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#people be to nice ta me
the1920sisntaphasemom3 days ago
I would just like to say, you've been pretty much a hyperfocus of mine for the past few days, I think ur very funky and neat and I adore your art, and also you have the same vibes as Michael Mell, My Brother, The colour red and the number 6, but like in a good way because I normally hate the number 6, but like,,, you're a good number 6. That last part probably means nothing to you, but it's all compliments, you have good vibes - 馃悰
I never thought of myself as either red or the number 6. That's really interestin an sweet of ya to say. I honestly didn' think my lil bitties would draw so many people in but it definitely was a nice surprise. Thank ya for the kind words
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dykly10 days ago
back on my bullshit.. scored an a- in the class i was worried about :), but then i got a ripe 77 on my calc test and now i am looking at a b- realistically and a b at best...not sure if i should pass/not pass it. i dont wanna go to grad school but i kinda wanna transfer but this isnt a major class so idk if it even matters
#cant believe i took this class and for what it doesnt even meet a ge req i literally was going through a crisis when i signed up for it#dont wanna spiral into negativity but good god#i think i can get at least a low C to get a b- in the class so i dont think ill change the grading#plus i have to decide in the next 10 minutes lmao#<3 hate college and hate that i thought i could actually do math#i did get a nice 95 on my last exam but i think thats cause i studied a lot and understood what was happening#this is cumulative and i legit got a 46 on the first exam so we are not looking too hot#good luck to me on monday tho <3 havent even studied for my arthi final on tuesday but ykw i dont wanna care or think about it#i think im looking at an a- in that class too wtf#this one assignment everyone bombed and i scored the highest in my ta section :) but it still was an 80 so not great#and there are only 4 other graded assignments#really taking the l rn :)#like im worried it will tank my gpa but im not going to grad school so why should anything about that matter#and idk if ill even try to transfer its very complicated and i dont wanna ask my counsilor cause thats very awkward#and i think the consensus is that a b/- is better than a pass/np#but again why should i even care about that#i dont think i ever tied my worth to my grades like a lot of people did in hs but it does matter if i decide to transfer so...#anyways i have 5 minutes to decide so i think ill just try my hardest and aim for a b- :)#.mine#i swear ill stop posting these after next tuesday im sorry
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maelstromdeparture9 months ago
i鈥檝e seen a lot of videos of women in stem talking about the sexism they deal with on a daily basis recently and i find it highly entertaining honestly. because i go to a very very small state school in a very redneck state. and yeah i deal with sexism in my stem classes all the time. but my upper level physics classes are the bomb y鈥檃ll. these boys have got this shit figured out since i showed up freshman year.聽
like my two defining moments in my education for my physics minor are聽
the semester that my very smart friend who鈥檚 double majoring in math would walk away from our lectures and ask me to explain what had happened as we walked back to the dorms. because he couldn鈥檛 follow the prof but understood the math and i could do both.聽
and the time my electronics professor gave a tour of the physics department to a group of incoming freshmen and excitedly showed them the speaker i built on my own the day i was the only person that showed up at lab and apparently had all the seventeen year old girls in this group very excited because he told them i was the only girl in the physics department and also getting my degree in english聽
my school has lots of issues and our computer science department is shit. but the physics department has it figured out y鈥檃ll. the profs are awesome. the guys i have class with are great. and physics club is an absolute disaster but so entertaining.聽
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counterintelligenta year ago
Look I鈥檓 a prickly little man who gets rubbed the wrong way by people often and is not very apt to forgive/forget when it finally gets to be too much, and now I probably have a small class and class trip with one of the people who went from a friend to rubbing me the wrong way too much and I don鈥檛 want to be mean but I don鈥檛 want to be all buddy-buddy and I am also a hotbox of emotion who has never been very good at doing things that go against my feelings
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babeejk14 hours ago
It is, very much. We've been friend since university and it's been more than 6 years. we were both in a pretty bad place when we met (past bad relationship attempts/experience) so what made our relationship stronger is pretty much shared pain. We were that friend at university who people thought were dating but never dared to say that out loud. I mean even my supervisor ( I worked as a TA) asked me if we were dating after he came in barging into his room to ask if he could take me away cause I needed to eat lunch and it's pretty late. He has been an assertive person but this push and pull trait with me is driving me mad, I really can't get a read on him.
Like he would push me to go on a date with other man and then if I ever bring up or talk about other man (other male friends). After finishing university we even joined the same organization, so avoiding him when I wanted to was getting hard. Then suddenly he seemed so distant so I became reserved. But when I did what he was doing just a few days back, he literally called up one of my friend saying he's watching his life crumble down before of him and he can't do anything about it. I knew it was about the cold argument we had that day.
When I joined another org. He shows up at my office unannounced, he would always bring me chocolates and stuff, then I noticed it would be around my period. He always gets a read on me even if hadn't talk to me, always shows up when I'm upset even though I don't tell him. We always ended up wearing matching colors and we found it funny until it became way too frequent. Bloody hell if me or him, any one of us falls sick, we know the other one will be too, within a day or two. One time I was telling him I was literally starving because my family has been away and I'm too occupied to cook, he shows up at my house, with bags of groceries, he cooks a meal enough to last two days until my family comes (understand I come from a very reserve country with a very reserve mindset so he took a fucking risk there).
And then whenever I bring up my marriage, he would too. When I try to somehow get a read on him he would say stuff about he is pretty determined to keep his commitment. Even today, we went out to celebrate another friends birthday, so there's the 3 of us, we sat together but AC was bit high so when we changed our seat and my another friend sat with me, he practically got angry and asked him to switch seats saying he had things to discuss with me but my friend refused and he was visibly upset about it. Then when we were returning home he kind of deserted me and walked ahead in a bz over bridge we needed to cross and trust me, people using it are not nice. It was pretty late already.
There are thousands of things like that and I've never been more confused. He indirectly hints me at things and when I try to act on it, he shuts me out. Or maybe I'm overreacting and reading between the lines and it's all wrong. We are both stubborn and too adament to save our relationship and I don't see a way out. It's depressing and it kinda show so I kind of had to pretend I still want him back( someone I used to like) so things are not too awkward. It's tiring, depressing but I'm trying to think much of it. I'm getting older and maybe too exhausted for little games. I don't know what to do, what to expect anymore.
PS: I'm so sorry this was so long, we kind of share the same circle of friends so it's not like I can talk to them about it. Thank u for allowing me me get it out of my system. I love you and know that it matters so fucking much to me
- 馃寵鈽锔
omg call me too much of a hopeless romantic but you both sound like soulmates... gah... you guys are so cute and just give me the 鈥渕ade for each other鈥 kinda vibe yk? tbh sweetheart, I think that men are kinda dumb and clueless. it really does sound confusing, all the mixed signals.. I see, but you you both sound like you鈥檙e so in love w each other but heskinda scared...? I hope you鈥檙e getting my drill or maybe he鈥檚 confused or even in denial of his growing feelings for his best friend?
Oh and of course anytime please. I love you more, HMU anytime and I鈥檒l do my best! 鉂わ笍馃槴 I can understand dw!
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Oh wow, kid. Stupidity is really strong with you, isn鈥檛 it? First off, I wasn鈥檛 talking about all the other vaccines of the past. I was talking about the Covid 鈥渧accine鈥 specifically. I don鈥檛 have any issues with polio, measles, etc. vaccines. It鈥檚 this one specifically. And it鈥檚 hilarious how covidiots like you automatically assume that anyone who鈥檚 questioning the jab has voted for Trump. Lmao. I鈥檓 not even from the USA, you schmuck. So I didn鈥檛 vote for either, lol. But I guess that鈥檚 what stupid people do 鈥 jump into conclusions and attack, without pausing to think. Just like a dog. Actually, a dog might have more brain cells. And you can stick your 鈥渞esearch鈥 where the sun doesn鈥檛 shine, where that information belongs. I do my research using credible sources, and not the ones that have been paid off to publish lies. People like you are what鈥檚 wrong with today鈥檚 society. People like you are ruining the world
That's nice, congrats on making an ass of yourself twice in one night.
I'm sorry you don't know how to read, though. Cleary you struggle with it, since... you know, I responded to all of your previous points with facts, several credible sources, examples, etc. and you decided the best response was to say, "UM I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE COVID VACCINES" as if I somehow wasn't in... you know... my entire post about the covid vaccines. So yeah, not being able to read/comprehend things... that must be a bit of a bummer.
Good luck with that, and with your anti-vaxx bullshit. Hope you don't get some easily preventable disease because of that ignorance, or god forbid, give someone else one.
Sure, you may think I am stupid, (me, and apparently the entirety of the world's scientific/medical/epidemiological fields), and "ruining society", but at least I'm not willing to endanger everyone around me for some sense of over inflated ego and idiocy. I'm fine with that trade off; at least there will be a society in that scenario.
That's also why I've gotten every other vaccine necessary to prevent communicable, deadly, and highly preventable diseases... but there I go talking about "not the covid vaccine" again. How foolish to use historical evidence of the efficacy of vaccines when discussing the efficacy of vaccines!
Meanwhile, from your end: "Look at me, I hate science and facts and reason! Blah-dee-blahh-blahh" go fuck yourself.
You can stick your research (or lack thereof) where the sun doesn't shine as well, presuming you can fit all that bullshit in there with your head already shoved so far up your ass.
Ta ta.
Tumblr media
And remember kids, get vaccinated at your earliest possible opportunity!聽
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trails-cba day ago
Levi鈥檚 Update
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I-I ex鈥 explored today! There鈥檚 s-so much鈥 uh鈥 oh c-color out here! Th-th-though I got lost鈥 then I found this place鈥 b-big an shiiiiiny, s-so many pretty rocks. I-I took a few an.. an gave them to @light-and-dark-g7鈥檚 B-BamBam. He鈥檇 really n-nice. San ta-taught me what a hug-huggie was and I-I think the others are鈥 are鈥 wh-whats the word鈥? Mmm鈥 d-dunno, b-but they up-upset because I-I wan h-hug them a lot. I-I tried to keep a place wh-where I put all my learnings b-but鈥 I-I dun know how to r-read or wr-write.
Some lady got up-upset at me. I-I got scared鈥 sh-she slammed the d-door shut and I th-thought of the icky peo-people. Another woman g-gave me鈥 uh鈥 *sniffs* juicey! Umm鈥 s-still lost th-though鈥 m-maybe I鈥檒l.. I鈥檒l see the st-stars! I鈥檝e al-always wanted to鈥
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inkykeijia day ago
馃挮 Our minds. Too big and incredible. I can鈥檛 believe we were thinking of basically the same thing that鈥檚 amazing hahaha <333 no but seriously I just wanted to write about obsessive!Keigo who鈥檚 willing to murder annoying rich boys for you. BUT CLARI what do you mean BOTH of their infidelities?? Is keigo married in this AU?? Oh imagine he has a perfect little wife and nice house and hes a well respected professor. He has the life, one he鈥檚 worked hard for and shows that he鈥檚 made it. I absolutely LOVE blackbear and that song has just enough angsty lines for this idea! 鈥淓very time I shoot, I鈥檓 scorin鈥 baby鈥 just reminds me of how much keigo has to lose?? Like he鈥檚 worked so fucking hard to get here and he鈥檚 not willing to give it up for anything. And touya is 100% the guy to bring up some shit like 鈥渙hh what would happen if people found out about a professor and student?鈥 And keigo just goes feral over it. I鈥檓 completely down with a whole keigo vs touya scenario and then tenko is just there being dragged into it while low key getting invovled with reader too (but he鈥檚 too smart to let the other two figure it out) and he鈥檚 hoping they both just off each other then he can swoop in <33 馃挮
no haha he doesn鈥檛 have a wife, he鈥檚 a bachelor and he lives in a nice condo. he鈥檚 still fucking around with TAs and other women in general. their relationship was never supposed to be more than a mutual benefits type thing. and does reader even care about HIM at all????? i shall not tell you muahahahahaha >:) yeah i鈥檓 not quite sure where tenko fits into this whole thing yet!
ah i鈥檓 going through a huge blackbear thing rn LMAO but the entire song itself inspired the fight i wrote the other night! i really like the chorus as a whole + the lyrics: what鈥檚 he doing for you? nothing. nothing but trouble, baby <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for sharing your thoughts on tenko! this isn鈥檛 exactly how i picture him/characterize him but it鈥檚 always super fun and interesting to see how others interpret my stuff!! like i said above, i鈥檓 not quite sure where he fits into the story as a whole just yet鈥攊 have several potential ideas but i want to work through each and figure out which i think fits best overall. the only things i know for sure about tenko are the things you can already find in the dark academia tag! + he and touya are frenemies, basically. they aren鈥檛 roommates tho!
that鈥檚 all i鈥檓 going to say on it for now, though! i鈥檇 like to have some more concrete ideas on plot etc before i discuss it more hehe (*/蠅锛*) i really REALLY love the reader i鈥檝e developed for this fic tho so i really hope i get to turn my AU into something more fleshed out and solid! but of course i have about a million other commitments to get to as well :/ so idk when anything other than the little fics i鈥檝e been writing for it will be out (鈥榓nything other鈥 meaning an origin series fic or like a central series with a fully developed plot that connects to and builds off of the other things (oneshots, headcanons, asks) i鈥檝e already written for it)
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pxppinmolly2 days ago
Tumblr media
Anonymous spun:
Dating Suggestions Like An Overbearing Mom
Tumblr media
鈥淭ha鈥 princess, huh? I guess I always had a thing for blondes ... And people with money, huh?鈥 A giggle.
鈥淎鈥檆ourse I鈥檓 teasin鈥. I love Charlie! She鈥檚 so cute, got a helluva smile... Nice curves. Beauta鈥檉ul laugh. I could give that gal a spin for as long as she wanted and make 鈥榚r BEG me not ta鈥 go through any sorta redemption.鈥
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ejzah3 days ago
Can you do a Drabble where Deeks goes undercover with female NCIS special agent sent from Washington. It turns out though Deeks actually knows the agent and they get very close, causing Kensi to get jealous.
A/N: This takes place during this current summer.
