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#chibiusa falling
starbloomed · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
@prsonatm​ said: 👫 + usagi and her dottir chibiusa
1) I know it definitely doesn’t seem like it, but neo queen serenity definitely still retains a lot of the goofiness of her youth, especially after chibiusa completes her time in the past ( so post-stars arc ).  it’s mostly just teasing and exchanging quick jabs with each other as chibiusa finally grows up. one of neo queen serenity’s favorites tho is reminiscing about the past  ( about chibiusa’s time during the main events of the series )  and making claims like “i bet i can still pick you up uwu” when chibiusa is fully grown. it’s almost like as chibiusa matures, neo queen serenity regresses hehe
2) they are really big on celebrating their birthdays together!!! in the future, neo queen serenity is big on making the day  about chibiusa  rather than herself. however, in the present, usagi and chibiusa celebrate their birthday TOGETHER. the tsukinos are aware that usagi and chibiusa have the same birthday  ( fun fact: my older brother and i are 8 years apart but we have the same birthday! so this is where this headcanon is coming from lmao ).  and while usagi is big on sharing her birthday with chibiusa, they both love to bully each other about it. usagi likes to complain that it was “her birthday first” and chibiusa likes to take usagi’s name off the birthday cake.
3) the tsukino household in the present timeline: 
Tumblr media
you literally have no idea what you’re walking into with usagi, chibiusa, and shingo living under the same roof!! i know we see a lot of the time chibiusa and shingo teaming up against usagi, but shingo is a wild card who will do whatever tf he wants!! so he has no problem “aligning” himself with usagi if chibiusa ate his pudding. and vice versa, sometimes usagi and chibiusa team up to get revenge on shingo for being a brat or something. literally every single day is different.  and poor ikuko is in a bubble bath drinking a bottle of wine sadfkhsdf. 
4) as always, pls correct me if i’m wrong,  but i really feel like chibiusa loves to sleep with usagi!!  i mean, she definitely loved sleeping between usagi and mamoru in the 30th century. and like, when she ran away to the present, she was terrified, right??? how could she not be after everything that she went through??? so while she may not have done this at first, i think she eventually started spending nights in usagi’s room. she’d try to be real slick about it too and just “happen” to fall asleep in usagi’s bed. and usagi would just kick her out when she did that, so chibiusa eventually had to fess up  ( or mamoru tell usagi to let chibiusa stay with her ).  and tbh!! usagi loves it too!!
headcanons for u and me ! / status: always accepting
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sailorstarr-chan4 · 20 days ago
What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: The original 90′s anime of Sailor Moon did Mamoru Chiba’s character dirty. On top of aging him up to college years (in the manga, he meets Usagi when he is only a second-year in HIGH SCHOOL), Anime!Mamoru is, frankly, a jerk. Sure, the anime is longer and they have to drag out the drama, but it shouldn’t be to the detriment of the characters! Several other main characters get the shaft in the anime, but none so egregiously as poor Mamoru Chiba. 
The only times anime!Mamoru is halfway decent is during beautiful season finales and/or major battles where his love for Usagi shines through (such as the creation of the Mood Rod, or saving her life, etc), though those moments exist in the manga as well (obviously). Sometimes, in the anime, we even get a small intimate moments when they’re alone that are quite sweet. But in many day-to-day filler/normal episodes? The man is more often than not embarrassed to be out in public with Usagi (and yes, the anime does her dirty as well, by umping up her “crybaby” personality to comically absurd levels, but I digress), frequently belittling Usagi (especially before getting together, the entire first season was full of this shit, but even AFTERWARDS, he still says awful shit, like callously commenting about her weight when rescuing her from a villain), and only indulging her wants and needs in that clichéd “flustered man who Sucks At Being a Good Boyfriend tries to appease his upset girlfriend” manner, AND dances around the bush about his relationship status towards others (which is both degrading and creepy, considering the added age-gap). 
Not to mention, as Tuxedo Mask, the anime made him PATHETIC. He just shows up, tosses a rose, gives a cheesy one-liner and that’s. literally. IT. Sure, it can make for good comedy, but it’s annoying when nothing changes in 200 episodes. The only “bad thing” anime!Mamoru and manga!Mamoru share is his tendency to be kidnapped and possessed, but that is a subversion of a classic “damsel in distress” trope, and one I actually appreciate a lot, especially in a series geared towards young girls. 
But as himself, by comparison, manga!Mamoru is tender, patient, and kind to Usagi. He gently teases her for being spoiled, and he even is slightly exasperated with her antics in the third arc, but it’s always said with all the love in the world. He loves being lovey-dovey with her, never hesitates to kiss her (unless interrupted), and wishes to be stronger so he can help Usagi fight forces of evil. From almost the very beginning, Mamoru’s role as the reincarnated Prince of Earth is proven, by his ability to sense the Earth’s “pain” and sensing premonitions. 
By the second arc, he LEVELS UP as Tuxedo Mask with “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber,” an energy blast that is on par with the other Sailor Guardians’ attacks. He holds his own in battle, and is quite literally Usagi’s pillar of support when the final boss of each arc is confronted. His undying love and faith in Usagi gives her strength unlike any other, and even when her heart falters (jealousy towards Chibiusa, conflicted sexual “awakenings” over Haruka and Seiya), ultimately, truly, Mamoru is the only one for her and she is the only one for him. 
Usagi is not “weakened” by Mamoru’s love in the manga compared to the anime, as some have argued, but rather given the courage by Mamoru’s faith in her abilities and power. Mamoru is her literal soulmate, who also earns her love time and time again. Even though they fall in love faster in the manga than the anime, their love is tested but not to soap-opera levels (looking at you, Sailor Moon R breakup!). Manga!Mamoru is the serenity to Usagi’s passionate heart’s needs, and, unlike his anime counterpart, there is never EVER any doubt, both in-universe and the reader’s perspective, that he truly loves her with all his heart and soul. 
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rosahope · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Chibiusa and Neo Queen Serenity have a dynamic that seems a far cry from the bond shared between Chibiusa and Usagi. Despite the fact that they are, essentially, the same person, it is clear that Chibiusa holds her mother in a different light than she does Usagi. Usagi is the crybaby; clumsy, young, makes mistakes. In a lot of ways she is how Chibiusa sees herself. But Neo Queen Serenity is different.
It is no small secret that Chibiusa near worships her mother, seeing her as the epitome of what a true, elegant lady able to protect everyone she loves should be. Neo Queen Serenity is graceful, wise, beautiful and courageous and for a while Chibiusa struggled to see these traits within herself. In fact, for some time Chibiusa even wondered if she was Serenity’s child at all.
In Act 21 it is revealed that Chibiusa was bullied and teased by her peers for being unable to grow up or use her powers. Children accused Chibiusa of not being the true princess purely because she couldn’t use the Silver Crystal.
IMPORTANT NOTE #1: This bullying is what eventually led to Chibiusa stealing the Silver Crystal, inadvertently leaving Crystal Tokyo unprotected during the Black Moon Clan’s attack. Guilty over what she had done, she takes the Silver Crystal with her to the 20th Century to find Saior Moon.
Tumblr media
Chibiusa says in a scene just before the above panel, “But I don’t look like my mother at all. And besides, I’ll never become a grown lady like her. I will never be able to fill my mother’s shoes. She’s too amazing. The only one she loves is my Papa. He’s what’s most important to her.” Clearly, Chibiusa expresses feelings of inadequacy when compared to her mother. Combined with the teasing and the unfortunate stagnation she’s encountered in her growing rate, it is no wonder that Chibiusa possesses these feelings. To her, Neo Queen Serenity is an impossible ideal to reach. King Endymion is quick to reassure his daughter that she is indeed their child, and that she is Neo Queen Serenity’s “most precious person”, but Chibiusa struggles to see things that way.
Neo Queen Serenity’s parenting style seems entirely different from what we know of Usagi. Her role as sovereign of the planet means that she spends much of her time ruling and little time is spent with Chibiusa. Both the manga and the anime play with Chibiusa’s loneliness due to this matter. However, the manga ( doing a much better job than the 90s anime ) still manages to portray Neo Queen Serenity as a loving, if a bit distant, parent. During the Dream Arc, Chibiusa asks Mamoru to tell her a story to help her fall asleep, as that’s what her mother used to do when she was little, and there are multiple occasions in which Neo Queen Serenity is seen hugging Chibiusa and expressing her love for her only daughter.
All of these examples illustrate a very refined and proper dynamic between the two, in comparison to the tumultuous and often humour-inducing antics that occur between Chibiusa and Usagi. That being said, Chibiusa finds it hard to reconcile that the two are one in the same, finding their personalities clash far more than Mamoru and King Endymion’s personalities.
Chibiusa loves her mother. She idolises Neo Queen Serenity and holds her on a pedestal that, for much of the manga, she struggles to believe she’ll ever attain. While Chibiusa may find it hard to see herself and her mother on equal footing, it’s clear that she does love her and that Neo Queen Serenity, in her own way, loves her too.
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rosahope · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
       There’s a huge reason why Chibiusa remained a child for as long as she did, and lot of it boils down to insecurities. For the first part of this headcanon, I’ll be discussing Chibiusa’s view of herself and her own physical development ( or lack thereof, as it were ).
     It’s no secret that Chibiusa feels insecure about her own body. There are numerous instances where she laments at having the body of a child, of being too little, too young, etc ( which I’ll explain in further detail ) and while, yes, she did have the body of a child for over 900 years of her life, I think it’s important to remember—and to clarify—that Chibiusa’s mental development did not match her physical development. Despite her body being that of a child’s, she still continued to develop mentally.
     Throughout the manga, Chibiusa shows signs of maturity and intellect well beyond the young years her body appears to be. One of the first inclinations we get of Chibiusa’s true mentality is in her very first introduction in Act 14. Chibiusa falls from the sky and immediately pulls a gun on Usagi, demanding the Silver Crystal.  
IMPORTANT NOTE #1: At the start of Chibiusa’s appearance in the manga, she appears to be about five or six years old physically. Later, when she takes Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Venus to the 30th Century it is revealed that she is actually 902 years old.
