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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
How can Amazon sellers avoid infringement?
Amazon is a platform that emphasizes products but not stores. To operate an Amazon store, you must learn to delete the complex and simplify it, and install it lightly. It is best for sellers to register a trademark to protect the product. New sellers' follow-up sales may be very fast, but they will also cause profits to fall due to follow-up sales, and will soon enter vicious competition. The seller must prevent infringement when following the sale. In the event of infringement, it will be warned or the store will be closed. So what is infringement, and how should it be avoided?
1. What is infringement?
Normally, it refers to infringement of other people's intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights and patents, which means that other people's trademarks, copyrights and patents are used without the legal authorization of others. Infringement is not only an illegal act, but also an illegal act.
2. What types of infringement are involved in the Amazon platform?
1. Copyright, usually refers to infringement of the author's copyright.
2. Trademark rights, unauthorized use of the other party's trademark or LOGO without the official authorization of the product brand.
3. Invention patent right, if the product sold is invented by someone else, and someone else has applied for patent protection, the seller produces and sells it without permission, which means selling imitation products.
4. Appearance design patent rights refer to new designs that are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for industrial applications based on the shape, pattern, color or combination of products. Appearance patents that are more than 60% similar are deemed to be infringements and fakes.
3. What are the consequences of infringement?
1. Platform detection, the product was taken off the shelf, and the store was sentenced to violation.
2. Complaints from the right holders, ranging from listing off the shelf, to closing the shop directly.
3. There is also a risk that the defendant has infringed and will be issued by the court to freeze funds or pay the brand's high compensation.
4. How can sellers avoid infringement?
If you want non-infringement, you must start from the source of the supplier. At the same time, pay attention to obtaining the formal authorization of brand trademarks, and pay attention not to include trademarks registered by others in the listing store name, and not to use brand names that can easily mislead buyers.
1. Ensure that the supply channels are regular. Many product infringements occur in the supply chain of the source of goods. When choosing a supplier, we must strictly examine the production capacity and production qualification of the other party, and eliminate imitations and fakes. If there are other people’s trademarks on the product, you must first check on the trademark website. If you find that the trademark is valid and the subject is not your supplier, the supplier cannot provide you with a letter of authorization. It is recommended not to sell this product.
2. Obtain the formal authorization of the brand trademark. If you are selling products of a certain brand, you must first obtain the formal authorization of the brand trademark before publishing the listing. There is one point that sellers need to pay attention to: brand authorization is only qualified for trademark holders, and agents are not qualified to authorize sellers, and sellers can only legally use trademarks if they obtain formal authorization from the trademark holder.
3. Avoid using other people's brand names. From listing pictures (using original images), text descriptions, to keywords in the title and search terms, none of them can carry other people's brand names. In addition, the name of the store cannot carry trademarks registered by others, nor can it use brand names that can easily mislead buyers.
Some plush toys, Apple peripheral products, wedding dresses, etc. are all "high-risk products" that are prone to infringement, so be careful.
Many sellers know that their products are infringing, but they take risks in order to make quick money. They regret it after receiving the small red flag and look for solutions everywhere. And now Amazon's review system is becoming more and more stringent. If you don't pay attention, your account may be blocked and your funds may be deducted. Don't be the one who suffers in the end because of the short-term petty gains.
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
Amazon ROHS testing and certification process
RoHS is a mandatory standard established by EU legislation. Its full name is "Restriction of Hazardous Substances" (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). The standard has been officially implemented on July 1, 2006, and is mainly used to standardize the material and process standards of electrical and electronic products, making it more conducive to human health and environmental protection.
If the product is not certified by RoHS, it will cause incalculable damage to the manufacturer. At that time, no one cares about the product, and it will lose the market. If the product gets into the other party's market by chance, once it is found out, it will be subject to high fines or even criminal detention, which may lead to The entire enterprise closed down.
Importance of ROHS test report
ROHS is a directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Computer hosts are electronic and electrical products exported to the EU and need to apply for RoHS test reports. RoHS test reports are for products and are long-term effective. Secondly, ROHS itself is only based on products As long as your product material, production process and process remain unchanged, the report can be effective for a long time.
The ROHS standard was officially implemented on July 1, 2006. From July 22, 2019, EU regulations will enforce the ROHS2.0 standard, which is mainly used to standardize the material and process standards of electronic and electrical products to make it more beneficial to the human body Health and environmental protection. The purpose of this standard is to eliminate 0.01% (100ppm) of cadmium in electrical and electronic products, lead, mercury, six prices, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, bis(2-ethyl)hexyl phthalate, and butyl phthalate. There are 10 substances of benzyl benzyl ester, dibutyl phthalate, and diisobutyl phthalate at 0.1% (1000 ppm), and the lead content must not exceed 0.1%.
Information to be submitted for ROHS test report
1. Complete the application form and letter of guarantee, indicate the type of report (Chinese or English), and provide the corresponding Chinese and English on the report.
2. Two samples of the finished product are used for checking the report.
3. Parts test report and complete machine test report;
4. Provide a list of product test reports.
5. Bill of Materials (BOM).
6. A simple cross-sectional view of the finished product structure (it is recommended to provide for verification).
7. Product manual or specification performance description, product quality control chart (if any)
8. The complete machine RoHS declaration of conformity (DoC).
Amazon RoHS testing and certification process
Step 1: Application (the applicant fills in the application form and provides a list of product components);
Step 2: Quotation
Step 3: Payment (After the applicant confirms the quotation, sign the application form and service agreement and pay the full project fee, and prepare test samples;
Step 4: The test is passed and the report is completed;
Step 5: The project is completed and a RoHS test report is issued.
Amazon ROHS testing and certification fees:
The RoHS test is calculated based on the material of the product. It depends on the number of materials and several materials that need to be tested. The more types of materials tested, the more the product price. If you are in a hurry and want to expedite the test, it will happen. The cost of an expedited test, and the selected institution is different, the cost may also be different. Some customers have many types of product materials, so they worry about the high cost. In fact, it doesn't matter. If the product material or color is more, it can be packaged and tested!
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
Amazon Prime Day, which lasts for 48 hours, hits, how to achieve a burst of sales?
The pace of Amazon Prime Day in 2021 is getting closer and closer. For Prime members from all over the world, Amazon Prime Day means great value, discounts, and a carnival. Amazon Prime Day is a promotion day on the Amazon platform. It was first created by Amazon, a bit like Alibaba's Double 11. For other retailers, Prime Day is an important marketing opportunity. This year, Amazon's 2021 Prime membership day is coming as scheduled. During the event, millions of products will be provided and free global shipping services will be provided for specific products. In addition, only Amazon Prime members can participate in Prime Member Day activities and enjoy great discounts on many products.
