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houndoom-kaboom · 7 hours ago
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Parasect + Shinotic
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gardenofgods · 2 days ago
Rayquaza tries to respect the territories of other legendaries, especially other legendary dragons. It would be rather hard for him to impose on say, Dialga and Palkia’s territories since those are in separate dimensions he can’t access, but he would never impose on a place like Sendoff Spring since that isn’t his business to be there. He doesn’t want to draw the ire of any legendary by overstepping in their space, and causing unnecessary conflict. Being extremely territorial himself, he gets it.
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ehfes · 3 days ago
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teruterusky · 4 days ago
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greedentstripes · 4 days ago
Deidra@Shelly: So, what's it been like raising Nick? It's hard being a mother, I tell you that! But I love every single day of it. Us moms got to stick together, hm?
(Shelly looks down) At the start, it was really hard. He was different from a lot of children his age, and i’m not talking about the stripes going down his back either.
(Shelly twiddled her paws together) It took about 6 or 7 years for us to figure out our child was autistic, and then from there, it got easier. Knowing that much, we were able to work around his condition and get him some help.
(Shelly looked down again) But the adjustments could only help so much... by the end of eighth grade, i could tell he was looking more and more disheveled. Eventually, given a recent...excuse, I decided to stop putting him through school. I don’t even want to homeschool him, I just... want him to feel comfortable.
(Shelly sighed submissively) He’s learned enough, so i’m not going to bother putting our child through secondary if it means making him depressed. He’ll mature eventually. Maybe he’ll mature slower than most kids. That’s a certainty i’ve grown to accept. By the time we’re dead he’ll be more than ready to fend for himself.
(Shelly perked up, looking at the Deoxys before her) But you’re right. Mothers need to stick together, to share their struggles, and their accomplishments. And on the days where Nick is at his happiest? I'm happy. And so is John. And we therefore live our lives a day at a time, looking forward to the days where Nick is at his happiest. It's a rollercoaster, but raising Nick was well worth it.
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lille-artsandstuff · 4 days ago
The portuguese tittle of the deoxys movie is Deoxys: Alma Gêmea (Deoxys: Soulmate) and what i'm saying is that's a way better tittle and the portuguese dub said those two funky aliens are in love
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sturner-artblog · 7 days ago
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Deoxys forms
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askaflowercart · 7 days ago
Deidra@???: Hey there! Sorry to bother you! Just a little curious, how much would these cost if I was to want one myself? For the flowers, I mean, they're lovely!
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Tumblr media
If you want some for yourself, I’d recommend checking out the Daisy Chain flower shop. It’s the business I work for, so I’m sure they have flowers you would like.
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[ ??? has resumed his delivery. | @house-of-hemingway ]
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etchartist · 8 days ago
Deoxys! . . . #deoxys #pokemon #pokémon #etchasketchart #etchasketch #etchartist #art #tiktok #etchasketch @EtchArtist @pokemon @pokemongoapp
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intelligible-scream · 9 days ago
Explaining Gen. 3 Legendaries/Mythicals in My Remakes
According to the games/anime:
Regirock - The Rock Peak Pokémon, a pure Rock type, unknown gender, 5′07″ tall, weighs 507.1 pounds, was sealed away hundreds of years ago. It lives in caves or ruins.
Regice - The Iceberg Pokémon, a pure Ice type, unknown gender, 5′11″ tall, weighs 385.8 pounds, capable of surviving extremely hot temperatures, and is made of Antarctic ice. 
Registeel - The Iron Pokémon, a pure Steel type, unknown gender, 6′03″ tall, weighs 451.9 pounds, actually made of metal harder than any known metal and hollow. It’s body was tempered underground pressure for thousands of years, therefore, it cannot get a scratch. It’s food source is unknown. 
Latias - The Eon Pokémon, a Dragon and Psychic type, always female, 4′07″ tall (long), weighs 88.2 pounds, capable of Mega Evolution, can telepathically communicate with people and disguise as people. It is capable of refracting light to become invisible. It is highly intelligent and capable of understanding human speech. It is highly sensitive to human emotions, and will act intimidating if it senses a hostile person. 
Latios - The Eon Pokémon, a Dragon and Psychic type, always male, 6′07″ tall (long), weighs 132.2 pounds, capable of Mega Evolution, can telepathically communicate with people. It is highly intelligent, capable of understanding human speech, and dislikes fighting. It can fly faster than a jet plane, and can open its heart to any compassionate trainer. It can detect peoples’ emotions. 