Tumblr media
     First of all, this shows Chibiusa’s realm of knowledge to not only handle a weapon, but to use it as leverage to get what she wants. Regardless of the fact that it turns out to be fake in the end, Chibiusa’s determination and quick wit shine through here. Her home is in trouble, and her first instinct is to travel back in time to find the one person she knows can help. This also shows how capable she is on her own, as an individual. A normal child would likely not be able to handle a situation like this, but Chibiusa shows the maturity and intelligence to get her through the obstacles she faces.
     Later in the manga, we get another inclination to Chibiusa’s true mental intellect. In Act 27 when Usagi, once again, wakes up late for school.
IMPORTANT NOTE #2: At this stage in the manga, Chibiusa appears to be about eight years old, having already appeared to age some after awakening as Sailor Chibimoon.
Tumblr media
     As Usagi rushes out the door, Chibiusa expresses disbelief, saying “It’s hard to believe that she still acts like such a child.” While this could be a simple enough comment, I feel that it is a testament to Chibiusa’s own view of herself. She doesn’t see herself as a child, and therefore doesn’t equate Usagi’s “childish” behaviour with herself or her own behaviour.
     Another, smaller instance included in the same chapter, and not long after the above example, comes when Chibiusa scolds Usagi for skipping breakfast in a very “parent scolding a child” sort of manner and Mamoru praises her for her knowledge. I could include quite a few more examples in this post that allude to Chibiusa’s mental capabilities, but I think you get the idea: Chibiusa, regardless of her physical appearance, doesn’t see herself as a child.
     Which is what feeds into her insecurities and makes things particularly frustrating. This becomes increasingly apparent during the Dream Arc. In Act 39, Chibiusa expresses these frustrations to Usagi one night during an argument over whether it was better to be a kid or an adult. She tells Usagi how being a kid is “full of disadvantages” and she can’t do anything on her own. The two later go to bed, but Chibiusa stays awake to admire Usagi ( she’s not actually naked lmao, it’s just Chibiusa’s imagination ).
Tumblr media
     ( Chibiusa: To be honest, I want to be just like Usagi some day. She has such long and slender legs, a full chest, soft, long flowing hair. She’s really pretty. Must be nice. I want to look like her. I wish it would happen sooner. Why do I always have to spend my life being short and little? )
     Here, we really get to see the root of Chibiusa’s body insecurities. She’s frustrated, understandably, at continually being little and who can blame her? After 900 years, she just wants her body to reflect the way she feels about herself. Because, as stated before, Chibiusa doesn’t see herself as a child and her mentality doesn’t reflect that of a child ( except when she’spurposefully acting like a child to get something she wants ).
     Chibiusa’s biggest dream is to become a grown-up lady and it’s easy to see why. After being stuck in the body of a child for so long, anyone would wish to be seen and looked at like an adult, and have their body reflect that. In this way, Chibiusa became her own worst enemy–her insecurities about her body are what stunted her growth, and the more she harboured these insecurities, the longer she remained little. It is only after she comes to terms with these insecurities, and awakens her powers as Sailor Chibimoon, that Chibiusa finally begins to age and develop normally.
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yanbaere · 26 days ago
Can we have ur list of kins?? Bc idk how but I went like forever without even knowing u kin anyone. Also how long have u and ur baby been together? Are u gonna get married?
oh I have so many kins I’m sorry if it’s too much!
Riamu Yumemi (The IdolMaster)
Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)
Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Yuri (Doki Doki Literature Club)
Chae Yul/Yuri (Secret Alliance)
Zero two (Darling in the Franxx)
Sakura Kinomoto (Sakura Cardcaptor)
Chibiusa (Sailor Moon)
Princess Peach (Nintendo)
Mew ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa)
Cyan Hijirikawa (Show by Rock!)
Anna Nishikinomiya (Shimoneta) (Overwatch)
Giffany (Gravity Falls)
Yuu Mizuno (Sanrio)
Rika Kawai (Wonder Egg Priority)
Mikan Tsumiki (Danganronpa)
Sakurada Miwako (Paradise Kiss)
Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph)
Skitty (Pokemon)
Sylveon (Pokemon)
Shuuna (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken)
Luka Megurine (Vocaloid)
Bijou (Hamtaro)
Aoi Mukuo (you and me and her)
Nui Harime (Kill La Kill)
Moa (Show by Rock!)
Tsuji Santa (Sweet Meats)
Kugisaki Nobara (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Hilda Valentine (Fire Emblem)
Furret (Pokemon)
Kudryavka Noumi (Little Busters!)
Yui Hirasawa (K-on!)
Nodoka Hanadera (precure)
Yerenica Lebovny (Seduce the villain’s father)
Stocking Anarchy (Panty and Stocking)
Spinel (Steven Universe)
Feel free to check out my #kin tag if you want!
My dear and I have been together for a long time! It’s almost been 4 years so I would say it’s a very long time!
My biggest wish is to get married soon but we’re both still studying and we have dreams of our own, as long as we’re together I don’t mind not being married but they know is one of my biggest dreams so hopefully we’ll do it when we’re both a little bit older!
Thank you for your ask! 🌸
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whosthisnerd · 28 days ago
Gonna add onto my tokyo mew mew x sailor moon idea:
Ichigo discovers he's actually a trans male
Masaya gently breaks up with Ichigo (maybe cuz he's straight?) But wants to stay friends
Kissu gets assigned Mint as the embassador for earth. She has to teach him about human culture, and he teaches her alien culture
Kissu and mint fall in love (sorta slow burn)
The sailor scouts and tokyo mew mew teams save the world together
Ichigo and makoto meet and fall in love
Zakuro is ace
Mint is a disaster bisexual
Pudding and chibiusa can be best friends, yass
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masterforce-fics · 28 days ago
Sailor Moon x Transformers Super-God Masterforce Chapter 1: The Inner Senshi vs the Decepticon Pretenders
Tumblr media
The year was 2011 in the arctic. The Decepticon Leader Galvatron was battling against the 4 Autobot Headmasters Brainstorm, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Highbrow. Their spy Punch/Counterpunch as told them of Galvatron’s weakness and so they formed their “Head formation” as they hold hands and form a circle in the air and fire a rainbow-like beam at their foe. However, Galvatron transforms into cannon mode and blasts Hardhead, breaking the Headformation and Hardhead transforms into his tank altmode ramming at Galvatron.
Tumblr media
“I’LLL GET YOUUUU!!! RAGGHH!” as Galvatron exclaim at his foes as Hardhead rams him while Galvatron still in cannon mode and knocks him into the water.
As he was sinking into the water he transforms into a robotmode into the water and surfaced head first very angry and his flying circuits were frozen so he couldn’t fly out of the water.
“I’M GONNA KILL OF YOU!” Galvatron said, threatening his foes. Hardhead in robot mode replies back “We should be saying that to you Galvatron. Head formation!” as he flies back in the air to the other Autobot Headmasters. The four would reform Head formation with Hardhead back in the circle as the four would continue firing the Decepticon leader.
“Increase our power'' yelled Autobot Highbrow, giving his energy to the Head Formation as more bolts fire on Galvatron.
The bolts from the Head Formation blasts ice around Galvatron causing the massive chunks to fall on the Decepticon leader. Galvatron struggled to get out. As the ice
“Noooooooooo!” cried out the Decepticon leader Galvatron as the ice starts to bury him alive. As bolts from Head Formation collapse more ice on him it starts to burry and covers him from the bottom of his body.
"Darn, my dream is ruined! Come and help me, somebody quicklyyyyyyahhhhhhhhhhhh!” the last words of Galvatron before being buried alive in the ice as it echos out in the arctic.
The 4 Autobot Headmasters sent one last powerful bolt at Galvatron’s tomb which seals the mighty Decepticon leader away. The mighty Galvatron was no more.
His commanders Scroponok and Sixshot came to assist their leader to only find out it was too late.
“Lord Galvatron! No!” cried out the Decepticon ninja warrior Sixshot as he and Scroponok arrived at the scene.
“So lord Galvatron was defeated… too bad he doesn’t know it was part of my plan to become the leader of the Decepticons… farewell lord, Galvatron may you rust in peace” as the massive Decepticon flies off from Galvatron’s resting place with Sixshot and the other Decepticons. However, Galvatron heard it before finally going offline from the cold. When Galvatron gets out he swore by Primus’ name he’ll get his revenge on Scorponok for leaving him to die by the 4 Autobot Headmasters.
Nine years later
The skies of Tokyo were black as space and everything was being destroyed by the evil Pharaoh 90. His partner Mistress 9 in the body of young Hotaru Tomoe took over the young child’s body after nearly dying in a lab accident. He had a Damion Egg of a being to keep her life along with Cyberimplants by her father Professor Souichi Tomoe. The Daimon n Eggeventually possessed her host and turned her into an adult form dubbed Mistress 9.
However, Tokyo was home to the heroic warriors of the Sailor Guardians named after planets of the Solar System. Led by Sailor Moon she and the other guardians put a stop to Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9. Hotaru Tomoe was security Sailor Saturn, the guardian of silence, death, and rebirth the most powerful of them all even rivaling Sailor Moon herself however a group called the Outers led by Sailor Pluto feared Sailor Saturn would destroy the world.
So she, Sailor Uranus, and Neptune tried to kill young Hotaru Tomoe but Sailor Moon and her group the Inners opposed that and caused both groups to battle one another until Sailor Moon became Super Sailor Moon and finally united the Inners and Outers together. However, Mistress 9 stole the life crystal of Sailor Moon’s future daughter Chibiusa after finding out on her powerful Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians went to stop the powerful Mistress 9 and save her future daughter from Mistress 9 and her master Pharaoh 90.
However, Mistress 9 was able to regain enough strength to regain her true form of a monster-like being as she would start to tear apart Hotaru’s body and she absorbed the souls of Inners however Hotaru resisted it.
“Soon I shall break free of this pathetic body and join my master Pharaoh 90!” says Mistress 9 as her true form emerges and starts to rip apart Hotaru’s body. Hotaru’s soul tries to stop Mistress 9 from emerging out while also trying to keep the Inners’ souls safe.
However, in another part of Tokyo, a person named Hawk was working with his colleague Professor Haruma Gō as stuff shacked and noticed a ton of destruction.