Amazon Prime Day sales in previous years
#Prime Day#
Amazon's total sales on Amazon Prime Day 2015-2020
Data show that 2020 is Inc.'s 6th Prime Day Golden Day, marking another record-breaking for this retail giant, with sales exceeding 45.2% in 2019.
According to statistics, in the two days from October 13th to 14th, 2020, Amazon's global sales on Prime Day reached 10.4 billion U.S. dollars, higher than the 7.16 billion U.S. dollars during the 48-hour event in July 2019.
Amazon Prime Day time, area involved
#Prime Day#
2021 Amazon Prime Membership Day will be held from June 21st to 22nd (depending on your time zone) and lasts for 48 hours. It is one of the most attractive sales days this year. Prime Day is different from Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday in the United States, and Double 11 in China, because Amazon Prime Member Day activities are only conducted on the Amazon platform (and various Amazon international websites).
The markets covered by Amazon Prime Day in 2021 are:
North America: United States
Europe: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria
Middle East: UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia
Asia: Japan, Singapore, Australia, China
South America: Mexico, Brazil
In addition, it should be noted that there are two important markets that will be absent from this Amazon Prime Day, namely Canada and India. The former is due to an outbreak in Amazon warehouses, while the latter is still deeply involved in the epidemic.
Amazon Prime Day selection
#Prime Day#
In order to be able to provide sellers as accurately as possible with this year's Prime Day and summer hot products, the following data are three sets of product marketing potential classifications synthesized from 22 major categories of products related to Chinese sellers on Amazon:
Strong increase (3 times the average daily sales volume in Q1)
#Prime Day#
Sports & Outdoor
Garden & Outdoor
Home & Kitchen
Travel Goods (Luggage & Travel Gear)
Automotive (Automotive Parts & Accessories)
Beauty & Personal Care
Cell Phone & Accessories
Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry
Fascia gun (sporting goods)
Dress (clothing)
Significant increase (2 times the average daily sales volume in Q1)
#Prime Day#
Arts, Crafts & Sewing
Musical Instruments
Pet Supplies
Home Improvement (Tools & Home Improvement)
Smart speakers (electronic products)
Folding fan (household appliances)
Increased (increased from the average daily sales in Q1 quarter)
#Prime Day#
Baby products (Baby)
Computers (including tablets) (Computers)
Pet Supplies
Industrial & Scientific
Office Products
Video Games
Pet supplies
Product selection tips: When Amazon sellers choose popular products when choosing products, in addition to the possible infringement, there is also a problem that competition pressure is also great. Many sellers are selling the same products, the traffic is shared, and the traffic that each product can get is less. So if you want to get more traffic and sales, you still have to expand the channels from off-site promotion.
After the product selection is completed, when should it be shipped?
Because Prime Day has more traffic than usual, the activity time is 48 hours, plus the sellers’ warm-up activity before the event, so sellers need longer time to stock up. Moreover, in view of the possible congestion in North American ports, to prevent congestion during cargo transportation, or accidents that are too late to deal with, it is recommended to enter the warehouse 15 days before the start of the Prime Day event. Therefore, the seller needs to deliver the goods to the stocking warehouse 15 days before the logistics time limit + Prime Day.
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
I stepped on the pit outside the Deal station, don't step on it!
Don’t ask for someone to talk about the marketing methods of off-site promotion. Prime day is coming, the pit of this activity must be known!
However, Deal discount channels mainly include Deal stations, Facebook, ins, vk groups, forum discount sections and rebate websites. There are also two more common forms of off-site discount promotion: one is to drop directly inside the station or display the code code inside the station, and post outside the station; the other is that the discount is not displayed inside the station, and the code code hidden at the front desk is set to promote outside the station. Of the two, the latter will be more friendly to sellers. Because the discount is hidden, the platform cannot detect the low price outside the site when reporting the event, so the price of the event will not be kept low.
With the help of off-site, we often use these 4 methods: original price brushing, 99% off sending test, FB off-site promotion, so I don’t ask anyone to talk about the pits of the Deal site today.
Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 methods:
1. Recall the original price
It is the best way to buy orders at the original price and completely imitate the shopping habits of real buyers. First, you can increase the search weight, and then you can leave a review with the VP logo. The disadvantage of course is that no reliable buyers can be found, and when the accounts are settled after the autumn, I found that the review was exhausted. The most painful thing is that when the sales are good and the ranking is up, the review is exhausted when enough goods are prepared. At this time, even if it is a big seller, you will doubt your life! Therefore, you must find more channels for the original price of the order. Don't fix an intermediary to do it. Be sure to spread the risk.
2. Get a discount code with 99%OFF
Let’s talk about exemption and 99%off delivery. Although the exemption does not have a review, it is included in the search weight, and it will not happen that buyers slap your product all up. 99%off will be given, although it is omitted. The process of rebate on WeChat and paypal, but firstly the search power is greatly reduced, and secondly, some unethical buyers will directly sell your products, because some sellers will forget to set the limit of buying one at most, resulting in 1000 Inventory was directly consumed by a buyer. This pit is a bit big. I hope that the seller will not be greedy for cheap and save trouble.
3. Promotion outside FB
The retention rate of FB off-site promotion is about 1%, and the return rate is much higher than the normal return rate of buyers. It is very cost-effective to use FB to promote in the new product stage and the inventory clearance stage. When you scan the ranking, you can’t find enough. It is also more economical to use FB to promote the resources of the order than the exemption and 99%off, but it is really difficult to rely on FB to promote the review.
4. Deal station
As mentioned earlier, there is a problem with FB promotion. The price is generally very low and it is difficult to make money. The biggest disadvantage of the deal station is that it is expensive. One promotion is usually thousands of times. The advantage is that it can sell higher than FB promotion. If a small partner who is confident about the product chooses a suitable deal site, it is possible to make money after a thousand orders, but you still have to do enough homework to do a deal site. For example, are there any similar products appearing on the deal site within a week, or similar products on the deal? After the ranking rises after the station, if you do your homework and then spend money, you can spend less wronged money, don't you think?
In short, the main purpose and function of off-site promotion are to create a good on-site listing by driving product traffic and improving conversion. There is no universal channel outside the station, and there are millions of factors that affect the effect. If the effect is not good enough, please don't be anxious and give yourself a few more opportunities for trial and error. As long as the experience and lessons are summarized in the process of trial and error and continuous optimization, I believe that everyone will be able to find a promotion channel suitable for their own explosive orders.
