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#journey to the west
still processing the fact that journey to the west has a modern fandom with shipping and putting the characters as vines and shit
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transboydororo · 12 hours ago
every time i think abt journey to the west i think abt the ‘it was a super murder monkey’ comic
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heavenboy09 · 13 hours ago
In A Land Where Heaven Touches Earth 🌎
With A Empire Divided By War.
2 Legendary Warriors
A Orphan Girl
And A Lost Traveler
Must Unite To Save The Kingdom 👑
Against The Army of The Evil Jade Warlord
Starring 成龍 Jackie Chan and 李连杰 Jet Li
2 Of The Greatest Martial Artists who ever lived since Bruce Lee.
Together for the 1st time ever on the Big Screen
Based on 1 of 4 Greatest China's Classic Novels, Journey to the West.🇨🇳
The Battle For Eternity is The Fantasy Of a Lifetime.
As 1 Tale Ends, So Another Begins
This is the Tale of
Tumblr media
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antidotefortheawkward · 14 hours ago
Diversity win! The monkey who wrought havoc in Heaven, killing thousands upon thousands of heavenly soldiers, is bisexual!
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darkfalcon-z · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Zhu Bajie arrives at Huaguo Shan (2021)
screenshot from this video:
(actually it’s Kam Shan in Hong Kong)
(note that feeding the wild animals can be very detrimental to their wellbeing, environment and relationship with humans)
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observantfromafar · a day ago
How did you ended up in SunTang hell?
*WARNING: There’s swearing involve*
Ok so this is going to be hella long lol.
When I first read JTTW volumes that was translated by Anthony C. Yu last year. At first, I didn’t ship SunTang cause like Sanzang was pretty much an asshole in the novel where he chants the tight fillet spell at the times where Wukong kills demons (who are disguise as humans) to prevent them from eating the monk. 
WHICH I FIND IT TOTALLY UNNECESSARY LIKE, Sanzang, bitch, are you fucking blind? Wukong basically saved your ass from a demon who was about to eat your damn flesh. 
It made me pissed off at the fact that every warning that Wukong gives to Sanzang (which he never listens) about how these people are not really humans, but demons and they’re out to try to eat his flesh. He also has the freaking ability to tell the difference between what’s human and what is not and the first thing Sazang does is trust BAJIE’S opinion that each pretty lady demon-disguise-as-humans they encountered are not demons because the pig is too damn busy drooling and being thirsty AF at the sight of them without having any common sense that these bitch ass demons are out to kill their master (or marry him cause in the novel there are demon’s that I actually wanna marry him). I started to ask myself, ‘I wonder why the hell these people start to ship these two?’
But anyways, as I started to read further in the novel, I started to understand why people ship them. There were actually nice moments between the two throughout the novel (FROM MEMORY), there was one where Sanzang get’s kidnapped by a demon and he spoke out a sad poem about Wukong. I don’t remember what the poem was about, but I knew that I find it heart warming. Especially Wukong himself when he ended up hearing it from his master as he was transformed into some sort of bug, I think, when he was trying to get through to his master. Then I started to end up shipping them a TINY bit.
Here’s the part where I end up shipping them A LOT.
In the internet, I started to search up JTTW movies and the first thing that caught my eye was ‘The Monkey King 2′. As I was watched the movie, there were a lot of gay moments between Wukong and Sanzang in it. Including finding another JTTW movie called ‘Journey to the West: The Demon Strikes Back’ which also had the gayest moments between the two. 
That’s when that that tiny ship became a BIG fucking ship and I started to end up shipping the shit outta them.
And that’s how I ended up in SunTang, excuse- *Ahem!* Heaven <3
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observantfromafar · a day ago
Have you watch Journey to the west 1996 ver?
Actually I haven’t watched the 1996 version yet, but I’m planning to after I finished the four volumes of JTTW, translated by Anthony C. Yu. :)
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observantfromafar · a day ago
Sanzang: *Presses his palms together and breathes* Wukong, as much as I love and care for you with all my heart, body and soul. But, *Throws his hands up in the air* PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF BUDDHA STOP KILLING!!!
Wukong: Well I love you too and that's why I'm killing these assholes so they wouldn't end up eating you.
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ar-blackshaw · a day ago
Tumblr media
Click for better quality
In JTTW, the Demon Revealing Mirror is used to try to determine who the real Monkey King is, but it doesn't work on the Six Eared Macaque, who looks like Monkey King. It is not explicitly said why it doesn't work on him, but, apparently, it is heavily implied in JTTW (though it is not noticeable in the English translations) that Macaque is the evil side of Monkey King and is representative of his evil, dark inner thoughts - it seems this is the mainstream view in China. So, it can be inferred that the reason the Six Eared Macaque had the appearance of Monkey King, even in the Demon Revealing Mirror, was because that was his true form.
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did he just
did he just decide to take a shit while trying to trick a guy
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reading journey to the west i can see how it inspired like basically all the anime
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dark thoughts: if journey to the west was a modern novel there'd be people going
 "you can't ship wukong with tripitaka he is literally his dad???"
"white bone demon/wukong is toxic"
“he’s like 1000+ years old and he’s like 30 this is an unhealthy age gap”
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greekschist · 2 days ago
Do you think sun wukong liked rise of the apes and tarazan?
i know absolutely nothing about rise of the apes but tarzan, maybe? he's the kind of guy who would roll his eyes at romance and still get invested.
and morals? disney life lessons? who needs that shit, he says as he has a mental breakdown over being unable to save tang sanzang.
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denofgeek · 2 days ago
DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration, is a timely new anthology showcasing DC’s Asian superheroes. Arriving in May for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, it presents many of the top Asian storytellers of comics. Included in the 100 page commemorative anthology is an original 12-page story by Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang. “The Monkey Prince Hates Superheroes” introduces a new DC superhero who teams up with Shazam to battle Doctor Sivana and a Chinese deer demon...
[Read more at Den of Geek]
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y8nie · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
YB glamping ⛺️✨ 
It’s cool to have a wealthy Captain 😲
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