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catgirlshoko · an hour ago
gojo for the ask game?
sorry that it took a while anon! been a bit busy with some stuff lmao.
for some reason tumblr isn’t allowing me to copy paste from my notes to here :/ sorry about that but here they are
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Nomad: Megalo Box 2 is so good!
It's so so so so so so so so so good!!
It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!
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firaknight · 2 hours ago
are the spiders in the mer au? :0 (like taranza and secti not hyness' spiders-)
1. Yes! Taranza and Sectonia are both in the Mer!AU (and Sectonia is alive and not an evil bitch probably)!
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blue-and-cold · 3 hours ago
I will also certainly take the appearance of Spiritomb right around the area as support for my energy sinkhole theory
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munzs-stuff · 4 hours ago
I actually adore Drastoria. I don't particularly like canon Draco (but fanon Draco is my whole entire heart), but the way this ship yanks me into my feels.
So first of all I hc Astoria as a headstrong girlboss who doesn't take any of Draco McBroody Malfoy's sh*t.
"Why would you love me? There's nothing to love."
"Get over yourself you aren't that special you attention wh*re."
"But why do you love me though?"
"Because I do. You aren't the only man I've lowered my standards drastically for."
Like, she kind of heals him??
He's broken. The pieces of him aren't even close to being put back together. But she's the glue he needed.
Basically what I mean is that I'm a sucker for picking up the broken pieces trope. Bartylus
Also the "hated everyone but her" trope.
He never really paid attention to her, but she did. She always knew about Draco Malfoy. Not that this meant that she liked him in the least. (spoiler alert: she didn't)
He gets softer because of her.
Not just around her, because so many things remind him of her that he's soft all the time.
He pretends to not like it. Pretends.
Astoria cuts his hair. I know she does.
He was so scared about Scorpius, but he turned out an amazing father.
Every time Astoria sees her boys together, she just melts.
She is best friends with Ginny and Hermione.
They shit on their dumbass boyfriends every Saturday at brunch.
Said boyfriends have been forced to sit together through several brunches.
They didn't like it.
Okay back to Drastoria now
She taught him to cook because he cannot. Rich white boy. Need I say more?
Draco didn't use the family ring to propose to her because his family didn't exactly like her.
He actually made a new one for her. She loved it very very much. It was on Rose Granger-Weasley's finger on her wedding day.
Draco planned his proposal meticulously and drove everyone nuts. Of course, absolutely nothing went to plan and Astoria accidentally fell into a pond and dragged Draco down with her.
To this day, Theo and Blaise tease him about it. They also say that they're still mad at him for being a groomzilla. It was terrifying, apparently.
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naptaemed · 9 hours ago
every day i go onto weibo hoping for an official update confirming wactor so i can finally bust the fattest wettest nut in existence
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letsbreakhearts · 9 hours ago
Reputation: chill af, don't deal with drama, runs on queue and spurts of inspiration, also villains are that Harrison Ford meme
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL?
Tumblr media
You mean evil Babys. 
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soulfullofold · 13 hours ago
17 for Ora!!!!
What makes you laugh?
“Ain’t much.”
KIND OF A LIE but she’s reticent to admit it to strangers. she snorts and wrestles smirks from her face at witty jokes; teasing fun made in the face of people who deserve to be knocked down a peg or two. but nothing gets ora bellylaughing like slapstick humor--someone getting flour all over their face, slipping and sliding on ice, failing to jump a fence...or listening to stories about her rowdy young adult years. she got into quite the litany of antics and is the first to laugh about her past escapades...though she swears most of her problems found her, not the other way around. 
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kingpattillo · 21 hours ago
there are definitely a ton of fun moments u could make gifs of!!! there’s a whole bit where gavin’s on michael’s shoulders :)
very good idea! i usually answer asks like this after i post the gifs, but i'm answering this now since the vod doesn't go up until next week :)
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thunderon · a day ago
here to expose my own terrible music taste, but here’s my mental soundtrack i have whenever i read gideons pov in act v when she gets resurrected and has arguably the most apeshit two hours of her life
honestly this is a weird playlist, but then again so were those last chapters
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pezidevil · a day ago
wah super late to the party but i figured i’d talk abt my mc’s lore too dhshjfjf reading everyone’s different takes on lilith was so fun so i thought i’d share 👉👈
in my canon mc lilith is more a guardian angel than a ghost! i think after she died she stuck to her own family’s bloodline for a bit, but it eventually fizzled out, so she just… moved on to another family. this is admittedly one of the weaker parts of my story because i’ve only gotten to lesson 21… i’m sure there’s more development as far as how “special” (magical?) mc is, but i just don’t know about it lol.
anyways. i’m assuming the whole “mc is special thing” was apparent from their birth, and that’s when lilith began to watch over nico: when she was born in 1940.
i think that maybe while watching her grow up, lilith got kind of attached? nico had a bit of a rough childhood, but i think near the end of her (nico’s) life, when she actually became happy, lilith saw a bit of herself in her.
but it wasn’t for long. nico died in 1965, when she was only 25 years old. lilith makes the executive decision that she doesn’t want nico to be dead (either because of magical destiny reasons or just bc she doesn’t want her to), so she musters like. all of the magic she has left and makes nico immortal.
nico has absolutely no clue why it happened, and she doesn’t figure out it was lilith who did it till chapter 16. it leads to a lot of complicated feelings and drama, but it works out in the end through the power of friendship and love 😌
anyways i guess this got kinda long but i’ll literally use any excuse to ramble about my ocs lol. and if YOU need and excuse… my ask box is open 😳 same if u have questions or whatever fhshfh ok i love you byeeee
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isolatedfeline · a day ago
Send 🎉 to throw confetti on my muse
Tumblr media
"Whoa--Kanato what's in the--what's in the bag ya holdin'---" He also didn't like the devious expression the vampire held either. That usually didn't lead to good things in his experience. And sure enough that bag was flown his way, and opened to the array of colorful cut-out confetti in an array of colors. Many of which got stuck in his hair, his clothes, and on his shoes. "...Kanato---" He groans, as he tries to brush some of it off. "What---What are ya doin'?"
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treselegant · a day ago
Tumblr media
Picture for a postal competition
- Home Chat, 26th April 1913
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