“Could it be the Decepticons doing what they have driven off of Earth 9 years ago but if this is the case then they might be back” as Hawk looks outside the lab window.
“I might be Hawk. It could be the Decepticons doing but what is the Decepticons intentions and goal” replied Haruma Gō wondering if it were the Decepticons doing or something else just as evil as them. Hawk then crossed arms to form an X.
“Suit on!” yells Hawk as a glowing aura surrounds him and an exosuit appears around him. He then leaps out of the window of the building.
Tumblr media
“Pretender!” cried out Hawk as another growing aura surrounds him and his human skin disappears and changes to a larger robotic body and transforms into a jet-like vehicle. Hawk was the human identity of the Autobot Metalhawk who is a Pretender. A Transformer with the ability to become a human as a disguise.
Soon he calls in his allies Lander, Diver, and Phoenix from other places throughout the globe. When the Decepticons were driven into space Metalhawk and his team were tasked with keeping Earth safe in case the Decepticons returned by the Autobot leader Fortress Maximus. Metalhawk doesn’t know that it wasn’t the Decepticons.
As Metalhawk’s Autobots break their human disguises and change into their true robotic forms to investigate the disturbance eventuality Mistress 9 was able to emerge out of Hotaru’s body and assume her true form of a monster-like creature and rips apart Hotaru killing her seemly and emerges with Pharaoh 90. Pharaoh 90 unleashed a powerful storm on the planet which shocks the Autobot protectors causing them to be unable to move and revert to robot mode by each other.
“What is this storm it’s even affecting us Cybertronians?” questioned Autobot Lander as he and his allies. The start to collapse on the ground as they get shocked even more.
“Whoever is doing it whether it’s Decepticons or something just as bad must be powerful” said Methawk in pain as he struggles to stand up.
Back in the Tomoe lab, Super Sailor Moon dives into Pharaoh 90 using the Holy Grail and Silver Crystal causing Hotaru Tomoe to be revived as Sailor Saturn.
"I am an emissary from the abyss of Death. Protected by Saturn, the Outer Planet of Destruction, the Guardian of Silence. I am Sailor Saturn. Now this threat must be destroyed!” Said reborn Sailor Saturn as she swings her Silence Glaive at Pharaoh 90.
The Autobots were nearby sensing the incredible power by Sailor Saturn as the gate appeared out of the sky.
“What is that?” asked Diver as he looked in the sky at the mysterious gate that appeared at. He doesn’t know it was the gate Pluto opened to have Sailor Saturn sent Pharaoh 90 into as they see something getting sucked into,
“What is that being pulled into the mysterious gate” asked Phoenix as he saw Sailor Saturn and Pharaoh 90 getting pulled into and then closed. The weather returned to normal and the 4 Autobots could now move again.
“I don’t know Phenix but whoever or whatever it was must have stopped whatever was causing the disturbance and ones responsible” said Metalhawk as he and the other Autobots continued their way to the Tomoe lab.
By the time Metalhawk and his Autobots got there, it was all over as he and his fellow Pretender Autobots were back in their human disguises.
“It looks like we are too late whatever happened has passed. We have been late” said Hawk. He and the Lander look around the wreckage of the Tomoe Lab.
They would find the deceased bodies of the Witches 5 and Mistress 9’s ripped up the body of her host Hotaru Tomoe.
“It looks like they seemed to be the response but however they are. They are long dead” said Diver as he looks at the deceased Witches 5 and Mistress 9.
“Whoever stopped them must be heroes then but who?” asked Phoenix as he and the Autobot Pretenders looked around in the wrecked Tomoe Lab.
“She looks like she was ripped apart from the inside as if something emerged from her” said Hawk as he examined the deceased body of Mistress 9’s Hotaru host.
They decided to leave them there and let the human authorities take care of the deceased corpses of Witches 5 and Mistress 9 Hotaru host. They continue to wonder that day what happened that day and who stopped that disastrous event.
Usagi was with her friends in the shrine of Rei Hino and wondered if it was really over.
“You think it’s over now that the Death Busters are defeated?” Asked Minako.
“It seems like it for now… however, there could be another foe that might show up soon” said Ami.
“Awwwww but I wanna enjoy my summer without someone or something trying to kill us all and trying to take over or destroy the world!” said Usagi in a whiny tone as she cries because she wants to enjoy summer without having to fight evil for once.
“Maybe but summer is only a couple of weeks away. Maybe we can enjoy it without having to fight someone evil this summer” replied Matoko,
However, they were wrong… because far below the depths of the ocean by the seas of Japan… in the deep underwater cave lies the supernatural entity known as Devil Zodiac although called Devil Z.
The events of Pharaoh 90’s destruction ramage on the world caused the supernatural entity to woke up in the deepwater depths are a human couple who drowned who committed lovers’ suicide.
“The two will serve me, my ambassadors of destruction in charge of finding the Godmasters I scattered across the globe” said Devil Z as he sends a powerful beam of his Devil Power at the dead couple and restores them back to life.
“My master we will” says the couple Giga and Mega as they are being restored to life.
“Now I must get more underlings to find the Godmasters and put them into our ranks of the Decepticons” said Devil Z.
Devil Z then sends a powerful beam towards Atlantis, the Stonehenge, and the Pyramids of Egypt. They were the prisons of a group of Decepticon Pretenders sealed away by the Autobot Pretenders thousands of years ago when they arrived on Earth long ago taking the forms of monsters and now Devil Z has freed them to do his bidding.
Several months pass. Metalhawk and his Autobots have revealed his true robotic self to close human friend, Shuta Go after a Decepticon attack on Tokyo. They got two more friends Cab the prince of a foreign country who went for Japan for education and good with animals, Minerva the daughter of ambassadors of a foreign country to japan soon joined in and all three of them became Headmaster Juniors. However, Shuta Go’s father Haruma Gō was killed by the Decepticons causing a lot of grief for him and the Metalhawk’s Autobots became his guardians.
The Decepticons also got their own Headmasters Juniors Wilder the former leader of a biker gang the Jack Boys, Bullhorn a street thug from Mexico who starts fights for money, and Cancer a young gifted kid raised in a dojo who went to join the Decepticons to become stronger.
The three Pretender Decepticons Blood, Dauros, and Gilmer start robbing morgues for their bodies to create zombie-like creatures called Destroids by using the power of Devil Z. However, it went all over the news and one-day Usagi and her friends were watching a Sailor V crossover with Sailor Moon and other Sailor Guardians.
Tumblr media
“In Inari’s name, I will smite you sinner!'' said one of the Sailor Guardians on the TV Usagi and her friends were watching as the part of the movie sees a fox Senshi batting with the TV versions of the Senshi.
“Man this Sailor V movie Blood Moon rising is sure good although I don’t remember a fox Senshi with us?” said Rei watching the movie with her friends
“I don’t know they just add in made-up characters fans create in a contest or something. her name was Sailor In-” sad Minako before the movie was interrupted as an important message from the news interrupted what they were watching as a news lady appeared on the screen.
“Awwwwwwww… it was starting to get good” said Usagi in annoyance as she was enjoying the Sailor V movie.
“We interrupt this program to give you this important news. Recently in Akihabara, a morgue was robbed of its corpses. The purpose of it is unknown but this is the 10 robbery in the Tokyo area. If you know who is responsible please the police'' said the news reporter on the TV.
“Morgues robbed? Who would do such a thing?” wondered Minako as she saw the report.
Luna and Artemis would walk in hearing the report from the TV.
“Usagi me and Artemis were in our base of the Game Center Crown and we discovered our town is most likely to be next calculating based on police data on the robberies” said Luna.
“Apparently all of them are the same culprit in the video footage of previous robberies which are apparently shows Bat-monster, Skull Bull-Dog Monster, and Fishman Monster being in them collecting dead bodies I don’t know who they are or what they're supposed to be but they could be from a new possible enemy. You all should go to the morgue in this city next to stop them before whatever plans they have so all need to get there tonight quickly” explained Artemis.
Tumblr media
To the Inners' response Usagi was annoyed that she wanted to relax without fighting someone evil or monsters even doing her duties as guardian.
“Awwwww come on! I just want to relax this summer ever since the Death Busters defeated them can’t we have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto do it?” winnied Usagi.
“Haruka and Michiru are on vacation and Setusma is busy watching Hotaru since her father can’t take care of her so you'll have to do it especially you Usagi'' said Luna.
“Usagi you are so lazy recently ever since the Death Busters were defeated so I’m not surprised” replied Rei in an annoyed tone. Eventually they all knew they have to stop those monsters later on that night as they get prepared and head out to the morgue in their town of Juban Tokyo.
Meanwhile in the Decepticon’s undersea base Giga and Mega with the Headmaster Junior Decepticons as the spar with the Pretender Decepticons. Cancer defeats Gilmer again with another martial arts move he was taught. To the Parent Decepticons’ amusement they kinda find the Headmaster Junior Decepticons especially since Mega is very fond of the young Cancer seeing him almost like a son to her.
Eventually Devil Z calls in Giga and Mega to tell another mission and calls up the Prender Decepticons which consists of Blood, Dauros and Gilmer.
“Lady Mega and Lord Giga what do you want with us?” said the Pretender leader Blood as he and his colleagues Gilmer and Dauros came in the room they were in.
“We have selected another location to rob an morgue and use their bodies to create Destroids” told Giga. Blood and other Pretenders look at each other for a sec before replying.
“That’s good because we successfully robbed them before those pathetic Autobots even reacted so what is the location of the next morgue for us to take the bodies?” asked Gilmer.
Then Giga and Mega show them a map of the next location and a morgue in the city where the Sailor Moon and the other Scouts live to the Pretenders' shock.
“The next morgue is Juban, Tokyo Japan so hopefully this will be another easy run for you two. Hydra and Buster created an diversion to distract the Autobots and they are nowhere near the area for you three tasked of robbing the morgues by the time they arrive you three would have already been gone so tonight you’ll go to Juban and rob the morgue hopefully this isn’t an hard task for you three” said Lady Mega as she told the Three Pretenders the plan for the next robbery.
