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#eclectic spaghetti
dragonpikachu2 months ago
that is almost definitely water and not actually gasoline
like I wondered if this was staged but like.... I also feel like someone would do this because you should never underestimate how fucking stupid the human race is
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oofmilk2 months ago
i鈥檓 pretty sure the op of that bee video post is a terf 馃様
oh yikes, thanks for letting me know
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dragonpikachu2 months ago
oh god you've committed to tagging all of them
hdjskfs it鈥檒l take a while but I kinda wanna just so it鈥檚 easier to find shit, cus I have to go for a hunt when I think about something I want to find fdsjk
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oofmilk3 months ago
i am begging you to unfollow heritageposts please i can't take it anymore
those who don鈥檛 learn from our history are doomed to repeat it
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dragonpikachu3 months ago
apparently if you disconnect during the papyrus date it says 鈥淲e understand. You got so excited at the prospect of dating a skeleton that your controller got disconnected. Happens to the best of us.鈥
oh my god really???? are people just unplugging their controllers now to see if they can find funny and creepy shit?? cus that鈥檚 amazing
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dragonpikachu3 months ago
pit time
fhjdsf been feeling nostalgic for my angel boys lately
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dragonpikachu4 months ago
adachi and cabbage is a sort of 鈥渁scended meme.鈥 in the original persona 4, adachi mentioned disliking cabbage, and for some reason cabbage became a giant meme associated with him, to the point where in persona 4 Golden and various other spinoffs they added more mentions of cabbage and i think they retroactively changed it so that he likes cabbage now. it鈥檚 very silly
hfjdkhsfds so it鈥檚 somehow more dumb then the pancakes thing? that鈥檚 actually hilarious, I didn鈥檛 think that was possible
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adobe-outdesign4 months ago
re: sammy recognizing henry - it's also entirely possible that when chapter 2 was made it was intended to be sammy recognizing henry but they retconned it later (or they just forgot)
It鈥檚 possible, but nothing else ever confirmed they met that I can think of. Even the Q&A had him skip over Henry.
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adobe-outdesign4 months ago
honest question: do you think batdr will ever actually come out
I mean, I think it will come out at some point (if for no other reason than money - wouldn鈥檛 make sense to spend years deving a game and then not releasing it to actually make a profit). Whether or not it鈥檚 coming out this year is an entirely different can of worms.
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dragonpikachu5 months ago
by going way over the amount of heat you would actually need to get more bounties
hfdsjkfhjskfhsdkf the heat gauge just wants to help
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oofmilk5 months ago
im actually going to strangle you
Tumblr media
[image id: an ask from @/eclectic-spaghetti that says: WAIT /J /J PLEASE JUST TO BE SURE. end id]
is this about the great gatsby post
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dragonpikachu6 months ago
hey dont call me out like that
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dragonpikachu6 months ago
as someone who studied him in history class semi-recently, i can tell you that absolutely none of that rasputin post is exaggerated.
oh my god I鈥檓 so glad
cus this shit?? is wild and is the kinda garbage that gets me through the day fdhskfsdfs
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oofmilk6 months ago
me every time i see one of your reblogs: JUST HOW MANY CHRACTERS ARE THERE IN ACE ATTORNEY
easily over 100 i think
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dragonpikachu7 months ago
i thought you thought you had ADHD :o but a lot of symptoms overlap too
tru, also I forgot that鈥檚 the thing I thought I had cus I can鈥檛 keep information in the stupid knowledge sponge in my head fsdjhkfdsf
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oofmilk7 months ago
Tumblr media
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oofmilk7 months ago
i am going to tear you limb from limb for putting that post of ninety nine images of the same white guy on my dash
you鈥檙e gonna have to get in line lev鈥檚 already threatening me over the hetalia post
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adobe-outdesign7 months ago
i just don't understand why the team is so averse to showing any batdr gameplay, it would do nothing BUT promote the game, and yet it's been almost a year and a half without anything new of substance... do they think we're not gonna like what we see and therefore not buy the game? why must this company confound me so
we must seriously consider the possibility that there actually isn鈥檛 a game, and it鈥檚 just Meatly and Mike doing a puppet show for 3 hours
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hoodieimp7 months ago
not gonna lie as someone named sammy i didn鈥檛 realize you were talking about batim at first and i was like 鈥渄amn... i mean you鈥檙e right i DO have no ass but you didn鈥檛 need to call me out like that smh鈥
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dragonpikachu8 months ago
Labrys is a robo girl from the persona 4 fighting games, she鈥檚 cute and bubbly and slightly naive but she also uses a giant axe
fhdjskfsd she did have a big axe fhdsjkf she looked cute
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