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#i just draw on fhe internet an post memes
the1920sisntaphasemom ยท 3 days ago
I would just like to say, you've been pretty much a hyperfocus of mine for the past few days, I think ur very funky and neat and I adore your art, and also you have the same vibes as Michael Mell, My Brother, The colour red and the number 6, but like in a good way because I normally hate the number 6, but like,,, you're a good number 6. That last part probably means nothing to you, but it's all compliments, you have good vibes - ๐Ÿ›
I never thought of myself as either red or the number 6. That's really interestin an sweet of ya to say. I honestly didn' think my lil bitties would draw so many people in but it definitely was a nice surprise. Thank ya for the kind words
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