“This should be an easy mission hahaha it will be like taking candy from an earth child” said Blood laughing with the other Pretender Decepticons.
Then the Three Headmaster Junior Decepticons Wilder, Bullhorn and Cancer came into the room.
“Isn’t that the town where their mysterious protectors are called ‘Sailor Guardians’ or ‘Sailor Scouts’ or whatever those girls in sailor outfits are from?” asked the human Decepticon Wilder as Cancer and Bullhorn next to him.
“Those girls are just from a fictional Earth show performed by actresses in costumes so those rumors are just people seeing them film for another episode of Sailor V or something so they pose no threat to us they are just only girls playing dress up” replied Pretender Blood in a stirn tone.
“We’ll be near the perimeter of the town in case any Autobots figure out our plan. We’ll message you if they show up” said the punk Headmaster Junior Bullhorn.
“Hahaha we’ll probably won’t need your help since it will be too easy” said Gilmer back at Bullhorn.
Soon all the Decepticon Pretenders, Headmaster Juniors and Godmasters soon leave the base. Only Giga and Mega remained there with the supernatural entity Devil Z.
Later on that night the Scouts were already in their Sailor forms waiting for the monsters to break in although Usagi ended up falling asleep as usual.
“Wake up you clutz! We have our duty to do!” as Sailor Mars shouts at an asleep Sailor Moon which startles her.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t shout like that Mars you nearly gave me a heart attack!” said Sailor Moon startled by Mars’ shouting.
Then they hear the walls smashed apart seeing debris flying around and heard loud footsteps from the other side of the building.
“What is happening!?” said Sailor Moon.
“It must be them! With my Ofuda charms it will stop them in their tracks now let’s go!” yelled Sailor Mars.
“Alright! Let’s go girls!” said Sailor Moon as she and other Inners along with Chibi Moon of course heading towards where the walls get smashed and then found a large hole and they hid in the corner by it so they don’t get seen as they see the monsters Luna and Artemis told them as they see them gathering up the dead bodies.
“They were right, they are robbing the dead bodies and are larger than on the picture” said Sailor Moon as she sees the Batmonster helping the Fishman Monster with gathering the dead bodies.
“What do you think they need dead bodies for?” asked Sailor Venus.
“I don’t know but they seem to be imitating an weird energy coming off of them” says Sailor Mercury having her goggles on scanning the monsters reading off some kind of weird energy unknown to her.
“Soon we’ll have enough bodies to create an army of Destroids and soon use them to defeat the Autobots and then Lord Giga and Lady Mega will be pleased” the Skull bull-dog monster said as he and the other two monsters continue to steal more dead bodies. Confused, the Scouts asked one another.
“Destroid? Lady Mega? Lord Giga? There must be more of them and those three are probably pawns to then. Now we strike!” said Sailor Mars as she throws Ofuda charms at the three monsters aiming at their legs.
However they barely have any effect as they stick on the monsters and shock them a bit.
“RAGGGGGGGHHH!” yelled the three monsters she gets shocked in pain from Ofuda charms a bit although they see it on their legs and takes them off.
“Someone is here and tried to use worthless paper text to take us out” said Dauros as he ripped the Ofuda charm off of his leg. Then he and other monsters look around for whoever did it as they turn their heads and look around.
“It didn’t work, they must be stronger than I thought,” whispered Sailor Mars, shocked. Then the Scouts jumped out of their cover revealing themselves to the three monsters.
“Stop right there you demonic creatures how dare you disrespect and steal the dead!” said Sailor Moon doing her usual battle cry.
“I am Sailor Moon the protector of the Moon, the guardian of love and justice!!” continued Sailor Moon with her battle cry. Then Chibi Moon steps in and joins in with her mother.
“And I am Sailor Chibi Moon, the guardian of the future Crystal Tokyo the successor of Sailor Moon and daughter of Neo Queen Serenity succeeding as new guardian of the Moon, and love and justice” said Chibi Moon joining in her mother’s battle cry.
“And in the name of the Moon we shall punish you!” said the Sailor Scouts doing their poses.
Tumblr media
To the monster's response they laugh loudly as the skull bull-dog falls on the floor laughing as they underestimated them.
“Oh look, it's those girls in uniforms? What are they going to do to us?” laughed the Batmoster with his fellow monsters.
“We are Sailor Guardians, I am Sailor Moon!” said Sailor Moon.
“I am Sailor Chibi Moon!” continued Sailor Chibi Moon.
“I am Sailor Mercury!” Said Sailor Mercury.
“I am Sailor Venus!” said Sailor Venus.
“I am Sailor Mars!” said Sailor Mars.
“I am Sailor Jupiter” said Sailor Jupiter.
“You three will not steal anymore dead bodies on my watch you monsters and I will not allow it to happen while I’m here” said Sailor Moon.
“You girls better leave or we’ll crush you all” said the Fishman monster threatening to step on the scouts along with his fellow monsters.
“You really underestimate us, you will probably regret your monster demon fiend!” said Sailor Mars as she pointed her fingers at the monsters.
“Oh look what is she going to do to us” said the skullhead bull-dog monster.
“This!!!!! Mars Flame Soul!” yells Sailor Mars as a wave of flames zoom towards the monsters and they all but the Fishman monster dodges it and gets it sending him flying into a wall and out of the building.
The Batmonster then flies to Jupiter and grabs her, flying out of the building holding her hostage.
“You girls stop or she gets” as the Batmonster threatens to kill Juptier hostage.
“Like my friends say don’t undesminate us” said Jupiter as she pushed the Batmonster’s fingers away from her on the hand he was holding her.
‘Impossible!” said the Batmonster as he was shocked to see Jupiter able to break free.
With her hand free she positioned her fingers confusing the Batmonster.
“Hmmmmm?” said the Batmonster as he sees electricity forming on Jupter’s hands.
“Jupter… supreme… thunder!” yells Sailor Jupter as she sends an electrical attack on the Batmonster shocking him hard and making him drop her slowly floating down.
The skull bull-dog draws out a sword but…
“Venus love me chain!” said Sailor Venus as she entangles the monster in her chain attack making him fall.
The Batmonster lands on the ground as the Fishman monster lies on the ground fried from Mars’ flame attack.
“Mars Fire Soul!” said Sailor Mars as she burns the Batmonster
“How can weakling humans have so much strength and power!” said the Batmonster as Venus’ love me chain knocks him down and then get burnt by Mars’ Fire soul attack.
Tumblr media
The skull bull-dog breaks free and joins his fellow monsters as they hold their hands up.
“Devil Power!” said the three monsters as they zap the coporses they tried to rob into zombie-like creatures.
Tumblr media
“Destroids destroy the girls” said the Batmonster as he ordered the newly created Destroids to fight the Sailor Scouts they got into a battle stance.
“They turned the corpses into zombie-like creatures!” said Sailor Venus.
“I am reading a dark energy and it’s powerful coming from the zombies” said Sailor Mercury scanning the Destroids as they were reanimated by the energy of Devil Z.
“They said they were called Destroids or something?” said Sailor Moon as she and other Scouts fight off the Destroids.
Tumblr media
The Scouts fight off the scouts with Venus wrapping them in ‘Love me chain’, Jupiter shocking them with her Supreme Thunder, Mercury blasting her with her ‘Shabon Spray Freezing’ turning them into ice and shattering them instantly, and Mars burning them with Fire Soul Bird” as an bird made of fire takes out an bunch of Destroids.
However they are a lot of Destroids too much for them as the Scouts are now surrounded.
“Prepare to die Sailor worms” said the Batmonster as he sees the Scouts surrounded by the Destroids.
Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon knew only one thing to do as they get out the Holy Grail and use them to transform them into Super forms as a bright light surrounds them and transforms them into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon.
“Pink…” said Super Sailor Chibi Moon.
“Moon...:” said Super Sailor Moon chanting.
“Sugar Heart Attack!” said Super Sailor Chibi Moon.
Spiral Heart attack!” yelled Super Sailor Moon.
Their attacks combine and send a powerful wave of powerful energies purifying the Destroids of their energy and turning them back back to normal, putting the people back to rest again as well as hurting the monsters greatly.
“Impossible,,, no human has that kind of power” said the Batmonster as he and other monsters got up and then quickly healed up back normal and then they got into a battle stance.
The Sailor Scouts get in a battle position.
“We will crush you human worms!” said the skull bull-dog monster.
“We won’t be beaten by you girls even if there were a hundred of you!’ said the Fishman Monster.
“I will make you all an example for those who oppose us!’ said the Batmonster.
“We will protect this city and the world with our lives if we have to!” said the Sailor Scouts at the scene.
Soon they charge at each other as Mercury leaps into the air and chants an attack.
Tumblr media
“Mercury Aqua Mirage” chants Sailor Mercury and then blasts the Fishman Monster into the air.
“Gahhhhhhhhh!” said the Finshman Monster after being sent flying into the air by Sailor Mercury.
“Jupiter Supreme Thunder!” said Sailor Jupiter as she shocks the fishman monster.
Sailor Venus then chants another attack of her own as she leaps into the air.
“Crescent Beam Shower” chants Sailor Venus as she sends a beam at the Fishmonster.
Jupiter then grabs the Skull bull-dog, shocking him with her electirtal powers.
Then Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon send waves at the Batmonster causing damage to him.
They all cripple the monsters but they weren’t done yet.
“Grrrr… we need to change form and call in the Headmaster Juniors” said the Batmonster.
Then they shant a word…
“Pretender!” said all three monsters as an black aura surrounds them and changes them into more larger size and reveal their true forms… Robotic lifeforms....
The Monsters were really the Decepticons Blood, Dauros and Gilmer in their Pretender forms disgiusing themselves as monsters.
“NO WAY!” Said the Sailor Scouts as their opponents show their true forms…. Now a new battle awaits them….
To be continued...
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rosahope · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Chiba Clan occupied the area of Shimōsa province in the early twelfth century and was a branch family of the Taira Clan descended from Taira no Tadatsune. During the Genpei War ( 1180-1185 ), the Chiba clan, as well as the Hōjō, Miura, and Doi clans, opposed the greater 'core' Taira clan and supported Minamoto no Yoritomo. Chiba Tsunetane, clan chief of the period, won Yoritomo’s trust and helped establish the Kamakura shogunate. The power of the clan increased in this period.