Groudon - The Continent Pokémon, a pure Ground type, unknown gender, 11′06″ tall, weighs 2,094.4 pounds, has a Primal Forme, depicted in mythology as a Pokémon who raised lands. It can make volcanoes erupt upon awakening, and saves people from suffering from floods. It has beef with Kyogre. 
Rayquaza - The Sky High Pokémon, a Dragon and Flying type, unknown gender, 23′ tall (long), weighs 455.3 pounds, has a Mega Evolution, lived for hundreds of millions years in the ozone and never descended to the ground. It feeds on meteors and water particles in the atmosphere. It is only to descend to the ground if Kyogre and Groudon were to battle. 
Kyogre - The Sea Basin Pokémon, a pure Water type, unknown gender, 14′09″ tall (long), weighs 776 pounds, has a Primal Forme, capable of causing downpours. It was depicted to form the oceans, and saved people suffering from droughts. It sleeps in a marine trench after battling with Groudon. 
Jirachi - The Wish Pokémon, a Psychic and Steel type, unknown gender, 1′ tall, weighs 2.2 pounds, capable of granting every wish written on its sticky notes on its head. If it senses danger, it can fight without awakening. Jirachi will sleep for thousands of years and waken to a voice of purity. When it sleeps, a tough crystalline shell envelopes its body to protect it from enemies. It only stays awake for seven days. 
Deoxys - The DNA Pokémon, a pure Psychic type, unknown gender, 5′07″ tall, weighs 134 pounds, has 4 forms total (Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed), created from a alien virus in space that underwent DNA mutations. It’s crystalline orb in its chest seems to be its brain. It is highly intelligent and has psychokinetic powers. 
Tumblr media
My Take on Gen.3 Pokémon For the Remakes:
Regirock - It was originally sealed away by the ancient people of Sinnoh, but then a Mew decided to put it to good use. Mew set Regirock free from its temple confine and lead it to the Tree of Beginning to guard. Regirock has no gender in my remakes, since it is completely made of rocks and therefore, cannot mate. It sometimes likes to collect igneous minerals, and has a liking toward crystals. Even though it is made of rocks, it is intelligent, and has a telepathic connection to its other siblings. It can also shed its rocks when it feels it becoming too clustered.
Regice - It was formed from the powerful storms around Snowpoint City, and was awakened by a Mew to be brought to the Tree of Beginning to guard. It is highly intelligent and has a connective mind with its other siblings. Regice has no gender in my remakes, since it is made of entirely ice. While it still can survive very hot temperatures, dragonfire would easily be able to melt and kill it. It sheds shards of ice occasionally when it feels it needs to be cleaned. 
Registeel - It was found sealed in a cavern by a scientific team. They took it to their base to study, where Registeel was awakened. It wasn’t violent, but was seen as observative and intelligent. It mimicked the humans’ actions. Upon discovery, it was stated to be hollow, and its armor harder than tungsten (the strongest metal known to Earth). Registeel has no gender in my remakes since it is made of metal, and therefore cannot breed. Registeel was shown to communicate to humans, and is the only one of its siblings capable of speech (but it sounds artificial). It was soon abducted by Team Rocket, where they would take its shed armor and use dragonfire to meld its powerful metal into god-killing weapons known as “God-Killers”. 
Latias - Latias is very skittish, but loves human contact. Once she warms up to someone, she will become emotionally attached to them. She is highly intelligent but tends to act like a puppy. Latias was made from the soul of a little girl with a free spirit. When her village was destroyed by a volcano in Groudon’s wake, and flooded by Kyogre’s fury, Rayquaza had saved her and transformed her into a Latias. Latias can disguise as a human to hide herself from enemies, turn invisible, and telepathically communicate with anyone that deserves her voice. Latias likes to whistle and hum. 
Latios - Latios is more confident than Latias, and is more of a protective older brother. He’s more skeptical about humans, but can warm up to them. He too can become invisible, but he lacks the ability to disguise as a human. He is also much faster than Latias, having passed speeds of over Mach 1 in times of crisis. Latios was made from the soul of a young boy with a wish to become a knight, and was transformed by Rayquaza, just like his younger sister. Latios can also speak telepathically, and also can project his vision into the mind’s of those he finds worthy. 
