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#bandai uk
tamapalace · 5 days ago
Bandai UK Releases V2 Tamagotchi Original Commercial
If you think you’ve seen this commercial before, it’s because you have! It looks like Bandai UK has updated the Tamagotchi Original commercial that we’ve seen in the United States for a while now with some new graphics. The differences include the pop up graphics including arrows and hearts. Other than that you will see an updated Tamagotchi Original shell featured in the commercial, and the last frame includes four Tamagotchi Original shells and one in the box!
Tumblr media
The updated commercial seems really cute, and it is important to note that Bandai UK informs viewers that the Tamagotchi Original is available at Smyths. However Smyth’s isn't the only retailer, most notably The Entertainer does carry the Tamagotchi Original as well!
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rjgrid · 7 years ago
Well, I was going to think about buying the Gosei Morpher and the Power Rangers card game deck, but after hearing they won't be releasing boosters I've decided not to bother.
Still majorly pissed off by this decision. But hey, we haven't had a Digimon game since Digimon World 4 (which was bloody horrendous) so I guess I can't be too surprised by Bandai UK's bullshit decisions.
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rjgrid · 7 years ago
Bandai UK is teasing me with the Legacy Morpher, it doesn't come out for another couple months but I want it now~! ;A;
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