Although the Chiba clan was completely conquered by daimyo and politician, Toyotomi Hideyoshi before the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate, descendants of the Chiba Clan, and those who had honorarily taken the Chiba name, remained in the Shimōsa region and lent their support to the shogunate in the coming years. It was during this time that the area—and the clan—prospered greatly.
Oni of the Tsukino Clan had lived in the area harmoniously alongside the Chiba clan for some centuries, their kind allowed to live in the region if only because they kept to themselves and didn’t interfere with human lives or politics; but it wasn’t until the Chiba clan was conquered that the relationship between oni and humans began to change. Many members of the Chiba clan felt that their defeat could have been avoided if the Tsukino Clan had only offered aid, and thus tensions began to rise between the two clans.
As it would happen, a member of the Chiba clan would eventually meet and fall in love with one of the Tsukino clan’s own. His name was Chiba Mamoru—a farmer’s son with dreams of rising above his station to become a respected doctor. One day he meets Tsukino Usagi, a female oni, and despite the tensions that now existed between the clans, the two eventually fell in love.
This was met with great upheaval from both clans. For the Chiba clan, resentment had festered into a deep-rooted hatred for the oni who had watched idly as their clan was conquered; as for the Tsukino clan, comprised strictly of pureblooded oni, they feared that allowing a union to happen between Usagi and Mamoru would taint the oni bloodline. Conflict came to a head when, just a few months into their secret meetings, Usagi fell pregnant. Fighting amongst the clans broke out, threatening to spill over into all-out war.
Despite this, on June 30th, 1846, Usagi and Mamoru welcomed a baby girl into the world. Born of both human and oni blood, it was apparent from the beginning that she would be different—with hair the colour of cherry blossoms, and eyes as red as blood. They named her Usagi—as many of the women in Usagi’s direct family also carried the name—but gave her the affectionate nickname of Chibiusa. Beloved by her parents, it was Usagi and Mamoru’s hope that Chibiusa would be the bridge that would heal old wounds between the two clans. art credit.
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atomic-taco-muffin · 2 months ago
May I ask for another Sora x little girl reader? When she comes back. But she doesn’t show herself to Sora right away. (Kinda like when chibiusa came back.) Sora,Riku and Kairi were fighting the heartless and were losing until she came along with keyblade in hand and finished it off. Sora was surprised.
Sora x Little Girl!Reader Part 11
Warnings: angst/fluff
Tumblr media
(A/N: I keep picturing Sora and his future self as divorced parents. IDK why)
Today was not a good day for you. You failed your math test that you studied your butt off for, got yelled at for falling asleep by your Science teacher (part of you studying), and got crapped on by a bird. When you got home, you went straight to the bathroom and slammed the door. Your dad was shocked. You never slammed the door. He went upstairs and knocked on the door. 
“Cupcake? Are you okay?” he asked. He heard you sniffling through the door. He leaned his head against the door and asked if he could come in. You unlocked the door and sat down on the ground in front of the bathtub. 
“Cupcake! What happened?” He sat in front of you, wiping your tears away. You told him about your bad day and how you wanted to be left alone. 
“Okay. But can I at least help you clean your hair?” he said. You nodded. Your dad helped clean your hair and gave you some warm pajamas. You went to your room and laid on your bed, hugging your bunny. 
“Call me if you anything, cupcake.” he said. 
“Okay.” He closed your door and went to get started on dinner. He decided to make your favorite to try and cheer you up. You played with your bunny’s ears to try and distract you from your bad day. But it kept playing in your head. The words your science teacher said to you hurt. You never really liked her anyway. You wanted a place to escape and you thought of visiting Sora and his friends. Your dad had just finished making dinner and went to your room. 
“Cupcake. Dinner’s ready.” he said. 
“I’ll be there in a bit.” you said. 
“Do you want me to bring it up here?” 
“No. I just need a few more minutes.” 
“Okay. Come down when you’re ready.” You sat in bed for a minute and summoned the courage to ask your dad to visit Sora. You sat at the table and ate your food in silence. Once dinner was over, you decided now was time to ask your dad if you could visit Sora. 
“Um, daddy? Can I ask you a question?” you asked. 
“Sure. Go ahead.” he said. 
“I-is it okay if I visit Sora and his friends?” 
“Yeah. But why do want to visit, if you don’t mind me asking?” 
“I just need a place to escape. And hanging out with Sora and his friends is fun.” 
“Okay. Do you want to go tomorrow?” You nodded. 
“Okay. Go ahead and pack a bag for tomorrow and you can see him tomorrow.” You smiled and went to your room to pack your bag. The next day, your dad opened up a portal and gave you a hug goodbye. 
“Come home whenever you want to, okay?” he said. 
“Okay, daddy.” You went through the portal and it closed. When you got there, you saw Sora, Riku and Kairi with some people you didn’t know. You felt like you were being replaced because they didn’t notice your arrival. You felt tears come to your eyes and ran to the secret place. You stayed there, crying until you heard screaming. It sounded familiar, so you went to go check it out. You saw Sora, and his friends fighting some strong heartless and losing. You felt something surge in you and you ran out in front of the heartless. Something appeared in your hand and you saw that it was a keyblade. 
Tumblr media
(you can choose a different one if you want) 
Sora groaned and looked up at you and your keyblade. How were you able to summon one at such age? He was at least a couple of years older than you when he got his. He was able to stand up and walked up next to you. The two of charged at the heartless and defeated it. After you defeated the heartless, Sora turned to you. 
“Well, this is a pleasant surprise. But how were you able to summon a keyblade?” he said. 
“I don’t know. When I saw you hurt, I wanted to save you and it just appeared.” 
“Well, whatever the reason, thank you.” 
“Your welcome.” you smiled. You were happy to know that he stilled cared about you. 
“Um, I hate to be the one to interrupt moments, but who is she?” a guy with red hair asked. 
“Oh, sorry. This is (Y/N). She’s a friend of mine. (Y/N), these are my friends. That’s Aqua, Ventus, Terra, Roxas, Xion, Axel, Donald, Mickey, and Goofy. And you already know Kairi and Riku.” 
“Hi, everyone. It’s nice to meet you.” you said. 
“It’s nice to meet you too.” You all went to Sora’s house where you got to know everyone a little bit better. By the end of the day, everyone had to go home. Hanging out with everyone made you feel better. You opened a portal with your new keyblade and hugged Sora goodbye. 
“I had fun. I hope I get to see them again soon.” you said. 
“Me too. I could tell Roxas liked you a lot.” Sora said. 
“Me too. I’ll see you soon.” you walked to the portal and it closed behind you. When you got home, you told your dad about your day and how you got a keyblade. He was so proud of that he was gonna help you train tomorrow. And you couldn’t wait. 
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tiny012 · 2 months ago
I have a question.
Did S in the 90's anime ever mention the fact that Neptune,Uranus and Pluto actually witness the fall of SilMli from afar in which the reason why their talismans reacted to awaken Saturn who destroyed everything to cause a reset?
Which is the reason why they really don't want Saturn to wake up so she will not destroy everything again?
Was that even mentioned?
Which is pretty much the main factor of their mission?
Which they are like " Nope she can not wake back up even we have to kill a 10 year girl that has been used as her father science project to stop it."
Like one of the main plotlines of Infinity arc?
Like I know its mention that she can destroy the world in which they want to kill her before she awakes to do it.
But was it ever mention that they actually witness her do it??
It's bad enough they change the talismans primary function.
The Talisman supposed to be the outers weapons when they bought together and resounding they supposed to summon Saturn.
Not supposed to be inside of Uranus and Neptune pure heart thus when bought together creates the chalice.
Which the chalice in the manga was created by Usagi,Chibiusa and Mamo with Usagi wish being that everyone would stop fighting amongst each other and be a team . Since they are on the same side thus ending the Senshi Civil War that was brewing since the beginning of the arc.( 90s anime continue to say no Mamo and Chibiusa rights damn)
Nope the 90s anime like that Civil War so much that it was the whole damn season...
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erbezdiez · 2 months ago
On your Seiya and Usagi post, you had a tag about an AU and YES I WANT TO HEAR please(:
Click the read more because this post turned out longer than I expected but SEIUSA AU HERE WE GO
Okay, so this is basically just “The Sailor Starlights come to earth at the beginning of the series instead of in S4″ AU. In that specific scene/whatever, Fighter hears Sailor Moon screaming during her first fight and goes there to save her on pure instinct, not because she’s looking for the Silver Crystal or anything.
Honesty in my head I wouldn’t necessarily get rid of Mamoru or anything and the whole thing would kind of follow the same basic beats as the canon Sailor Moon story.
After the first fight, Fighter would get curious about Sailor Moon, and with time she’d end up aiding her too from time to time in her battles. Maybe she can even meet Tuxedo like that, when they both go to save SM at the first time or something safsadgs. Usagi would develop her crush on Tuxedo Mask while at the same time being curious about Fighter as well. Also during all this time Fighter is flirting with Sailor Moon because she’s a big lesbian and I love her, which would leave her feeling ~~confused~~.
Meanwhile, the Three Lights could serve as the standard “popular idol” like Minako does in PSSM, though I do like the idea of their popularity growing through the series exponentially.
Sometime after the senshi go meet Queen Serenity, Fighter would be aiding Sailor Moon and the others in a fight, but then get hurt herself. Then Maker and Healer can make their appearances, introducing the full group. They wouldn’t appear much more, but they would make it very clear that they’re not after the Silver Crystal so the senshi can have the whole “they’re not our allies, but they’re not our enemies either?” thing.
After the finale of S1, I like the idea of the Starlights noticing the senshi have forgotten about their identities and Figher being sad, but deciding that it’s better this way.
They could have a bigger part during the Makai Tree arc because that arc is great and I don’t care if it’s filler, where maybe they can sense something similar to Kakyuu’s light in the Makai Tree or something. Seiya and Usagi could meet while Mamoru is away as their civilian selves, and of course, Seiya falls for Usagi right away without knowing she’s Sailor Moon. Usagi however rejects him, because she’s still hoping Mamoru will return to her. When he does get his memories back and all that, Seiya stays friends with Usagi without telling her about his feelings.