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chen20200805 · 9 days ago
What products are suitable for Amazon ppc and cpc
1. The main product is the main product. It is recommended to look for Review as soon as the product is online, and to open the advertisement with the evaluation. It is recommended to open the automatic advertising first, and then quickly test the word ranking of your search term, and then open the manual advertising.
2. It is recommended to start automatic advertising when the product is online, without having to evaluate the review, to get a real natural market conversion, so as to judge the suitability of this product.
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chen20200805 · 9 days ago
How do Amazon sellers eliminate invalid traffic in advance?
First: How to deal with the flow is effective flow? 1) Spending money without doing anything
Definition: The effect of the poster is judged by the final realization of the purchase. This kind of poster fee is incurred, but I did not issue an order, and even issued an order for the competing product on the overview page, and is contacting the traffic export status in the overview page. What is the criterion for judging spending money and not doing anything? Let's take the lead in looking at a set of formulas: thick profit = sales amount-cargo profit-first trip-FBA ration fee-Amazon commission-return rate thick interest rate = thick profit / sales amount * 100%
ACOS=expense/sale amount*100%, so that you can lose the secondary consequences: that is, the ACOS symbolizing how our poster’s key words are higher than our thick interest rate, so that our posters have no chance of losing money. However, the flow of own posters has a boosting effect on the artificial flow, so the sacrifice in the current period is superfluous. In the same way, we can also use the ACOS variant formula to find the critical value of profit and loss, and when the conversion rate of the link is reached, our posters have not lost money, which is important for our SEO, product selection and word placement. The accuracy of the request to respond to the request, we can see the following figure in detail: From the standpoint of output, can the poster traffic be effective traffic?
2) Invisible increase in weight Amazon poster key word weight response factor: ?CTR (late stage)
?CR (early)? Strictly speaking, Amazon has no remarks about lowering power, except for infringements or violations of regulations. However, why your sales are not as good as one day? That is because there are countless goods on a certain balcony, and others are regressing, quickly accumulating weights, and you are on the same level or the small increase is obviously less than that. Others, like that gradually you feel like being demoted. From the perspective of revenue, we are now thoroughly looking at what Amazon likes to do with the goods. For the same kind of goods, invalid traffic and effective traffic are not just that the revenue brought to the seller is in and out. The abnormal Amazon lost revenue. There is also access. Simultaneously pushes various goods that do not have good data to depositors, nor does it conform to Amazon's A9 algorithm and operating philosophy. Second, how can Amazon sellers remove effective traffic early? 1) Comprehensive key words
Central word comprehensive machine: Merchant words Example: Goods: Home projector
Pixel: 1080p and the next is the synthesis of the central words of all projectors:
The following conclusions can be drawn from the synthesis: 1. Necessary phrases to deny light and star
2. Discretionary à phrase deny mount, screen, stand and all brand words, and then integrate more accurate central words
Are you doing key word denial? You, the sellers, should prevent the situation from being overwhelming. From the very beginning, they will block their own potential funny traffic. 2) Apply market research
"Goods inferiority? Profile page inferiority? Price inferiority? Brand inferiority? Do certain ASIN placement and denial. We didn't start writing about it. There are too many forms, and there is no chance to develop with one's own half. Can care a lot.
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chen20200805 · 11 days ago
Amazon Global Selling Amazon's one-store-through global business in-depth analysis?
Amazon likes to encourage sellers to do business in more countries, and it does have a specific support project called "Amazon Global Selling". For Amazon, when sellers expand internationally, it will make better products flow and present to consumers, thereby providing customers with more choices and lower prices.
What are the options for selling products on Amazon's international market?
FBA export plan
The FBA export plan allows customers from different countries to order FBA products stored in one country.
Amazon Global Selling
The program provides sellers with a way to manage product quotes from a single "source" market across international target markets.
Separate Amazon account
Sellers can register multiple Amazon country accounts and independently manage each account and sell products.
What is Amazon Global Selling?
Amazon Global Selling allows sellers to sell their products on Amazon markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas. By registering with Amazon Global, sellers can use the Build International Listings (BIL) tool to create products in the "source" market and expand these products to the "target" market.
This allows sellers to manage quotations in one market to save time and effort. However, this feature cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the presentation of product detail pages created in the target market. Any seller with an Amazon seller account can register for "Amazon Global Selling", but they must register a new sales account for each market they want to expand to. For example, a US seller who wants to expand to Australia must create an seller account. The exceptions are unified accounts in North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico) and Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain). For example, if a US seller wants to expand to Canada through Amazon Global, they can use their existing US Amazon account without having to register separately.
All in all, Amazon Global Selling is a centralized control system where sellers can manage quotations in cross-site markets in one place.
Which countries can I sell through Amazon?
Amazon currently has markets in 18 different countries. Before entering a new market, sellers should check any geographic, tax and product restrictions related to that market. It should also be noted that although sellers can export goods through the source market FBA warehouse to radiate the relevant market, but the transportation time is almost always longer, and the customer experience is an issue that needs to be considered.
Do I need to open an Amazon account in each country?
Amazon provides "unified accounts" for North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) and Europe (the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain). If you are already selling in one country/region in a unified region, you can sell products to other countries in that region without opening a separate account.
For example, if a US seller wants to expand to Canada, there is no need to create a separate seller account. Similarly, if a UK seller wants to expand to Germany, there is no need to create a separate seller account.
If you do not already have an account in the unified region, you need to create an account to sell to any country in that region. For countries that are not in the unified region, such as Australia and Brazil, you will need to register a new sales account in that country.
What does Amazon need from international sellers?
Each Amazon marketplace has subtle differences in the requirements of international sellers. Broadly speaking, these are other things to consider before expansion;
Product and category restrictions. Just because you can sell products in one Amazon market does not mean you can sell the same products in another market. Sometimes, before you are approved to sell products in certain categories, Amazon needs you to provide relevant documents for review (such as government approval for groceries).
Taxes and import duties. Each country has different tax regulations on Amazon's revenue, such as European value-added tax and Australian goods and services tax. The storage location of the inventory may affect your tax liability.
Local language translation. This is not only related to the product information on your detail page, but also related to ongoing customer service. The Amazon Global Selling program can help listing translations, but it is only a relatively accurate translation, not perfect.
How does Amazon help sellers conduct global trade?
The purpose of the Amazon Global Selling program is to help sellers conduct global trade more conveniently. In Europe, Amazon provides VAT compliance services to help sellers manage VAT registration and filing, and also has a special FBA system (Pan European FBA) to help simplify delivery services.
