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#Peter Quill
scarletgiselle · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New! Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth wishing Chris Evans a happy birthday. Omg Chris🤣💀
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thedirectorofmylife · 10 hours ago
💕Love As We Know It💕
Summary: The reader is a bubbly, off-beat teacher, who is known to burst into songs, meets the Avengers at a charity event and they become friends. Someone falls for their 'adorkableness' and wishes to be more than friends. Follow their adventures as the Avengers become a part of their daily civilian life and the troubles along with life lessons that come up. Lots of fluff and comedy and maybe slight angst.
✨Remember Y/n is kind and drop-dead gorgeous and so are you.✨
Characters: Almost everyone in the MCU.
Main Pairing: Reader x ???
i need your help to decide the main lead/pairing of this story.
comment in the chatbox or message me about who you want the lead character to be.
i will ask for your choices and suggestions as the story proceeds
the lead is y/n's love interest if that wasn't clear
taglist: @profoundtyrantharmony
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angelic-rapper · 15 hours ago
Peter Quill is canonically bi and was in a Poly relationship with Aradia and Mors
Tumblr media
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whyennwhenyouareyn · 19 hours ago
Marvel Masterlist
A/N: The old one got deleted smh....oh well
A/N: I realise there’s not much stuff to go on here, but I promise that I love MARVEL and will come up with new content in time. So for now maybe you can consider this a sort of draft?
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver:
I hate you: When your arch enemy Peter Maximoff gets drunk and is in close proximity… well, it’s not the best situation to be put in.
Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto:
Flirt: Five times you flirted with Erik Lehnsherr… and the one time he flirted back.
Charles Xavier/Professor X:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Alex Summers/Havok:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Hank McCoy/Beast:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Sean Cassidy/Banshee:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Scott Summers/Cyclops:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier:
Fruitful Day: You work at a farm stall and when a handsome stranger arrives, asking for plums, you don’t have any; yet your instincts tell you to stop him and get to know him.
Good Morning: You wake up and the first thing you see is an adorable dork lying next to you in bed.
I’ll Be There: You are quite taken with Bucky when he visits your bar, and your feelings are reciprocated. Only Bucky feels that he doesn’t deserve you.
Peter Parker/Spiderman:
Dance the Night Away: You really wanted to go to prom for a long time, but when it rolls around, things aren’t always what they seem to be.
Tony Stark/Iron man:
Safe Place: You, Y/N Stark, had been dreading having to go live with your father but your mother’s untimely death forced you to do so.
Steve Rogers/Captain America:
Too Dangerous: It’s been quite some time after people blipped back and you were looking forward to spending time with your boyfriend, Steve. But Fury calls him on a mission that is near fatal and you freak out.
Bruce Banner/Hulk:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Clint Barton/Hawkeye:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Thor Odinson:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Loki Laufeyson:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Peter Quill/Star Lord:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
Scott Lang/Ant man:
None yet, request and I’ll make it happen :)
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theavengers · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), dir. James Gunn
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marvelheroes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), dir. James Gunn
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Thor: I could definitely take you Captain
Quill: Haha in a fight?
Quill: I-In a fight, right?
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Does this mean there’s a universe where Peter Quill didn’t try and fight thanos, but before Tony and peter could get the gauntlet, the TVA came and arrested him for being a variant?
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incorrecthick · a day ago
Gamora: Awwww, you’re so adorable! Give me a hug~
Peter, recording: This is so cute.
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incorrecthick · a day ago
Gamora: Izol, what does IDK, ILY, and TTYL mean?
Izzy: I don’t know, I love you, talk to you later.
Gamora: Alright, I love you too, I'll ask Peter.
Izzy: Wait- Mom, no-
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thewordsleep · a day ago
Fallen a Long Way - [thorki fix-it fic] / read on AO3
Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy have picked up a somewhat younger, certainly more alive Loki from an alternate timeline.
A fic I've had in my docs since I first saw endgame, the original idea: Loki and Peter Quill outrageously flirting and having chemistry while Thor has to watch and grumble.
The result: a lot more feels-y than that.
Drax shrugs. "Even if Quill does bed your brother - which is almost certainly going to happen - I doubt it'll be very satisfying."
"Are you talking about that idiot's sexual prowess?" Nebula chimes in, "Because I'd gathered from Gamora that he may be... disappointing."
Thor perks up at this.
“S’not what I heard,” Rocket says under his breath, his fangs tearing into some bread.
"I am Groot."
"Ugh—who taught you that word?!"
Thor slumps back down.
"Truthfully, Thor," Drax says, placing a heavy hand on his shoulder, "Even as fat and unkempt as you are, you are still a more than worthy bed-mate."
"Thank you…?"
