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honeyburn-books · a day ago
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1985 Lanark A Life In Four Books by Alistair Gray published by Picador #booksforsale #bookstagram #booksforkids #booksofinstagram #kidsbooks #rs #books #bookstack #booksarelife #bookshelfie #bookslovers #booksph #bookstagramespa #bookstagrammer #prelovedbooks #bibliophile #book #bookish #bookshop #bookstagramfeatures #bookstagrammers #reading #bookphotography #booksandcoffee #booksandflowers #booksbooksbooks #bookseries #bookshelf #bookshelves #booksigning
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taylor-reads-books · 3 days ago
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Happy #shelfiesunday y’all! I’m just hanging out with Chairman getting ready for the start of my summer class tomorrow and snuggling my owlcrate pillow. The Masters dream continues! •——————————————————————————————• #shelfie #bookshelfie #bookshelves #bookshelvesofinstagram #bookshelfstyling #bookshelf #bookshelfdecor #readingnook #readingchair #booksandcats #librarygoals #homelibrary #bookishlife #bookishlove #bookish #booksbooksbooks #beautifulbooks #reader
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Ariadne by Jennifer Saint
As Princesses of Crete and daughters of the fearsome King Minos, Ariadne and her sister Phaedra grow up hearing the hoofbeats and bellows of the Minotaur echo from the Labyrinth beneath the palace. The Minotaur - Minos's greatest shame and Ariadne's brother - demands blood every year.
When Theseus, Prince of Athens, arrives in Crete as a sacrifice to the beast, Ariadne falls in love with him. But helping Theseus kill the monster means betraying her family and country, and Ariadne knows only too well that in a world ruled by mercurial gods - drawing their attention can cost you everything.
In a world where women are nothing more than the pawns of powerful men, will Ariadne's decision to betray Crete for Theseus ensure her happy ending? Or will she find herself sacrificed for her lover's ambition?
I am not quite sure how I feel about Ariadne. Though I enjoyed the story, which is beautifully written, I found Ariadne to be quite a passive character, compared to her sister Phaedra, where I am in agreement with @writing.and.rambles’s review, that Phaedra’s story felt more compelling. I appreciated how Phaedra took more control - as much as she could - of her life in Athens, where I felt that Ariadne did not.
But it did show how the two sisters dealt with the horror and trauma of their past in different, but no less acceptable and understandable ways. I wish that the relationship of the two sisters was explored more in the book, because those where the parts which I enjoyed reading the most.
If you liked reading the Silence of the Girls, you will enjoy this book. I would give it 4 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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witchee1014 · 11 days ago
Books make me a bit shelfish #bookshelfie #bookshelftour #bookreader #readeveryday #readersgonnaread
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karenfanchen · 13 days ago
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Just finished @jeanmeltzer’s The Matzah Ball and I loved it! Just thinking about the Lokshen Liaison makes me giggle 🤣🤣🤣. Thank you @netgalley, @_mira_books_, & @harlequinbooks for my preview! #TheMatzahBall #lokshenliaison #ownvoice #readersgonnaread #goodreads #bookish #bookshelfie #books #instabook #instaread #bookstagram #booktastic #bookselfie #bookgasm #booksworthreading #readinglist #readingisawesome #bibliophile #booknerd #bookaholic #booklove #bookworm #bookstagrammer #whatareyoureading #advancereadercopy #igreads
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Heartstopper by Alice Oseman
Two reviews in one day? Who is this person?!
Well, I just could not help myself but binge through the whole series as soon as it got here!
I am always going to be biased when it comes to graphic novels, but we all already know that by now, so it should be no surprise really that I completely fell in love with the series, right? But in all honesty, Heartstopper went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations!
First of all, the development of relationship between the boys is so sweet and authentic. It took me back to school and reminded me of what it felt like to have a huge crush on someone 😅🙈
The character development throughout the series is done with great sensitivity, not just of the main characters, but of those around them as well. Oseman clearly has a good understanding of teenage relationships, not just romantic ones, but platonic/ friendships as well as the relationships between families.