But it must be reminded that most of Amazon's global trading tools are "one size fits all", it will only allow you to develop your global business in more aspects. If you want to sell successfully in the destination country, sellers need to conduct their own market research and adjust to the purpose. Different marketing methods can be used in the country. If you encounter specific problems when expanding globally, such as the inability to display product offers correctly in the target market, then Amazon's seller support can help. However, it cannot provide any professional advice or guidance for your international expansion.
Do I need to register a brand in each country I want to sell?
Yes, each country has its own brand registration center, so you need to apply to each country separately. Please note that trademarks registered in the trademark offices of each country in Europe and trademarks registered in the European Union Trademark Office are all accepted trademarks registered in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
How should I decide which countries to expand to first?
Every seller is unique, and every country is unique. Therefore, the international expansion strategy cannot have a unified standard that applies to all businesses. However, when prioritizing a potential new Amazon market, there are some experience to refer to:
Existing brand image. Entering a market where your brand is already known and loved will become easier.
GDP. The spending power of consumers in the target market is critical. This indicator may eliminate some areas immediately.
Language. The target market that shares a language with the source market does not require translation costs, so it is easier to operate.
Start-up costs. Certain markets may require more approvals, documentation, packaging requirements, etc., thereby hurting profitability.
In terms of market size, is by far the largest in terms of total traffic and GMV. Compared with, the overall ranking of other markets is as follows:
Canada accounts for approximately 5-10% of's sales.
The UK accounts for about 10% of's sales.
The European Union (the sum of France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain) also accounts for approximately 10% of's sales.
Australia accounts for approximately 1% of's sales.
Ultimately, sellers need to analyze competitive opportunities for each market.
Mature markets such as are already highly competitive, and the CPC for advertising is higher, but due to the scale and complexity of the platform, capable sellers can get a higher GMV.
On the other hand, competition in emerging markets like Amazon Australia is less fierce, and the CPC for advertising is very cheap, but you cannot expect to get a high GMV on the Amazon Australia site.
Are Amazon PPC advertising and other marketing tools available in all markets?
Amazon PPC advertising and most promotional tools are available in all major markets. Generally speaking, Amazon will first try out new promotional and advertising tools on before promoting features to other markets. For example, Amazon Posts, which is a social media-like content launched by Therefore, will always appear first of all kinds of new things, and then will be pushed to other countries sites after the test is stable.
What is a BIL tool?
BIL tools can help sellers easily obtain more orders from target markets other than the "source" market. For some sellers, this can simplify the management of quotes across multiple markets. When you operate the listing in the source account, the target market will be automatically updated.
If you plan to sell the same product in multiple markets, you can try BIL for a single ASIN. If it runs smoothly, you can continue to use BIL to operate more products. However, if problems occur frequently, you need to use the tool with caution.
Is there a service provider who can help me with international sales?
You can do many things smoothly when selling on the Amazon marketplace you are familiar with. However, with the increase of multi-country business, it will become very difficult to completely rely on your own strength to smoothly promote your business. At this time, you need to cooperate with various types of service providers to help you smoothly promote your business:
Market research service
Finding a service provider or consultant can pre-evaluate Amazon's international expansion opportunities for you. They will tell you how to start the project, how to carry out marketing activities in the mid-term, and how to build the product structure to support all the steps of customization.
Freight Forwarding Service
Find a freight forwarder who is good at freight in the destination country to be responsible for the safe, efficient and economical transportation of your goods to the Amazon logistics center, as well as removing some local obstacles in the destination country without any cost.
Tax service
Taxation is a business point that many sellers need assistance to comply with all applicable laws in their destination country. Find the tax agency service provider who is most familiar with the taxation of the destination country to cooperate with. Please ensure that when you develop your business in a new market, there will be no tax risks that will have a fatal impact on your business.
translation service
The expansion of international e-commerce business does not mean that the goods can be sent for sale. It is the least thing to do to allow consumers in the destination country to recognize it, and the basis of recognition is whether the page description and email communication match the destination country’s Language habits, many organizations provide listing localization translation and local language customer support services, which can help maintain customer satisfaction and help your international business.
A-Lu cross-border brings you "Amazon Global Selling: Deep analysis of Amazon's one-store-through global business?" Sharing is here. If you have any questions, you need to communicate or need in-depth cooperation, please feel free to contact me.
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chen20200805 · 12 days ago
How to be safe in Amazon's evaluation
Many novice sellers do not understand Amazon’s latest review policy. They start to review the products as soon as they are on the shelves, which leads to a series of problems such as store closures, listings being restricted from reviewing, and reviews being deleted.
Method 1: Find local customers in the country of sale to help with product evaluation
This can find relevant customers through some groups. It is understood that many local international students will help sellers conduct product evaluations.
Method 2: Find an Amazon evaluation service provider to carry out
It is understood that there are many service providers that provide Amazon evaluations, and of course there are many different types of services, so sellers should pay attention to their eyes when looking for services to conduct Amazon evaluations and do market research.
Method three: find internet celebrities to help
There is no doubt that net celebrities have the ability to bring goods. They have many fans. After they help promote the sellers' products, they will definitely be able to advance our product exposure.
Method 4: Build a self-built evaluation team to carry out
Self-built Amazon evaluation team is the safest and most reliable method. Some sellers will establish their own user groups on diplomatic channels and ask these fans to help with product evaluations when new products are launched.
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chen20200805 · 12 days ago
How are Amazon operating companies’ hot listings created?
Can you believe it? Amazon operating company creates a hot listing with a monthly sales of more than $100,000, and it only takes 2-3 days! And how did they do it? The sweeping monk will reveal the secret to everyone today. This mysterious method can be copied and streamlined. Remember to collect it.
The first step is to write a high-quality listing. Before writing the listing, we focus on the top seller reviews, summarize the attributes that appear most frequently in the praise and make notes, such as size, color, etc., these are the selling points of the product, we must add it when writing the listing;
The most common words in the bad reviews, such as material, usage experience, etc., are the pain points of buyers. It helps us to add them when we write listings, poke the pain points of buyers, and increase the conversion rate.
In the second step, we also need to pay attention to the store data of competing products. The new products on Amazon stores are definitely not comparable to those mature listings. In contrast, they have a higher weight to get more traffic and more reviews to help them increase their conversion rate. As long as you enter the top 10, even if your price is 3-5 times higher than others, you can still sell it.
But new products won’t work! When we formulate operating strategies, we must be cautious. In addition to the product title, five key points, and description, we must also consider the price of the product.
