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#I don’t wanna see it
combustion-man · 5 hours ago
One trope that super annoys me in a lot of tv shows (mostly) and movies (not as often) of the past idk decade or so is when some white character experiences an Accidentally Racist Moment and assumes the Latine* cast representative is Mexican, and is rudely corrected that “I’m not Mexican, I’m [insert any other LatAm ethnicity]” and the white person has to backtrack
I’m not mad bc of the correction or representation of other Latin American ethnicities. I think it’s really great and important to highlight different cultures from the whole Latin American region, there’s a HUGE range of diversity in culture and language and food and customs that most definitely need to be represented and explored in American media.
My problem is this happens to almost every nice, fun, personable, well rounded character. Which leaves the only Mexican representation to be cartel, coyotes, and undocumented migrants/domestic workers. Again, these stories can be super important to tell and represent (if done correctly which honestly I have seen very very few times, at least in more Hollywood/studio productions)
Also often the character correcting the white people are offended at the idea of being Mexican. It’s implying “how rude of you to just assume I’m Mexican, you racist!” Bruh if they’re racist against Mexicans they’re racist against you too, you just caught them off guard
Idk in general I just want this post to be calling for better Latine rep and especially Mexican rep. And like, Latines of all colors, we got light skinned folks and black folks. We have the range darling, it’s time we showed off
* Latine (LAH-teen-ey) is being used here rather than Latinx or Latin@ for:
1. Gender neutral language that also includes non-binary Latin American folks
2. Speakability for Spanish speakers; “Latinx” (or so I recall) was meant to be a figurative placeholder in writing until a better option was found (we found it!) and while in English it’s fairly easy to adapt to “Latinx” in speech, it does not work well for Spanish speakers, and has no way of translating into other gendered vocabulary or work as a usable word in speech. “X” as a letter is pronounced differently in Spanish, and simply just cannot lingually exist well at the end of a word to
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dat-is-chill-ghafa · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So there is this theory that Robert Wilde may have been casted as Nikolai Lantsov for Shadow and Bone Season 2- I would like to say- none of this is confirmed- buT there is a possibility
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loveatsutani · 8 hours ago
you guys are just doing too much now. this blog has turned into nothing but a discourse driven hate train. aren't you supposed to all be adults?
what did you expect to gain from this. answer me quickly. 300 words or less 🎤
- cheri
why is it that we are expected not to respond when someone is sending hate? why is it that u are against ppl speaking up n defending themselves n their friends?
— dee
well maybe if you would stop sending shit like this we wouldnt have any need to just keep telling you to fuck off over and over again. we are all adults capable of recognizing when a situation should be ignored and when people are simply deserving of a taste of their own medicine. you and the other anons that have been here fall into the latter group, because there was an attempt to ignore you, but you insisted on showing your ass! if you would stop sending hate, there wouldn’t be any hate. i’d suggest you just scurry off quietly with your rat tail tucked between your legs and save us all the trouble.
—❤︎ lulu
they said what needed to be said. i usually don’t say much bc the girls say what i’m thinking, but i’m quite tired of people constantly sending hate to cheri, even before we came on the blog to defend her. this shit was constant before we came and the ones cheri did post were a minuscule amount that came through to her inbox. like i’ve said before, if you all saw how much she was getting, you’d understand how tired we are of it. so yeah, we’ll defend our friend. as adults, we think that hate towards our friend shouldn’t be ignored.
— eri<3 (tldr: if you don’t like the discourse—the discourse that all of you anons want to start—then unfollow/block. simple.)
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joufancyhuh · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
So this book I was reading recommended 30 minutes of exercise (a day? five days a week? I don't remember the specifics) and I popped in Just Dance and play for 12 minutes, which, isn't what was recommended but baby steps. (I would also just like to point out that I'm not trying to lose weight. I'm trying to get myself back to where I can walk without wheezing)
@inuy21 helped me figure out the main motivation for this novel I'm writing (She also triggered Bonus Content, which was Fun for both of us)
I had a soda today and honestly was meh about it? I would've rather have drank my water. You know what that's called? Growth.
I got my book that was apparently lost in the mail. So free book since I was refunded.
I also got my Azumanga Daioh omnibus which is the first manga I've bought since I was 17? 18? Since I went, "I don't like anime anymore" FALSE. I liked anime but it was seen as uncool and I gave up on it.
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90sgraphicz · 13 hours ago
anyway i’m gonna move this blog to an inactive main acct where i put all my old sideblogs so to my remaining followers *kisses u on the forehead* check out gifcities and go crazy if you want graphics
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clumsyclifford · 14 hours ago
bella if i visited you what would we do. like in your wildest dreams what would we do atl concert but also realistically. because i will do it dont play with me
omg well. it would really depend when you visited and for how long but here is a list of things we could do
have matzo ball soup which i would make, because obviously
go to or (more realistically) watch a baseball game on TV
play with and/or walk samson
have a jam sesh on the various instruments around our house
game night, with or without my family (they are lots of fun i promise)
girly sleepover things (face masks, painting nails, dye each others’ hair if we’re feeling really wild, etc)
honestly go to a concert like. if there was one around and we planned it then fuck yeah why not, atl or otherwise, hell yeah
go for a long drive
see a movie or just do a movie night at home
go for a walk just for funsies, my neighborhood is nice
i’m pretty sure we have portal 2, we could play that
late-night kitchen raids and have some tea
something schmancy like we could go to a show at the kennedy center or see something in DC
speaking of which: go into DC, there’s cool stuff there
museums? if you’re into museums?? DC has lots of museums, could go to any of those
go to the mall and go shopping, or window shopping, or thrift shopping, or just kinda meander
starbucks if that’s your vibe
season-dependent we could go ice skating downtown
go to ihop
cook something. or bake something! 
