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#leave the world behind
starlatte27a day ago
Honestly, the more hilarious irony is that these extremists be calling Viv "Villain Pop" and verbally shitting on her all the time for "piss por representation".
Meanwhile, they tend to be racist and or homophobic themselves and some of them have even outright made fun of Angel Dust's abuse by calling him "whiny" for having been sexually assaulted while making fun of REAL victims of abuse in the process since real people have gone through the same shit as Angel. Real people, who were downright ABUSED in the sex worker industry and then these people had the nerve to mock them for it.
So much, that they outright denied that Viv was bisexual or poc just because the representation wasn't very good. The same way ive been called "not actually autistic" by online stalkers just because I had some problems with Hazbin Hotel, they attacked my accounts, drew me in blackface and called me "critiquef*g", and got personal data and past drama of me over a goddamn cartoon. If that isnt the most pathetic shit that I have ever heard someone attack someone over I dont know what is.
They are the exact "piss poor representation" and homophobia/racism they claim to be disgusted by.
It's so fucking nasty tbh, and then they wonder why even the critical side of the fandom avoids them at all cost. Disgusting... 馃あ
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jiwomsa day ago
its actually crazy how life goes on
#like nothing is permanent.....#people come and go in ur life ... u come and go out of other peoples lives#you love something a lot and then you dont#you meet new people and then move on and meet new people again#for every horrible experience theres a wonderful one waiting for you#happiness comes and goes but so does sadness#i just finished life is strange 2 .... ive watched gameplay thousands of times but never got to play for myself#and i love how lis2 does exactly what i talk about here...#like is there a lot fucked up in this world? yeah. are there shitty people? yeah.#but theres also people who鈥檒l love you and help you and root for you... even if you havent met you them yet#aside from the commentary abt injustice and racism.. life is strange 2 is really abt love between two siblings.. :(#the way they lived w each other but didn鈥檛 actually know each other until everything happened and it brought them closer ... the impact you#can have on someone and the person they become#even the impact you can have on someone you just met and had to leave behind#lis2 is so good at showing the beauty of the world and i like when the remote vibrates whenever you hug someone or they touch you#affectionately 馃珎 cute...#its so bittersweet..... that game ... the endings r kinda fucked aside from the redemption one.. but i love that game#like do i thinj the trope of putting ur characters of color through trauma and shit just to make a Woke Moment is fucked up and i think#they should exist without having to have one of those moments... yeah#like when you get your ass beat by those rednecks in the desert / they humiliate you if you let them#like a white person might b like damn thats crazy but to mexicans playing it theyre like ok we get it ... idk it just hurts more to play#through that kind of stuff but i still enjoy the game...#i鈥檓 so worried about the person i鈥檒l become bc i dont wanna cheat myself .. but i鈥檒l just have to trust in time#and in myself that i鈥檒l figure it out eventually
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twisted-pride4 days ago
I think when I die, I want to be remembered by something -- I don't need to be famous. Like I don't need to have my name up in lights or attached to some big name thing or be on the cover of a book that tons of people will read and writer fanfics about and shove it into their friends' hands and say read this! Trust me! BC while that'd be nice, I think I want to exist after I die. Not by a ton of people, even a small group of ppl is fine, but I wanna live through their words and stories and memories, be the person who made them smile or is the reason they did something they would've never done or have them look back at something fondly and be like I wanted to do this because I inspired them. It's the worry that while I won't die famous, it's that I'll go without a mark, and beyond my existing family, I will be nothing more. Even if I was just the person who gave you the inspiration to keep doing art long after you took my art classes or was that one fanfic writer that was someone's favourite or made some person go home after talking to me and bake their new favourite because I gave them a recipe and they fell in love with it and now it's a staple in their life. That's what a want. To have made an impact or just linger peacefully, as a sweet memory, in someone's mind, as a picture or a feeling or a song or a meal that makes them smile
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heartfledged9 days ago
Tumblr media
@fvk-destiny鈥 asked:聽 A box shows up, with Lambert's handwriting scrawled on it. Inside is a pocketwatch that seems to run on magic (devoid of any gears or mechanisms save for the hands), a very shiny blue crystal (just a rock. it's just a very pretty rock.), and what seems to be a packet of plain salt. There's no explanation. GIVE HER AN ITEM 聽| 聽accepting
she dumps the salt into her mouth with no other commentary
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heartfledged9 days ago
Tumblr media
@mxuntainlion鈥 asked:聽 "Uhhhhh take this." Aiden just slaps a small orange in her hands. "Just in case you need it or whatever." GIVE HER AN ITEM聽 |聽 accepting
鈥淯h... thank you. This won鈥檛 fill me up, but it could be helpful in a... pinch I suppose.鈥 Maybe she could use it to barter her way into an inn.