There are many novice sellers who just want to live in a condom. They cannot see the outside world at all and refuse to accept information from the outside world. When pricing a product, the first thing to consider is not the profit of the seller, but the price of the competing product. Only if the competing product is knocked down, more traffic is obtained, and more orders are transacted, then there is profit at all. . Otherwise everything is empty talk.
So, how to price new products? We usually recommend 2-3 dollars lower than competing products.
The third point is the delivery method. In the past two years, Amazon has made self-delivery sellers almost no room for survival through a series of fancy operations. Therefore, Sweeper’s suggestion is FBA.
If you are really not sure about your selection technology, you can ship less. Only FBA can verify the market data of the product.
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castielenjoyer · 14 days ago
seasons 14 and 15 are for real nearly unwatchable to me. most of s13 too. just feels so soulless and tired.. like the show esp in gamble and carver era was rarely well-planned or coherent, but by s14 all the fun has just been sucked out and it feels less haphazard/seat-of-the-pants and more just.... phoned in. no longer endearingly wacky it's just kinda meandering and dull
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chen20200805 · 15 days ago
Cross-border logistics regeneration changes, and platform strategic cooperation continues! Leadstar ERP received 200 million yuan in Series B financing
SaaS service provider "Leading ERP" received 200 million yuan in Series B financing
On May 28, cross-border e-commerce SaaS service provider Leadstar ERP announced that it has completed 200 million yuan in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by Tiger Fund, followed by Source Code Capital and Zhongding Capital. Old shareholders Hillhouse Ventures, Shunwei Capital, and Blue Lake Capital made additional investments. In the past six months or so, Leadstar ERP has raised nearly 300 million yuan in total, and has become one of the most valuable technology companies in the cross-border e-commerce SaaS field.
French platform tool "Unicorn" and Cubyn reached a strategic cooperation
A few days ago, French senior logistics provider Cubyn and Mirakl reached a strategic cooperation and joined forces. In 2021, Mirakl has successfully completed the API docking with Cubyn, and encourages sellers and platforms to use Cubyn overseas warehouses. At the same time, they can also get free priority registration for Mirakl, and enjoy priority care benefits on the expansion of the blue ocean platform.
In response to this cooperation, the relevant person in charge of Cubyn said: "This strategic cooperation will further extend the ecological chain of the e-commerce industry. Both parties will complement each other's advantages and serve the development of e-commerce seller groups in the European market more comprehensively. At the same time. , To accelerate Chinese sellers to develop the European blue ocean platform, and sincerely invite sellers with high-quality sources and stable operations to actively join."
Etsy will charge some European sellers a regulatory operating fee from July 1st
Etsy will add a new charge to sellers in certain European countries from July 1, 2021: Regulatory Operating fee. Etsy said that the new fees were due to the maintenance of operating costs, and it was a helpless move under the European increase in tax rates.
Etsy wrote in an announcement on Monday (May 24): In order to balance the impact of tax increases in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey, sellers of the above sites will need to pay from July 1. A fee called regulatory operations. This new fee will be based on the sum of the price of each item, shipping, and gift packaging and personalized services. In some cases, sellers still need to pay value-added tax, but the proportion of fees charged will not be too high. Suppose that a British seller sells a product worth 25 pounds, and the regulatory operating expenses shown on the bill are only 6 pence.
Wish updates the V3 version of the API to create a new warehouse related announcement
In order to help merchants comply with the upcoming EU VAT requirements, Wish will soon no longer allow merchants to specify parameters for /api/v2/product/update-multi-shipping and /api/v2/product/update-shipping. Create a warehouse without providing the warehouse address.
Starting on August 26, 2021, when API users try to specify parameters for the above two V2 API ports to create a new warehouse, the system will return an error message.
Therefore, to create a new warehouse through the API, please use the V3 "Create Warehouse" API port POST /api/v3/merchant/warehouses instead. Starting on August 26, 2021, the "address" attribute of POST /api/v3/merchant/warehouses will become a required field (currently an optional field).
New domestic "Dongguan warehouse" on Starday platform
In order to better operate the platform and provide consumers with a high-quality shopping experience, the Starday platform has added a domestic "Dongguan warehouse", strengthened logistics, and upgraded the "branding" strategy.
The Starday platform currently has Saitama warehouse and Chiba warehouse, which are in use. Overseas warehouses in other regions such as Shimane Overseas Warehouse, Oita Overseas Warehouse, and Nara Overseas Warehouse are under planning and construction. At the same time, Starday has established transfer stations in China, and has now established Zhengzhou warehouses and Dongguan warehouses, allowing buyers and sellers to enjoy high-quality logistics services.
Baikal's overseas warehouse rookie promises to hit a blockbuster online
Directly hitting the logistics pain points in the peak season, the Russian logistics "expert" Baikal cast a heavy bomb in the industry. In order to help cross-border sellers solve the logistics problems in peak season, Baikal has added a Russian express air parcel special line to ensure that the parcels are unimpeded during the peak season. Go online on the same day of delivery, full 8-15 days service, full double tax package to door, and no other costs such as operating fees, so that sellers can save time, effort and worry about logistics problems during peak seasons.
From June 1st, eBay will adjust SpeedPAK shipping rates from Mainland China and Hong Kong, China
On May 28th, eBay issued an announcement stating that starting from June 1, 2021 Beijing time, SpeedPAK will adjust the freight rates of SpeedPAK shipments from Mainland China and Hong Kong, China.
eBay said that it will announce price adjustments in other directions in the future, so sellers should pay close attention. For more details of shipping and service introduction, sellers can inquire through the official website of Orange Union.
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chen20200805 · 15 days ago
eBay Announcement: New EU Value-Added Tax Regulations Going Online
Recently, eBay issued a notice about "new EU VAT regulations coming online". The original text of the notice is as follows:
Dear seller,
In our spring seller update, we have published and informed you about important changes to EU VAT from July 2021, which will affect your EU business.
The following content includes details on how eBay will respond to these changes and the actions you need to take. You can find detailed information about the changes on our help page.
If you have already registered for an EU or UK VAT number, please take the following measures:
1. Provide VAT rate:
If you publish a product on the eBay EU site or eBay UK site, you need to provide the tax-inclusive price and the VAT rate used to calculate the tax-inclusive price.
For transactions where eBay has the obligation to collect and pay for your sales to EU or UK buyers, eBay will calculate the net price of the product based on the tax-included price and tax rate provided by the seller, and add the appropriate tax rate on this basis. This can ensure that the correct tax-included price is always shown to the buyer, and no additional tax will be imposed on the tax-included price to affect the competitiveness of the item.