"On my planet the men and women would battle fiercely for the honor of consummating with a God-beast angel like you. People would tell stories of it to their children's children, and mark it as a day of celebration."
Thor is feeling much more confused than reassured now. "But… I'm greasy?"
Drax smiles. "Disgustingly so."
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incorrecthick · a day ago
Peter: *shatters a window and climbs through it*
Peter: *turns around and helps Izzy through it* remember Izzy, breaking and entering is wrong.
Kid!Izzy: Okay.
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poteeto-chip · a day ago
Rocket: What are you? Some kind of saint all of a sudden? What has the galaxy ever done for you? Why would you wanna save it!?
Peter Quill: Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!
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charnelhouse · a day ago
You ever think about how one of the things Thor is the god of is fertility??? I think about that every goddamn day
Tumblr media
Warnings: Thor x F!Reader. Smut. Breeding Kink. Thor being a feral little shit. Over-stimulation.
A/N: I think about Thor being a fertility god at least three times a day. Four times on Sunday. Pretend this gif says KEEP OUT, PETER because that's how i presume thor is living on the Benatar and like this gif really doesn't fit the tone of this filthy smut but who cares we live in the free world BABEY.
You play it like a game. Thor can sense when you’re ovulating - his nose attuned to the subtle shift in your scent.
The first time it happened you had been shocked. He’d sniffed at your hair - nipping your breast and shoulder as he rutted against the side of your body.
“Fuck,” he growled. “You smell like birth.”
You had jerked away from him - fixing him with an offended look. “Excuse me?”
He swallowed thickly - his fingers already between your legs - curling into you as he felt for something soft. “You’re - you’re quite fertile right now, sweet one.”
Thor appeared half-mad - his skin ruddy and flushed with blood. His lids heavy while his eyes gleaming moon-bright beneath his lashes. One dark as the far reaches of the ocean- pooling into something desperate and ready to strike with the undertow. The other golden as hot copper or stormed-over wheat.
“Are you alright?” you murmured - brushing your palm over his cheek - catching the sweat that had begun to drip from his brow. He nuzzled into your palm - nearly purring.
“I’m not only the God of Thunder, my love,” he reminded as he sealed his heavy frame flush against you - almost burying you into the mattress. His thumb found your clit - teasing you until you swelled with juice - making you arch into him.
Oh - you had forgotten. The fertility thing.
“Can I fuck you?” he pleaded as he climbed between your legs - grinding his clothed cock into your sheets. “Can we pretend?”
“Pretend what?” you whispered - parting your lips for his tongue - screwing your fingers into his loose t-shirt.
“Pretend to breed you.”
It happens every time you’re ovulating. Thor goes near-feral, practically loses all sense, as he fucks you and eats you until you can’t walk.
“We have to go, Thor,” you gasp - your knees strangling his ears. You yank at his soft flaxen hair - wet with sweat and other things.
“No we don’t,” he tuts as he latches onto your taut bundle of nerves and suckles - urging his fingers between your folds as you buck into the firm press of his mouth. He suctions his lips in such a way that it wedges pleasure through your system - scattering your nerves and cells until they pulse and build and burst beneath your flamed skin.
God of Pussy Eating would be his more apt title.
“The - the - fuck - shit - the Guardians,” you stammer as he adds a third finger - stretching you open while you flood and stream and drown the onslaught of his face against your slit.
“Fuck the Guardians,” he grunts - the words slightly muffled into your mound - his nose practically dragging over your clit. His breath is feverish - sharp and rough as he blows air over your aching sex. He doesn’t shock you - doesn’t drift sparks of lightning across your body. He only does that when he’s in a rush to get you off.
“Thor,” you whimper and he tugs a fold into his mouth - biting weakly just to shut you up.
“Not leaving until I fill this tight cunt up with my seed, you brat.”
Jesus. You need to be off the ship - helping Rocket map out the latest planet you’ve touched down on. The Benatar had landed half an hour ago.
“Baby,” you warn. “Peter will come looking for us.”
He sighs - removing his fingers with a rather lewd squelching noise. He sits back on his haunches - his broad chest damp with your slick. He’d made you spurt into his mouth - overstimulating you until you had sobbed and slapped him across the head.
You’d liked it though.
“Fine,” he growls - his expression almost boyishly put out - shaded in the remnants of his brother’s influence. “I’m still fucking you.”
His hands wrap around your thighs - spreading them apart as he leans over you. He braces his forearm beside your head - his other hand lining his cock up - smearing the head against the soaked mess of your sex.
He lowers himself - rubbing his cheek against your own - rasping his beard across your jaw. He captures your mouth in an insistent kiss before he grits: I’m going to fuck our child into you, my girl. Get you so full and heavy with it.