An Old Friend
鈥淭his is your first official undercover operation as an NCIS Investigator,鈥 Kensi teased as they walked into the mission together. 鈥淲e should have a celebration.鈥
Deeks grinned, shaking his head, but couldn鈥檛 deny that he liked when she used his full title. Hetty had informed them the day before he would be going undercover to infiltrate a high profile black market ring with Kensi in overwatch.
It was one of his first major undercover roles since going to FLETC and he was actually looking forward to it. Particularly since it wasn鈥檛 expected to be the most dangerous of missions.
鈥淗ow many people would be in this celebration?鈥 he asked with mock seriousness, hooking his arm around Kensi鈥檚 shoulders.
鈥淢m, it would be fairly intimate.鈥
鈥淥oh, well, you do know I like intimate...activities.鈥 Lowering his voice, he dipped his head towards Kensi, pleased when he saw her face flush a little.
鈥淪till the same old flirt I remember,鈥 a voice interrupted as they turned into the bullpen. It sounded vaguely familiar, and he turned with a frown while Kensi looked over his shoulder. A woman with read hair leaned against his desk, legs crossed at the ankles.
鈥淒elaney!鈥 he said, smiling once he recognized her. She pushed off his desk and came forward to accept a hug. 鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥
鈥淒idn鈥檛 Hetty tell you? We鈥檙e working this black market op together,鈥 she explained.
鈥淣o, she didn鈥檛. She just said we might be working with someone from Washington. I had no idea you鈥檇 moved on.鈥
鈥淲ell, you know me. I never like to get tied down in one place for too long.鈥 She shrugged, squeezing his arms once before she let go. 鈥淚t certainly is good to see you. I certainly never expected you to work with a federal agency. You always said you were a cop through and through.鈥
鈥淵eah, I said a lot of things back then,鈥 Deeks allowed, glancing back at Kensi. He realized she was watching them with a curious expression. He gestured for her to join them.
鈥淪orry Kens, this is Agent Delaney Ozkowski,鈥 he introduced her. 鈥淎nd this is my partner Agent Kensi Blye.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to meet you,鈥 Kensi said, shaking Delaney鈥檚 hand with a genuine smile.
鈥淣ice to meet you too,鈥 Delaney said, adding, 鈥淎nd it鈥檚 Agent Creamer these days.鈥 She leaned towards Deeks. 鈥淒on鈥檛 ask.鈥
鈥淚t is good to see you again.鈥 Although she had clearly changed from the 28 year old he鈥檇 met over a decade ago, he could still see sparks of the vivacious, irreverent young woman he remembered.
鈥淪o, how do you two now each other?鈥 Kensi asked after a couple more minutes of chatting. Delaney glanced at Deeks with a little smirk.
鈥淚 met Marty when I was just staring out as an FBI agent. My team was called in to assist LAPD on a case and Marty was the lead Detective. It took us a few days to work things out, but eventually we made a good team.鈥
鈥淗ey, that鈥檚 only because you called me a jerk,鈥 Deeks protested.
鈥淎nd that was because you kept raiding my snack stash,鈥 Delaney countered, gesturing to him as she turned to Kensi. 鈥淒oes he still do that?鈥
鈥淥h, he knows better,鈥 Kensi said, knocking his shoulder.
鈥淲ell, what have you been up to since the last time I saw you? I heard you went to FLETC and got some fancy new title.鈥
鈥淵eah, I鈥檓 an NCIS Investigator now,鈥 Deeks said and then smiled as caught Kensi鈥檚 eyes. 鈥淎nd we got married a little over two years ago.鈥
Delaney鈥檚 eyes widened in surprise before she managed to replace it with a smile.
鈥淲ow, I was not expecting that. So Marty Deeks, king of flirts actually is a married man?鈥 she said, shaking her head again and leaned towards Kensi again. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l have to let me know how you managed that.鈥
鈥淪ure,鈥 Kensi agreed, giving Deeks a look that said they would be having their own little talk later. 鈥淲e鈥檒l have a nice long talk all Deeks.鈥
鈥淟ooking forward to it.鈥 Delaney glanced at her watch and winced. 鈥淥h, time to meet with Hetty and the director.鈥
Deeks quickly kissed Kensi and hurried to catch up with Delaney.
鈥淥h my god, remember that one time when-鈥 Kensi heard as she passed the bullpen where Deeks and Agent Creamer were working. Instead she headed for the gym, the sound of their voices slowly fading.
She felt a little childish, but she wasn鈥檛 sure she could take listening to another story. Even though Deeks had told her they only worked together for a few weeks, he and Delaney seemed to have a wealth of inside stories and jokes.
It made her feel...strange. Kensi was used to sharing that kind of closeness with Deeks. Sometimes Delaney reminded her a little bit of Talia. She was confident, outgoing, and gorgeous, but unlike Talia, wasn鈥檛 quite so competitive. Somehow that was made it even worse; Delaney didn鈥檛 even have to try and she seemed to have a close and easy connection with Deeks.
Despite her best efforts, Kensi found herself making comparisons. Delaney was open and easygoing. Where Kensi tended to shut people out, it seemed the other woman welcomed them in. She somehow seemed capable of shedding the burdens of their work at the end of the day while Kensi carried it with her.
Most importantly, she made Deeks laugh. Sure, Kensi made him smile and laugh, but not anywhere as often as Delaney did. That scared her most of all.
Shaking her head, Kensi grabbed a set of weights, prepared to drive the dark thoughts away with pain and exhaustion. Deeks found her there 20 minutes later, covered in sweat, and channeling all her anger into a punching bag.
鈥淗ey Kens,鈥 he said, handing her a towel. She took it from him, noticing his concerned look as she panted. 鈥淓verything ok?鈥
鈥淵eah, I just thought I鈥檇 get in a quick workout while I was waiting for you guys to finish up,鈥 she explained, turning to put away the equipment before Deeks could read her face. 鈥淒id you get anywhere?鈥
鈥淚 think so.鈥 He seemed excited and Kensi felt a little bad for not sharing his enthusiasm. 鈥淐allen鈥檚 grabbing some lunch and then we鈥檙e going over the plan for today. Delaney has a pretty good idea to get us into the club.鈥
鈥淥k, I鈥檒l be there in a few minutes,鈥 Kensi assured him. Deeks squeezed her shoulder, dropping a light kiss to her lips, and left. As he disappeared from view, Kensi tried to tell herself she had no reason to be jealous.
A/N: Ok, so my thought process here is that Kensi鈥檚 still feeling a little fragile from the last year or so of fertility treatments and whatnot which is making her feel more insecure about her 鈥渇laws鈥.
Thanks for the prompt!
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rainbowroomsquad4 days ago
Null: THE FUCK!? I COULDN'T EVEN DO THAT ON MY OWN! *meanwhile Nill's chilling with Hornosk when the news of what happened pops onto the feed! meanwhile* GoldenHeart: oh fuck them! bunch a hateful bigots! made me sick everyday havin ta act like'em just ta keep me job! sides being a lawyer's getting to be much! i always wanted to open a law school! know any where i can get that startin?
Lilac: .... Assume it was overdrive? *The other triplets nod. Xira goes over to teller to check if he's okay. Meanwhile, Hornosk is impressed. Meanwhile again, Wendy nods.*
Wendy: there be a cure cacti and crystal cacti village! It's small and nice! Also, I think thing that used your body blew up that city full of hateful people.
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h0llyh0ck4 days ago
Things ppl dislike about me:
- I'm fat
- I have had snakelike tendencies...
- I'm very gross in a very specific low contientiousness (sp lmao) high neuroticism way
- I'm forgetful/disorganized
- I interrupt people a lot and have a loud voice
- I will sometimes see how other people are like playfully insulting which does not come naturally to me so I'll try to do that and overstep and just be very mean. I worked on this tho I think I'm only mean on purpose now.
- I say like a lot and ramble when I talk and I talk a lot in like meetings and classes
- outside of those settings I'm quiet and don't talk and seem like a little shy bitch who judges people
- I prioritize attention from men too much
- I used to trauma dump about my dad all the time
- I used nerd and liberal as an insult despite fitting a lot of the symptoms of both even though I clarified a million times that I was specifically talking about high achieving silicon Valley type nerds and hypocritical liberals and also like a very specific person who tormented me. But whatever I do see where it is coming from and I've also gotten annoyed about how ppl use both of those as insults so whatever
- I like bugs
- I defended communism as the TA of a linguistics class which tbh was in fact cringe like i blocked out most of it but whatever I wish I could delete college me.
- I strung my ex along
- I'm a niceness cop and a prude who needs to chill and I'm uwu
- I'm a bioessentialist
- I'm nosy and ask a lot of questions about people's lives and just know a lot about everyone and don't mind my business
Few this is a long list
- I'm extremely attention seeking especially on social media and in terms of making whiny posts about how I'm lonely and depressed all the time and also posting too many selfies and just in general like clinging to people like after a psychiatrist basically rejected me at my low point in December I called Emmett like fifteen times in a row when he was at work. I also cry a lot which just rlly bothers people lmao.
- I'm literally just very hostile sometimes which combined w my snakelike tendencies is understandably off-putting
- im very self depreciating and apologetic in a way that annoys ppl
OK I'm not done but this is making me sad
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squiishiichaos5 days ago
OT3 Challenge Day 1: Meeting
So, is she the one?鈥 Tamar giggled at the whisper by her ear. The music was low in the tavern, the musicians just starting to work up a sweat after a couple hours of build up. People of all shapes and sizes were getting swept up in the groove--except her. The Mercenary. Tamar鈥檇 only seen her in here twice, but both times made a special part of her quiver. There was just something about the cut of her dark brown eyes that spoke to the great lengths she would go to not socialize with a single person in here and she wanted to see just how far that meant.
鈥淥h, yeah, that鈥檚 her.鈥 Licking her lips, Ruiark had to tighten his arm around her waist not to get lost in the throng of patrons between them and the bar. As they got closer, those sharp eyes cast a dark glare her way, weight shifting with the impatience of someone who was very much done with a conversation that hadn鈥檛 even begun. 鈥淲ell, well, well! Long time no see--鈥
鈥淲hat are you still doing here?鈥 She asked, tone harsh and expression harsher. 鈥淢y boss told you to leave.鈥
鈥淭echnically,鈥 Tamar argued, 鈥測our boss told me to fuck off. Those two are not necessarily the same.鈥
鈥淎ctually, they are. Now, I recommend you get before I have to throw you out.鈥
鈥淧lease,鈥 Ruiark snorted, 鈥渄on鈥檛 threaten us with a good time! We鈥檝e been talking about how you鈥檙e gonna see us out all night! See, I told Tamar here--鈥
鈥淚 cannot even begin,鈥 she boredly drawled, 鈥渢o explain how many fucks I do not give.鈥 She pulled her long, sakura-pink waves back into a messy bun and said, 鈥淚鈥檒l give you to the count of three before I start breaking bones.鈥
鈥淩eally? We鈥檙e already to boning? That was fast!鈥 Ruiark giggled, resting his chin on Tamar鈥檚 shoulder, completely unconcerned with the malice wafting off their target. 鈥淗ey, Mercenary, mind telling me why you鈥檝e got such a stick up your ass for Tamar?鈥
Tamar gave Ruiark鈥檚 blond locks a scratch and lamented, 鈥渉er boss and my boss have this serious hate between them. They both think I鈥檓 here to try and get him to talk to my boss--鈥
鈥--Because you are--鈥
鈥--But I keep tryin鈥 to tell her that I鈥檓 done with that! I mean, my boss prol鈥檒y ain鈥檛, but I鈥檝e got bigger things to worry about. Like you,鈥 she said, giving the Mercenary another frightful smile. 鈥淲e鈥檝e had so many arguments and you鈥檝e already thrown me out five times, but I still don鈥檛 know your name! Don鈥檛 you think that鈥檚 a little tragic?鈥
鈥淣o, what鈥檚 tragic is that you still keep coming back. Are you really that desperate?鈥
鈥淭his ain鈥檛 about desperation,鈥 Tamar reasoned with a smile. 鈥淚 just like ya, is all! I mean, I鈥檇 prefer to date you, but I鈥檓 fine with being friends if that鈥檚 all ya wanna give me!鈥
鈥淥r just a name,鈥 Ruiark offered up as a third option.
鈥淥r just a name works, too. I鈥檓 not picky, I promise.鈥
The Mercenary gave her wink another cold look. She remained quiet for a few moments before her posture loosened and her arms crossed. Leaning against the wall at her back, she hiked her foot up on the counter and huffed a breath. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e really not here for him anymore, are you?鈥
Tamar rolled her eyes with a crooked smile. 鈥淚 already told you that.鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 she agreed, 鈥渂ut you mean it. You鈥檙e really just here to bug me.鈥 Sighing, she closed those mean eyes of hers and leaned her head back until it met the wall with a light thud. Opening them again, she looked upon Ruiark and Tamar with a rather strained glance, like she would very much regret what she was about to say. 鈥淟arceny. My name鈥檚 Larceny.鈥
鈥淥oh, a deadly name for a deadly girl! Me likey!鈥 Tamar clapped.
Ruiark offered her a manic grin and said, 鈥渘ice ta meet cha! I鈥檓 Ruiark and this here is--鈥
鈥淭amar,鈥 Larceny said, wooing her ears with the sound of her name off those normally losed lips, 鈥渨e鈥檝e met.鈥
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addictofsupernatural6 days ago
Blatant Truths
Summary : You are affected by a truth quirk, and some truths come out that makes you greatly embarrassed and causes your crush to go and comfort you.
Word Count : 7.4k
Tumblr media
Even when they have their cute moments, sometimes kids suck. And what's worse is that they don't mean to suck.
You were volunteering at a children's school with their arts and crafts club on certain weekends in hopes of making your resume better for when you would be looking for a part time job once you barely start as a hero. So when a kid told you that he had a new quirk that he was super proud of, you obviously asked him to show it to you.
You were expecting some little manic trick-like ability with his quirk that you could applaud him for, but when he excitedly tapped you on the shoulder, he was bouncing up and on his heels. You stood up straight, confused. "I don't understand. Did I miss it?"
You grinned and crazily shook his head. "What do you think about me?!"
"You're adorable and deserve to be coddled because you're one of the best kids here and one of the fastest learners. You're a lot better than some others."
You gasped as he giggled. "Thank you TA! I think you're super cool by the way."
