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#Elizabeth Afton
lucianydia · 4 hours ago
William Afton: My kids are fine, look
Michael, Axel, Norman and Elizabeth, They were chased by a thief for 5 blocks: ...dAD-
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skeletoninthemelonland · 7 hours ago
Headcanon that in the past elizabeth was scared of springBonnie.
She has no idea William is springbonnie even when.
William in the suit without the head:
Elizabeth: daddy!!
William puts on head:
Elizabeth: cries and hides
William takes off the head again:
Elizabeth: daddy!! :D
William puts it on:
Elizabeth: scream
Tumblr media
wip :))
ps: drew him not using the suit because... too dangerous..
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Misfortune, raised with 1 alcoholic and 1 absent/abusive parent: Oh, I'll wear anything! Thanks for thinking about it, but you really don't have to bother.
Elizabeth, raised with shitty but incredibly rich parents: What do you mEAN THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PEACH AND FUCHSIA?????
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spacejordy · 15 hours ago
pfff you think Liz tells irish stories?
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spacejordy · 19 hours ago
Charlotte/Charlie and Liz
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mechanicaldemonio · 19 hours ago
Random headcanon 50
In The Fourth Closet during the times when William wasn’t so snippy about what Elizabeth did, he would let her sit next to his wheelchair with her head on his knee.
It was one of the only times he showed her any kind of affection for Elizabeth and she absolutely relished in it.
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incorrect-fnaf · a day ago
Elizabeth: If I cut off my foot and swing it at your head, is that kicking you or hitting you?
Michael: You'll probably mentally scar me more than anything.
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amaruosaka · a day ago
Lizzy is bean
Tumblr media
The designs of Michael and Elizabeth Afton belong to ekizochikkuna charlie on YouTube
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spacejordy · a day ago
Liz: Am i in trouble?
Jen: Take a guess
Liz: No?
Jen: Take another guess
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funtime-itati · a day ago
Early fathers day (springtrap and Elizabeth as dragons, I know Elizabeth looks cringe, I can't paint good lol)
Tumblr media
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mushramoo · a day ago
May i have a Bisexual Circus Baby please?
Tumblr media
Here!! It’s very hard to incorporate bi colors into baby since she’s already pinkish-red!
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mushramoo · 2 days ago
can I ask for a demigirl circus baby? shes my comfort character and itd be really poggers if you drew her :D (your style is so pretty)
Tumblr media
Here u gooo! I love baby too! She’s one of my favorite characters in the whole series. Glad I could draw ur comfy character for you! And thank you!! :)
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clowncore-ursidae · 2 days ago
Did the Aftons in the picrew too!
Tumblr media
William Afton, little shit man I hate him.
Tumblr media
Chantelle Afton, Williams wife(and eventually ex-wife)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Micheal afton, pre and post transition.
Tumblr media
Oliver Afton(CC)
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Afton, little bby child I love her
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