And then during the Black Moon arc. Seiya could become a sort of emotional support for Usagi; she’s not sure why she likes talking to him so much, but it’s like he gets him in a way no one else does, not even her best friends. They grow especially close then Mamoru and Chibiusa go through the whole Black Lady thing. By this point, the Starlights are still focused on searching Kakyuu and only get involved in the other’s fight when they happen to be there or it’s something very serious, but they’ve become a sort of “sometime-allies we can rely on when something goes wrong”.
But then, of course, the Death Buster arc happens, and Uranus and Neptune are immediately wary of the Starlights since they’re from outside the solar system. They could go from suspecting them of working with the Death Busters, to attacking them on-sight. At the same time, Haruka meets Seiya while he’s hanging out with Usagi, and distrusts him right away. Partly because she feels “he’s just dangerous” and partly because let’s be honest she’s a bit mad that Seiya gets better reactions from Usagi than she does. Through this whole arc, Mamoru and Usagi begin to drift apart as she starts relying more on Seiya than on him, but she always denies the possibility of having romantic feelings for him, especially because she knows that Chibiusa existing at all depends on her staying with Mamoru. This however does nothing but strain their relationship even further.
Before the end of the arc, the Starlights would explain to all the senshi that they’re looking for Kakyuu, so Uranus and Neptune can stop trying to kill them for one second.
The Dead Moon arc is all about ChibiUsa and Usagi, and by this point, it’s undeniable that Usagi likes him too. Chibiusa could actually talk to Helios about this in her dreams, and how she’s actually scared Usagi will choose Seiya over Mamoru and either create a paradox or straight up kill her.
I would use Nehelenia’s motivation in this point as a way of separating the current Usagi (and by extension, Mamoru and everyone else) to their Silver Millenium selves. In Death Busters Uranus and Neptune are affected by their destiny in a positive way (they’re soulmates who can finally reunite, much like Serenity and Endymion) but in a negative way, when they think there’s no way to stop Saturn from destroying the planet. Now, when Usagi senses how much Nehelenia hated Serenity and her mother, she would feel sorry for her. Usagi had nothing to do with Nehelenia’s punishment and feels like Queen Serenity did a bad thing she can’t excuse. By creating this crack in the perfect image of the Silver Millenium, Usagi would begin to question if just because Serenity loved Endymion that means she should love Mamoru unconditionally.
And then of course, the Stars arc!! By this point, Usagi and Seiya are very close and both have feelings for the other, the Sol senshi trust the Starlights in varying degrees, and Usagi isn’t sure if she truly loves Mamoru and wants to fulfil her destiny. By the time Mamoru goes to America, he tells her they should “take a break” while they’re away so they can sort their feelings out.
I would also have Mamoru actually get to America instead of being kidnapped by Galaxia. Enjoy your education, boy!
Usagi tells Seiya rather quickly about this development, and they get even closer than before. Chibiusa hasn’t returned to the future yet, either because she senses it’s unstable or because she’s too worried about Mamoru and Usagi to leave them. She can tell Usagi that she knows how she feels about Seiya and that she’s broken up with Mamoru, and that she’s afraid of what that means for herself. For a while, Usagi starts avoiding Seiya because every time she thinks of him, she imagines Chibiusa disappearing and she can’t bear to choose between the two of them.
Then one day, Seiya gets targeted by one of Sailor Galaxia’s lackeys, and Usagi has no choice but to transform in front of him, revealing her secret identity. Seiya is surprised, but before he can say anything, Usagi runs away.
Seiya isn’t sure what to do, and she can’t even tell Taiki and Yaten about it because it would betray Usagi’s trust. One day, Seiya finds Usagi crying under the rain (or maybe the moonlight?) as she feels the weight of the whole world is in her shoulders. Seiya reaches out to Usagi, but she pushes him away when she thinks about hurting ChibiUsa. Seiya takes her hand anyways and holds it to his chest, telling her to look after her own happiness instead of the happiness of others for the first time. Usagi cries, and Seiya wipes her tears off. She then says “you were crying that time too at the jewel shop”, and Usagi isn’t sure what he means. Seiya transforms in front of her, showing her her true self.
This only makes Usagi confused for a second before she realizes that of course, it makes so much sense now. In a moment where she allows herself to think of her own happiness, she kisses Seiya.
She then rushes back home, suddenly afraid that she’s made Chibiusa disappear, but to her surprise she’s still there, alive and well. Chibiusa is suspicious of Usagi’s actions, but she leaves her be.
Shortly after this, before Seiya and Usagi have the chance to properly explore their relationship, the rest of the inner senshi have to transform in front of the Starlights (and vice-versa). By this point their relationship is much less tense than in the canon (both groups think of the other as allies, and now they’re united under the same enemy), and while Haruka still doesn’t like Seiya too much, she accepts her when Usagi defends her.
Eventually, the final battle comes, and in this version, I’d actually like Galaxia to be the villain not because Chaos corrupted her and she doesn’t have a Starseed, but because she became bitter and angry by the mere act of having to fight Chaos over and over again.
Turns out Sailor Galaxia isn’t just the most powerful Sailor Senshi of the universe; she’s the most powerful Sailor Senshi of all universes. Each time Chaos is born, she travels to that universe to destroy it. She’s been doing it since the dawn of time and is now so tired of her destiny that she just joins Chaos willingly.
So during the final battle (which honestly I’d leave almost the same because that battle is amazing), Usagi makes Galaxia see that she doesn’t need to keep on fighting just because someone decided it was her destiny. The existence of the Silver Crystal, the Golden Cyrstal and Kakyuu prove that Chaos can be fought against by other people, and that she’s already done more than enough. By realizing this, Galaxia lets go of Chaos, and by joining forces with Sailor Moon (and maybe with all senshi there present, even if it’s in spirit form), they manage to destroy Chaos.
I didn’t mention her anywhere else but ChibiChibi is here! And in this version, she actually is Sailor Cosmos, who’s awakened after Chaos disappears. She tells Usagi and Galaxia that Cosmos and Chaos will always be in battle, but that as long as people don’t let it consume her, peace will reign through all universes.
So the peace is restored, and the Starlights have to go back to Kakyuu. All senshi share a farewell in the school building, where Seiya struggles to let of Usagi and she has to try her best not to beg her to stay. Mamoru (who was captured during the final battle but is OK now) notices how Usagi hasn’t looked at him the way she looks at Seiya in years, and catches up very quickly. Seiya says that going back to restore her planet with Kakyuu is her duty, to which Usagi can’t say anything, because she feels she too has a duty to fulfil on earth.
But as they’re flying off into space, Yaten Taiki and Kakyuu tell Seiya that she’s already done more than enough. Seiya looks at them for a moment, when Usagi breaks down and cries, begging her to stay. Seiya leaves the space teleportation whatever the Starlights were using and jumps towards Usagi, who only barely manages to catch her. Everyone laughs and they kiss.
Later, they discuss whether or not this changes their destiny, since Chibiusa has never seen Seiya in the future. Setsuna could then explain that they may as well have created a new universe where nothing is set in stone, and that their future is now in their hands.
...And that’s that!! SORRY THAT WAS SO LONG asfshkgjhdfgksd. I know this fandom is very small so if anyone wants to idk expand on this idea or change anything or use it for something please go ahead!!! More seiusa content is always welcome. I hope you enjoyed this really long read!
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quinttee · 2 months ago
Quinton’s Animation Extravaganza 405
I was hanging around with the Gotokuji Sisters, Shigeru, Dexter, and Fluttershy. The Death Busters were down to their Supreme Leader and I could hardly wait to annihilate him, along with Mistress 9. Just then, the sky began to darken. At that same instant, my other fellow Powerpuffs, the rest of the Mane Six, and the entire Sailor Senshi came over. I could tell that the final battle against the Death Busters had arrived, so we all went to the Mugen Academy in Greenfield. When we got there, we found that it was completely destroyed. All that was left was a fountain floating in the air. I immediately noticed Hotaro’s body. Mistress 9 was summoning the Supreme Leader of the Death Busters, Pharaoh 90, down to Earth. To prevent the evil from spreading, the Outer Sailor Senshi create a barrier. Suddenly, Mistress 9 stole the souls of the Inner Sailor Senshi. It seemed like it was the end, but just then, Hotaro broke free of Mistress 9, returning the souls of the Inner Senshi. However, Mistress 9 began taking on a Daimon form, causing Hotaro’s soul to vanish. I didn’t know how Chibiusa would react to this, but it turns out she came just in time to watch the whole thing, along with Tuxedo Mask. We were all reunited and it was time to take down the Death Busters once and for all. I immediately unleashed my Ultimate form, while Sailor Moon used the Holy Grail to become Super Sailor Moon. Additionally, Sailor Chibi Moon gained her own Holy Grail and used it to become Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Everyone attacked Mistress 9 simultaneously, but I could notice a portal to the Tau Star System. Mistress 9 then merged with Pharaoh 90 himself, who began to merge within the Earth, breaking the Outer Senshi’s barrier. Just as if it were all over for us, Sailor Saturn was finally awakened and she used her power to annihilate Pharaoh 90 slowly into oblivion. She stated that once she was finished, she would end the world, so to prevent this, Sailor Saturn flew through the portal to the Tau Star System, while Sailor Pluto closed the portal. Sailor Moon then used her power as Neo-Queen Serenity to revive everyone in Animation Land. As she was doing this, I noticed an infant Hotaru falling from the sky. She was caught by the Outer Sailor Senshi, who agreed to raise her as their younger sister. The Death Busters were finally extinct and my allies and I could hardly wait to rest and relax after this moment. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna bid us farewell and promised to return again someday. Over the next few months, Usagi had completed her junior year of high school. I felt so proud of her, but was a little worried about how she would handle her senior year. Rafael, Molly, and Tom departed back to their above-ground homes, but I was sure to keep in contact with them from time to time. Momoko had finally given birth to her child, a healthy little girl. I was mighty proud of Momoko and Dexter and wished them the best of luck raising her. Needless to say, we all lived happily ever after.