"That actually makes me very happy since I strive to be accepted by others but don't feel good enough for anyone's approval." You were beginning to panic. "What's going on?!"
"My quirk is truth!" He opened his arms out wide. "Isn't it cool?!"
"I would like to say yes but right now I'm affected by it which makes me not want to like it."
He giggled once again. "My daddy said the same thing. But don't worry, it lasts, how many days are in a week again?"
"Yeah, yeah! Seven days. My other daddy says that I'll be able to make it last however I want when I'm older." You had a look of constipation due to trying not to panic, and he noticed. "I don't think you have to worry about it though, you're really cool to everyone and I think you mean it when you say nice stuff."
"That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me confidently." You smiled, opening your arms for a hug that he gladly ran into.
"You should probably take a break from here for the week. Maybe your school too. What if someone does something funny and their feelings get hurt if you say it badly?" He looked up at you and you smiled wider at him.
"You're completely right. I need to go before someone dresses in clown colors and asks me how they look." You both giggled, and you said your goodbyes before explaining to the teacher what had happened and went back to the dorms.
The next day, Monday, was a day you were dreading. You thought about it and decided not to go to class, but the only problem was that you were up early. You had adjusted to Bakugo forcing you up at the wee hours of the morning to get to school 'on time', meaning 45 minutes early. You knew you had to go back to sleep though, otherwise Bakugo will bang on your door and one poorly worded question later and you could be admitting your gigantic crush on him.
He and Kirishima were your best friends and actually your first friends as well, beforehand sitting alone and listening to music by yourself during the very beginning of school. You weren't good at initiating anything, and you could say that you were a bit of a late bloomer in the looks department. Though your mom swore that you grew into yourself during the summer, you still doubted your looks.
So friends were scarce when people were materialistic and didn't want to be seen with someone not at the beauty standard in middle school. Therefore, you assumed the same would happen at your new hero school. So when a short purple haired boy began sniffing your hair, you were, to say the least, horrified.
"UM could you leave me alone?! Please?!" You were panicking and didn't know what to do.
He waved you off. "It's fine, I'm just trying to be your friend." He grinned, putting his hand on your leg, you immediately moving your leg away. "Let me show you my quirk."
Though you stood up from the bench you were sitting on right outside of the school grounds, he still put one of his purple hair balls onto your leg, causing it to stick to the bench. You glared at him. "Unstick it."
"No way, you look mad." He was beginning to get nervous, but he really wanted to feel you up so he stood his ground.
You used your airbend quirk to slam him into the ground through the wind. "Now!"
"Just one chest touch and I will! I've dealt with worse, so unless you physically strangle me then I can go through it." You were visibly disgusted by everything about what he just said at the moment.
Mineta crossed his arms and closed his eyes smugly. Suddenly he felt a strong hand at the back of his neck grab him and pick him off the ground. "What did you say about strangling again small fry?"
Mineta looked horrified as he was eye to eye with Bakugo, Kirishima pouting behind him. "Not manly at all dude."
He threw him back to the ground next to your leg, and he quickly removed the ball and took off. You were so happy that someone had took you out of this horrifying situation that you hugged Bakugo by the neck. "Thank you so much!"
He pushed you off with a flamed face, not expecting something like that at all. "Get the hell off! And it wasn't that fantastic."
"Sorry!" You were sheepishly smiling. You made eye contact with Kirishima, who grinned and waved. You nervously chuckled and waved back. "Sorry, I'm usually not like this but that was a really creepy and gross situation that you guys got me out of. You're totally my heroes!"
Bakugo looked away and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Whatever, I'm leaving." Kirishima told you goodbye and quickly followed him.
The next day was an unexpected thing, where you were walking to school alone when Kirishima called out to you.
"Heyyy!" You looked over and saw it was you that he was calling to. He immediately waved you over. "Sorry, I didn't get your name. Let's walk together!"
He did most of the talking, and you felt encouraged to talk back. Bakugo gave a comment here and there, and you found it interesting that he was paying attention to the conversation while also looking and acting disinterested. Kirishima called you over again for lunch and to walk home, and did the same the next day, and the day after that you just did so without him encouraging.
Three weeks later you had went to a fast food place to do weekend homework with them, sitting next to Bakugo while Kirishima was on the other side. You didn't really think about it since you just saw them as friends. That was until Kirishima asked about your quirk.
"I call it airbend. I can control the wind and sometimes make it sharp and able to cut things if I'm able to make it concentrated." You spun your pen around in the air before bringing it back to your hand.
"That's cool!"
"It's whatever." Bakugo mumbled.
You smiled at him, happy to see him speaking. "I mean, I hope I don't have to go up against Bakugo in class at least."
"Keh." He smirked, crossing his arms. "At least you know it."
"Cause I'm afraid of what I'll do to him."
You grinned, continuing. "What if he were to send an explosion towards me and I blow it back his way?" You put your hand over his eyebrows. "How do you think he'd look without eyebrows?"
You and Kirishima both laughed, and Bakugo grabbed your cheek between his fingers, gently pinching. "Oi. Don't touch my face and I won't touch yours."
You realized that his face was red, you assuming through embarrassment. His cheek pinch made you flustered too, causing you to take your hand away. "Sorry."
"And my explosions are too strong for some crappy breeze!" You immediately snickered, calming down once Bakugo went to his usual aggressive self.
That was the first moment you began feeling a different way towards him. Your crush had solidified weeks later, where the three of you planned to sleep over for a movie night. Bakugo had refused for you and Kirishima to meet his parents, and Kirishima had said that his parents didn't like that there was a girl sleeping over at their home.
"Really, you guys can have a guy night. I don't wanna be the reason for something to be canceled."
"We're not doing this without you dumbass, let's just do this at your house." You felt a little in distress about this, as you had lots of pictures of your younger self and your mom never knew when to stop talking. "You said your mom was your best friend, so why would she give a shit?"
"You paid attention to that?"
"Shut up, just ask her!"
Me : You remember that sleep over thing? Me : My friends want to do it at our house 馃樁 Me : YOU CAN SAY NO
Mommers 馃 : I have been waiting for this day to come 鉂わ笍 Mommers 馃 : Tell them yes ;)
Me : I'm disowning you 馃槫馃槫
"She said yes." You said flatly, Kirishima cheering and Bakugo looking very smug. "But she's really weird and embarrassing! If she offers to show you pictures of me you guys better say no!"
You three walked to Kirishima's house, you introducing yourself to his parents so they could perhaps trust you a little more. They seemed nice, and you were surprised to see that they were fully okay with this being done at your house, claiming that it was best for a young girl to be where she knows her surroundings.
When you went to Bakugo's home you heard yelling and his mother bursted out. "I want to see!"
"Get back inside you old hag!"
She pushed him back into the house and rushed over to the two of you. "Hi, I'm Mitsuki! Don't worry about walking, I'll drive you."
Bakugo was angrily grumbling with his dad trailing behind him, waving you both off. As the angry blonde was about to open the shotgun door, his mom smacked the back of his head.
"The girl gets shotgun. She's going to give me directions." There was a pause between Bakugo holding the back of his head and his mom looking directly at him. "Well what the hell are you waiting for? Open the door for her!"
He angrily did so, and you smiled at him. "Such a gentleman鈥"
"Shut up." He pushed you into the car and slammed the door shut. You laughed. One thing you could appreciate about Bakugo was that he was just as rough and unapologetic with you as he was with your red headed friend. It made you feel like an equal friend.
All you did was tell her where you lived around, her spending the rest of the car ride asking you questions about yourself and what you thought of her son. You kept telling her good things, no matter how much she tried to spin it as a way to tease him. "You're very pretty by the way."
You assumed she was being nice, but it did make you sheepish nonetheless. "Ah, thank you haha."
"Keh, she's just saying that cause she gets grossed out by all those wrinkles in the mirror." You gasped as Mitsuki began yelling at Bakugo to shut up.
"It's fine, cause no matter what you say, I bet you agree with me." She smiled and you. "Ask him what he thinks about you. I bet he'd say the same thing in a rude way."
You nervously laughed. "It's okay, I think my pride can only take so much."
She hummed. "If you say so."
She then looked at Bakugo in the rear view mirror and smirked at her son's tomato red face that you weren't looking at. You told her where to stop and told her goodbye, getting out of the car first.
"Hey you," she turned and looked at Kirishima. "No matter what my son says, he actually cares about you. And don't let him screw it up with her, cause I know he likes her."
"That's not true!" He pushed his friend out of the car and went up your steps.
"Wait right here, I gotta clean real quick." You then rushed into the house to put away any pictures of your younger self. You thought of yourself as unattractive as of now, and you could only imagine what others thought of you in your younger years.
Kirishima didn't know what to say to Bakugo, so there was a piercing silence. After a moment, Bakugo finally said, "She wasn't lying."
The red head quickly turned to him, and at that moment you opened the door a little winded. "Come in!"
"House tour! House tour!" Kirishima chanted, trying to ease the tension that Bakugo was fumigating.
"Psh, there's nothing to see." You shrugged.
"Yeah, I'm just curious on what your room looks like." He smiled.
"My roo..." You thought about the amount of posters and drawings of bands, music artists, and movie posters were scattered in your room. That mixed in with your book collections and knick knacks made your face flame. "It's nothing interesting."
You mustered up a smile, and Bakugo scoffed. "If it's boring then you wouldn't have a problem showing us."
You grumbled. "You're too smart for your own good sometimes." You begrudgingly trudged your way to your room, opening the door and gesturing inside. "Judge away."
"Oh my God, look at all those hero plushies." Kirishima was teasing you, but the way he said it only put a smile on your face.
"But I got all the good ones!" You chuckled.
"But I don't see Endeavor?"
"Mm, just not a fan of his. There's something about him that's just offsetting for me." You turned around and saw Bakugo holding a picture of you and your mom from a few years ago. You took it from him without thinking, sad features noticably taking control of your face. You then heard the door open. "Oh, I think my mom's here. You guys should say hi."
You set the picture face down on your bed and walked away with Kirishima. Bakugo quietly put it back up from where it was standing and followed you two. You all went into the kitchen where your mom was setting down the bags of snacks.
"Y/n, why are there so many pictures missing鈥" She turned around and smugly smiled. "Well look at that, they do exist."
"You're horrible."
"I'm y/m/n (or whatever name you like)! It's amazing to meet you both." She looked at Kirishima. "I'm guessing your the one with the nice smile," Then to Bakugo. "And you're the one with subtle fashion style."
"You just..." You were so shocked at the moment. "You're the stuff of nightmares. I can't believe you."
"Well can you help me unpack please?"
"No." You whimpered, starting to help her.
"What kind of conversation was had about us?" Kirishima joked.
"She asked me to physically describe you guys! Why she didn't just say red head and blondie is because she's evil."
"Agree to disagree." She happily said. "Anyways, you boys make yourself at home and enjoy the snacks. I know y/n will."
They looked back at you to see if you would make a comeback. "Well yeah, since you never buy any for me."
"I only buy snacks for special reasons."
"I'm not a special reason?!"
"Nope." She gleefully claimed.
"Again, nightmares."
"Well, if you guys need me I'm going to be in my room."
"Yeah, back to the boiler room Freddie Krueger." She began walking away, sending Bakugo a smile. "Love you."
"Love you too baby!"
Once she left, Kirishima turned to you. "Not to be weird but your mom's really pretty."
"Yeah, I hear that a lot." You began to put some snacks in bowls, and they both looked at you expectantly. You looked up. "What?"
"That shit you said about us idiot." Bakugo stuffed his hands into his pockets and looked away.
"What else did you say?!"
"Kiri! Nothing, I said nothing. Only a comment or two about your nosiness." You passed him a bowl. "Chips?"
"Thanks." He gave you a big smile, and you giggled. You knew he was doing it to tease you about your comment about his smile.
"Get that thing away from me!" You said while laughing, pushing his face away.
"Just move the snacks to the damn living room okay?!" Though Bakugo didn't want to admit it, he was a little jealous at how easy it is for you to smile with Kirishima. He thought it was pretty pathetic of him.
You guys had watched movies and set up blankets for the three of you to sleep in the living room, and that's when Kirishima got a text. "Oh, Kaminari needs help on a game. I'm gonna step outside for a bit."
"Take your time." You said, finishing up the popcorn.
"I'm picking up. I'll be damned if I'm sleeping in a damn mess." You nodded, and the both of you began cleaning up. While you two were putting things back into the kitchen, he saw a picture of you and your mom at the movie theaters together. "Why did you put away pictures of yourself?"
The question took you by surprise, but you nervously laughed, not wanted to lie to him. "I mean, you saw the picture in my room. The answer is kinda obvious."
He looked angry, though you weren't sure for what. "No I fucking don't. I better be wrong with what I think you're implying."
"C'mon," you tried to laugh it off. "It's fine, some people are better looking than others. There's no need to bring the pictures thing up."
"Where are they? We're putting them back up."
"Baku." You frowned.
"You're dumb as shit, cause I didn't see anything wrong in that old picture. You were pretty then and you're still pretty now, got it?" You said nothing due to not knowing what to say. "Answer me, dumbass!"
You smiled, giving him a hug. "Got it."
"When the fuck did I say you could be touchy?!"
"Shush, we're having a moment. Gimme piggy back." You threw your arms over his shoulders, chuckling at your own childishness.
He rolled his eyes, grumbling about how clingy you are at the moment, as he hoisted you onto his back, knocking on your mom's bedroom door. She happily gave him the pictures. You two began putting the pictures back where they originally were.
"What the hell was going on here?" He asked, holding a picture.
You laughed and told him about the story behind the picture, sighing happily as you turned to him. "Y'know, I'm very excited to make memories like this with you. Hopefully there'll be a lot of them, yeah?"
He looked away. "I'm not going anywhere dumbass, so that's a given."
Your face felt hot, and you tried to push away that exhilarating tightening in your chest. You jokingly said, "You have bad taste."
"I don't even know what you see in this." You gestured to a picture before staring at it. You felt like you looked really awkward compared to your mom, who looked amazing.
"Shut up!" He snatched the picture from you. "I like it cause it's you, and ugly doesn't come to mind when I think of you."