go to the library?? browse the shelves??
basically the opportunities are endless. guaranteed good time with bella clumsyclifford
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ofieugogyshz · 15 hours ago
anyways since i hate those “why would fandom/lgbt/[group etc] dislike you or call you bad rep” posts, here’s the positive, more fun spin that I see no one take:
why would fandom love you?
here, i’ll go first
-because we need more body positive people, and showing a fat femme get with an attractive/popular/well-liked guy is something that doesn’t happen often in western media [I, however, do see the inverse happen quite a lot: fat male maintains a happy, lifelong relationship with a beautiful, thin femme]
-proof that aces can have happy, fulfilling, lifelong relationships regardless of sex ---doublesided coin: aros can have happy, fulfilling, lifelong [romantic] relationships regardless of whether or not they have romantic feelings for their partners
-enbys can be very into pretty sparkly pink girly stuff, even if they went through previous stages of not liking that/internalized misogyny
-enbys can be fat femmes and still be enby
-enbys can have pronouns other than they/them
-my husband and i are super duper heckin cute. like mae hughes gushing over his wife and daughter cute. except im the mae hughes and i get to live. 
-while i don’t provide much in the way of a maternal aspect to silver, people might enjoy our snarky banter towards each other and the fact that we might still show some  kind of care towards the other. maybe. it’s only because lance would be disappointed in us if we didn’t!!
-lance and i are super married. so married. you can’t have an episode or event go by without one of us offhandedly mentioning the other or having something that reminds us of the other
-i suppose decent-to-good neurodivergent rep. from adhd to depression. and CANON TAKING MEDICATION AND IT BEING SHOWN ON SCREEN??? RECURRINGLY??? important!!! 
-people think lance and i are one of the most romantic/important couples and call us #couple goals and make all sorts of posts on how we show each other we care and stuff like that, going all the way down to the 1000x level of analysis
-we’re battle couple. battle couples are good shit.
-fat person does thing and is not there just to be butt of a joke!!! fat person is allowed to be a person!!!!!
i’m sure there’re other reasons why fandom would love me, but that’s all i got off the top of my head
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dyke--grayson · 19 hours ago
I am caught between the constant desire to cut my hair so people stop misgendering me and the absolute love I have for my hair because it’s longer and healthier than it’s ever been
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thedreadvampy · 22 hours ago
sex scene discourse is phenomenal I love it please never stop arguing about whether Anything You Don't Personally Like As A Teenager should be allowed to be in anything ever.
#some of the takes in this discourse are so aggressively You Are A Teenager#like I'm just saying sometimes i read a take in this discourse and not in like a Touch Grass way I'm just like#yeah no i totally get it i also when i was 15 didn't think this sex scene added much#however I'm currently 28 and i get different uses from the same things#like no of course sex has a different set of meanings when you're a sixteen year old and when you're a 40 year old#that doesn't mean either of them are INCORRECT meanings#but like just because a story wasn't made for you personally doesn't mean it's a bad story sorry 2 tell you#many sex scenes are bad and poorly framed and poorly motivated and don't serve much purpose#many......are not..........#but like a thing being done badly doesn't mean it shouldn't be done at all#also mainstream film is so anodyne now anyway like it's not like it's the 70s and you see a full frontal dick in every other film#NOT THAT THAT'S THE IDEAL#but like. the degree to which some people wanna magnify 'i personally have no interest in sex'#to 'having any positive interest in sex is Filthy and Perverse and Immoral' is. unhelpful.#go hang with doctor Freud if you wanna project this hard#and like sorry again when i say this is very teenage#it's not 'oh you're just not Smart Enough' or anything it's just#stories are a way for us to reflect on the complexities and emotions of our own experience of the world#and if you're 15 tbh either you probably don't have much experience with sex or your experience has been very pressured and overwhelming#and so a sex scene carries different narrative meanings because it's reflecting a different experience base#honestly just as a sex scene is likely to carry different meanings depending on gender and sexuality and your own experience with sex#but yeah it tends to read kind of flat and unmotivated when you don't have much experience of sexuality#(and i think as an adult it's only partially to do with personal experience it's also to do with social experience#like when you're 30 you may not be sexuality active but sex plays a very different role in your life to when you're 15 like#your friends probably have sex and talk to you about it. you have probably read and seen a lot more references to sex.#even if you've never had sex or felt particularly pressured you've had years of negotiating your personal relationship to sex#and that's going to change your reading)#also I'm not saying everyone who doesn't like sex scenes is 15 I'm just saying a lot of people are and it shows
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talkshxt · a day ago
im not that big in following lore for groups bc it's always fan based theories so whatever theory is the most popular , even if it makes no sense , is gonna be what everyone thinks is canon BUT i do think it's sick when you can see the connections and links between groups
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cutepresea · a day ago
*sees the person in the tag that was watching G say that the FIS trio's reasons for being "villains" made less sense than Chris' in season 1*
...Ah you admit you weren't really paying attention then?
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sachabaroncohen · a day ago
spiral (2021) dir. darren lynn bousman in theaters now btw
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