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#c: og post
Loki is the only thing my adhd brain is able to think about right now. And by “right now” I mean: the whole past week and probably the next five weeks too. I think I need to log out of Tumblr for a few days. (I’m not saying I will though.)
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♡ All of my reblogs by categories: here. • My thoughts after watching the first episode • My thoughts after watching the second episode // Apparently Tumblr pages aren’t visible on the mobile app, but it works just fine on the web version.
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axo-fucking-lotls · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Im not explaining.
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axo-fucking-lotls · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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relaxxattack · 12 days ago
the reason im a c!skeppy apologist is because he only saw dream’s pov of events and still thought dream was in the wrong. you want your dream pov watcher? yeah he’s right here and thinks the l’manbergians didn’t deserve it. king shit for real
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inniter · 15 days ago
if any of u send legitimate hate to others over minecraft roleplay discourse i dont want you here btw if i havent made that clear 😒
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relaxxattack · 19 days ago
me joking about c!tubbo on the daily: haha chaos
me writing about c!tubbo: the most serious and sad fucking character to exist
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relaxxattack · 20 days ago
remember when i said “what if we get tubbo lore during the lore break while wilbur’s gone”?
remember how tubbo said he was going to get a bunch more lore once wilbur got revived?
remmeber how ranboo was supposed to help tubbo with lore?
we are but fools. clowns. wishing for a sliver of dsmp!tubbo
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oh uh yeah i only go by gerry now ! also my pronouns are it/its and they/them (and voi/void/voids) !
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relaxxattack · 23 days ago
Hot take but have you considered that Dream lied to his enemy who was blackmailing him with attachments about having no attachments. Shocking concept I know, a manipulator lying about something I know, but may be worth a thought.
1. its right in my pinned to not send asks with a negative tone. i do actually like being able to debate sometimes though so ill let this one slide, lol
2. tommy did the attachment thing one (1) time and it Failed Massively because of how much power dream holds over everyone and everything. they are not equals or on even playing fields in that situation, tommy trying to "blackmail" him was not only a horrible attempt at getting on an even playing field (with a person actually blackmailing his friends and family's safety) but it didn't even work because dream didn't care about spirit
now that we've cleared that up, i'll move on to your actual point, which is, in fact, a good one! sadly i have never watched a dream pov stream (lmao) and can't confirm or deny his actual feelings here, but i can try line up what he says with his actions.
i'm gonna attempt to do that now, but smart people feel free to add on or correct me.
"dream's a master manipulator". for starters, how do we, the audience know this? how do we know he's lying about things and not simply being persuasive? well, it's because we as the audience can see other people's actions and confirm that certain things are untrue. this is how we can usually tell when he's manipulating people.
let's apply this.
dream tells tommy that tubbo doesn't care about him -> we see tubbo in NLM asking for/about tommy constantly, and seeming very sad and bitter about not being able to visit him.
dream tells tubbo tommy doesn't want to see him -> we see tommy asking constantly for tubbo, to be able to visit tubbo, and keeping pictures of his friend
dream tells tommy tubbo threw his compass into lava because he hates him -> we see tubbo keeping the compass in his pocket and offhand, literally never taking it off him, and losing it accidentally in a creeper explosion
dream tells tommy mexican dream "died from overdosing" -> we watched dream kill MD in front of tommy
dream tells everyone tommy blew up the community house -> ranboo knows that he did it because his conscious tells him so (this one i'm not so sure about because idk if we can trust ranboo's mind here)
now here's the one you're talking about:
dream tells tommy he cut off all attachments -> he abandons and stops talking to his friends
dream claims he cares more about the discs then tommy does because "they're what allow him to control tommy and his friends" -> dream builds a shrine to the discs in his lair along with places to keep every emotional attachment on the server in order to be able to manipulate anyone
some additional facts i would like to bring to the table include:
1. in a really twisted way, dream likes to gloat to tommy about his plans. he tells tommy among other things that he "does it all because it's fun and he's playing with his food" "no, i just like to cause chaos" "i'm doing this so you can have an origin story. the perfect hero origin" "i can make us immortal together!" we don't have a way to confirm or deny these as true/false since we don't know what dream's thinking, but. sadly they appear to line up with his actions. based on this we can assume dream does tell tommy his real plans. and also:
2. sapnap actually visited dream in prison and dream seemed to care more about using sapnap to get to ranboo then sapnap himself. ouch.
so, as far as we can figure, with all of the canon evidence in front of us, it seems to be that he was telling the truth.
a lot of this is based on dream's actions and actions alone. why? because we don't know what he's thinking.
i am actually fully on board with the idea that dream lied, and that he does still miss and care about his friends! i consider often (because i like angst lol)! when dream finally gets his pov, we might learn about this. because we don't know what he's thinking. he could be missing them every second for all we know! it could all be one master plan to make them like him, or save them, or something.
BUT. that isn't canon yet.
we don't know what dream is thinking, and until we do, we have to go off his actions and nothing else. because that's all the canon info on it we have.
so in conclusion i'm sorry to say: dream is innocent until proven guilty. as far as we can tell, he wasn't lying. and he did cut off his friends.
[ i would also like to say: dream actually caring about his friends would make him a lot more sympathetic imo. but it kind of wouldn't really change how he cut them off and made them feel so shitty in the first place, especially sapnap. even if it turns out he actually loves them, he still treated them awfully by abandoning them as he did. that's just my two cents though.]
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miku-time · a month ago
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relaxxattack · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thoughts on this one guys? /gen
stuff like this always makes me feel mildly anxious because it makes me feel stupid for interpreting things differently, but i genuinely am open to changing my mind if you guys think this is more accurate to canon
*for reference i am what would be called a l’manberg loyalist. also i do not think techno represented anarchy in a very positive light
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relaxxattack · a month ago
“c!dream and tommy both bothered each other and brought out the worst in each other” shut the FUCK UP. if i put a man in a room with a toddler and the kid started crying and the man was annoyed by this so he fucking killed the child we’re not going to say, “oh the toddler was annoying him :( it brought out the worst in him and so they’re equally responsible” what the FUCK is wrong with you
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fandom-theorist · a month ago
Tumblr media
That blindfold is there becuase he's more like Endermen in Enderwalk and he would attack people if they looked him in the eyes.
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relaxxattack · a month ago
your casual reminder punz’s house and yard is the same size as original l’manberg. six people revolutionized to live in an area smaller then one man’s private property.
i promise you they were not harming anyone by living in their tiny ass fenced area bro
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