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#off brand ren cereal
sasukes-spouse · 2 days ago
I’ve been kind of absent on here, but it’s because all I’ve been able think about this week has been perhaps picking up some live singing gigs?? weirdly??
Usually that stuff sounds complicated and scary but this week all I’ve been able to focus on is thinking of how to get started on that and contacting businesses that I know would let me perform.
Like, I’ve done it with a group before. But never alone. But now that stuff is opening up and getting back to normal I feel like I gotta take the chance while I can! Cuz one of my biggest fears as soon as disaster struck was that I would never be able to perform live again. So I figure I gotta do something about it???
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sasukes-spouse · 9 days ago
I made a facebook page for my animal crossing wild word town when I was in high school and havent uploaded to it in literally 9 years... but every month it gets views on it. This month it got 8. Who is looking at my weird old animal crossing page;;; ajdkflfl
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sasukes-spouse · 9 days ago
Dmvmfskgkfk oh rip- I know that feeling cause a lot of my f/os are from youtube media so if it's like the youtuber doing a live action thing of the characters I'll end up liking the youtuber cause of it skgmgkbk
sfjskdl I am a serial youtυber crusher-onner lol I never had an ego f/o or a character f/o from a youtυber, but when I was 18 I had a HUGE crush on Mаrkιplier, and rn I have a crush on a couple of my favorite youtυbers 👀
This new crush doesn't shock me too much tho cuz when I watch certain youtυbers, I act like I'm hanging with a buddy fjdskl and specifically with this youtυber I call him by name a lot and watch all his videos so it was bound to happen man;;;
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sasukes-spouse · 17 days ago
Can't work today because its literally so hot that our laser machines won't run 🙃 don't you just love socal;;; lol
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sasukes-spouse · 25 days ago
If you're wondering how I am today, I just took a bite of a banana, shouted "BANAN" ominously, then fell into a giggle fit lol
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sasukes-spouse · a month ago
Me at 12: what, no, I'm not into girls
Also me at 12: *making in-depth stories where 2 female sims fall in love and get married**spends most of my time on the epic love story of two girls who grew up as best friends and had to deal with their parents' disapproval and ran away together to college to plan their lives together and even if their parents never approve they'll always have each other*
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