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sittingoverheredreaming · 3 months ago
Same Prompt Party! Usagi: New Year’s Fireworks
I told myself that I would get this done much sooner than the last minute because I’ve grown as a person since the last same prompt party, but that was a fucking lie ahaha. Here it is, though, just shy of 2,200 words!
Fireworks weren’t supposed to start until midnight. Everyone knew that. But when Usagi opened a groggy eye to check the time after the first roaring booms, it was barely ten. Not that she knew that right away-- the clock was still up on the nightstand, entirely out of sight from the mattress’s current position on the floor. She had to fumble around for her phone instead, as careful and quiet as she could ever be. Only then did she see that it was a touch past ten, and that she had more notifications than her phone could display, the last several of which were texts from Mina.
still time for you to come out!
lots of hot guys here tonight, what mamoru doesn’t know can’t hurt him ;) ;) ;)
kidding, of course. i miss you!
Usagi turned her phone over and curled her body back around Chibiusa. Apart from a scrunch of her little eyebrows, she seemed undisturbed by the growing ruckus outside. Usagi put a hand on her tummy anyway, just in case she needed some comfort. 
She could have gone out with everyone, even with a six month old. There was generally little they did all together that couldn’t accommodate a baby. There wouldn’t have been any fuss if she’d asked for it. Last year’s party at Haruka and Michiru’s house had even been alcohol free, just because she couldn’t drink. It had seemed like everything might have been okay then-- it was the first year they rung in in peace, Usagi was pregnant with their promised princess, and if their powers had deserted them and the crystal towers of Serenity’s palace had yet to rise, that couldn’t compare to the hope that lit up Usagi’s heart the same as the fireworks lit up the sky.
But like the fireworks, it was short lived.
Usagi shifted her arm under her head. She’d read in a book-- she’d tried very hard to read a great many books before Chibiusa was born-- that you weren’t supposed to let a baby sleep in bed with you, but she hadn’t been able to stick to it. A bed was so large if you slept alone. But she’d done what she could to be safe. No pillows. A blanket only for her feet, because even in socks they got so cold. She wore layers of sweaters to bed. Sometimes when she woke up she was drenched in sweat beneath them, but always when she woke up Chibiusa was breathing. It was a fair trade.
And she hadn’t done it the first few months. Newborn Chibiusa had slept in her crib beside the bed, though Usagi probably didn’t deserve credit for that because she’d had Mamoru in bed with her then. It had been easier-- not easy but easier-- to leave Chibiusa where she was supposed to be. It was only around the four month mark that he’d sat on the edge of that very same bed they’d shared and said “I feel like we’ve played our roles and run out of script.” His voice was so low that she almost hadn’t heard, that she knew he hadn’t meant to say it out loud at all, but it had been the end of it all the same. She’d asked him to leave. She hadn’t told the others yet. She didn’t need to give them the idea before they came to it on their own.
She ran her hand softly along Chibiusa’s face, then through her hair. Her straight, dark hair that shone red-brown in sunlight but otherwise had no hint bubblegum pink. That had been the proof. They weren’t in the future they thought they were fighting for. The future Mamoru and the others had signed on for.
There was another crackle and a bang. The room lit up for a few seconds before dropping back into its long shadows. Usagi wished they would stop. What was there to celebrate? If last year had been the first year without war, this was the first year without hope. The first year where everyone would know there was nothing keeping them tied to Usagi. The first year Usagi was bringing in alone, or very nearly.
Her phone buzzed again and she didn’t bother to look what it was. Everyone had their own things to do, and even as they made a show of trying to bring her in, they were still off doing them. And that was better. She’d never meant to trap anyone, however much she wanted them to stay. She was never like Serenity in that way. Maybe that was why she no longer was Serenity.
She tried to make herself sleep instead of thinking. It had always been such an easy thing, but even that was different now. Always exhausted, hardly able to sleep-- was she even Usagi still? Was she anything? What was left of her that hadn’t faded alongside her powers?
More bangs, one after the other, bounced against her ears to join the cacophony of thoughts between them. It took her a long moment to realize the noise was not paired with the flashing lights of more fireworks. Usagi shot up. Someone was at the door, pounding their fists against it by the sound of it. She hesitated for a moment over Chibiusa-- she was sleeping so well, even moving her over to the crib seemed cruel. She kissed her cheek and left her there, willing her with all her might to stay still.
Usagi threw a robe over her pajamas and hurried to the door as the knocking grew somehow more insistent. She didn’t yell that she was coming for fear of waking Chibiusa. Whoever was at the door didn’t seem to have the same concern.
“Usagi! I know you’re in there. I will break down this door if you don’t open it right--”
Rei stopped short as Usagi flung the front door open. “Shhh! Chibiusa is asleep.”
“Sorry, sorry. You weren’t coming.”
This was the part, Usagi knew, where she was supposed to snap back that she was, and comment about Rei’s impatience or whine about how unfair she was or make some sort of production, but she didn’t have the heart or the energy. A beat passed in silence. Rei frowned.
“I decided,” she said as she stepped inside and shrugged off her coat, “That we can’t bring in the New Year like this.”
“Like what?”
Rei looked her in the eye, still all fire even without Mars. “Don’t like what me. You’re hiding away here when you should be with me. With us, all of us.”
“I have to take care of Chibiusa.”
“So? We love her. Or let her stay with Mamoru, wherever he’s living now.”
Usagi’s stomach dropped. Rei wasn’t supposed to know, no one was supposed to know. It was her most awful secret. She didn’t know if she felt angry or sad or relieved that it was out, maybe all three, or nothing at all, or--
A soft thump from the back of the house broke her train of thought. “No, no!” she hissed, running back to the bedroom as Chibiusa began to wail. The mattress was not spectacularly thick, the fall to the ground was only a matter of inches, but still. Inches could be enough, and then Usagi would have nothing, nothing left at all. She scooped Chibiusa into her arms. The little girl quieted immediately. She looked fine, not so much as a red mark anywhere she might have hit the ground, no blood, no bruises. Startled, probably. That was all. Usagi held her tight anyway.
“What the fuck is going on in here?”
Haven’t you heard of privacy? A Usagi who no longer existed snapped from deep within the Usagi who did’s head. “It’s safer this way. If she’s not in the crib. It’s safer like this.”
She watched Rei take it in, the mattress on the floor next to the bed frame, the lack of pillows, the singular blanket, Chibiusa’s crib gathering dust in the corner. “Usagi… what are you doing?”
What does it look like? and What I have to, and What are you doing, Rei? sounded in the back of her mind, but Usagi only shrugged.
“We’ve been waiting for you to say something, anything. Mako thinks you need time, but god, Usagi, how much time could you need?” She put her hands on her hips, readying for a fight Usagi didn’t have in her. “I’m not starting a year with you lying to us.”
“I didn’t lie.”
“Like hel--” She looked at Chibiusa, face dipping towards sheepish before hardening again. “Like heck you didn’t! There have been three times you’ve said Mamoru was here when he--”
“Rei. What does it matter?”
Rei’s jack went slack. She mouthed through several silent words, through surprise and anger and emotions too quick for Usagi to catch. “We’re your friends.”
“For how much longer?”
“What?” Rei looked furious enough that she might have slapped Usagi if she weren’t holding a baby. 
Usagi held Chibiusa a little tighter. “It’s over Rei. I’m not Serenity, you don’t have to stay.”
“Have to-- after everything, you think-- over?” Rei stopped her foot and turned out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Chibiusa began wailing again.
Usagi rocked back and forth to try and calm her down, but not thirty second later Rei banged her way back in. “You’re unbelievable.”
“You’re scaring her.”
Somehow, Rei thought the correct response was to pluck Chibiusa out of Usagi’s arms. Infuriatingly, it worked. Rei bounced Chibiusa against her shoulder and Chibiusa stopped crying in favor or yanking on a hunk of Rei’s hair. “I’m not going anywhere, and neither is anyone else.” The anger in her tone was undercut with the cooing voice she took on when speaking to Chibiusa. “After everything we’ve been through--”
“After everything, this isn’t even the future you were fighting for!” Usagi felt might cry, not the big wails that used to bring her comfort but the awful, hopeless tears that left her dry and exhausted-- more exhausted-- in the aftermath. “All that, and now it’s just… this. You were promised a different world, and I couldn’t give it to you. I messed it up somehow. Of course I did. Of course, stupid Usagi... but now you don’t have to be stuck with me. You can just live your life, you don’t have to ruin it anymore.” 
“Usagi…” Rei gently placed Chibiusa in her crib and grabbed Usagi into a hug. “That’s not how it is at all.”
Usagi started crying in earnest, glad she could hide her face in Rei’s chest. “You don’t have to pretend--”
“Cut that out,” Rei barked, but she stroked Usagi’s hair with all the same tenderness she’d shown Chibiusa. “I’m not your friend because of the Moon Kingdom. That’s why we met, but that’s not why I’m here now.”
“It’s not?” Usagi hiccuped.
“I’m here for you. And god, I never wanted-- Crystal Tokyo scared the shit out of me, and I know I’m not the only one. When it started to look like things would just be normal, it was a relief.”
“But…” Usagi couldn’t think of how she wanted to protest. It didn’t sound like it could be true. Crystal Tokyo had seemed cold and severe, but it was the good future, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it what everyone wanted?
Rei pulled away to look Usagi in the eye. “If I had a choice, this is the future I’d pick. Except--” she pressed her knuckles against Usagi’s head. “I’d change it so you don’t try and hide everything.”
“I thought if you knew, you’d leave, too.” Usagi stared at the ground.
“I am.”
Rei flicked her nose. “Shut up. Help me get this mattress back where it belongs.”
Usagi helped her-- or tried to, by some measure-- hoist it back on the bed frame, and then before she could protest Rei had found pillows and blankets to pile on top of it. She climbed in and gestured for Usagi to join her.
“You’re not doing this alone, even if you want to.” Rei put her arms around her. “You’d have to move far away and change your name to get rid of us, and even then I’d probably still find you.”
Usagi laughed despite herself. “Probably.”
“Let us help you. Let me help you.” Rei brushed some hair off her face. “You look exhausted.”
“I am exhausted.”
