. (source: Tumblr post)
Ryoma: Rantaro has done time. Shuichi: What for? Ryoma: No one knows for sure. He changes the story every time you ask him. Rantaro: I defrauded a major corporation. Rantaro: I robbed the second-largest bank in Japan using only a ballpoint pen. Rantaro: I created a hole in the ozone over Sapporo. Rantaro: I killed a man. With this thumb. (source: Ratatouille)
Korekiyo: Tsumugi, if you kill me, everyone will know you were the murderer. Tsumugi: If I die, Kiyo has a small dick. Korekiyo: HOW DARE YOU-! (source: Achievement Hunter)
Rantaro: Ryoma, I have a secret...You can’t tell anyone... Shuichi, listening in on them through the door: Oh shit. *leans in closer* Ryoma: What is it, Rantaro? Rantaro: It’s about our memories... Shuichi: ...! *leans in even closer* Rantaro: It’s...It’s... Rantaro: SOMETHING I’M NOT GONNA SAY ‘TIL NEXT CHAPTER, BITCH! Shuichi: GOD DAMMIT- (source: Prozd)
Idk I thought this would be fun
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svnseovl · 23 hours ago
Hello! Could i please request 🍓? Im pansexual btw, so no prefered gender <3
My personality is very laid back, im a go with the flow type person. My friends told me i looked very cold at first glance, but i actually ended up being very talkative! Im also very straightforward, i hate beating around the bush.
Ideal date: AMUSEMENT PARK!! I want to have fun on my first date, also its a strategy. If i dont like my date, i can focus on the attractions! No loses! Other than that, maybe a date to the arcade? Just no fancy dinners or cinemas, i hate staying in one place...
Ideal type: someone i wont get bored of, they understand that i cant be forced into things. I also want someone who can keep their promises, ive had a lot of people give me empty promises, resulting in some trust issues. I’m not a jealous type, but id love it if my s/o got jealous, and made it obvious. I think its super cute!
Likes: iced coffee, sitcoms, action movies, musicals, drawing
Dislikes: carrots (BLEH), horror movies, people who ask questions not relating to the problem
Extra info: my mbti is ISTP, im an ambivert, my love language is acts if service, both recieving and giving. I have shoulder length, black, straight hair. I have tan skin, hazel eyes, and i have glasses. I really like forehead kisses and being held by the hips. I have a terrible sense of time, it could be 4am and id think it was still 11pm. Also i want my s/o to be fine with being the little spoon, i like being the big spoon even if im shorter!
Thats all the info i can think of, i hope its enough! Have a nice day~ <3
hi, thank you for requesting!
i matched you with…
+ this is definitely not bias just because i main her BUT ANYWAYS
+ your personalities complement each other so well oh my god. keqing’s constantly-active mindset paired with your slightly more laidback personality go better than you might originally think!
+ you have something you need to do? cool! keqing will help you. you need to go somewhere? no problem! she’ll accompany you if you need. she’d love it if you’d go with her when she needs to go out on missions etc, i think her pragmatism and your talkativeness will keep you entertained for the entirety of it :>
+ i do actually see keqing as someone who could become jealous if someone was trying it on with her s/o, and she’d swiftly remove you from the situation if you needed (or if she couldn’t contain herself anymore. you choose)
+ she would probably consider just spending time together, whether that be walking around liyue harbour or venturing out together on missions as dates! she’s a busy person and so just spending time with you makes her so incredibly happy. she never breaks her promises with you - she’s pragmatic and sensible after all! but she does get confused sometimes when you get the time wrong, and will laugh n dote on you as well <3
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