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#Lucas Lee
johnny-suh-tiramisu · a day ago
Johfam, I made a playlist. If you got time please listen and support 🙏💚
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itsthe-neo-zone · a day ago
Wands and Potions - NCT Dream Fanfiction
NCT Chenle x Reader
Tumblr media
Please read the Masterlist before continuing ahead. Thank you.
Thank you to all those that are supporting and still reading this story, I'm thinking of going back and rereading and editing bits to fix it up but that will only be happing when its fully uploaded. Appologies for taking so long for uploading but im back in the flow again. please anticipate the next few chapters!
thank you and please enjoy!
“I can’t sleep.”
“You’re having those nightma—”
“Yes. Except…it’s you.”
Chapter 21
[5th of November]
It was stupid. What she thought was a pull could’ve been anything, for example it could’ve been her wanting to sleep, the sloping of the hill she sat at next to him, a human desire to huddle to warmth when cold; that’s part of human nature nothing she could change about that even if she wanted to.
But the urge was there, and it was strong, the desire to change that need for warmth, and why was it specifically his warmth she needed anyways? She blames it on the cold, making her feel vulnerable on the other hand was difficult to justify.
For the past few days it had been extremely calm, the only bother she got was a quick questioning from Jinsoul for running out so oddly and at a peculiar hour, she tried to find out what was going on with Selene but it barely lasted for a few hours. The thing was they all may have decided to stay quiet about it. That didn’t mean they stopped whispering and muttering quietly when Selene was distracted.
And she could just about make out the murmurs behind her over the poised voice of the head, they were muttering about something to do with the dance line-up. Selene kept cutting in and out of the ongoing lecture every once or so.
“This is why today we will be going over the basics of posture with some elegant and beautiful melodies to help. Shall we start?”
The head clapped her hands together, “Gives us a bit of cheer during these gloomy times?” she mumbled as she stepped to prepare the audio.
Selene looked up towards the other side seeing Albus’ older brother, James, and his pack. They had began to heal and were dismissed to go back to class within a few days of being hospitalised. She noted the irk in his features towards her, Ravelle must have said something to him, that or his prick of a sister.
The ginger glanced from the side to see that both girls and a few other friends were dying to get off their seats and dance, “Alright, everyone up.”
“We’ll start in our own groups then we can do a mixed waltz in pairs properly. Get yourself accustomed to the feeling of a glossy wide plain.”
Most of the girls were up and moving about, some of the guys were having trouble ‘getting in touch with the space’ as the head put it.
Selene sighed, she was at the far end. If she stayed quiet she wouldn’t have to be picked to do anything. she glanced towards the centre of the hall, hoping the class would end so she could run off to the library and find a book or two. Something to help her with that dreaded potions project.
“Selene, up you get, I’ll dance with you for the first round.”
“I really don’t think that would be necess-” “Oh come on, don’t be such a bore.” Selene felt a tug pull her up forcefully onto her feet.
“It’ll be fun,” trudging towards the group spaced out.
I don’t think it will.
“Only this round at least, then I would have to dance with my sweetheart-”
Oh for merlin’s sake, “Fine Fine, just hush and get into place.” She stepped away a few steps, facing the cheerful blonde,
“Thank you.” Jinsoul flashed her a wide grin, her eyes turning into beautiful crescent. Fuck he does not deserve her at all.
“Alright now come together, the female hands above and shoulders back,”
“Isn’t this exciting, our first ball.” Jinny immediately went to placing her hands above, she smiled, beaming. “Yeah completely,” Selene muttered, she placed her arms just above jinny’s waist skipping time to finish this. “Lift your elbow,”
“Like this?”
“And now the male hands above the curvature of the hip and cradling the right hand, like so.” The head demonstrated,
“Yeah, like that.” Selene nodded glancing off,
“Have you been to a ball before, you seem like you know this pretty well?”
“You do remember my mother is of noble status,” well, was.“I was given lessons as a child, unnecessary lessons if you ask me.” Mumbling the last part she looked down to move her feet into place.
“Ah yes, sorry. Slipped my mind.”
“Now try practicing a slight sway to the melody, this is only if you have the correct posture and you’re ready.” She set the needle down onto an old spinning record its screeching disturbing everyone for a moment, the mumbling stopped.
“One, two three, one, two three. Very good, Remember to lift them arms up, keep them straight.”
“Hmm?” drawing out the noise surrounding them, Selene focused on the blonde as they slowly began to fall in a comfortable swing.
“I see that you don’t want to tell me who you met that night.”
“ugh, not this again. Jinny I told you, I needed fresh air, I didn’t mee-” “Rosier,”
“What?” selene wondered if the blond could feel her hands clam up with the name being mentioned. Did she see them?
“Jisung Rosier.”
“What about him?”
