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#Phantasialand Germany
orebic-travel · 4 months ago
Phantasialand Travel Guide - Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!
Phantasialand Travel Guide – Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!
Welcome to the Theme Park Worldwide Travel Guide! In this Episode I’ll be sharing information about how to plan a trip to Phantasialand in Germany.
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knockturnalliewitchstew · 7 months ago
The ‘Ghost Rickshaw’ attraction in Germany’s Phantasialand - one of the descendants of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion, and perhaps the most inexplicable and artistically designed of the lot. I love this attraction (broken dragon notwithstanding) but still have no clue what the hell is going on for most of it.
Halloween posts start now, by the way.
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herninjashark · 7 months ago
Germany Entertainment Market Size, Competitive Analysis, Share, Forecast- 2019-2025
Germany entertainment industry is expected to see a CAGR of 7.3% during the period (2019-2025). Germany is the largest economy and one of the most populous countries in Europe. The high population base is one of the major factors for the growth of the industry in the country. The country holds a significant share in the online video streaming industry. The subscription video-on-demand share of total pay-services subscriptions is especially high in Germany. The country has around 2,085 titles available on subscription video-on-demand. Such a large number of availabilities of online content will drive the industry growth amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film industry of Germany has seen a downfall in the recent past. According to the European Audiovisual Observatory, the average production budget of films has decreased in Germany with 20.5% in 2017. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 will certainly affect the number of cinema attendance in 2020.
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effthisnothingworks · 8 months ago
It’s interesting how ride restrictions are phrased in different countries. Like in Sweden we usually have “Minimum height: x. Maximum height: y. Minimum age: a” but I just saw a sign from Phantasialand, Germany which essentially had one section for people who aren’t allowed to ride then one saying certain people could only ride with another rider and then one for who could ride alone. Like it was overly detailed to me and was written as full sentences.
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somewhereontv · 10 months ago
1/ Paranormal
Tumblr media
I was always fascinated by magic, witches and ghosts from early on but I’m not sure where that interest came from. It was just there, somehow. I’ve never really went on a private ghost hunt though. Until watching Ghost Adventures, I wasn’t even aware people did that in their free time, which I find awesome. In the US people seem to be more aware and accepting of the paranormal. Where I come from people would look at you crazy if you even mention anything remotely unexplained or spiritual. I never had any paranormal experiences, at least nothing definitive. Just a few strange occurrences and picking up things that made me wonder. My mom is a very spiritual person and she told me that my great-grandmother was a dark with and that she did stuff to hurt people, hurt us. In fact, my mom believes we we’re cursed by her in some way. We didn’t have an easy life for sure, so you never know.
2/ Phantasialand (Germany)
Tumblr media
This was my favorite theme park when I was little. I think I went multiple times before even being 10. I loved the different themed areas and being transported into another world. I still love theme parks so much. I could be there all day every day. Not necessarily for the rides but more for the theming and the atmosphere.
3/ Pecan Pie
Tumblr media
I usually don’t like super sweet desserts but this one is just so delicious. Probably because I like pecans.
4/ Photography
Tumblr media
I’ve always been into visual arts and I love looking at photos other’s take. I do love taking them myself too but I’ve never owned a professional camera. I just could never commit to buying one.
5/ Practical Magic
Tumblr media
I find this movie really sweet and entertaining. I’ve always loved movies about witches but this one is just such a good watch.
6/ Pinterest
Tumblr media
I could honestly scroll on there all day (on Tumblr too lol). I’m a very visual person so these types of social media sites are right up my alley. I use Pinterest as a second search engine because can find so much useful stuff on certain subjects.
7/ Popcorn
Tumblr media
I prefer salty and sweet mixed together, it’s the perfect combo. I do love some sweet popcorn too though. I only started asking for them to mix both in France at the end before we moved. I learned that in Ireland they only have salty popcorn and although I love savory things, it’s just way too salty which is why I like to mix both. It seemed like in the US they weren’t selling fresh made sweet popcorn at the movie’s either. But maybe that depends on the state. Let me know if I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just weird for liking sweet popcorn 😂
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jermaine-main · 10 months ago
The 7 World Records Of Phantasialand In Germany
Taron is the fastest Multi-Launch-Coaster in the world.
Taron is the longest Multi-Launch-Coaster of its kind in the world.
Taron has the strongest catapult launch in the world.
over the course of the ride, the rails cross each other an unparalleled 116 times at 58 intersections, the highest number for a Multi-Launch-Coaster.
Raik is the fastest boomerang in the world.
Raik is the longest boomerang in the world.
Chiapas, the log flume ride, has the world's steepest decent. (in the Mexican part)
Up to 2016 a rollercoaster in the USA was the fastest and the longest Multi-Launch-Coaster of this kind, at 1360 metres long and reaching speeds of almost 113 kilometres per hour. The Phantasialand attraction exceeds these figures
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ahnsael · a year ago
This has to be one of the most interesting log flume layouts I’ve ever seen. Not much as far as story is concerned, but it’s still interesting.
From Phantasialand in Germany.
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cutefallenangel · a year ago
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Phantasialand in germany
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Mein #happybirthday #dinner #buffet im #phantasialand #restaurant #zambesi in #brühl #germany 😊👍❤️🥳 #mega #lecker #dreigängemenü
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