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#I gotta test this myself
themariameffect · 29 days ago
What r some questions you would ask a potential spouse when ur still in the talking stage? Girl I need help
the goal is to ask him the things you want to know about him but also to be very attentive to his habits and behaviour because everyone can sound angelic when they talk about themselves. so yes ask but pay attention to everything about them.
does he have kids? does he do any drugs? who are the most important people in his life? does he take his health seriously? does he respect others and treat them equally? is he reliable? what was his childhood like? any unresolved traumas? what’s he like when he’s sad or angry?Is he a good listener? is he a good communicator? is he financially responsible? what kinda people does he follow on social media? does he take care of himself/have good personal hygiene? can he cook or does he need u to be his slave? what are his dreams and goals? what does he bring to the table? are you and him compatible? what do you need to give up to be in this relationship and are they worth the sacrifice? is he controlling? whats his family like (& will they have issues with ur race/tribe etc)? does he count every penny he spends on you? do u wanna raise kids with this person & does he have the values u want ur kids to learn?can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with him?
Before you get physical with him yall better get STD tests done even if he swears to God he’s a virgin or he’s clean, because I’ve heard horror stories. Better safe than sorry.
As you can see i be interrogating the hell outta these men lol you’re supposed to ask them anything and everything you wanna know because personally i hate surprises and i dont wanna find out something after I’ve already committed and invested in them.
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riidcr · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
To those who are wondering: i DO have a swashbuckler verse but it's been titled as an AU. I don't do much with it bc i either don't know who's interested or just me being worried i won't give it the justice it deserves because the concept is sorta new to me, I'm hoping after exams I'd get a chance to research and develop it better, but if anyone's willing to plot and help me out you're more than welcome to yell at me !
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c0rnerkid · a month ago
jesus fucking christ the last three hours were exhausting
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heartfeltstories · a month ago
REMINDER to myself: you put in a LOT of hard work this semester! you did much better than the last despite how very stressful online classes are and even just general stress that comes with living with family so for that you should be proud! 
its a few exams left - less than a week until the semester is over - and even if youre anxious rn and feel like you dont know a thing, look at the work youve done! it’s pretty clear you know your stuff; you just gotta relax and believe in yourself ✨ you got this and whatever comes out of the exams just know you tried your best despite what anybody else says🍀
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marzely · a month ago
Just remembered a b99 meme that fits button and nick so well and I wanna draw it. But I have so much school work to finish 😢 I'm also currently working on a quackity dsmp comic and I really wanna finish that too.....
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nightlightsglow · 2 months ago
Me after 5 seconds of being productive: oh wow time to play salmon run
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