He placed the picture back up on the wall, turning to see you blushing and sheepishly grinning while looking downward. A small smile came to rest upon him as well when Kirishima came back inside. "What did I miss?"
"A picture. I wanna take a picture with you two." You gave Kirishima your phone and brought the two close to you.
Bakugo then went to the restroom, and Kirishima poked you. "So did I miss any romance between you two?" He chuckled as you thought about it. "Woah, that face is kinda telling me yes."
"Y'know, as my one of two best friends, I don't wanna lie to you. My feelings are going flip flop."
Your friend looked very excited. "I knew it! He probably did something very manly right now too, right? Well I'm glad you guys had your moment so you could figure out your feelings."
He gave you a big warm hug, and your mom popped out of nowhere to join the hug. "I 100% saw this coming. Also you have three best friends, cause I'm your number one."
"I guess I can be your back up choice from Bakugo, with my nice smile and all." He grinned and laughed loudly as you gasped with a big smile as well.
"Go away! Away with the evil smile!"
Your mom laughed and hugged you from behind your waist. "What the fuck did I miss?" Bakugo asked, now with a tank top and sweats.
"First of all, potty mouth. We speak clean in this house." Your mom stated. "And second, smiles convinced y/n to have a hang out with the kid he was on the phone with. She's finally going to stop being a hermit."
"Hah, sounds fun." You said miserably. Of course your mom would push you into being more sociable.
"Great, spark plugs is going to be following me now too." He looked at your mom, hesitantly saying in a quiet manner, "Uh, night."
"Good night! And good night to you two as well." She beamed at him before kissing your head and going to her room. She was content with Bakugo seemingly having eyes for you, since she could tell he was good deep down. You three then went to bed in the living room.
Back in the present time, you were cursing yourself for being wide awake at the moment. You were beyond hoping for Bakugo to not come. That was until you heard a bang at your door.
"Let's go." You said nothing, only stuffing your face in your pillow. "Oi, dumbass." Still no response. "I'm coming in, so you better not be fucking asleep!" He came in and watched you pretend to be asleep very poorly. He yanked off the blanket and you went tumbling onto the floor. "I can see right through that dumbass!"
You sat up on the floor. "Hi Katsuki. I shouldn't be at school today."
"Why the fuck not?" He looked down accusingly.
"I was hit by a truth quirk at that school that I volunteer at. It lasts for a week and I'm really scared that I'll say something bad or dumb in front of a lot of people. And you. Mainly you, cause I care about what you think."
You pouted at him as he extended a hand to bring you up. His face felt like it was getting hotter due to finding out about his importance with you. He knew he needed to push that aside and focus on the matter at hand with you. "Uh, it's not like it'll be unbearable while in class. Just get dressed. Try to not talk to anyone."
You nodded and quickly got into your uniform, walking alongside him. You looked extremely nervous, and it showed.
"Calm the hell down. You look like shit."
"I know I do! I always do. I feel like people are going to ask me a question and I'll say something rude."
"I'll shut you or them up before things come out, okay?"
"Okay." You smiled. "Small things like this just shows how heroic of a person you are, doing things out of kindness." You frowned, sighing. "I guess sometimes I just say things that come to mind. Once I start it's like I can't stop."
"Just...whatever." He grabbed your wrist when you went inside, dragging you towards Aizawa. "Tell him."
You explained to him the situation, and he told you it was fine and that he'd pass along the message to your other teachers. "Will that be all?"
"For today yeah. Sometimes I have the urge to go up and ask you if I should pick you up some tea in the morning. I heard that they help with sleepiness, and I'm worried about your sleep patterns. It makes me a little sad that you're not taking care of yourself since sleep is so important. Your eye bags could also really use鈥"
"Let's go." Bakugo yanked you over to your seat, plopping you down and sitting next to you.
You stared hard at your desk, slightly jumping when Mina slammed her hands on your desk to get your attention. "Hey, what's got you looking like Bakugo when Midiyoria breathes?"
"Shut up!"
"Well you see I was hit with this truth quirk and it lasts for a week and usually when people ask me something I'll say the truth but also through out random truths too and it's really problematic. Bakugo's supposed to stop me when I say too much. He's really nice and sweet and鈥"
"Oi." You snapped out of it and nodded, looking back down.
"I see." She put her hand on her chin. "I'll tell the others so we don't ask you revealing stuff."
"Thank you. That means a lot. Especially since you're my first lady friend. That's probably because I'm such an awkward loser who鈥"
"Stop." Bakugo pressed. You blushed hard, rubbing the back of your neck while you put your head on your desk.
You went through the day silently and didn't make eye contact with anyone. It brought down Bakugo's mood, reminding him of when you both first met, when you acted like this to everyone else. It made him frustrated that you were uncomfortable at the moment and there was nothing he could do about it.
"Hey man, y/n seemed pretty down today." Kirishima said to Bakugo, who did nothing but nod with a straight face. "You know how she doesn't eat when she gets down, so I'm gonna go get her something to eat." Bakugo sighed aggressively, putting on a jacket.
"Fine. We're going to that noodle place she likes so damn much for no fucking reason." Kirishima inwardly chuckled at how manly Bakugo was being. He offered to bring himself, no, demanded to bring himself, for the sake of making his future lady happy.
You heard a knock at your door, opening it to find Kirishima waving as Bakugo thrusted a bag of food in your arms. "That's really nice of you both! Well I always think you both are nice, with the small things about you two. Kinda like how you have gentle hands Katsuki, like they're rough and warm and鈥"
"Okay." He cut you off.
"And Eiji, your eyes, they look so comforting and kind, just like how you're comforting and kind. Gentle giants are usually the manliest of people since they're amazingly strong and also have a softer touch, and you have both of those鈥"
"Y/n, goddamn!" Bakugo slammed the door shut.
"She's so nice!" Kirishima said as they were walking back to the men's dorms. He gave Bakugo a thumbs up. "Good choice." He only grunted in response.
The next day at lunch you were looking for Bakugo at lunch, only finding Kaminari instead.
"Y/l/n! Over here!" You smiled and waved, coming over to him. "How are you doing? I bet the whole truth detector thing is pretty hard huh?"
"Yeah, very. I keep worrying that I'm gonna let my feelings for Bakugo slip."
You blushed madly, and Kaminari chuckled. "I totally knew it, and everybody else does too. Except Bakugo."
"I guess that's the important thing. It's also hard that I keep spouting out random things I think. I never compliment people this much, they must think I'm weird for thinking such specific things. Kinda like how I think your handsome. Really handsome. You also have a fun personality and can really make anyone laugh in some way. I think if you took a step back from the flirting then girls would feel more at ease around you and not make any bad assumptions, y'know? With that you could really score anyone you wanted. You can also play the guitar, which just kinda makes you more attractive. At least in my eyes it does. Like it goes from a cute face to sorta hot, but in like a way that鈥"
Bakugo grabbed your arm, causing you to stop talking. "Stop. Let's go." He glared back at Kaminari, whose face was in flames. "Hurry the hell up dunce face."
You sat at lunch in silence, your face extremely hot the whole time. Kaminari felt very bad, then realizing that he should have stopped you. He was too in shock to do anything, up until now having doubt in the back of his mind that girls just found him unappealing or unattractive.
Later on Bakugo was walking to your room with tupperware full of food when he saw Kaminari slip a piece of paper through your room. "What the hell are you doing?"
"Oh, hey Bakubro. Uh, I felt bad for letting her say all those things earlier today, and I know if I apologize to her face she'll start talking again. So I wrote her a sorry letter."
"Tch. Whatever." He passed by him and knocked on your door.
"Katsuki! Look what Kaminari gave me. He decorated the front of the folding with his name. I'm not gonna open it up for you just in case it's really personal though, cause that's not right. I'm pretty sure it's about everything I told him earlier. I think it's really sweet of him. Sometimes I feel like he might give Eijiro a run for his money in the kindness department."
You chuckled as Bakugo scowled. "Here. Start eating shit."
"Oh! Thank you Suki! I'm just worried that I'll bump into someone while I get dinner and I'll say something insensitive. Like I run into Mineta and he finds out how grossed out I am of him, cause he's a person with feelings too y'know? I worry so much that I lose my appetite." You whined quietly and looked down. "Sorry, too much."
"Stop worrying for no reason. I'll walk with you during dinner if it makes you that nervous." You grinned and nodded. He smirked. "Fine, don't even thank me or you'll give me your declaration of love or some shit." You waved him goodbye, and he closed the door. He flinched when he saw that Kaminari was still there. "What the hell are you still doing here?!"
"Waiting to walk back with you." Kaminari laughed. "Declaration of love." He mimiched, then laughing harder.
"Shut up!"
"Hey, don't worry. I'm rooting for you two." Bakugo's face was heated as he said nothing.
The next few days were extremely embarrassing for you. You outed out all your opinions towards your classmates that you would've never told them in such a blatant manner.
You told Iida that he had the brains to be anything he wanted to be and that you wondered if he looked like his brother without his glasses on, also telling him that you had a plushie of his brother sitting on your bed.
You told Mina that she had looks to kill and that her confidence could win her any argument for anything.
You told Todoroki that you would visibly cheer for him if he did anything to stick it to his dad.
You told Jiro that you secretly look up to her because of her confidence and chill style and how she seems like such an easily approachable person.
You informed Midiyoria that he was major eye candy when he genuinely smiled. This left Bakugo in an extremely sour mood for the rest of the day. You would later on tell him that you thought him and Ochaco would be a power couple, her being in the room when this was said.
You offended Aoyama when he asked you what you thought about him, you responding that you didn't really give much thought to him.
Everyone handled your verbal vomit well, but Mineta then decided to abuse the quirk that you were under. "So y/l/n, what color of panties are you wearing?"
"Grey." You immediately gasped as Bakugo bursted out of his seat.
"HAH?! What the hell is wrong with you?!" Bakugo screamed. You used your airbend to slam the purple haired boy backwards.
"What color bra?" He quickly said.
"Black." You lifted him up in the air and slammed him down to the ground.
Bakugo yanked him up with one fist. "You disgusting fuck."
Aizawa then walked in through the door. "Would anybody like to tell me what's going on?"
Mineta then began spouting nonsense of his innocence. "Shut the hell up you fucking creep!" Bakugo yelled in his face.
"Start treating me with respect Bakugo, or I'll actually get serious." He said nervously. Bakugo scoffed, Mineta take great offense to it. "Fine then! Y/l/n, what are your feelings for Bakugo?"
"I'm certain that I'm in love with him. I think he's amazing and has the guts and spirit to become a true hero, which I adore about him. I don't want to tell him because I don't feel like I'm good enough for him. I feel like I'm too ugly and useless and my personality is just all around unappealing. I'm just emotional baggage and he knows it and everyone knows it. He deserves to be loved but I just don't see myself being loved back by anyone."
You gasped, already starting to tremble. Everyone was dead silent, and tears were already sliding down your race when you bolted out of the room. You didn't look back and kept running, slipping on the steps only to save yourself with your quirk, still running once you landed back on the ground. You then slipped again, not being able to catch yourself and scraping your knee, blood showing.
You felt arms picking you up, looking up to see Kirishima smiling pitifully down at you. You sniffled and tried to hold in your tears. "You can let it out. Don't hide your feelings from me, okay? I'll take you to your room."
You faintly saw your friends behind him before you vision blurred up and you began crying into Kirishima's shirt. They all went to your room, Kirishima setting you down onto your bed and cleaning up your wound before sticking a band aid on it. By then you had stopped crying.
"I'm pathetic." You stated weakly. "All I'm doing is causing worry and nobody deserves having to deal with me. You can all leave."
"None of us are leaving you." Sero said, plopping down on the ground against the bed. "We care about you a lot, so we'd never let you be sad by yourself. That's lonely." He stretched nonchalantly. "Let's watch a movie."
"I have a bigger monitor than this one," Kaminari said with his hand on his chin. "I could get mine, or we could take this to my room."
"We can go to yours." You quietly said. "I'm gonna bring a plushie cause hugging something gives me comfort."
You winced at your honesty, but everyone else smiled, suddenly going over to you in a group hug. You giggled at the sudden rush of them all. You brought your Fatgum plushie with you as you all sat in his room, Kaminari swinging an arm over your shoulder as a silent form of comfort. You smiled, extremely grateful for your friends.
Bakugo walked back to the dorms in a very frustrated manner. He needed to clear the air and make sure you knew he reciprocated the feelings. He would have never imagined you had felt so strongly about him, feeling even worse about not picking up on your equally strong insecurities. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he failed to notice Kirishima walking over to him.
"Bakugo, man, hey!" He said, smiling and waving. "Can I crash at your dorm room? I wanna be a good best friend."
His grin was somewhat relieving to Bakugo, making him be reminded of you. You were right, he really is unbelievably nice. "Keh, yeah, whatever. You'd just keep annoying me until I say yes anyway."
He wanted to be with someone, and Kirishima knew it. Bakugo felt happy that there was someone there for him at a time when it felt like everyone else was there for you, not that he opposed that at all. He felt more of a bad guy for making you cry about your insecurities when thinking of you two, and he was glad that people were comforting you when he couldn't. He only wanted to be comforted too, and Kirishima filling the silence about video games or some movie was perfect to him.
The next day you awoke under a blanket that was not yours. You caught a wiff of a man's smell from the blanket and looked around, realizing you were in Kaminari's room. You also realized that Kaminari himself was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor.
You got up and make him a nice breakfast in the kitchen, knowing that he got up a little later than you. You put them into containers and brought them into his room, setting them on his desk. You had earlier checked your phone to find a text from your mom saying that she was picking you up in a bit to spend the day together. You were first planning on eating with Kaminari, but due to this decided to just leave him to it and leave a note.
When he did get up he laughed when reading it: Dear Kami, Thank you for letting me sleep, you were a perfect gentleman. It's extremely exhausting crying so much, and I felt like really sleepy right when I calmed down. I don't know how Midiyoria does it without consistent naps. It's like a faucet that I don't know how to fix. Not that I'd want to personally fix it, but I'd rather leave that to Ochaco since they would make the most adorable pair. Flustering to no end with that relationship. I also now realize that I tell unnecessary truths on paper too. - Y/l/n
Later in the day Bakugo was pacing back and forth in the common area, holding flowers in his hand. Mina passed by, telling him that you were with your mom. Bakugo was steaming, worrying that the longer he waits the worse the outcome will be of you accepting his feelings instead of being blinded by your anxiety over yourself. Kirishima calmed him down, his mind clearing enough to then write a note ("I want to talk tomorrow. Please.") and leave it at the front of your door.
