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#thansk for looking out for my health
moonlight-mellohi ยท a year ago
Moon -_- isn't it like 2:12am for you? Why wont you sleep? Sleep is good for you -๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š
Hmmmm in my defense!
We are on a really big break period where we stay home due to the quarantine, and actually technically I'm still on spring break, my school dosnt start its online schooling yet
I have found after years of experimenting im actually a nightowl (what a surprise for the person with Moon as their internet name?) if I stay up late into the night and wake up late in the day, I actually am more rested and get more energy than going to bed at a socially reasonable time. Remember kids, time is a social construct
I always go to bed around 2-3 as a limit unless I'm doing something or I dont realize the time
This is not a new thing going to bed so late and waking up later, I have done this every summer (not including weeks when camps are going on) during the summer my mood also improves not just because the stress of school is gone, but because I actually get decent hours of sleep
Funfuct on a normal day I cant fall alseep till past 11, if I fall asleep at 9 or 10, please know I'm probably either sick or completely exhausted. Last night I actually went to bed about 2 (I have Doscord proof) I just reblogged a few things before bed.. which I just layed in bed for the next hour, because my body legit hates falling asleep. This has always been a problem, it's not new, the time where I actually couldnt get my body to fall asleep for 72-96 hours (three nights in a row) still haunts me
So it's not even I'm in the dark (though I wish lol the night is much easierto handle light wise), I actually have reasons and some experiences
Actually I'm pretty tired right now, because just happened to be today my body woke me up for no reason at 7:20ish :/ I have no alarms set, I didnt wake up from a dream, I never wake myself up at 7 because I have no internal clock aka time has always been a social construct. I'm going back to sleep after looking at notifications XD
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