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#4 years
galluspower · an hour ago
most everyone i went to high school with is graduating this year with their bachelors and i haven't even gotten my associates yet and don't know when I will and thats very sexy of me
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remuscore · an hour ago
A group of 13 y/o alt kids said I looked cool at dunkin 🥺
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gayturtledoves · an hour ago
Haha so I actually have a lot of questions abt Diluc's lore so I'm just gonna. Toss them all in here
what's up with that intelligence network he's in? How much does he know just from that? It spans across the entirety of Tevyat (I think?) so he's probably got sources across,,,, everything???
That guy who recruited Diluc into the intelligence network said that he approved of Diluc's methods when it came to breaking into Fatui strongholds. But what were DIluc's methods?? Were they like, harsh battle-heavy stuff or was it more stealth?
Diluc faced off with all eleven Harbingers once, so... he knows them. Like if Signora or whoever walked past Diluc they would probably recognize each other. So do the Harbingers know where Diluc is? Do they keep an eye on him?
Also how did Diluc make it through all eleven Harbingers going at him long enough for that guy from the intelligence network to reach him? Like that's Childe who we all know can be hard to fight if he wants to be, Dottore and whatever demented machines and monsters he's made, Signora can beat up a god is she wants to, Scaramouch, and the other Harbingers probably have some pretty good abilities? And Diluc was lured in, didn't have his Vision, and still held his ground? (Like yes he almost died before that intelligence network guy showed up but man. Diluc can go feral if he wants to ig??)
Intelligence network person is apparently 'from the north', so is there some sort of anti-fatui movement in Snezhnaya?
It's said that there are people in the intelligence network that have straight up given up their entire names and identities, so whatever this thing is working for is probably extremely dangerous? Or important?
How much does Diluc know about Khaenri'ah. Please I swear I just want to know. If the Fatui are involved with the Abyss Order/in kahoots with the Abyss order, and Diluc was digging for information while he was on his Anger Trip, he had to have found something. And even if he didn't, he probably did some sort of research into Khaenri'ah because of Kaeya? So how much does he know about it? How much information on it is he able to get from that intelligence network?
Does he have friends in other nations,,, please that would be so cool let him have friends please
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ducaticorse · 4 hours ago
kazoo noises + lemon (complimentary)
kazoo noises - so smart genius amazing but also so chaotic
lemon - your taste in stuff is very weird
i am a silly little chaotic fool who would have made a good court jester except for the fact that I’m too lazy :/ but ty corey <333 my interests are very weird i admit it i don’t think I’ve ever had a non strange interest but that keeps things interesting <333
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fairest-cowboy · 5 hours ago
im graduating on friday, yall should get me sims 4 expansion packs as a present or donate to my ko-fi :>
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pharmapal · 5 hours ago
🚨 mandatory viewing 🚨
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bonknanab · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pair: HoHeon (Hoyoung × Dongheon)
Genre: Power Au, squint for comedy, fluff, suggestive ;)
No. of words (currently): 13,719
Chapters: 5 out of 6 (chap 6 tomorrow ;))
A day in a haunted house has possessed their lives forever.
Verivery as idols doing their regular schedules as idols; but what if there was just something off with them?
Note: I managed to link ALL their MVs together
Link to fic
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a-dragons-journal · 6 hours ago
i feel like a lot of people need to be reminded that instincts/quirks of certain animals/creatures doesn't make you automatically kin wth said being. anyone can have traits like craving raw meat or wanting to fly or barking. it's not necessarily a kin thing and it's sad to see people struggle over kintypes they don't have because they have one or two traits of it.
Yeah, I do think people forget that sometimes. And a lot of species have relatively similar traits - it’s worth questioning sometimes whether you actually have another kintype, or if it just feels similar/familiar to you because it’s similar to a kintype you already have. (Which isn’t to say that being two or more similar creatures can’t happen - I’ve met people who are - just that it’s something to take into account.)
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susanjminter · 7 hours ago
Biloela family: Locked up by Australia for three years - BBC News
Biloela family: Locked up by Australia for three years  BBC News Originally Published here: Biloela family: Locked up by Australia for three years - BBC News
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a-wild-vulpix · 10 hours ago
I think the biggest flex I have is being the same weight as I was in high school 4 years ago. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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yahoo201027 · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day in Fandom History: May 10…
Steven, Lars, and Sadie all got invited to the Cool Kids' party over at Sour Cream's house after Lars revealed that he has some mad cooking skills with both Steven and Sadie wanting him to show it off. “The Good Lars” premiered on this day, 4 Years Ago.
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yahoo201027 · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day in Fandom History: May 10…
Just after finally defeating the Sontarans on modern-day Earth, the Doctor’s TARDIS takes the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble and Martha Jones on an unexpected trip to the planet Messaline. Arriving right in the middle of a war between humans and Hath, the Doctor meets someone he thought he never would: his daughter. Can the Doctor accept this clone as his offspring, and can he stop the war before it all ends in massacre on both sides? “The Doctor’s Daughter” premiered on this day, 13 Years Ago.
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