Me : The truth quirk wore off
Tsundere Suki 馃Ж : I'm coming over
You dreaded what this talk would be like. You were so stressed, your throat felt hard and breathing felt somewhat painful. You already felt tears forming in your eyes when you heard an aggressive knock. You opened and said nothing as you stepped aside. He held a bag in his hand as he stepped in. You didn't notice him put it on the ground while you closed the door, turning around to be caught in a hug. "Don't cry. You're too beautiful for a puffy face."
"Suki." You quietly said, snuggling yourself into the hug. "I'm sorry. I didn't want you to find out. I just wanted to get over it so I wouldn't ruin our friendship."
"Hey, cut that shit." He gently squeezed you before pulling back to look you in the eyes. "Did you ever stop to think that maybe I could like your dumb ass too, huh?" You looked at him, wide eyed, and shook your head. He smiled, a genuine smile without any malice behind it. "Idiot. I've loved you since you touched my face with your soft hands. Back when you talked about burning my eyebrows."
He had decided to go for it before he could see your reaction, giving you an aggressive kiss on the cheek. He thought that this would be the best thing to do. In actuality he wanted to make out with you on your bed until you both couldn't breathe, but he had to be a gentleman. He wasn't going to mess this up.
He then felt a gentle press onto his lips, your lips feeling so soft and fragile. His carefulness about this immediately went out the window due to your gentle kiss. He knew you weren't as fragile as it seemed on the outside, so he deepened the kiss. You returned his passion, eventually having to separate for air.
"Katsuki!" You exclaimed, throwing yourself into a hug. He chuckled as you made a short little squeal.
"We're getting some things straight." You pulled back to listen, giddy yet trying to keep a straight face. "You're never calling me Bakugo again," you giggled, nodding along. "And you're gonna eat regularly. You're gorgeous, but you look sad as shit when you don't eat. I only accept women who are well fed."
He touched your cheek, brushing it with his knuckles, and you happily smiled as you leaned into his touch. You quietly responded, "Okay."
"Good. We're eating now." You both sat down on the ground against the bed as Bakugo took out food from his bag. He was eating too, which meant that he waited to eat for you. Your heart and face felt very warm, but you kept your composure and told him about your day yesterday, him leaning in closer to listen.
The next day you gave everyone you told weird things to apology gifts. You walked in class and handed Aizawa a cup of tea, awkwardly laughing. He accepted it and thanked you nonchalantly. You then made the rounds to give everyone their things.
You gave Todoroki information that you got from the tech department on how to make his outfit better fire proof wise. You gave Mina a shirt from a brand she loved. Aoyama was extremely happy with the list you made him of his good traits, claiming that he was happy for you in that you finally noticed.
Kirishima received a video game gift card for his new console. Jiro got a poster for one of the rock bands she likes, and Kaminari was ecstatic that he finally got a new guitar strap that could replace the old worn out one. You didn't get an actual chuckle from Iida when you gave him a plushie of his brother as a hero, but you could tell that he was trying to keep his composure.
Midiyoria received a new notebook for his hero and villain analysis, this book being themed in sections by heroes. You also gave Ochaco a gift card for a noodle shop and suggested to her that she and Midiyoria could go, as there was about enough for two meals.
You made your way to give everyone their gifts in the most awkward way possible as Bakugo took his seat and watched you, having insisting beforehand to him that you do this alone. You were muttering apologies to everyone as well. What you didn't expect was that once you went over shakily to your seat there would be a moment of silence before the Bakusquad jumped over to your desk and gave you a group hug.
"Oi! Give her some damn space!" Bakugo yelled.
"Says you." Sero said teasingly. "You should be in her little space as her boyfriend. Be more affectionate. She's amazing, you should be groveling at your feet right now." Sero then winked at you from the compliment.
"HAH?! I can act however the fuck I want to with my girlfriend!" More hollering exploded as you giggled, your face feeling as hot as ever.
Midiyoria tapped on your shoulder while your friends swarmed Bakugo. You turned to face him. "Would it be okay if you were the first person I did my notes on? Since you gave me this book."
You smiled and nodded as he began asking you questions after question about your quirk. Bakugo quickly noticed that you and him were having a conversation before you others followed his line of vision, hollering in laughter and teasing Bakugo about his already jealousy.
Then the bell rang and Aizawa shushed the class before beginning the lesson, you and Bakugo making eye contact and smiling at each other. You could hardly pay attention with the plan Bakugo had for you two after school, daydreaming about what would later be your first date.
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Insight into聽Lithuanian (藢l瑟胃蕣藞e瑟ni.蓹n)
Tumblr media
[image description: A picture of the Lithuanian flag. From top to bottom, the colors are yellow, dark green, and red. End ID. Image from]
What is the language called in English and the language itself? 鈥 The language is called Lithuanian in English and Lietuvi懦 Kalba in the language itself. It may also be called Lietuvi拧kai. 鈥 There are two main dialects of Lithuanian: Auk拧taitian (Highland) and Samogitian (Lowland), and聽Western聽Auk拧taitian is used in mainstream media.
Where is the language spoken? 鈥 It is the official language of Lithuania, and it is a recognized minority language is Poland.
How many people speak the language? 鈥 There are about 3,000,000 speakers of Lithuanian, and roughly 93% are natives as of 2012.聽
Which language family does it belong to? What are some of its relative languages? 鈥 Lithuanian is classified as Indo-European > Balto-Slavic > Eastern Baltic > Lithuanian, and it鈥檚 relative languages are Latvian and Latgalian. It is also related to the extinct languages of Old Prussian, Selonian, Semigallian, and Old Curonian.
What writing system does the language use? 鈥 It is written in a modified Latin script, and it includes the modified characters 膮 膷 臋 臈 寞 拧 懦 奴 啪.聽
What kind of grammatical features does the language have? 鈥 Lithuanian is officially an SVO pitch accent language, but it has very loose word order. It does not have free order, but it is quite close. For gender, nouns are classified into one of 2 genders (masc and fem); and adjectives, numerals, pronouns and participles are classified into one of 3 genders (masc, fem, and neuter). It has 7 cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, locative, and vocative) that are commonplace, and 3 locative cases which are rarely classified separately (illative, adessive and allative). 鈥 Lithuanian also has 3 persons, 2 numbers, 4 moods (indicative, indirect, imperative, conditional), tense, and aspect. It also distinguishes palatalization and all consonants are unaspirated. At least it doesn鈥檛 have articles. 鈥 Lithuanian inflection based on three things: declension paradigm, grammatical case, and morphological paradigm. There are 12 noun, 5 adjective, and 1 participle declension paradigms. Lithuanian鈥檚 complex declension system is one of the features it鈥檚 most known for! ** I could probably go on all day, but I鈥檒l stop here.
How to identify the language? 鈥 It鈥檚 alphabet is quite destinctive, in my opinion! Also, cognates with English are typically expressed by adding -as to the end of the word, so if you hear something like聽鈥榙aktaras,鈥 you may be hearing Lithuanian. 鈥 The following is an excerpt from this 1978 newspaper article:聽Tai i拧trauk臈l臈 i拧 Donelai膷io 鈥淢et懦鈥, i拧 tre膷iosios poemos dalies 鈥淩udenio g臈rybi懦". Jau de拧imtme膷ius, pragyvenus didmies膷iuos, kitiems juose ir u啪augus, atitinkamai Donelai膷io 鈥淢et懦鈥 dalis si奴lytume paskaityti, lyg darant savaitgalin臋 poilsio i拧vyk膮 j u啪miest寞. Vyresniesiems, dar prisimeniantiems lietuvi拧k膮j寞 kaim膮, tas skaitymas b奴t懦 寞domus pasitikrinimas, ar dar nepamir拧ta, kada sodinamos bulv臈s, kaip ir kada 拧ienaujamos pievos, kertami rugiai, kaip ten buvo 拧okama ir valgoma vestuv臈se. Jauniesiems tai gali b奴ti irgi gana egzoti拧ka i拧vyka, lygi kelionei 寞 Havajus ** I鈥檝e been wanting so share pictures of this article for months! Seriously, I hope you appreciate it as much as I do!
What does the language sound like?聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What do you personally find interesting about the language? 鈥 You all probably know that I am infatuated with Lithuanian! I look at Lithuanian grammar and phonology and my heart just melts. It sounds really nice to my ears. Somehow I seem to learn something new about Lithuanian each time I research it, and it feels like there鈥檚 so much more to discover! To me, Lithuanian seems intimidating as hell to learn because of things like pitch accent, many cases, long/short vowel distinction, but at the same time, that鈥檚 exactly what I love about it! I have to experience it myself, and I cannot wait until I鈥檓 ready to start learning it for real ^_^ (Also, if you want to be scared, just look at the Lithuanian Grammar wikipedia.)
Extra: 鈥 here is spoken Lithuanian 鈥 here is my resource masterlist
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| Court Cards
| Epilogue Part 1: New Life
Tumblr media
Warnings: blood, illegal activity, polyamory, alcohol consumption, suggestive, swearing, biting, little bit of gore
14.1k words in total with part 2 (damn)
A/n: ta-da! The epilogue 馃檶馃徎 let me know your thoughts on it :) (part 2 is up too)
"You never told us your real name." Jay looked over at the girl sitting by his side on the couch, a nature documentary droning on about lions on the TV.
"I wouldn't use it anyway. I consider Juliet to be my real name now." Her fingers smoothed over the boy's hair sitting in front of her on the floor who intently watched the TV with his legs crossed.
"Then I'm glad that I could be the one to gift the name." Jay pressed a quick kiss to her forehead and slouched back into the couch, directing his attention back to the documentary.
"I like it. It suits you better than any name I could think of." Ni-ki looked up at her, tilting his head back to rest on her lap.
"Thank you." She grinned, admiring the way his eyes spanned red but held so much adoration for her. She on the acting end was enjoying being able to be caring with him without getting him in trouble for spoiling a secret she was now knee deep in.
"Eyes up!" Heeseung hollered as he came bolting down the hallway.
The girl was pleasantly surprised to see a different side to them all in their proper existence. Heeseung wasn't the rigid eldest that she thought him to be, he turned out to be one of the sweetest boys she had met in her entire life and always willing to help her out with anything. The same couldn't be said for Jay who was very much similar to the persona he presented to her in the beginning, granting her a smidge of stability amid the insanity of a new world.
"Is everyone ready?" Heeseung nabbed the remote to switch the TV off, the people on the sofa stretching out to get up.
"Do you think it's late enough?" The clock on the wall ticked ten thirty, a few others meandering from the hall as Heeseung made sure everyone rounded up in the living room.
"It'll be packed." He shrugged, reassuring her as she scoured the room for her coat. She huffed when she saw no sign of it, planting a hand on her hip with a frown.
"Here, take mine." Sunoo spoke from behind her, draping his jacket over her shoulders. She whipped around and patted him on the arm, "that's nice of you. I'll be careful not to lose it." He took her hand on his arm and laced it with his fingers.
"I don't know how many times I have to tell you but it's alright to depend on me. You're my little baby and I'm teaching you the intricacies of your new life." He tapped his finger against the tip of her nose, the apples of his cheeks puffing up as he giggled.
"Sunoo, I can handle myself." Jungwon behind her burst out laughing, leaning an arm on her shoulder for support.
"So that time when you barreled into four of us in the blink of eye was 'handling yourself?' Or when you nearly took Sunghoon's arm off in a wrestling watch? You still have miles of work left." She glared at Jungwon, the boy still trying to get his laughing under wraps. He was right though, she didn't know her own strength after two months and still had to adjust to moving at a normal human speed that wouldn't alarm average people on the street.
"Enough out of you." She smothered a hand over his face to push him back, her old fears of being a bad guest in their home vanished into thin air months ago. She was now equal to them and part of their family and had no qualms about treating them as such.
"Let's go please." Jake placed a hand on her and Sunoo pushing them in the direction of the front door smoothly.
"Okay, okay. We're out." She hummed in the cold air, looking back as Jake locked up the door to the plain neighborhood home.
The house was on the corner of a cul-de-sac safely tucked into the middle of suburbia, unsuspecting for a group of eight vampires. People assumed they were students renting out the home while they went to school, parents even asked one or two of them to babysit which they politely turned down in favor of keeping to themselves. Sunoo liked to brag that he was most favored by the neighbors but the others simply wrote it off because of his baby face.
"We're going to a new place tonight." Juliet had a problem with feeding off of humans when the decision of joining them arose. As a fresh "baby" as Sunoo called her, she still didn't have to feed outside of the boys鈥攎ostly Sunoo鈥攚ho didn't have a choice but to seek external resources which is why they were going on the field trip. The only downside to her tagging along was the fact that being packed like sardines into a building chock-full of humans almost always triggered her hunger, making Sunoo's job twice as hard.
She had ten more months left to go before she had to wean off of him and onto humans and part of her was looking forward to it so she didn't have to trouble him.
"Remember the rules." Sunoo warned her as he swayed their joined hands, reminding her not to let go.
"Yes, I know." She groaned and he narrowed his eyes, "Tell me them."
"Don't let go. Don't go out of sight and do not do anything without express permission." The rules were among the first things they taught her in the initial weeks of settling into a new environment.
"Good job." He praised, squeezing her hand as they darted off. Scenery passed by in a speed she had grown accustomed to and even considered normal. She enjoyed the way the led lights in the city blew by, creating a flurry of color that amazed her every time. It was a euphoric feeling to go so quickly and see so much beauty in a flash, undetected by any outsiders. She always did want to stop and sight see, that's why Sunoo held her hand鈥攖o make sure she didn't go too fast or slow. To make sure she adjusted properly and adhered to the rules.
The mix of colors ended almost as quickly as they began, one final lit up sign displaying the name of the club they were going to.
In the beginning she had qualms about going on these excursions but after adjusting to the fact that they're all undead and immortal despite the young bodies, she chose not to think about it, focus on herself, and take the learning opportunity this presented.