“Go to sleep, then.”
Usagi wanted to tell Rei it wasn’t that easy, but the next thing she knew she was roused by the pop and crackle of more fireworks. Her head was still on Rei’s chest, and something warm pressed against her back. Ami curled against her on the silver of open bed space. Flashes of light illuminated Mako and Mina sprawled on the floor. Usagi swallowed a sob, but it tasted like warmth instead of despair. She closed her eyes again as the fireworks escalated to their finale outside, feeling a small sparkle of hope begin to bloom again in her chest. The new year, their whole new future, had arrived, and she wasn’t facing it on her own.
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fnobadgifs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s a long description so I’m going to put it under a read more.
Angels Of Darkness (Gif)
The darkness surrounds the sky tonight Not a living soul to be seen A land covered in darkness with no light in sight The wind in howling like the fear in the air Don't try to hide it Heaven knows your efforts fail
Don't try to run Don't try to hide It's time to see you feel our power   Let the darkness consume you Let's make them scream
Be Wicked Be Wicked Don't hold it back anymore
Be Wicked Be Wicked Turn away and slam the door We don't care how their going to fall Let the darkness rage on Being bad never bothered us anyway
It's funny how causing some pain Makes us feel so good and the fears That once controlled us will all be burn away
It's time to show the world what we can do To test the limits and bring them to their knees No right no wrong no rules for us we're free
Be Wicked Be Wicked We are rulers of the night Be Wicked Be Wicked We'll give them a reason to cry Here we stand And here we'll stay Let the darkness rage on
Our power flurries though the air into the ground Our souls are causing destruction all around And our thoughts are darker than an eclipse We are going to rule this world Just watch them begging for their lives
Be Wicked Be Wicked Be bad as you want to be Be Wicked Be Wicked Nothing will stand in our way Here we stand To watch this world burn Let the darkness rage on
Being Bad never bothered us anyway !
I was think just how much Wicked Lady from Sailor Moon sort of reminds me of Elsa from Frozen so I got the idea to put them together as crossover/ AU. But since Wicked lady is the evil side of ChibiUsa, I had to make a Dark Elsa. As for the song I just made it as I was writing it. At first I wasn't going to make this but I went for it and make it and I hope you all enjoy it.
Now I don’t know how similar Wicked Lady and Elsa are, but I do know that the backgrounds and water effects used are pretty tacky.
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tiny012 · 3 months ago
Out of the five season finales in the 90s anime, Mamoru only was present during the final battle in R. Poor guy. Not only was he not allowed to kick ass, he was not allowed to watch his girlfriend kick ass. :(
Let’s compare 90′s anime with Manga/Crystal! lol 
Classic/Dark Kingdom
90’s Anime- Get’s Kidnapped, Brainwashed, tried to kill Usagi in which Usagi cleans him but gets killed by Beryl while saving Usagi. Dies in her arms. Doesn’t help in the final battle.
Tumblr media
Manga/Crystal- Gets Kidnap and Brainwashed to thinking he’s Endymion (per se) but after it was the reveal the the shitennou stones saved him form Usagi stab,he was right behind her giving her his strength and support as she defeat Metallia. He also told how how to defeat Metallia thanks to the shitnnou. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black Moon
90’s Anime- Actively participates in the battle along Sensh to give his energy to Usa and Chibs. (In R movie but he was Kidnapped after Fiore tried to stab Usagi and took the blow for her but was there and chance into Endymion when she was trying to slow the asteroid down.. ) ( Only battle he was in)
Tumblr media
Manga/Crystal- Falls into the Death Phantom’s lair along with the Senshi.She wakes ups in his arms after they were separated from the senshi. Tells Usagi that she needs to believe in herself and he give his strength to help her defeat Dead Phantom along with Chibiusa which he is by her side in Battle.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was added in Crystal but when they were attacking Doom Phantom he was right behind her giving his strength to her.  
Tumblr media
90′s anime- Gives his energy to keep Chibiusa alive once her pure heart was stolen to awaken Mistress 9. ( aka life support)  (not in the final battle)
Tumblr media
Manga/Crystal - Gives his energy to keep but after Chibiusa get her pure heart back thanks to Saturn which awakes, he goes into the battle along with Chiubsa to help out Usagi and the senshi. ( Still uses La Bomber)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
90’s Anime- Becomes very sick due the fact the Earth and Elsyion(which is protect by the earth)  is being attack thanks the Dead Moon circus.(not in the final battle)
Tumblr media
Manga/Crystal/Eternal- Becomes very sick due to his connection with the Earth and Elysion  but Usa get sick with him as well ..It is revealed that he’s the holder of the golden crystal which is the equivalent of the Sliver Crystal in which they have to break the seal . He release the power of the Golden Crystal to help Usagi and the Senshi in Eternal Forms to defeat Zirconia and Nehellenia.  Turns into King Endymion along with Usag turning into NQS to cleanse Earth and Elysion.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
90’s Anime- A floating star seed after Galaxia kills him on the airplane when he was leaving for America.
Tumblr media
Manga/Crystal/Eternal- Galaxia kills him and take his star seed first at the airport which Usa sees but blocks it out. Galaxia reanimate his corpse to taunt Usa with.
Tumblr media
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anastasiaskarsgard · 3 months ago
you hate Sessrin? ok. so you must also hate Chibiusa and Helios from SailorMoon too right? Chibiusa is in elementary school and Helios is centuries old. what about non anime stories like Jane Austin's Emma? Emma is 17 years younger than the man she marries, Mr Knightly. He was a family friend her whole life and even held her as a baby. do these fall under the same as Sessrin or do they not matter?
I never watched sailor moon but that sounds pretty fucked.
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viterbofangirllovessm · 4 months ago
Hi! Idk if you answered this before but why don't you like Stars? It's also not my fave, I'm just curious
Hello, hello! Thank you so much for asking! 
I think the Eternal Sailor Moon fuku is butt ugly and I hate it.
Seriously though (I mean YES I hate the fuku but there’s more than that) my dislike takes two forms: anime and manga.
We’ll tackle the manga first because it’s the easiest. First, I really, really dislike Seiya and how he (”he” because they were explicitly male in their civilian forms in the anime) horndogged Usagi when she was clearly suffering from the whole Mamoru-gone-then-sorta-dropped-off-the-face-of-the-earth thing. Super disrespectful, and a result of the director/showrunner hating Mamoru, which SERIOUSLY, MAN? JUST DO YOUR JOB, OKAY. Also, the fact that the Starlights kind of... took over. Everything. Especially the big finale. Like, excuse me what the heck?? Where are my beloved gals??? That being said, I am happy to say that the final confrontation between Usagi and Chaos!Galaxia was such a beautiful encapsulation of Usagi’s entire character, and if pretty much the EXACT SAME THING hadn’t happened in the R movie, I would probably still keep it as quasi-canon status in my head. (Related to that last, I canNOT decide whether or not I like or loathe Uranus and Neptune’s actions with Galaxia. One the one hand, it’s soooo them. On the other hand, surely they’ve learned their lesson by now, and aren’t they LIVING with Setsuna and Horatu they aren’t STRANGERS for pity’s sake they’re FAMILY what the actual hell! On the other hand... it’s SO THEM.)
I reserve my most fervent dislike for the manga Stars arc. While we are spared the Usagi/Seiya stuff, it’s actually MUCH WORSE. First of all, the scouts and Mamoru are FUCKING. BRAINWASHED. and made to attack Usagi. Just... NO. Our girl does NOT deserve that at this point in her life. But more than anything, it’s the whole Sailor Cosmos thing, whose fuku I love but whose entire existence I loathe with the fire of a thousand suns. She is Usagi alone, Usagi hopeless, Usagi despairing. Which is the complete and utter antithesis of everything Usagi IS. Yes, I acknowledge that Usagi in the manga did commit suicide twice, and there are subtle differences in characterization from the anime. But for most of us, they blend together in our heads and Usagi’s strength is always her love and her friendship and her hope and her refusal to look at the big picture when the little people are hurting. It’s what makes us fall in love with her, and to see her future so bleak and painful and hopeless... you know what? It’s just like the Star Wars sequels where we learn that 30 years later all of our heroes are miserable and their sacrifices and heroism did jack squat for the universe at large. It doesn’t matter if things get “fixed.” Our beloved characters have spent years in pain and no tacked-on happy ending will change that!
Also, thematically, I think it just makes sense to stop at the end of manga SuperS (and presumably, the SM Crystal Eternal movie.) Usagi and Mamoru have defeated foes past (Metallia) future (Black Moon) external (Pharoah 90) and internal (Dark Moon Circus.) We have even tied Usagi’s arc further into faerie tale mythos with Nehellenia’s curse on her as a baby. We have been introduced to the Waxing (Serenity) Full (Usagi) Waning (Chibiusa) and New (Nehellenia) moons. Most importantly, Usagi and Mamoru have come into their full power and access of their futures identities of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Just... end it there. Slap an “AND THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES!!!” sticker on it and LET THEM HAVE A HAPPY ENDING!
These are, of course, all my own opinions. A lot of people really like Stars and find intriguing and satisfying story elements therein, and that is totally valid! I just...
Tumblr media
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recentanimenews · 4 months ago
Chibiusa Falls in Love in Newest Trailer for Sailor Moon Eternal Anime Films
  The upcoming two-part Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie anime films released a brand new trailer today, showing the young lady, Chibiusa, getting a smooch from the horse of her dreams, Helios. The two films will be adapting the Dead Moon arc from Naoko Takeuchi's famous manga.
      The two Sailor Moon Eternal anime films continue to re-adapt the manga series from Naoko Takeuchi, which started with Sailor Moon Crystal, moving onto adapting the Dead Moon arc. Sailor Moon Eternal THE MOVIE Parts 1 and 2 are set to be released in Japan on January 8 and February 11 respectively, with Chiaki Kon returning from season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal to direct at Studio Deen and Toei Animation.
  Source: Comic Natalie
Daryl Harding is a Japan Correspondent for Crunchyroll News. He also runs a YouTube channel about Japan stuff called TheDoctorDazza, tweets at @DoctorDazza, and posts photos of his travels on Instagram. 
By: Daryl Harding
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