“As soon as you left, after I waited for a short moment, he came in through the courtyard, with two other Slytherin boys.” She stared straight, unwavering, her grip tightened subconsciously on my shoulder. “Did you meet with them?”
“No.” a lie
“Selene, I’m worried, you’re somehow constantly surrounded with Slytherins most of the time. Its not good.”
“I don’t know many Slytherins, I didn’t meet with anyone that night like I said.” Another lie.
“Jinsoul, I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about me,” “Easier said than done,” she snapped. Sighing she moved closer, “You know what’s been going around about them.”
“Our parents were greatly affected by the great war. Everyone has a feeling they will rise again, it, it’s just in the air, you know?” the worry in her orbs was evident.
“Pfft, who’s going to rise again?” Selene snorted, “Don’t tell me you believe Eugene Finnigan’s crap about the dark lord coming back and the death eaters returning?”
“Itsonlyamatteroftime, and” she glances to the side, guiding them both a little farther away. “Shhh keep your voice down! Someone is going to hear you.” Hissing at her aggravated the ginger slightly.
“That wouldn’t matter, because now all of you ever do is read that bollocks,” her eyes widen. “yeah! it’s bollocks off the newspaper that skeeter puts in for sells and everyone seems to believe it.”
“It’s not bollocks because its true, if you had a braincell left in you you’d, ask around. Why not ask rosier?” Selenes nails were digging into jinsoul’s side now.
“Again? I. didn’t. meet. With. Him.”
“Then what about Albus? Or that durmstrang boy, he’ll probably be with them,”
Selene huffed, “I tol-” … “Ravelle heard something, it was quite interesting. I didn’t believe it at first but it makes a lot more sense now,”
Selene eyed her face, the flash of provoking in her onyx irises, “It was about a certain sliver tongued Greengrass and you? Are you sure it’s only the potions work that’s happening? He was very touchy with you when you were in Hogsmeade.”
Selene slid her hands off harshly, jinsoul faltered slightly, Selene sensed the regret in her features but it was too late.
The ginger bit her tongue not wanting to lash out, “Selene, I.” she paused gathering herself, “I’m … sor-”
“Don’t,” lifting her hand up. “Don’t bother,” her tone was icy. She gripped the edges of her skirt tightly forming pale fists, “go dance with someone else, the--this is a waste of time.”
“Wait! But the yule ball-” the blonde, now filled with guilt called out after her. “Fuck the yule ball, I’m not going anyways.”
Sliding out of the hall quickly she ran out into the cool hallways, the sun was just about to set, it gave her enough time to make a quick trip to the library and then up to the common room for some late night studying.
Hopefully reading would get her mind off things.
[Selene Pov]
Finding the books was easy, reading the information and jotting it down was easy. It wasn’t as easy to focus on the task at hand. My thoughts kept going back towards the situation that happened before at the black lake.
“Are you going to be in here for long?” she tucked her hair softly behind her ears, so delicate and soft, Lyra was always like that.
“No, I’ll finish this chapter and I’ll be up soon.” Flipping past a few pages, “Go on ahead, I’ll catch you up there.”
“Okay, just be quick about it, because of the curfew.”
Ah yes the curfew, since that night, there has been a curfew set for all houses because of the worry of an attack against the students. The academy believes the ongoing rumours too.
Extremely unnecessary if you ask me.
“Jin di elixir. What even is that?” flickering past the few old pages towards the end I sighed again.
I had one last elixir to find but I couldn’t for the life of me, see it in any of the potions books, it wasn’t serving me any use that I hadn’t eaten properly during dinner either.
I was so close to giving up.
“Zou Yan; elixirs from the east.” The sound caught me off guard. A book was slid towards me from the side facing me. I lifted my gaze to see Scorpius.
“Chenle asked me to give you this.” Taking his seat before me he glanced bare at my face. “He said he’d be heading back to the common room.”
“tthhhank … you?” drawling my words out I was more focused with what was in my grasp, the heavy book flipped open, I flickered through. Scorpius glanced away for a moment.
“But this is all in Chinese, I don’t understand a thing.”
“Merlin’s beard. Right!”
A calm voice from the distance echoed.
As I turned to see who it is I was met with dark emerald robes peeking through. Shifting slightly Chenle crouched closer.
He looked like he was just about to leave. And he should.
“You know what, it’s fine. I’ll figure it out myself.” I slammed the cover shut. Shoving it farther away from him. He flinched visibly peering down at me as he straightened himself.
I stood to match his gaze. His cold icy stare sending electric shivers throughout my body. They -his eyes- looked sick. Scorpius was visibly confused. “It’s alright lene. He knows chine-” no, no its not.
“I said, I can handle it myself.” I shifted again, my fingers playing with the stray thread of the books sewn spine. “I don’t need your help Greengrass.” Firmly I cut through the tension. He stared back at me pausing for a bit.