She quickly learned that anybody physically younger than Sunghoon was not permitted entry so they had to sneak in鈥攏ot that it proved to be a big hurdle since they blew by the bouncers unseen.
Sunoo still hadn't let go of her hand as they entered the building, pulling her aside to talk. She was mystified by all the flashing lights and bodies pressed against each other. The music was picked up far too loudly by her tuned in ears, making her wince every time it beat harder. She looked around for the others, finding no trace of them as they scattered off to find a meal and return home as soon as possible. Only Sunoo was left to run through things with her before he too slithered off into the sea of people.
"You're allowed to have fun, blend in with the humans. Have a drink. Enjoy yourself while you wait but don't hesitate to find me if you get too hungry and I'll do my best to take care of it." She nodded eagerly, letting go of his hand to set him loose.
"I know. Go get this over with so we can go home and watch a movie." She nudged him away from her with a reassuring smile.
"I'll be back soon." He told her before he slipped away, leaving her alone to decide what she wanted to do. She lolled her head over in the direction of the bar, rolling her eyes and deciding to go over. She didn't have anything better to do. Thankfully the bar wasn't overflowing with people so she didn't have to be concerned about a flare up. She hopped up onto a bar stool and leaned on the counter, trying to make eye contact with the bartender. Her nails drummed against wood impatiently, analyzing the numerous bottles of alcohol with fancy names and trying to find something that might be worth her time.
"What can I get you?" The man asked, blue hair standing out amongst the plain colors of most people in the building.
"You can pick. I'm up to try things." He took one look at her and made a quick decision.
"You're new to this, I can tell." He winked and turned his back to grab a few bottles. She swiveled her thoughts back to the boys, what process of the night they were at. Considering the little time since they arrived, usually they were still weeding through people for someone suitable. Then they would fade into the background with their target, cornering them into a place where they wouldn't be seen and getting on their good side. There was a specific reason they chose clubs, the people were a lot looser and easier to get alone since nearly everyone came for one reason.
"Here you go." The man set a glass down in front of her and went back to serving other people, leaving her alone to inspect the liquid. She held it up, eyeing the boring color before letting the rim of the glass sit on her lips. She tipped it back and tried a sip, a sweet taste she had forgotten in the past months. She let the taste settle in her mouth as it grew into a bitter and stiffer taste than she preferred. From what she heard from the others, that's what most hard alcohol tasted like. She took another swallow, letting herself sink into the new flavor.
"Bartender!" A presence loomed over back, the heat coming off the new body sending a shiver up her spine. She kept her head down, throwing back the rest of her drink and freezing as to not draw any attention. When the new person began ordering, his upper body pressed into her back, the rumble from his chest as he spoke transferring to her skin.
"Hey, sorry to invade your space." He apologized with a soft smile making her turn around to look at him.
"Don't worry about it." She politely nodded and tried to brush off his presence by looking out at the crowd of bodies, playing her own version of 'Where's Waldo?'
"Looking for someone? A significant other maybe?" She shook her head with an irked puff of air rolling off her lips.
"I don't have a significant other. I'm looking for my friends." He closed in on her, his ambiance making her head spin in the already dizzying place.
"Would you consider going out with me?" Her head tilted to the side, she hadn't been taught what that meant or how to respond.
"I beg your pardon? What do you mean?" She couldn't even begin to puzzle together what he meant, her stomach rolling in hunger sparked by his nearness.
"We should go on a date." She was able to understand each word on its own but together it was fuzzy so she took her best guess as he looked down at her with his advance in height.
"I can't." She shrugged empathetically as she pursed her lips, fingernails digging into her thighs to keep her hunger at bay.
"You said you didn't have a significant other so what's stopping you?" She wiggled past him but not without answering his question to be polite, "I have seven boy friends. I don't have time." The boy looked mildly horrified with her answer, the space between the words unclear. She knew that if she spent anymore time around him she might pounce which was out of the question so she ran off in search of Sunoo who had made a point of instructing her to find him. Normally she could wait most of the night or the whole night without getting too hungry but then again, she hadn't been approached and cornered by someone like that before. She rounded the perimeters of the club, usually where at least a few boys lingered in the shadows but tonight she found none of them. She increased her speed, eyes racing around for any give away that she might have found a familiar face. She was met with nothing but features she had no connection to, only objects in her way to find salvation. She bumped into an innumerable amount of people, muttering out quiet apologizes under her breath but they couldn't care less, too preoccupied with any manner of things. She found a hall with the red exit sign hung over it, wouldn't be the first time she'd seen them hide out in little nooks or crannies in places like these so she turned down the suspicious walkway. The hall was significantly dimmer than the rest of the building, no gaudy lights or blaring music only dying lightbulbs and muffled thumping from the speakers in the main section. That's when she got lucky for the first time that night, she could see the back of the shirt Sunoo had worn out and approached carefully.
"Sunoo." She whispered which he picked up easily, pulling back from his victim to look at her.
"It's unbearable." He knew what she meant instantly, the bond they shared acting like a secret language only they were in on. Her heart sank when he shook his head, jutting his chin toward the person he had leaned against the wall, their head lolled back with a smear of blood coating the side of their neck.
"Later." He whispered back before returning to his task and leaving her to fend for herself. She never had interrupted any of them before and sort of hoped he would drop everything to help her but this was a special circumstance. Feeding on the regular wasn't easy or simple so they couldn't let the chance pass them by. She fled the scene as quietly as she could, cutting through the dance floor to find a secluded corner to be by herself and wait out the rest of the trip. She clamped her hands over her ears, the noise no longer tolerable with the added stress of her hunger. She kept her head facing down, looking at her feet to make sure she didn't trip over anyone and make a scene. Her instincts screamed at her to close her eyes and curl up into a ball and wait for rescue but she told the others that she could handle herself and she didn't want to be proving Jungwon right anytime soon.
"Watch it." Her eyes flashed up at the voice she bumped into, a familiar one she could burst into tears upon hearing.
"Jay!" She felt a ray of hope for her situation, uncovering her ears as he wiped the remaining blood from his victim off his bottom lip.
"Juliet, what are you doing out here? What's going on?" He took note of her uncomfortable aura and tensed up body, a far cry from the people around them. He enclosed his fingers around her wrist and towed her away from the commotion she was smack dab in the center of.
"A boy got too close and I got hungry so I went to look for Sunoo. He's couldn't help so I was going to try and find some place to sit through it." Jay scoffed and redirected their route to the bathrooms. She followed like an obedient learner, listening to the way his boots made contact with the floor.
"There's no need for that. I'm done for the night so I'll help you." Lucky for them the women's bathroom was empty. He pushed open a stall door, the bang as it hit the divider making her flinch.
"You don't have to; I'm not your responsibility. I can wait for Sunoo." Jay slid the lock into place, two people fitting tightly in the small space. He brushed her hair over her shoulder and cupped her cheek, "I'm happy to help you out. Don't say no because you're embarrassed." He chuckled, leaning against the door for her to get closer to him which she didn't do on her own. His hand grabbed at her hip to pull her in to take the last few steps and press firmly against him.
"Jay, that's not it." She rested one hand on his shoulder, her eyes fighting between looking him in the eye or at his neck.
"What is it, doll? There isn't much to dissect." She frowned up at him, her bottom lip pouting out guiltily.
"I haven't fed from you before. Only Sunoo or on occasion, Sunghoon." He scoffed amusement at her words, "that doesn't matter. Are you hungry or not?" He let the door behind him support his head as he relaxed, giving her full access to his neck. If she still contained a beating heart it would be racing by now, her nerves acting up and making her palms sweat. She hesitantly braced one hand on his chest and the other on the side of his neck that she wasn't planning on taking a bite out of. Juliet had to get on her tippy toes to reach him, the height making a small complication as the whole affair was easier done sitting down when she could be at an even level with her person. Her fingers tensed against him as she got within a few centimeters of where she planned to pierce into him.
"You have no compassion for how I feel here. The anticipation is killing me." His hand on her hip squeezed impatiently and she felt culpable for making him build up anxiety as she tried to work up the nerves to do it. Her lips first pressed into his skin before she opened up, her fangs making their presence known as they drew against his skin before sinking in. He hissed as his free hand flew up to her's on his chest. She closed her lips around the spot, sucking cautiously making his fingers tighten over hers. She wanted to apologize instantly for the pain she caused but knew that if she pulled away and spoke only to reattach after it would hurt far worse so she made up her mind to make it up to him afterwards. When he relaxed against her after she stayed for a few seconds, she grew in confidence. His hand over hers stayed tensed but she expected that, he needed somewhere to channel the infliction. Even Sunoo, her primary support winced when she dug her canines in.
Jay was handling it better than she expected for someone who鈥攕he assumed鈥攈adn't done this before. She gulped down harder, taking larger amounts than when she started. Jay peeked his eyes open to watch her as she got to work boldly. His hand on her hip came up to cradle the back of her head to ease the nerves he knew she hadn't done away with entirely.
"Good girl." He hummed lazily, his thumb stroking over her hair.
She didn't mean to, she really was trying to keep her cool but with his compliance and her hunger unsatisfied she sank her fangs in the rest of the way making blood flood out of the wound farther and smear around her lips.
"Easy now." He warned, the hand on her head now starting to feel like a safety measure if she got out of control. She sucked harder, taking in as much blood as she could, her red irises that exposed themselves now spread into her whites as they did every so often with heightened emotions.
"You're such a messy eater." He remarked with a snicker under his breath as a trail off blood that escaped her soaked into his black shirt. Her hand against his neck pressed him farther into her mouth, her thirst beginning to feel quenched but she still had a ways to go. Jay didn't look like he was going to make it that long at the rate she was draining him. He technically couldn't be killed this way but it would grow uncomfortable in short order. Blood filled her mouth, coating over her tongue and teeth before she swallowed heavily.
"Enough." He whispered softly but she ignored him, his words of parting making her actions vicious, poking her tongue against his skin to drive the blood out from his veins.
"You have to stop. I can't give any more." She pulled her fangs out of the puncture marks but cleaned up the blood that dripped down his neck.
Her tongue laved over the wound to soothe it, her uneasy mind acting on impulse. She pulled back, her fangs poking into her bottom lip and eyes blown red, blood coating her chin.
"I didn't mean to overdo it, I'm sorry." She apologized shamefully, looking up at his own eyes, a spitting image of hers.
"It's okay. You're still new to it all and this happens sometimes." He wiped a finger over her chin to clean the mess sure to stain her skin if it stayed any longer.
"That's only happened once before, usually I'm good about boundaries." She looked down at his finger incredulously, gulping hard. She hunger still hadn't entirely waned but she could get it under control for the time being.
"So you're saying I'm a special case?" He smirked as he presented his bloody finger to her lips to tempt her farther, a dangerous game he was indulging in.
"In some sense." She responded, her tongue darting out to wet her lips as the invitation was growing harder to resist. She tried to avoid the whole thing by reaching for the stall lock which Jay side stepped to cover from her reach.
"Not so fast." She knew what he wanted and was starting to grow tired of his smugness. She held his hand still as she licked up the blood on his finger, keeping her eyes low to avoid having to see his self-satisfied smirk.
"Now you're free to go." He slid the lock back out for her, letting her slip past him to check her reflection in the mirror and make sure she didn't look like a wreck.
She groaned at the glaringly obvious color of her eyes still inching back to normalcy, too slowly for her liking.
"Do you have something I can use for this?" She gestured to her eyes as Jay watched her from the door, adjusting his shirt back into place and brushing himself off.
"No but I don't think anyone will notice. Everyone's probably finished up by now and looking for us." She sighed and tossed her hands up in defeat.
"Fine. I guess we're going home anyways so it doesn't matter." Jay opened the door for her, following close behind on her heels.
"You're okay, right? I didn't take too much?" She still felt guilty that he had to ask her to get off, she didn't want to be the reason for any weakness that may catch up to him.
"Don't stress over me. I'm a big boy, I can take it." He threw an arm over her shoulders as they made their way back to the entrance, a habitual place of agreement to meet up when everyone was finished.
"Juliet, I can take care of you when we get home!" Sunoo sounded cheerful as ever; clearly in a good mood after feeding.聽
"Oh, actually Jay鈥"
"Perfect, she was just complaining to me about how hungry she is." Jay jolted her lightly under his arm, the collar of his jacket having been lifted to cover the marks she left. She looked up at him with a hard stare, shrugging him off and choosing to stand by Ni-ki instead.
"Did something happen? Usually you aren't hungry so quickly." Ni-ki took one of her hands in between both of his.
"Some guy was asking me to 'go on a date' with him and he was too close. It caused a flare up almost instantly." Jake snickered to himself, laying a gentle hand on the back of her arm to get her attention.
"Perhaps we should have told you about those things. It means he was romantically interested and wanted to court you. Don't say yes to those requests, it's a world of trouble." She shrugged, "I told him I had seven boy friends so I didn't have time." The whole group of boys grimaced, followed by a chorus of 'yikes.' Befuddlement painted across her face at their reactions, eyebrows knitted together and nose scrunched up.
"Maybe don't say you have seven boyfriends. It comes off a bit too strong and frankly it scares people off." The miscommunication was strikingly obvious but difficult to get across without a pen and paper to write out the words and demonstrate the space. She simply agreed to what she was advised and hoped none of those ordeals would come up, she had zero interest in finding a partner in the new world. She was happy with her small group, she already had everything she needed.
"Can we please go home? I'm tuckered out." It wasn't a lie mentally, the overly loud music and daunting flare up was all the drama she needed for the next week but physically she was in perfect strength, the help from Jay keeping her energized.
"Hand." Sunoo wiggled his fingers out to her but she hesitated, her hand still in Ni-ki's.
"I think I'll stay with Ni-ki on the way home." His smile dropped in an instant, she was breaking all kinds of traditions tonight. She never went with anyone beside Sunoo, every time they left the house they were connected in some fashion.
"Don't I feel lucky." Ni-ki rocked on his heels, pure joy at getting to spend an extra portion of time with her. They both liked to think that they were still making up for lost time but it was a blatant excuse to be together more often and truth be told, every single time they mentioned it the others clammed up in mortification for keeping the two apart. She also enjoyed having someone closer to her abilities to play with, their conversations and experiences relatable to one another due to their recent turnings. Not to mention their undying bond that began in her first dimension, him being the only one she could fully trust at the time.