For publications that you think are not applicable to VAT, you can leave the tax rate column blank. For transactions where eBay has the obligation to collect and pay on its behalf, eBay will add value-added tax to the published price.
2. Provide import one-stop (IOSS) service code:
For transactions not exceeding 150 Euros shipped to the EU, eBay will collect value-added tax on its behalf. For eBay’s collection and payment transactions, please ensure that you electronically submit the import one-stop (IOSS) service number provided by eBay to your carrier. Otherwise, your buyer may be required to pay VAT again at the time of delivery. Click on the help page for more information. SpeedPAK logistics management program will carry out electronic declaration for you, and you do not need to provide additional eBay IOSS service number to SpeedPAK. (Only applicable to transactions where items from non-EU locations are sent directly to EU buyers.)
If you have not registered an EU or UK VAT number, please take the following steps:
1. Understand EU import value-added tax:
If you are not registered for EU or UK VAT, then you do not need to add the VAT rate to your listing. For goods imported into the EU with a value of no more than 150 euros for which eBay has the obligation to collect value-added tax on its behalf, we will directly collect value-added tax on your product prices.
2. Provide import one-stop (IOSS) service code:
For transactions not exceeding 150 Euros shipped to the EU, eBay will collect value-added tax on its behalf. For eBay’s collection and payment transactions, please ensure that you electronically submit the import one-stop (IOSS) service number provided by eBay to your carrier. Otherwise, your buyer may be required to pay VAT again at the time of delivery. Click on the help page for more information. SpeedPAK logistics management program will carry out electronic declaration for you, and you do not need to provide additional eBay IOSS service number to SpeedPAK. (Only applicable to transactions where items from non-EU locations are sent directly to EU buyers.)
Please note that eBay will also introduce new reporting requirements. Please ensure that the business details, VAT ID (if applicable) and location of the item you store on the eBay platform are always accurate.
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chen20200805 · 16 days ago
The spike cost is so expensive, how can we intervene to achieve better results? !
First of all, what are the effects of the next spike?
① Expose the brand and product.
②Increase sales, improve rankings, and seize the Best seller mark.
③Use the precise search traffic brought by seckill to clean the product traffic and reduce the page bounce rate.
④Improve advertising quality ranking (conversion rate, click-through rate and comprehensive advertising quality score).
⑤Second kill can stabilize the ranking of the product
What are the ways to understand the intervention?
① Change YOUR PRICE before applying for the spike (not before the spike) to increase the discount between the selling price and the price. It is recommended to set a discount of 73%. Too big and too fake, too small and not attractive enough.
②Before the spike activity, artificially concentrated product evaluation (in advance in the fan circle of FACEBOOK and other platforms, the Deals group released spike products and time), and made short-term rankings to increase exposure.
③The number of declarations should be small but not too many (the purpose is to ensure the completion rate of the spike). The number of declarations should be slightly higher than the minimum recommendation to ensure that the spike can be completed on time. Buyers can only see the spike progress bar. As a buyer, they definitely want to be able to buy the best-selling and most cost-effective products. While the spike activity is in progress, you need to keep an eye on, check, and replenish goods. For example, if you sign up for a minimum of 10, you will report 10 first. During the activity, complete the minimum sales target first. When the Deal progress bar is about the same (the spike time), then slowly replenish the inventory during the spike process (e.g., single Add 2 listings or add 5 inventory in total). If during the spike process, it is found that the progress has not been used up in the last hour, you can manually complete the product evaluation (for example, use other buyers' trumpet to add the product to the shopping cart).
④When you participate in the spike activity, you must do advertising (drain traffic-at least double the advertising cost and increase exposure). Use advertising to attract users. At this time, the conversion rate (ad conversion rate) will be very high. The conversion rate and click-through rate will also increase.
⑤When there is a spike activity recommendation, you can sign up for the recommended time period in seconds, and then check the time when the activity is scheduled, and see if the scheduled time is appropriate or inappropriate, and cancel the corresponding promotion if it is inappropriate.
⑥If you sign up for the spike activity, you must always stand in front of the background, observe the spike situation, and complete the corresponding progress within the specified time.
So, after participating in the spike, how to keep sales from falling?
If there is an advertisement when participating in the spike, your ad quality score will be very high at this time, and the performance is very good. Wait until the spike is before advertising, the cost will be much lower at this time, and you can also top the homepage without spending too much cost. Continue to place orders quickly and in large quantities. And most of the sellers stopped advertising immediately after the spike activity ended, so they couldn't blame the decline in sales. After the spike, if you find that your ranking is stable to a certain extent, you can continue to report the spike. You must keep your ad quality score at a high level. After the spike, you can rank first with the same high ad quality score. If you make full use of several spike activities, your ranking will have a stable ranking position, and the purpose of stable orders will be achieved.
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chen20200805 · 16 days ago
What to do if Amazon traffic is low
1. Optimize product listing
I believe that every Amazon seller knows the importance of listing, regardless of the traffic introduced on or off the site, it will be affected by listing. Not only directly affects the flow and sales of products, but also the basis for off-site promotion. Only by optimizing the listing to the best effect, can our products get more display and achieve the purpose of increasing sales. Therefore, optimizing the listing is a very important step. Sellers can start with product keywords, titles, pictures, product descriptions, etc., and can refer to competing product listings.
2. Improve product ranking
If you want to improve your ranking, on the one hand, you can participate in on-site activities, such as spikes, discounts, etc., which can increase product exposure and introduce more traffic to the product; on the other hand, you can use real-person evaluation to increase praise reviews and improve product performance. Conversion rate can also improve product ranking. MF free evaluation also launched a 7-day free version. Within 7 days, you can enjoy unlimited orders without commission. If necessary, you can leave a message or private message for details.
3. Choose the right channel
Different products, different demands, and different channels. When we do off-site promotion, we have to expand it according to our actual situation, and we can't choose channels blindly.
4. Promote purposefully
Before the seller promotes, he must first clarify the purpose, whether it is to attract traffic or to clear the goods. Secondly, promote purposefully. Different purposes should correspond to different promotion methods. For example, for product drainage, you can choose to increase the ranking of listings through off-site deals, thereby promoting an increase in orders; for clearing goods, you can choose to adjust the price of products to attract more consumers to buy and accelerate the speed of product sales.
5. Clear product positioning
Before the seller promotes, he must clarify the positioning of the product, understand the target audience of the product, what are the characteristics of these people, and what needs are there for the product, and then prescribe the right remedy for these problems, which can make the effect twice the result with half the effort.