Book 4 does delve deeper into some of the more serious and darker topics regarding mental health, but these are important conversations that we need to have, and Oseman does a good job of explaining and educating us about these issues, without it been preachy.
I would give this whole series 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper
‘May men fall to me as this offering falls to you, Greatest Aphrodite. May I know love’s power, if never it’s sweetness’
I have been wanting to read this book for a long time now, and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint!
The Wolf Den, set in Pompeii’s Lunpar, is the first in a trilogy of novels reimagining the lives of women who have been overlooked in history.
Here, we follow Amara through her journey as slave, sold into prostitution after the death of her father plunged her family into poverty, we get to know a woman who is smart, resourceful and willing to do whatever it takes to earn her freedom. Through Amara, we also get to meet the other women at the brothel with her. Each of these women are as well written as Amara, with compelling and complicated histories, and it is not a hardship to fall in love with them in this story.
Harper has managed to navigate the stories of these women, and the brutal lives they have to live quite brilliantly, and with great sensitivity. While the story is set around a brothel, and is about the lives of women who are ‘working’ as prostitutes, the sex scenes are not over the top or grotesque. It is very much a novel where it’s a woman writing for women, with an awareness of exactly what stories need to be told.
I would say it’s a ‘medium paced’ story, but hard to put down once you start reading it! It only took me two days, that that too because I had to stop reading while I was at work, and to sleep 😅
If you enjoyed Circe, Silence of the Girls and Penelopiad, basically if you enjoy classical retellings with a focus on the voices of women, this is the book for you!
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Look what just got here! Women In The Picture by Catherine McCormack!
As some who has done a bit of research, with the intention to do a lot more, on how women’s bodies are seen and presented in, be that on Shakespeare’s stage or in the pages of the contemporary graphic novel, this book immediately caught my eye! I am really looking forward to reading this book!!
A perfect pin-up, a damsel in distress, a saintly mother, a femme fatale …
Women’s identity has long been stifled by a limited set of archetypes, found everywhere in pictures from art history’s classics to advertising, while women artists have been overlooked and held back from shaping more empowering roles.
In this impassioned book, art historian Catherine McCormack asks us to look again at what these images have told us to value, opening up our most loved images – from those of Titian and Botticelli to Picasso and the Pre-Raphaelites. She also shows us how women artists – from Berthe Morisot to Beyoncé, Judy Chicago to Kara Walker – have offered us new ways of thinking about women’s identity, sexuality, race and power.
Women in the Picture gives us new ways of seeing the art of the past and the familiar images of today so that we might free women from these restrictive roles and embrace the breadth of women’s vision.
Blurb via @iconbooks
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bookingforfun · 20 days ago
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I’ve been reading the silent patient and I clockwork angel simultaneously ( I want to finish both by June 1). I’m really enjoying the silent patient y’all. Right now I’m not sure which way the story will go and I love it. Alicia Berenson is a famous painter and she has been convicted of viciously murdering her husband. However there have been a few other characters added to story so I have no idea who has murdered her husband 🥴😁. I can’t wait to see how this book ends! Happy Friday eve ! : #bookreadersofinstagram#booksbooksbooksandmorebooks#noshelfcontrol#bookloversofig#mybookshelves#readingnooks#bookshelfies#booklover#bookstagram#booknerd (at Atlanta, Georgia)
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bookingforfun · 21 days ago
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Found a new reading spot 😄! It’s such a beautiful day, that I had to read outside 📖👓. I hope that you are having a wonderful day where you are ☺️. ✌🏾&♥️ : #bookreadersofinstagram#booksbooksbooksandmorebooks#noshelfcontrol#bookloversofig#mybookshelves#readingnooks#bookshelfies#booklover#bookstagram#booknerd (at Atlanta, Georgia)
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