Was he waiting for me to take my words back??
“Fine. Have it your way.” Chenle jaw clenched, turning he spat “filthy half-blood.” Viciously, mutedly he muttered the last word before leaving the vicinity. Scorpius called back but I could only hear ringing and my heartbeat pounding in its cage. My hands felt stiff as I slumped down onto my chair.
“Scorpius, don’t. please.”
I called out making him pause for a moment. He turned back as I heard his steps closer on the glazed wooden floors.
“What in the bloody hell was that? What happened?”
“Nothing, just sit down please.”
“That clearly wasn’t nothing.” He waved his hands about. His fists were clenched tightly, but the confusion was spread on his brows and eyes.
“Scorpius.” The exasperated whisper pushed him towards his chair. Huffing. He stared straight at me silently demanding an explanation both hands set in front of us.
I pushed myself forward. “I better get that concoction and finish before I’m caught out of bed.” Lifting the book again and fixing the pages I felt his heavy gaze on me.
After a few moments it began to get heavier. “What?”
“I’m not dropping it Selene, is something going on between you two?”
“Well that’s disappointing for you because there’s literally nothing going on.” I flipped through a few chapters not paying attention to him.
“fine then.”
Lyra was going to kill me, I’ve been taking so long.
“Have you spoken to Lyra? Since… you know?” I mutter. He’s been ignoring his step sister this whole time. Finding the page I need, I glance up.
“No. I told you before she’s no sister of mine.”
Here we go again.
“She’s the Weasley’s half-sister, what was her name? Rose?” Scorpius didn’t seem to bother with them.
“And she’s yours too. Your dad must have had a good reason to-”
“How can you have a good reason for having an affair?” he spat. Aggravated now, his hands turned to fists.
“Shhshshhhh, calm down. Alright. You went born yet. They needed an heir alright?” I added. That was a perfectly reasonable point.
“No, she wouldn’t fit, her mother isn’t pureblood. That and they weren’t married.” I gave him a questioning look. He was staring off to the side, Scorpius didn’t like to admit facts that were so ‘pureblood supremacist’ tied.
A blank face turns towards me.
“I will never accept her as my sister or as a Malfoy. I am the only son.”
[8th of November]
“Selene! Hey, over here!” a dark haired Ravenclaw called her over, she was reluctant to go over, wanting to check over all her work before she took that final breather but she decided to go anyway.
“Where have you been? Haven’t seen you in so long?”
“I’ve been busy with this project, missed you too Olivia,” she pulled Selene in for a hug. Selene didn’t lift her arms to hug back she felt odd.
“How has the potion coming along?”
Olivia chuckled, “Is that all?” selenes nodded. The Ravenclaw knew she wasn’t always to good with words. It seemed like she was preoccupied with something.
A knock preceded from the entryway of the class. Before Olivia could continue, a tall, sharp-jawed durmstrang motioned to Selene.
“Someone is asking for you?” a small smirk graced her features as she grabbed the gingers attention.
Selenes eyes flashed, Jinny -who was placed beside the two- saw the fuel inside her as she moved quickly towards the exit. A stark contrast from how she approached them was noted by the blonde.
“And there she goes,” turning away to face forward Olivia catches the snarky comment, “What’s wrong now?”
“Not much, I’m just worried for her liv.”
“Her mother isn’t paying her any attention, she’s being neglected.” the raven haired girl sighed. “That’s not news, it’s been like that ever since she was little.”
“Now it’s worse, they’re doing something to her, it’s like she’s being brainwashed by them or something.”
“Who?” Olivia’s eyes narrowed at the doorway, she watched the ginger slip away with Liu
“Those snakes, who else would it be.” Jinny hissed peering back a few tables to Rosier and Sullivan, adorned in green. The poison dripping from their unnatural existence.
“We need to do something,” she glanced back at her friend.”
“I want the old Selene back.”
“Yangyang, where were you. I’ve been looking all over for you. I – well I missed you.” She let him pull her down the corridor and into a disused storage chamber.
She coughed a bit as he shut the door, pulling at the dangling light cord. The smell was old and musky inside, the dust collected tickling at her nostrils.
The light flashed on showering the two in a golden bask. She only then realised how close they were in proximity.
“I was, uh, I was kind of busy.” He fiddled with the tip of her Gryffindor tie. She could feel his knuckles brushing past her chest. His fingers were cold as they caressed her soft but gaunt cheekbones.
Smirking he pressed down onto her bones feeling the skeletal firmness push back. She felt weak, fragile. And he enjoyed that feeling.
“I- um, I mean, that’s ok. I just, I hadn’t spoken to you in a while.” She couldn’t form coherent words with his breath sliding down past her jaw and to her already red neck.