Sellers should pay attention to that the best way to do off-site promotion is to avoid blindly chasing the wind. We can also apply it if others do not do well. We must target our own positioning to select the channels and methods of promotion. it's the best.
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chen20200805 · 17 days ago
Amazon QA Collection (Q125-Q135)
Q: How to solve the problem of uploading products on Amazon?
A: Generally we will use N/A to upload products, but this is not a long-term solution. The best way is to register a brand and apply for a brand whitelist.
Q: What should I do if error code 5665 is reported when uploading products?
A: The error 5665 is prompted because the brand you filled in cannot be used on Amazon. You need to apply to become a brand or apply for a brand whitelist.
Q: How to solve the error code 5461 when uploading products?
A: Prove that there is a problem with your UPC code, it has been used or it is irregular, then it is enough to replace your UPC code
Q: What is the minimum age for registering an Amazon seller account? What is the minimum age for registering an Amazon seller account?
A: There is no such rule. Amazon does not require the age of the registered store legal person to be between several years old. As long as the legal person can prepare the information required to register with Amazon
Q: Is there a big risk for Amazon to create unlimited spikes?
A: The risk is extremely high! It is recommended not to do this, and Amazon was caught and closed the store.
Q: Will there be double discounts when Amazon sets Prime discounts and then sets ordinary coupons?
A: Yes, prime discount and coupon can be used together.
Q: Do I have to complete the Amazon brand registration before I am eligible for Amazon's Choice?
A: No, even if you are not a brand registered seller who meets the qualifications, you can still get it
Q: How to operate Amazon FBA multi-channel delivery?
A: Once you enter the Amazon backend, click inventory-manage inventory. Once you find the product you want to distribute through multiple channels, "Edit" and click on the "V" next to it. There will be many options. Select "Create Multi-channel Shipping Order" and enter the address at the end. It's ok
Q: One network cable connects two computers, one is logged in to Amazon for operation, and the other is not logged in to Amazon for operation (logged in before), will it be detected?
A: If you log in to two accounts with the same IP, the account will be associated, even if you have logged in before. If your account is the same set of data, different sites can log in on the same computer, but you need to use different browsers.
Q: Can Amazon Europe sell electric balance bikes? If I can’t sell, do I need to apply?
A: Once due to safety and patent issues, Amazon removed all balance cars on the platform. At present, the entry barriers for such products are very high, and a complete qualification and certification are required to apply for sales. Products such as balance bikes have high barriers to entry, high costs, and very high risks. If you are a novice who has just started Amazon, it is not recommended to enter.
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chen20200805 · 17 days ago
Amazon tax information survey to choose individuals or business
Recently, I have received many questions from small partners, that is, after Amazon successfully opens a store, you will receive a prompt in the background, "You need to provide tax information". For newbie sellers who have just started Amazon, they don’t know how to fill in, and how does Amazon fill in tax. The review of identity information will be introduced below.
In the tax information investigation, the first item on the page is the two options of "personal" and "business". For individuals, Amazon sellers generally literally mean a single person and a wholly-owned company. The joint venture and joint-stock company are choosing business.
When Amazon sellers choose individual registration, they must use pinyin to spell the name of the registrant. The business is a stock or joint venture, and the name of the person is not displayed. Amazon sellers can write the company's business license.
In answering whether it is American or not, it is natural that the majority of Chinese sellers are non-Americans, so I won’t explain this in detail.
Then, the Amazon seller fills in the company name and registered address. If the legal person fills in, it is the name of the legal person. Pay attention to pinyin (such as Zhang San, fill in San Zhan). Amazon sellers must check the information, because Amazon sellers will be required later. Upload your business license together for verification.
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chen20200805 · 18 days ago
How to write Amazon long description?
When we really enter the Amazon industry and make sufficient preparations, how can the products on the shelves carry out effective order conversion?
Before the product is sold, the "dress" on the facade is particularly important, which will also attract more buyers to have the desire to buy. So how do we dress up to promote the growth of product sales? First of all, many sellers always ignore the optimization of product listings, especially when they get confused about the words of the description, they think they have completed the task. However, if Amazon’s long description is not well written, it will directly affect the final benefits of the product.
So how should Amazon's long description be written?
First of all, we all know that Amazon listing contains titles, selling points, descriptions, keywords, pictures, reviews, and more information, and these are closely related to Amazon's product descriptions. Let's extend these elements one by one to see how much influence maintaining and optimizing these descriptions have on Amazon sales.
When writing the title, we need to pay attention to whether the information covered by the entire title is condensed and complete, so that users can directly understand what product this is.
How to understand concise and complete? Very simple, the product title contains keywords, conforms to Amazon's title rules and format, has the language habits of the target market, and most importantly, directly names the subject. In the process of editing the title, try not to show useless promotional information, no spelling errors, and the title not to be all capitalized.
Therefore, the correct format of the title is the foundation, and a good title can be created by gradual optimization based on other points.
Selling point (bullet-point)
The selling point of the product is introduced, the specific specifications of the product are clearly described, and the product material, product attributes, product size, product color and other information are comprehensively introduced;
Highlight the characteristics of the product's appearance and craftsmanship; at the same time, in the process of analyzing with competing products, dig out the advantages of the product, and express the diversification of the advantages of the product from different levels; with the above foreshadowing, it can also express the diversified use of the product to users Scenes and multiple ways to play a product.
Many buyers are really not good enough in describing this aspect. Most sellers only do the product introduction, but the sellers are not only selling products, but also product feelings and services.
A sufficiently attractive brand story can often make users proactively press the button to place an order. Therefore, in addition to editing the product introduction, the brand concept of the product also adds luster to a good product description. Of course, Q&A is indispensable, and rich product descriptions can get huge traffic.
Key words
When setting keywords, pay attention to the use of punctuation, use spaces to separate each word, and highlight the advantages of keywords.
We can find keywords in the eyes of users in our daily operations. You can find words that people often talk about in the comment area. Sometimes they will become a key factor in your product's order.
When dealing with pictures, sellers must ensure that the product pictures are clear and clear! Generally, buyers look at the picture first and then the title description.
The best pixel of the picture is more than 1000, the background of the main picture must be pure white, the details page can increase the scene picture appropriately to increase the chance of buyers placing an order, interesting pictures will always attract interesting humans~
Evaluation (reviews)
Evaluation is also very important to the seller’s product sales, try not to have bad reviews (not all good reviews, too many good reviews will definitely be considered bad).
