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the-spooky-children · 7 hours ago
Fluffy fic idea: Lila teaching Skid how to bake
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syst3merr0r · a day ago
Goodbye || Final Part
A yes, a final part. Because I read over the last two parts and forgot Skid was still partially corrupted. Sooo yeah!
This is basically a reassurance chapter to let y'all who caught onto that, that Skid is indeed okay.
Story's under the cut!
Pico quietly cursed under his breath as he looked up at the bed from where he was crouched.
The plan had been to come back to base(which was really just Skid’s house, god bless Lila and her generosity for letting them stay there with her and the kids) and take a well deserved nap.
Keyword “had been”.
Now, while Whitty sat in Skid's room to watch Pump, Skid sat on the edge of his mother's bed with tears in his eyes again. Pico had forgotten Skid’s legs were still corrupted, which meant that he must have one of those parasites on him somewhere. Most likely form when Pump was corrupted.
And while Pico had found it attached to his ankle, he just needed to figure out how to get it off.
Because apparently, according to Skid’s reaction to every time he tried to pull it off, it hurt like a bitch.
“Skid, I need to get it off, kiddo. I know it hurts.” Pico tried to comfort, though it wasn’t really his strong suit.
The boy nodded and tried to not jerk his leg back for the tenth time that hour.
Seeing as pulling it off wasn’t getting him anywhere, Pico looked at Lila. “Hey Lila, could ya distract him? I’m gonna try my knife.” He asked quietly, the mother, though she definitely looked concerned at the fact that he was using a knife, nodded.
Getting the blade out, he gently placed the flat end against Skid’s ankle, the sharp end against the parasite’s head where it was attached at.
Maybe this was like getting off a very...very...stubborn tick.
Skid let out a pained yelp, jerking his leg back. He looked at his ankle to see the same splatter like pattern and blood dribbling down his ankle. Looking back at Pico, the ginger gave a tired smile and held up the parasite.
“Got it, kiddo.”
Okay, after he cleaned up Skid, it was definitely naptime.
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perfectdisastcr · a day ago
💝 💝 💝 ((one for Five/Lila, Five/Handle and possible Diego/Kailyn???
💝 - headcanon 5 things about our ship, please? C: (five/lila)
they both have very dominating personalities, so in their relationship, they often have to check their egos at the door.
lila hates coffee, but when five makes it for her, even if it’s not the way he prefers it, she can tolerate it.
they regularly both take part in walks together, because neither of them has ever been good as just staying still or in one place for a long time.
trust isn’t easy to come by for either of them, so they often have continually prove themselves to the other.
lila isn’t the best cook, but she makes better food than five, so she’s often trying new things out in the kitchen, to five’s picky tastes.
💝 - headcanon 5 things about our ship, please? C: (five/the handler)
they have been on and off again for the few years he worked under the commission with her, and this brought a whole new dynamic to their relationship.
after they ended things for the last time, five went on to 2019 to find his family, while the handler went on to keep the end of the world alive and well, still wishing he’d return to her.
they are both terrible influences on each other, five making the handler question her own ability, and the handler making five do things against his moralities.
even at their worst, five finds a soft spot for the handler because it’s the first real relationship he’s ever had, and she often uses that knowledge to use him and play him.
the handler doesn’t let five take control of her, as she is always going to end up on top.
💝 - headcanon 5 things about our ship, please? C: (kailyn/diego)
diego is fiercely overprotective of kailyn, and will go to any lengths to keep her safe.
kailyn often waits up at night for diego to return from missions and other vigilante work, more often then, ready with the first aid kit to take care of any wounds he might have sustained.
they don’t go on many dates, but when they do, diego tries to schmooze her up as much as possible, because he knows how much they can mean to her, and he wants to give her the whole world.
diego is scared that someone will use kailyn as leverage one day against him, so it’s hard for him to show affection in public spaces, but in private, he isn’t afraid to show her how much he loves her.
kailyn tried to take them to dancing lessons once because she thought it would be a nice private place to enjoy each other’s company, but instead, diego taught her to dance in the privacy of their own place with his ballroom lessons he was required to partake in when he was younger.
send an emoji for my feelings towards our muses shipping edition
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the-spooky-children · a day ago
*when Skid and Pump and their families first met*
Lila: oh, it's nothing! My sweetie's just at that very special age where a boy has only one thing on his mind!
Pump's mom: *crouches down, smiling* girls?
Skid: homicide.
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more-like-notome · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The devildom’s coolest duo and the result of a totally-not-fate paperwork mixup, here are the two MCs of this page! In this canon, three human students were selected by “accident” so Solomon is still there— and yes I have found loopholes so the plot still works the same ;)
I got the template here! So credit where credit is due
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I was watching Raya and the last dragon and (meanwhile I was crushing on both Raya and Namsari) I was having the feeling that I already knew Sisu and then... Lila from Barbie of Swan Lake came to my mind!
Both magic and mythological animals, purple/blue skin, a horn, big eyes, same sense of humor, same expressions, clumsy, cocky in a positive way, sometimes they fly.
Now: they are the same character and no one can change my mind.
Tumblr media
What do you think? They are pretty similar, aren't they?
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evildeadfan102 · a day ago
Tumblr media
I drew Lyra/Lila from Eden’s Zero.
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spidercrimes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
oh, rancid vibe queen of my heart 💜
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the-spooky-children · 2 days ago
Lila: I adore my baby, but I wish he would stop saying "this human form is limiting" all the time
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ladymiraclewings · 2 days ago
Chloe: You know what they say: shoot for the moon, and if you miss, at least you’ll land among the stars.
Lila: Or suffocate in space, I suppose.
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Tumblr media
Lila and Alix!
I've already drawn Lila's sister (Airelle) and Alix's brother (Yann) a few times but I tend to disregard the little sisters... :p
Yeah I admit it's just that I have more trouble drawing girls, well it comes less naturally to me.
So, they have been friends since they arrived in Blastone (the town where my story takes place, in the afterlife) and even though Alix has to study with her brother a lot (she asked him to help her get into the school she wants, he accepted, but she still complains non-stop when she has to work), and Lila usually misses school to go out anywhere, they always find moments to hang out and chat!
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flawnle-sketches · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And finally there’s these
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the-spooky-children · 2 days ago
I wonder if Lila has realised that there is something up with her son yet (i.e befriending deadly monsters, maybe immortal, is lucky as fuck, etc)
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the-spooky-children · 2 days ago
I want a fanfic where all of the chapters are just of Skid's milestones as a child (like first steps, first words, etc) and it's just super wholesome and fluffy (with emotional and proud Lila of course)
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the-spooky-children · 2 days ago
I like the "Skid is "Everything" " theory because
Tumblr media
It implies Lila is saying like "thank you for my child" (also Skid drew a doodle of Moloch and Lila put it on the fridge wbgjgegqefw-)
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the-spooky-children · 2 days ago
Whenever the spooky bois are sad, Lila makes them a pillow fort and puts on Nightmare Before Christmas to cheer them up
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skidd-and-pumpy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I only just discovered this earlier today (I've seen lower-quality gifs of these two enjoying their TV time, but I never knew what it was from... until now!)
So after I giffed it, I thought what the heck, I may as well show you guys too! Look how precious they are!
Original video from the 2020 Spooky Month Soundtrack/Score
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stories-and-art · 3 days ago
Did I say angst? Haha I lied, have more fluff.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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