Groudon - Groudon is extremely territorial and almost impossible to catch and tame. Groudon is a male in my remakes. Team Magma has failed an abundance of times to catch the Legendary beast, but would fall to his extreme heat and radiation. Groudon likes to rest in volcanoes, where he swims and drinks the magma and feeds on radiation. Groudon’s armor is iron; it is usually hard to pierce his hide. Groudon also protects Jirachi in her sleep; he nests her cocoon in a connective cave in the volcano, so the deity is not always a savage. Groudon has only battled Kyogre once as the continents and oceans formed, and the battle was eventually ended by Rayquaza. Groudon is the middle sibling of the Weather Trio. Groudon now stands at fifteen feet and weighs about a ton, due to his size and armor. 
Rayquaza - Rayquaza is one of the most territorial dragons on the planet. Rayquaza is a hermaphrodite in my remakes, which means its both male and female. Rayquaza mostly has beef with the Deoxys species and Ultra Beasts, due to them invading its home. Sometimes Rayquaza descends to check on the people of Hoenn, and only Hoenn (it’s birthplace). There, it made friends with a young boy, and sometimes it visits him in a time of need. Despite its territorial tendencies, Rayquaza is usually very curious to its surroundings. Rayquaza is now slightly longer at 25′ long, and its Mega Evolution now slightly longer at exactly 50′ long. Rayquaza is the most respected deity in Hoenn. Rayquaza is the oldest of the Weather Trio.
Kyogre - Kyogre is the least territorial and is a female in my remakes. She is the least territorial because she remains nomadic around the oceans -- until she gained the trust of Team Aqua. Once Team Aqua moved to the coasts of Sinnoh due to their discovery of Samiya, Kyogre followed, now loyal to Archie. Archie had no interest to catch Kyogre, but rather, study and monitor her. Once Kyogre joined their ranks, she would circle her routes from Sinnoh to Hoenn, and stay near those two regions. She only fought Groudon once in her lifetime, and nor does she plan to do so again. Kyogre is extremely intelligent and can pinpoint the solutions to problems fairly quickly. Kyogre is now around 25′ long and weighs slightly over a ton. She is the youngest of the Weather Trio.  
Jirachi - Jirachi is a female in my remakes and is very childish despite her age. She also is very curious and skittish, which is understandable when you only have so many days to be awake out of a thousand years. She can remain to her sleeping schedule, but rarely does she sense someone worthy to wake early for. While she can grant most wishes, she cannot grant the wishes that involve serious crimes/harm or resurrect the dead. She can speak telepathically, but is limited in speech, and almost sounds like a three-year-old. Despite how old she sounds, she is quite intelligent. She is smart enough to remember the faces of anyone she meets for quite a while, and she’s also smart enough to understand the situations she is put in. She can sense people’s emotions like her own, and does her best to change it if the emotions are negative. Jirachi mainly stays in Hoenn, but can choose to go to any other region that she pleases. She is very attached to Groudon and Giratina. 
Deoxys - There are two Deoxys on Earth; one with a purple core, and one with a green. They always stay together as partners, not mates. They have no genders, since they are mutated viruses and almost tend to breed asexually. However, Earth is slightly too harsh for them to raise their young, given Rayquaza nearly hunts them down every chance it gets. Their core is not their brain, but rather, their “heart”, or life source. If it is shattered, then the Deoxys disappears forever. Deoxys are smart enough to evade problems and don’t go looking for fights. They are usually very curious, especially in the human world. They have a fascination for humans and tend to try to mimic their actions. The two Deoxys have notably different personalities: The one with the purple core is confident and protective, and more willing to fight offensively as the one with the green core is curious, skittish, and prefers to fight defensively. To put another example in the make, if there was a lost child in the woods, the purple-cored Deoxys would more likely leave the child, but the green-cored Deoxys would most likely bring the child to safety.  
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: These remakes are for fun and by no means are meant to replace the Pokémon franchise.
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Bisharp and Deoxys from Pokemon are going to super hell together for ace crimes, for being underrated icons and also to help fight Giratina!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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startistdoodles · 9 days ago
Do you like the interpretation of Darkrai that intentionally or unintentionally cause nightmares
I prefer the one that unintentionally causes nightmares, I’m just a softie for the “evil looking creature is just misunderstood and needs friends” trope.
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