When users find negative reviews while browsing the product page, their desire to place an order will be greatly reduced. If the number of negative reviews is particularly large, many users will choose the same product from other stores.
More information
More information is very easy to understand, except that the product descriptions above have been edited, we can optimize more information about the product in this section.
The advantage of this is to allow users to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the product. When they understand the product enough and generate trust, it is also a great benefit to your product sales.
Product descriptions for the general public or a wide range of groups require continuous testing and analysis of results. There is no complete standard. Keep in mind a rule: listen to customers’ feedback and opinions and solve their concerns.
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chen20200805 · 18 days ago
Was it really timely? FBA launches bulk clearance program
Recently, whether it is a large seller or a small seller, many have started a price war. The main reason should not be to rush the BS ranking, but more to clean up the inventory, to be able to give the limited storage capacity to those cash cow products. This situation has made the industry miserable, so everyone is saying that Chinese sellers are doing charity.
But what if you don’t clean up the inventory? And low price is one of the most effective ways, after all, everyone wants to survive longer.
At this time, the "FBA" batch liquidation plan turned out. Currently, the program has been officially launched on Amazon's US, Germany, France, Spain and Italy sites.
The main purpose is to help sellers recover the value of redundant inventory and buyer returned inventory, and avoid storage fees.
Main mode of operation: Amazon will send the seller's inventory to the wholesale clearer, so that the seller can usually recover 5% to 10% of the average selling price of the product. The program provides an alternative that allows sellers to discard inventory or return it to sellers.
After using the cleared inventory plan, the inventory that the seller chooses to clear will be sent to the wholesale clearer. The third-party liquidator who helps deal with the redundant inventory has signed a contract with Amazon in advance, and the goods that are cleared in batches will not be directly resold on Amazon.
At the same time, sellers need to pay to participate in this program. Starting June 1, 2021, the FBA bulk removal program will start charging, based on the time the shipment leaves the fulfillment center. If the seller submits a clearance order before June 1st, but the inventory is not shipped to the liquidator on or after June 1st, a clearance fee will be charged.
The expenses mainly include:
1. Processing fee: Calculated according to the number of pieces of the product, there will be differences due to the weight and size of the product;
2. Sales commission: Calculated according to product classification. In other words, what category your product is currently in, the commission will be calculated according to the commission ratio of this category.
Sellers have mixed opinions about this plan. They feel that Amazon is trying to take it. First, it limits the storage capacity, and then launches this liquidation plan, which is closely linked to the seller's wool.
There are also sellers who approve of this plan. Although 5%-10% is not much, fly meat is also meat, which is better than just discarding the product. Although the creation of this clearance plan was a tearful operation.
In fact, only the seller knows whether the plan is good or not. Amazon just provides a choice. The sellers know exactly how to calculate the specific accounts.
It’s just that when sellers clear their inventory in large quantities, the lost money will really make everyone feel distressed. But this is only the cruel side of business. Survival with broken arms is also one of the options for survival!
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chen20200805 · 19 days ago
What caused Amazon product listings to be banned?
Amazon product listing is an important element of opening a store on Amazon. Sellers must pay attention to optimization and maintenance. When a product listing is on sale, it must not only attract users to browse and introduce products, but also be important for everyone to click to buy. Page, but some sellers found out that their Amazon product listings that had been optimized with difficulty were banned. Why? What caused liting to be banned?
The banning of Amazon product listings can be said to be a relatively easy problem, but the banning of listings will affect our product sales, so when we face the banning of Amazon product listings and being removed from the shelves, we must promptly To find out the reasons for being banned from the shelves, so that our products can be quickly re-launched.
Amazon products
Common reasons why Amazon product listings are banned include:
1. The creation of the listing did not meet the requirements given by Amazon
For the Amazon platform, this is a platform for sellers to sell products, and a platform for buyers to buy products. In the face of more and more sellers and buyers, Amazon needs to regulate everyone’s behavior. In this way, we can provide sellers with a level playing field and buyers with a good shopping environment. For this reason, Amazon has also given certain rules for the writing of lsiting. include:
a. The pictures on the listing do not meet the requirements
Note that Amazon has strict requirements for the main image of the product. It needs to have a pure white background, the proportion of the product in the image, the display of the product, etc. If the image prepared by the seller does not meet the requirements, then you will encounter Circumstances where listing is prohibited from being removed.
b. The product name does not meet Amazon requirements
Although Amazon does not give a unified format requirement for the naming of products, there are still requirements for the length of the product name for the keywords used in the product name. If the sellers use too long, they use inappropriate keywords. It will also cause Amazon product listings to be removed from the shelves.
c. Missing information in the product
These include missing main images, missing product descriptions, etc. For some listings that lack important product information, Amazon will also ban and remove them.
For this reason, sellers must pay attention to the writing and preparation of listing, and must pay attention to follow the requirements.
Amazon product listing
2. The listing has encountered complaints, infringements, etc.
For Amazon product listings, they are also subject to complaints. For example, if they encounter a complaint of fake and shoddy products, the complained product has safety problems, and the complaint that this is a second-hand product is not a new product, etc., these will also be the same. As a result, our listing was removed from the shelves and was banned. Of course, there are also sellers who have encountered a situation where listings are banned due to a lot of negative reviews in a short period of time.
For situations that are prohibited in this way, sellers can contact us through the seller's backstage to find out by contacting customer service.
The ban on Amazon product listings will have a great impact on sellers’ operations. Therefore, it is important to discover problems in time. At the same time, in order to prevent product listings from being suspended suddenly, sellers also need to promptly help with policy changes on the Amazon platform, such as Suddenly, there are new requirements for pictures, new requirements for product titles, etc. If sellers do not discover these requirements in time, it will also cause our listing to be removed.
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chen20200805 · 19 days ago
How to appeal an Amazon pirated image report
For sellers who have the original camera image and find that someone has stolen your image, you can directly open this link in the background to the US site:;
For the key information to be filled in, select Rights owner, and the specific reason is to select the picture to be used without authorization;
Next, fill in specific information such as the brand name, the most important thing is to choose the correct asin;
After we belong to the ASIN that has stolen our picture, the corresponding option will be displayed;
Directly select Specific images and all the pictures of this link will be displayed and then check the pictures that you think are infringing;
It’s not over yet, then, you need to fill in your contact information;
If the complaint goes well, the stolen pictures will be deleted for you the next day, and you will receive such an email;
In this way, the other party will receive the small red flag, the account is therefore in a state of uncontrollable risk, and the picture will be deleted;
In this way, you can successfully complain about theft of images without brand filing.
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