You moan - going boneless - gripping his tapered waist - thumb sweeping over the swell and flex of the muscles in his abdomen. He shoves into you with one long stroke - the spear of him overwhelming as your walls expand to accommodate his girth.
He draws himself nearly all the way out before he plunges back inside - his massive cock nearly splitting you in two. His pace is fast and hard - his fingers fisting the iron bar of your headboard as the mattress creaks and squeals. He grabs a fistful of your ass - hitching your thighs up higher over his hips - snapping into you with such deliberate precision that each thrust has him ramming up against the bowl of your womb.
“Fuck,” he snarls. “I smell how ready you are for it.”
He drops his head - his long hair tracing over your face - tickling you. You follow his gaze and nearly bite your tongue in half at the sight. Beneath the shadows of his form - there is the glossy rod of his cock punching into the spasming clutch of your weeping pussy. The hairs at his groin glimmer with your essence - the shamelessness of the image twists your gut. You flutter around him - your heart lurching in your throat.
“Do you hear it?” Of course, you do. How could you not? The room echoes with the slap of his skin against yours - the liquid suck of your pussy swallowing him to the hilt over and over again. He drags his fingertips over your thigh before he nudges them against the hardened peak of your clit. “Gods - your lovely cunt is soaking me.”
You can feel yourself leak into the sheets - another spurt of your slick as Thor angles himself downward and pounds you into the shrieking springs of the mattress. The iron railing of the headboard creaks above you as Thor bends it nearly in half.
He pants into your ear - his tongue hot against your skin as he slides it down the pulsing vein in your throat: Let me fill you up, little one. Let me mark you in me.
He brings you off again as you bite your nails into the muscles of his shoulders. He rolls his hips into your pelvis - his pace beginning to lose momentum. He pushes your knees back as far as he can - peeling you open as your pussy parts around the length of him. You’re on display - bare and stretched and wet and Thor’s eyes drift over your face - seeking the pleasure that has made your eyes fall half-mast. He wants to know that you’re sated - that he has ruined you as he always intends. Every night or morning or hour that he beds you - he wants it to be good.
“Are you ready?” he urges as he begins to grind himself as far as he possibly can - his hips slotted between your legs - his hands pinning your knees apart as he rocks into you. “Ah - darling - you’re so fucking tight for me.”
You feel him lose himself - you feel the spit of his cock in your core. He trembles above you - bearing his weight as his eyes draw over you with a gentle, blissed-out expression. The ferocity of before long gone - buried somewhere inside him where the primal parts of his god lie. His chest heaves from exertion - his pelvis jerking up against you as his cock hits the end of his release. He is so utterly handsome that it steals your breath - that you find yourself cupping his cheek as he pumps the last threads of his seed into your womb. He noses into your palm - sweet as a lamb - as prey - his lips twitching into a devastating smile.
“Would you like to do it for real one day?” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your heart line. You nod - hitching your ankles over his ass to force him a little deeper.
“Yes,” you reply - voice torn and thin from over-use. “One day, I’ll let you knock me up with little electricity babies.”
He laughs - leaning down to part his lips over yours - tongue hungry as he slides his joy into your mouth. “They would be warriors, my love. Ruthless as you, I wager.”
“My condolences to the universe.”
He laughs again - running his knuckles over your cheekbone. “You’re a wild thing.”
“You’re the one who just kept me in bed for three hours.”
You’re so fucking sore - chafed and throbbing. It’s a good pain - a divine pain to be honest - but you can’t help but whine as Thor gingerly eases the heft of his softening cock out of you.
He scoops you into his arms - rolling to the side so you’re stretched out on top of him. Everything is very sticky and fleshy and the air is tangy with sex.
Thor opens his mouth to speak before a knock interrupts him.
The voice through the steel door is slightly strained. “Um - not to be intrusive, but we need both of you outside.”
“Peter!” You sink into Thor’s chest - pushing your face into the molten skin above his thumping heart. “How long have you been standing out there?”
“I think around the time Thor said he was going to fuck a child into you.”
“Oh gross.” You bristle as you try to scramble off of Thor to get dressed. “You should have said something!”
He binds his arms tighter around your waist - keeping you glued to him. You whirl around, smacking his stomach. When you peer up at him, he just looks smug.
“You definitely knew he was out there,” you accuse.
Thor shrugs. “Not my fault that he decided to creep around and listen to our love-making.”
“I heard that,” Peter shouts through the door.
“Fuck off!” you both return in unison.
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gospelofme · 2 days ago
No spoilers, just a general reminder.
Only an incredibly strong being can wield an Infinity Stone and use it to it’s full potential. Let’s not forget how Peter Quill was legit the talk of all space for being from Earth and holding an Infinity Stone in the palm of his hand.
Bruce Banner and Tony Stark wielded all of them to their full potential.
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