"See you at home. You're all taking too long." Jungwon sent them a little wave, the air around the space he had been standing rippling lightly to signify that he had set off.
"We should go too." Juliet murmured to Ni-ki who was still looking around the club curiously, his gaze hooking into the rainbow of lights dancing over the ceiling.
"Sure. I want to go home and finish that documentary."
The girl huffed as she tossed Sunoo's jacket onto his bed, shedding any unneeded clothing before gathering up her pajamas to change in the bathroom. She wouldn't even think about changing in her room since she shared it with Heeseung and Sunoo who could walk in at any time.
The cul-de-sac home was no where near the size of the grand estate and manor they had met at where everyone could have their own room. This house had three bedrooms meaning people had to buddy up, naturally her and Sunoo but Heeeung volunteered to room up with the two who staked a claim on the largest of the three bedrooms after they realized they'd have to redo their bedroom plans to fit a new addition.
Ni-ki, Jake, and Sunghoon shared a room and Jungwon and Jay buddied up in the smallest bedroom of the house that honestly wasn't all that small though Jungwon proved himself to be the messiest of the bunch, clutter from random trinkets made the room seem smaller than it's potential.
"Do you wanna hang out?" Ni-ki watched her with gleaming eyes, his voice melodious and airy as she passed the living room on her way to the bathroom, her clothes balled up in her arms. They never used the lights in the house, their high strung senses making illumination unnecessary as she saw Ni-ki in complete detail from the low glow emanating off the TV.
"Of course, I'll change and be right there."
She twisted the handle to open the bathroom door, her legs now clad in loose pink pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt she didn't remember receiving from any of the boys but solid with the knowledge that it was one of theirs.
"I heard you say you'd spend some time with Ni-ki but if you're still hungry..." Sunoo stopped her as she left the bathroom, his disposition feeling significantly more desperate than usual as if she was snubbing him or he felt he did something wrong to earn the cold shoulder.
"I'm okay. Thank you though. I'm just gonna go watch a movie now... if that's alright with you." She whispered the last part to herself, feeling overwhelmed for the first time in his presence. Her socked feet padded against the carpet as she worked her way back to the living room.
"Is this because I told you to wait? Juliet, I'm sorry but you know how it goes." She wanted to act like she could dismiss it and continue on with her night but she couldn't leave him hanging with the question still precariously teetering in the air.
"It's not that. I mean it is but I'm not mad at you for it. I do understand and respect your reasons." She was vexed by a completely separate thing, she couldn't understand to save her life why Jay wasn't honest about having her drink from him. It was a no harm, no foul situation.
"I'm here now though and I'll keep offering until you convince me you're okay." She beckoned him to follow her into the living room where Ni-ki was waiting, the conversation open to the general public of the house's inhabitants should anyone eavesdrop.
"I promise you I'm not hungry. My brattiness when being told no is my own issue that you don't deserve to have imparted on you. You've done nothing wrong." She switched her earlier seating arrangement with Ni-ki, throwing a pillow onto the floor below where he sat on the couch.
"You're not a brat. You're a baby and babies lash out when they need something. They cry, kick, scream because they need to be fed, played with, or comforted. There's no shame in being a baby, this is new to you and six of us have been in the exact same place before. Ni-ki's fresh out of that stage and he had these issues too. Don't shy away because you feel guilty; kick, scream, cry until you're tended to properly in a way that is fulfilling for you. We all told you that'd we'd be here to guide you but we can't do that unless you let us." Ni-ki kept his silence but nodded along in agreement, every word of what Sunoo was saying true and something she should take advantage of.
She picked at the seam of the pillow she sat on, feeling like a kid being lectured in an important life lesson but being scolded nonetheless.
"Are you saying you wish I threw a tantrum when you told me no?" He made a motion of uneasiness, his hand wobbling side to side as he thought.
"Yes and no. I'm glad you didn't since I can take better care of you when I'm at full strength but I wish you would have been more stubborn. Maybe waited until I was finished instead of running off to handle things by yourself." She vainly gagged, holding her chest dramatically.
"Sunoo, I don't want to watch you make a mess of some unfortunate person. It's hard enough doing it, I don't need to see the damage." He rested a hand on her knee, "you get used to it. It becomes as common as checking the time. So tell me honestly what you want right now and I'll do it. Don't keep quiet because you don't want to seem selfish." She sighed, clasping her fingers around his wrist connected to the hand on her knee.
"Honestly," her thumb rubbed over the spot on his wrist where she usually bit, a permanent scar finding a home there, "I want to eat, finish this documentary with Ni-ki and go to bed." She finally let her exhaustion peekaboo into her words, her shoulders slouching down as she pushed out her words.
"Then do it. Don't restrain yourself on my account." She wasn't as hungry as she normally was, a few big gulps and she'd be satisfied for the week.
"Positive?" She reaffirmed, bringing his wrist up to her lips.
"Yeah. I haven't backed out before." Ni-ki as gently as possible pulled her hair away from her face where it could be held back by a hair tie he got in the routine of storing on his wrist. He'd seen her feed enough times to know that she hadn't perfected the art of cleanliness, her hair falling into the blood sometimes and coating the strands. The documentary on the TV illuminated the room, casting the occupants in a blue light that flickered about with other colors brought on by brightly colored locations of scenery. She reluctantly made the decision to attempt some manner of sweetness, placing a quick peck to the spot she was planning to sink her fangs into. She looked over at Sunoo to gauge his reaction to the move, if it was something she should do more often to show her gratitude. His cheeks flushed pink and a hand covered over his mouth and nose as his eyes were widely staring at the floor in front of him. It was hard to discern the emotion falling over him and she decided that maybe it was something she shouldn't do. She gingerly pricked into his skin, trying to make the smallest of wounds that she could still drink from. If he was pained he didn't show any signs of discomfort visibly or audibly like he usually did, even the smallest of hints that he was uncomfortable; perhaps a low whine or clenched fist. The only downside to not being as voracious with him and making larger punctures was the fact that she had to stay latched for longer sine the blood flow was slower.
"I didn't know lions were so... nice. I always assumed they were assholes." Ni-ki was too engrossed in his show to double take at the girl casually sucking down a liquid meant to stay in the body. Even if he did stare, the scene was as casual as people playing a game of cards to pass the time.
She didn't want to nod to respond to Ni-ki's comment in fear of hurting Sunoo so she hummed a tone of agreement which momentarily helped distract him from the ongoing pain due to the vibrations spreading over his skin. She looked at him, silently hoping she could communicate an apology or someway to tell him she was almost done. He seemed to understand and gave her a small nod, his cheeks still pink which was new to her in so many ways. He never blushed like that when she fed, she had to wonder if it was because she was taking too much.
"I'm going to bed. I'll see you two in there later." Heeseung popped out from the end of the hallway, "Oh! Remember that it's Sunghoon's birthday next week and we're going ahead with the house party idea. That's all I've got for now but keep it in mind." He never entered the room, only peeking in to inform his roommates.
"I'll be going to bed as soon as I'm done here." Sunoo said, his voice cracking which wasn't a mystery as to why.
"I'm gonna stick around with Ni-ki." She pulled off of Sunoo, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.
"Are you sure you're done?" Sunoo instantly took a turn of confusion, not entirely taking back his wrist.
"Yeah, I've had my fill." Ni-ki leaned forward in his seat, placing his head on top of her's.
"Then I'm gonna get to sleep. Have fun." She was sure she'd be amused in Ni-ki's presence, they always managed to have fun and make each other laugh.
"Good night. Thank you." She called as he turned the corner down the hall to their bedroom.
"You're being suspicious. You always drink longer than that." Ni-ki whispered out harshly, having had to wait until they were alone to bring it up.
"I don't want to take too much plus leaving the club helped calm me down."
It was the next morning when the girl laid in bed, her legs tangled into her blankets as she flicked through a magazine she had resting on her nightstand until now.
"Good morning." Ni-ki trudged into the room through the open door, rubbing his bleary eyes. The other two roommates having already gotten up to start their day, leaving her the room.
"Morning, Ni-ki. Did you need something?" She let the magazine collapse back onto the bedside table to watch him as he fell into the bed beside her, hair sticking out at odd points and clothes rumpled.
"No, I wanted to visit." He sidled up to her, laying his head on her stomach and letting his eyes fall shut. He gently nudged his head against her ribs as he tossed his arm over her to settle into the position comfortably.
"And have my undivided attention. You're not very sly... not at all." Her fingers weaved into his hair as her other hand came to rest on his lazed one.
"You caught me. I just wanted you to hold me." He tried to fight back a yawn as he grew sleepier by the second, spurred on by her tenderness.
Her fingernails softly dragged over his scalp as she loosely combed through his hair to smooth it over, the soft strands brushing by her fingers like silk.
"You could have said that in the first place." She snickered as he cracked an eye open to look up at her, sleep riddling his face but the bright red eyes holding a special place for exhilaration and joy. She met his gaze in the same way, her eyes a near identical shade to his current ones staring into her farther than she was accustomed to. She tried to blink away the contact but he was stubborn. She didn't make a move as he slid up to be eye level with her, his head crashing onto her pillow with a drowsy flop.
"Let's go back to sleep. The others don't need us." He gingerly pulled her to his chest, wrapping both arms around to enclose her. She fought the pull initially, squirming around in his hold but when he didn't engage in the childish wiggle she settled and held him back, allowing herself to shut her eyes.
"We can't sleep long. Only half an hour, okay?" He nodded as he shuffled around to find the most comfortable position while still holding onto Juliet.
"It is nine at night. Tell me you haven't been sleeping all day?" Heeseung leaned on the doorframe, hand poised on his hip like a disappointed parent as he watched the girl slowly wake up, her fingers curled into Ni-ki's shirt.
"I didn't mean to." Ni-ki groaned as he unraveled himself from the girl twisted up in the unmade bedsheets and drowning in her pajamas two sizes too big.
"What did I miss?" She murmured with a hoarse voice as she attempted to roll out of bed, feet finding the floor with careful taps.
"Nothing but we missed you all day. Sunoo is all mopey about it and currently holding a grudge against Ni-ki for 'stealing you.'" A light chuckle left Juliet as she gestured for Ni-ki to get out of her bed and follow her out of the room.
"I'll go check on him." She clapped a hand on Heeseung's shoulder as she stumbled into the hallway where she made the quick assumption that the majority of the boys were likely in the living room.
Her hypothesis proved true as she looked in at them crowding around in front of the TV to watch another mind-numbing cartoon that they were all invested in. She stepped cautiously as she walked in, spotting Sunoo on the couch across from Jake as they seemed to be in a sort of back and forth.
"What's this about?" She crashed into the spot between them, whipping her head to the side to look at each of them.
Two hands wrapped around her waist and towed her into his lap like a spider spinning its web around an unlucky butterfly, securing her tightly to him.
"Jake! What is going on with you?" All sleepiness that had resided within her body was now chased out by the influx of adrenaline that came with the uncharted territory Jake was dragging her to the depths of. He didn't respond but an exhale of feigned breath across the side of her neck was enough for her to know he was making rash decisions. The girl shrank in his presence, curving both away and toward him in the same movement. She looked to Sunoo, the boy watching with disgust as Jake pressed a kitten lick to her nape making her shudder.
"What are you doing?" She whispered out, her hands searching for something to grab onto as she questioned why Sunoo hadn't stepped in like his track record would predict.
"You've never been fed from, have you?" His fangs ghosted over her skin, the anticipation and underline of fear making her understand how the few boys she had taken from feel when she drank.
"Sunoo." She tried to reach the boy, her voice breaking. He shook his head like he had last night, a clear sign that he couldn't help.
"He approved." The two words punctuated her fate as she helplessly stared at Sunoo with trembling eyes, in disbelief that he agreed to let Jake do this.
"Will you let me try?" His voice was husky when he spoke, the intentions resonating in her as reality dug it's heels in. She nodded stoutly and squeezed her eyes shut to prepare for the unknown.
The boy sank his fangs into the untouched skin, breaking the surface and causing a splash of blood to spread over his lips. Sunoo's face fell into concern as the girl let out a pitiful whimper of pain and slouched down against his chest, her hands finding Jake's and clinging to his fingers. Despite what Jake said, Sunoo looked wholly concerned with his feeding and far from approving.
"You're okay." Jake mumbled as blood dripped down the girl's neck, her eyes clenched shut as she tried to find some sort of comfort in the situation. Jake could feel her tensed body and rigidity so he held her hands back, gripping her tighter to his body to reassure her that he didn't mean any genuine, lasting harm.
"It's okay, the pain will stop." He hushed her as he continued to drink, chasing stray trails of blood as Sunoo had now sat up and watched actively, ready to cradle the girl and soothe her at the soonest opportunity.
She leaned her head back against his shoulder to grant him easier access, getting used to the foreign feeling enough to let the situation play out without interception. She couldn't ignore how strange it felt to be in this situation with Jake, the sweet smiley boy who always helped her and cheered her up. The boy now decorated in her blood as if it was his only goal to make the biggest mess possible. He lit up at her easing, overjoyed that she was letting him in. His intentions grew softer but he was now holding her painfully tight and nipping at the skin sharply as he licked up all he could of the spilled blood.
"Stop." A new voice gained all three of the couch occupant's attention, an aura she was familiar with and trusted wholeheartedly.
"That's enough, Jake. She's done." Jungwon held his hand out to the girl, offering an escape from the uneasy atmosphere which she took gratefully. It was a flashback to his persona that she first became comfortable with, the leadership that he cast over the other six and the stern personality she came to adore in her time at the old estate that had fled the moment she settled into their real life.
"Let's clean you up." He offered her a tight smile as he led her to the bathroom. Sunoo made a move to follow but Jake put a hand on his chest to keep him seated, shaking his head at the worry filled boy.
Jungwon lifted the girl onto the counter of the bathroom sink and gave her a little nod to stay put as he searched for a washcloth, looking after her like she might shatter without immediate mending. He scoured a few well used drawers before finding one and running it under the faucet to drench the material.
"Sorry I didn't catch it earlier. I should have been watching you all and I'll have to speak with Sunoo about his lapse in judgement." He delicately brought the cloth up to her neck to dab away the blood, careful not to press too hard and make the pain worse.