“Yeah, so I was wondering.” He lifts a strand of red hair twirling it between his fingers, “If you would like to accompany me to the ball?”
“M-me? You mean th- ball? The yule ball?” he nodded.
Selene furiously blushed, nodding and mumbling a mixture of ‘yes’ and ‘of course’.
“Good,” he glanced down towards her lips. “Now before you go” he moved closer until there was a hairs width keeping them from touching. She could almost taste his overpowering cologne.
Her fingers frivolously tried to catch of a firm grip onto the shelf behind her for support.
“I want you to do something for me.”
Tumblr media
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catbitch17 · 2 days ago
(m)= mature themes, (f)= fluff & (a)=angst
NCT 127
nothing yet
By Surprise (m)
nothing yet
nothing yet
nothing yet
nothing yet
nothing yet
Mark lee
Deep Deep pt 1 (f)
10:12 pm(f)
nothing yet
nothing yet
4:03 pm(m)
nothing yet
Nothing yet
Who is into tits or ass in Dream?
More coming soon. Requests are open.
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writeformesinpie · 3 days ago
Hiii Tasha..can you do kmk for Lucas from wayv (zero points for guessing that), key from shinee and Taeyong from NCT ?
Ahhhh .. this is a hard one haha and usually I would just go with astrology but I have an Aquarius, a Libra and a cancer haha 😂
Kiss = Key
I can’t kill Key because he’d haunt me from the grave lol so I guess we have to kiss even though I’m sure he wouldn’t like that either 😭
Tumblr media
Marry = Taeyong
Although I’m sure the emotion overload of a Pisces and a Cancer will be pure hell, I think that overall Taeyong would be a kind and sweet husband so there was only really one choice here haha
Tumblr media
Kill = Lucas
Sorry Lucas but you are an Aquarius so …
Haha I’m mostly kidding, but someone had to come in last place lol and he is an Aquarius so …
Tumblr media
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trnquilgalileo · 3 days ago
After a scandal between JYPE and SM breaks out, they rush to do some damage control. However it’s at the expense of two of their young artists. SM’s Innocent boy YangYang and JYPE’s most controversial character, Y/N.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 28: Let’s Breakup
Sunshot taglist: @jonginvlog @piphanee @sunflower-euphro @jeyyes @prescription-ten @kittycatasaurus @ily23hrj @ncttboo @i-yes-ana-yes-i @youngestdelacour @ahnneyong
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lis4vgs · 3 days ago
Jaehyun bios
official profile of Jaehyun's girlfriend
𝗂 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖺 𝖻𝗂𝗅𝗅𝗂𝗈𝗇, 𝗝𝗮𝗲𝗵𝘆𝘂𝗻 💭
🧠. . . thinking bout Jaehyun's 24/7 !!!
you're driving me crazy, crazy with love for you , Jaehyun
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nctnews · 4 days ago
210614 | metragph’s Twitter update with SuperM
SuperM's Lucas, Taemin, Kai, Ten, Mark, and Taeyong share their thoughts on the most important work they've done in the year, so far.
Read more here
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nctnews · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
210614 | Pru Life UK’s Twitter update with SuperM
Thanks for the love! Here’s a photo card freebie for not only dancing for wellness but also letting us reach 29K tweet engagements!
Continue to hype those moves up with the #WeDoDanceChallengePH! #PRUxSuperM #WeDO
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illusion-ships · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for requesting! I love your username so much, it has such a great ring to it. Neptune is also my favourite planet so I thought I’d give you some mysterious midnight blues. Also I am so in love with your whole aesthetic, it sounds weird but you are literally the most aesthetically pleasing person I’ve ever seen. Anyways I hope you like your ship and please feel free to request again when I open everything again, and on that note I hope you have a good day and stay safe and healthy 😊
~NCT 127~ Johnny
Tumblr media
~WayV~ Lucas 
Tumblr media
~Stray Kids~ Felix  
Tumblr media
~ATEEZ~  Jongho 
Tumblr media
~GOT7~  Yugyeom 
Tumblr media
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starlightcrystalline · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Look, I have no shame.
If I knew for sure his douchebaginess was just his public persona, I'd go higher. And if the eyebrows could settle down, that'd be great.
But I'd still love to show him a real grind, bro 😏
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lis4vgs · 5 days ago
yuta locs simples
悠太 𝟭𝟵𝟵𝟱 ⚖️ ♥︎ 人生最愛の人 .
🐈🎸˳ ˳ ˳𝗬𝗨𝗧𝗔︕  ˃ࡇ˂  i lv y
( >ᴗ<) 1995 年 10 月 26 日 𝗒𝗎𝗍𝖺 ♡︎.
💭 내 작은 곰 𝐲𝐮𝐭𝐚  (ᐢ • ˕ • ᐢ) 
or reblog if you use.
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