"I don't understand why Sunoo would let him do that but then again, I agreed too. I don't know what I was expecting but maybe that's a good experience to have? I know what it's like now." Jungwon wiped at a particular splatter on her jaw, concentration set in his eyes as he listened spottily.
"If that's what you think. It's still a shock it was Jake, he's the most disorderly eater of the bunch as you can tell. For now, I'm gonna advise that you stay away from letting anyone feed off of you and keep to Sunoo." He cleaned off the last of the blood and pressed the cloth to the puncture marks in the meantime to stop them from bleeding any more.
"Hold this." He picked up her hand and pressed it to the material on her neck so he could go back through the drawers in search of a bandaid. She followed his hands as they shuffled past a few small boxes and packets of things that she didn't bother to stop and identify. Finally he fished out a bandaid and ripped it out from the paper covering and pealed off the adhesive guards.
He guided her hand away from her neck to make space for him to place the bandaid decorated with little flowers, a design and size intended for kids.
"You're all set." His palms fell to her knees covered by her cotton pajama pants, eyes lingering on the bandaid to make sure it was properly placed and bonded.
"Thanks, doc." Her smile was strained, her mood still recovering from her earlier shock. He took a second as he chewed the inside of his lip, thoughts passing over his eyes narrowed at the sink and away from her.
"I know we don't say it much but we like having you here and we're all happy that you wanted to be with us. Personally, you make forever all the more bearable; I can't imagine life without having you in it now that you're part of my eternity. Sorry if this is all a bit sappy but I think it's important for you to know." A fluttering sensation ran through her stomach as she drew him in, throwing her arms around his shoulders.
"It's not sappy at all. Joining you was the best decision I ever made and I'd do it a hundred times over." He falteringly rested his hands on her waist, tucking his face into the crook of her neck. She rubbed small circles into his back and embraced the comforting bubble he provided.
"Do you want to lay down and recover? Being a feeding source for the first time can be exhausting." Her hold on him went limp as she hummed an agreement and he pulled away from her to turn his back, "climb on, I'll carry you." She edged to the end of the counter, lacing her arms around his neck as took hold of the back of her knees to help her on.
"You good?" He jumped a little to move her up and she let a quiet giggle echo into the air.
"Yeah, let's go." Eyes from the living room were upon them instantly as he carried her out of the bathroom, a slight genuine smile gracing the girl's lips as he did a silly waddle down the hall, amusing her to no end. He made the turn into her shared room and she spoke out in a minor panic, "not here. I know Sunoo is gonna want to talk when he comes in and I'm not ready for that yet." Jungwon backed out of the room with abashed steps and traveled the remaining length of the hall.
"You're welcome to crash in and Jay and I's room but it's a bit untidy." He wasn't kidding, the room was littered with scattered piles of clothing. Jungwon's bed completely unmade with the blankets sliding off the side of the mattress but Jay's bed was at least hastily thrown into place and formed into some sort of organization that could be slept in.
"Thank you." He let her climb off onto his bed and sit back on her knees as he crumbled onto the bed beside her, pulling his pillow to his chest, making it dip under the weight of his arms.
"I'm not going to bed yet, I got a few more things to do but I'll be in soon. Don't wait up." He sat up with a huff of exertion and sent her one last longing glance before leaving and making sure to shut the door behind him to keep out any unwanted visitors.
She crawled over the pillow wall that Jungwon crafted sometime in the night to divide his mattress in two and give her some peace and quiet from his tossing and turning. The boy was sleeping deeply with his blankets over his eyes to block out the incoming morning sunlight. She tip toed out of the room, stealing a peek toward Jay who was currently a lump under his sheets.
She ran down the hallway, a shred of enthusiasm for being the first one awake leaving her with a light heart.
"Morning." The excitement was over as soon as it began, Heeseung already sitting crisscross on the living room floor with a controller in his hands.
"Oh. You're up." She meandered into the open room, watching him with disenchantment, having been thwarted in her morning achievement.
"Couldn't sleep, I've been up since yesterday." Her eyes drifted to the TV, following the screen as he played a game she was unfamiliar with, his fingers pressing down on the buttons in a state of boredom that he had sunk into hours ago.
"What's wrong?" He set the controller down and twisted to look up at her, she appeared well rested but it was clear to him that part of her was drained.
"I should be asking you that." His eye flickered to the bandaid on her neck and she dropped her head to stare vacantly at her feet, wringing her fingers.
"Come here." He patted his lap, his index finger motioning her over. She didn't have another thought as she sank down to the floor, letting him center her in his lap.
"Who did that to your neck?" He asked quietly to avoid spooking her and making her shy away. He picked the controller back up and rested it on her legs as he began to play again.
"Jake. Sunoo and I let him but it was unexpected. Jungwon didn't look very pleased with it either." She melted into Heeseung, his normalcy around her a refreshing difference from the others.
"He's got a point, Princess. I wouldn't want someone drinking from you either, it's too soon. Tell me honestly though, did you like it?" The way he said it made chills spring to her skin.
"Sort of... in a strange way." He laughed, readjusting her in his lap to clutch her flush to his body. He leaned in close, his words inaudible to anything farther than a few inches away, making his words specific for her.
"It's not strange. Parts of it should be enjoyable. I mean, we have to get our feeders to stay put somehow." She could understand the reasons there, nobody would willingly agree to have their life source depleted, they had to get some form of reciprocity. Looking back on herself four months ago, she could never imagine the situation she placed herself in.
"I see. And is this something I'll have to learn?" Her tone had a tail of coy charm, hands folded on her stomach.
"Of course. We can't let you roam around by yourself until you've been taught." The game controller clattered to the floor as he used his now free hands to hold onto the girl, "Who's gonna teach me?" She giggled as he rolled them onto the floor, a mess of touching and squirming.
"We all will obviously. Each and every one of us. You're going to have to master the art of holding the psyche captive. But I'd say you do it pretty well already." He took her palm in his fingers and placed it over where his still heart laid. Her laughter wore off quickly with his sudden switch in the mood, his gaze dragging over her face as she laid under him with her tresses fanned out over the floor.
"What are you saying? Heeseung, I can't take anymore vague answers." He pouted down at her, sliding his hand forward along the floor to get lower, "You're gonna have to, Princess. I'm not folding so quickly." He pushed off from the ground, finding his feet and standing over her as she remained in her discontent place.
"You've all been acting so strangely recently. Have you picked up that old nasty habit of excluding me from the closed door conversations? I thought I made it perfectly clear that I wanted to be apart of all the decisions." She looked up at him, his height far more threatening from the floor. He shook his head, raising a mocking eyebrow.
"Too bad, so sad. There are some things our newbie can't be clued into yet but don't worry your pretty little head, it'll turn out in your favor." She crossed her arms, shifting her eyes away from him in a sulk that he detested.
"Knock it off or I'll drag you straight to Sunoo; but if you're sweet then you can stay here with me while I finish this level." She heaved herself up from the floor into a sitting position with a forced grin, every cell in her body screaming to avoid Sunoo at all costs.
"I'll stay. I can even help you." He erupted into laughter at her offer, falling onto the couch as he clutched his stomach.
"You don't even know how to play! Maybe you should sit and watch." She waved her hands around in protest, getting on her knees to speak.
"No, no. I mean, I'll support you. I can... I don't know. You could tell me what you'd like me to do." He leaned forward, his elbows coming to rest on his knees.
"Is that so?"
It was unavoidable. She was bound to bump into Sunoo sooner or later despite her dodging, after all they lived under the same roof and shared a bedroom. It wasn't like he was passive either, he was actively trying to get to her but the others helped shield her away at her discretion. He was constantly met with shut doors and hurried excuses for her disappearance. The boys were almost too happy to have her to themselves for once and away from her gatekeeper who truthfully only wanted to make sure she was happy and healthy.
It was dusk when he finally found her in their room, digging through her wardrobe.
"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you wanted me to catch you." She spun around, eyes growing wide at him. He was quick to analyze her, noting her paler skin and dimmer eyes. She tried to escape but with diminished strength he took hold of her without a struggle.
"Don't try it. You get your abilities from me; In no world could you overpower me and especially not in your state." She wriggled in his grip, trying to shake off his hands and make another break for it.
"Listen! Look at me!" Going directly against his strict words, she squeezed her eyes closed and he sighed, dropping his shoulders and letting his sorrow fall out in the open.
"I'm sorry I let you be put in that situation with Jake. I wish I could explain it but I can't right now. I didn't mean to make you angry. It'll become clear soon though. The best I can do for now is feed you, I know Jake took a lot and it's been too long since then. It isn't healthy to exert yourself like that then keep from recharging." He guided her to his bed, sitting her down on the comforter as her eyes remained loosely shut. She was starving, restraining from draining the other boys as she still abided by Sunoo's rules even when she held him in contempt.
"Open up, please. Let me help you." Her eyes were open in a snap, looking up at him hungrily. She hated how easily she listened to him when he pleaded, her empty stomach getting the best of her and proving to be loyal to her provider rather than her heart. He climbed onto the bed beside her, crossing his stretched out legs along the length of the bed as she sat by his side with a low dose of patience. He could feel her unease in the air, their unspoken communication becoming a valued tool in deciphering her emotions.
"Sunoo, I wasn't angry per se. I was scared that for the first time ever, you weren't protecting me. You saw him draw blood and yet you just watched. You let him." He could physically feel his heart shatter into microscopic pieces at her voice teetering on the edge of tears. In the end, she still hadn't left behind her human beliefs and morals.
He pulled her into an embrace, the one he didn't use commonly, the one he reserved just for her when he agonized over her so painfully that the only way to expel it was through holding her close enough that if they did contain a heartbeat, it would be felt in the other person. He cradled her like every inch of his mind screamed for him to do when he saw her go limp as she was bitten, he couldn't do anything more than stare at the time.
She clung to him like a child did to their favorite plushie after a hard day, allowing her emotions to take hold and indulge in what she prayed for at the time Jake introduced her to a darker side of their living. In that moment she had only wished for Sunoo to be comforting her and even now receiving it days later still settled her reverberating fright.
"I'm sorry. I won't leave your side again no matter what happens. I should have been stronger willed, said no to his request or made an effort to come between. You're the most precious person to me and I can't let you be harmed again. Forgive me." She nodded continuously, eyes glassy with tears she wouldn't let fall as her heart swelled with realization that she'd always let him back in no matter what.
"My baby. Never again will I neglect you." Their embrace was desperate to communicate all the emotions words couldn't, their touch and unspoken looks having to suffice although he hardly looked perturbed by that notion.
"Sunoo, it's okay. I believe you." She didn't mean to sound like she was asking him to ease up on his hold, her heart still latched onto him without an end in sight. He seemed to pick up on the underlying attachment and kept her safely bundled up in his arms.
"Oh dear鈥擲it up, you need to eat sooner rather than later. We can always continue this after." He rolled his sleeve up to his elbow, slipping an arm around her back to help her sit up; she'd much rather continue to cuddle him and hear out his confessional appeals.
"I do have one special request and I know it's selfish but I have to ask... Can you do what you did last time?" She looked over at him curiously, bewilderment finding her features naturally.
"What are you talking about?" His thumb absently ran over the scar on his wrist, eyes unable to meet hers as he fought to get the words out.
"You kissed my wrist before you bit me." She wasn't sure that constituted a "kiss" but she knew what he was talking about and clearly he had liked it enough to go so far as to ask.
"I-I'll do you one better." She laced her fingers into his insecurely with a gentle nudge, guiding his wrist up to her lips as carefully as she always did, looking to him to make sure that he was still okay with it. She saw it as a little show of affection to thank him for what he did to take care of her, including the pain he went through once a week but more often than not, bi-weekly. He nodded and watched with a determined stare as she pressed her lips to a spot just below her targeted area, watching him for a reaction that started on his cheeks and crept up to the tip of his ears. The second kiss came to rest right where she intended to sink in, halting to take in his pink flushed skin and wide sheepish eyes despite this having been what he requested. She wasn't sure what boldness possessed her as she kept her lips ghosting over his wrist, "more?" She saw a moment of hesitation wash over him before he shook his head, his current fluster all he could take for one day. She shrugged off an 'okay' and dragged her fangs over his skin to make him aware that she'd be biting down.
When the tips of her fangs dipped under his pale, pristine skin his blush darkened and he had to force himself to look away and hide his face. It was safe to say that this was a new reaction, one she was sure was due to his brave requisition that he precariously handled. She tried not too pay him too much mind as she sucked down the hunger subduing liquid, her eyes regaining their usual vivid color as it moved out to consume the whites of her eyes. Still, she was cautious not to take too much and land him right where she had been. She bypassed the normal stop and go rhythm to her drinking in favor of a continuous draw, the whole ordeal going quite a bit speedier.
A droplet of blood fell into her lap, soaking into her the material of her pants. She followed the fluid as it seeped into the threads and dyed the pink a dark looming red. It wasn't uncommon, most of the things in the house had a blood stain or two that they were too lazy to scrub out.
Her muscles jumped when a hand came to pet at the back of her head, fingers twirling the strands of her hair making her glance to the side at the boy with the waning blush and softhearted eyes.
"I want to be better for you." His thumb skimmed the bandaid still adhered to her neck, the wound likely healed enough to take it off but she kept forgetting. All the things she had been thinking of saying coming back to her in that second.
"I'll get stronger and become someone you can trust with your life." She didn't want to hear anymore; she pulled away from his wrist and squeezed his hand direly, her gaze mirroring distress.聽聽
"I already do, I wouldn't have turned for you all if I didn't. And you shouldn't be better only for my sake so don't pressure yourself. I think you're doing a fantastic job for your first time." He looked taken aback at her dismissal of his self critique and struggled to swallow down her compliment.
"You don't have to make me feel better. I made a mistake." She groaned in frustration, so deeply craving for him to heed her words and stop putting himself down.
"Sunoo, stop talking like this. I hate moping about things we did or didn't do." He pursed his lips, eyes falling to the puncture marks on his wrist as he turned over his options of what to say.
"Okay." She ran her fingers through the hair laying over his forehead, pushing it out of the way dejectedly. He seemed stunned into silence over her blatant rejection.
"Thank you."
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