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li-ttlescorpion11 days ago
"There was a menace in the woods and Rose could feel it, and another child would have called it God."
Rumaan Alam, Leave the World Behind
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eternal-light12 days ago
i'm proud of alec lightwood first and human being second <3
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mssarahmorgan13 days ago
Tumblr media
Book 19 of 2021: Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam
OMG I loved this book. It starts out like a closely-observed literary novel full of quietly devastating character observations, and then things start to get weird and tense, and then weirder and tenser, and then you absolutely can't put it down or even breathe. A family goes on vacation, and then the owners of their Airbnb show up out of nowhere, explaining that something vaguely bad is happening in the city, and suddenly these strangers have become an uncomfortable unit lined up against whatever menace might be lurking out of sight. There's a whole page that's basically just a list of things a character buys at the grocery store, but the specific things she buys tell you *everything* about this woman's class position and aspirations, and even as things get weird, Alam keeps giving you these incredibly perfect lines that are just--that's who that person is, that's what life is like.
What to read next: Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, for another gorgeous literary apocalypse.
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sylvanfreckles13 days ago
You don't understand. I've felt like something was wrong with me my entire life. Like I was a freak. I've been so hard on myself because I couldn't handle certain situations like other people. Because even after four years I get stressed out with the way my coworker schedules order pickups. Because I tell myself stories in my head all the time and even at my age spend so much time pretending to be someone else. I must be a freak, right? Normal adults don't do this. Normal adults don't relate to pretend games with children at this level. Normal adults can't disassociate from the world the way I can. Normal adults don't get stressed out if you hand them two things and ask a question.
But if I have autism? Then I'm normal. I'm not a freak. This is just the way I am. I can be patient with myself. I can seek out different coping techniques. I don't have to be ashamed to need to withdraw from new situations to let my mind reset.
I'm not a freak anymore. And it's so fucking beautiful I could cry.
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dream-dust-things23 days ago
I just saw a goose sitting under a tree, I desperately long to be that goose.
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e24 days ago
listen all im saying is you should always always have a backup (no matter how elaborate or difficult) for fingerprint id security because you absolutely could lose or warp your fingerprints. its not likely by default but it can happen. make sure youre not a few accidental burns away from losing a shitton of files, back them up or make your peace or something
#my fingerprints are burned smooth a whole lot#it takes less than you think#if you cook or bake and/or you have a high pain tolerance and a high temperature range#you can easily burn your finger at some point. and its not the end of the world but like. it is a slight hazard#what i mean by high temp range is like. if you prefer 120 fahrenheit to 60 like me. the sorta thing that makes you desensitized to heat#including a range of Dangerously High Heat That Can Leave A Mark#the higher your pain tolerance and temp range the longer it takes you to realize youre being burned by something#i dont know a lot of folks who store files solely behind a fingerprint id thing. but ive no doubt some people do#and thats kinda dangerous. i hope theyre aware of the risk there#italked#itagged#original post#any security that relies on such minute detail that could easily be lost to an injury inherently has the risk of. well what if injury#because fingerprints are incredibly shallow and intricate. the details are Tiny#theyre not the sturdiest things to lean your files on#tech corporations just like reinventing the wheel on security and making it worse sometimes#because its shittier but if they throw enough confetti people will go ooh ahhh at the shiny new feature#even if its actively worse#im not saying it never benefits anyone but like. it definitely is on average much worse than older stuff#fun fact: some people are totally born without fingerprints. so normalizing fingerprints in security as The Default like.#actively makes their lives worse#they already have to deal with extra red tape and time-wasting whenever traveling due to the no-fingerprint thing#they dont need More Inconvenience and Hassle over it#ableism anecdotal#like any weird feature its not 1000% downsides but imo fingerprint stuff should never become the norm#it should be a bonus option. SUPER optional and not idealized as this perfect fit for everyone
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withastolenlantern25 days ago
A strong wind blew across the surface of the barren plains, throwing up loose sediment and adhering a loose layer to the front of his visor. The low atmosphere and high ferromagnetic makeup of the soil gave the wind-blown particulate a static charge that caused it to stick to almost everything, and they'd been having trouble keeping it out of the joints on their environment suits, the floors and portals to their airlocks, and the exposed bearings and gears on their vehicles. He wiped the particulate from his visor as he continued inspecting the atmospheric processing units on the side of the main habitat structure, prying more of the dust from the filters and checking that the power couplings were secure. Satisfied, he proceeded across the small camp of prefabricated buildings and photovoltaic concentrators when his commlink chimed.
鈥淪ir, we found something.鈥 It was the archaeologist, who was away surveying the bottom of one of the many craters that made up the plane. 鈥淎nd鈥 well, it鈥檒l be easier if you just come have a look.鈥
He hit the button on his suit that cut out the suit microphone and swore to himself. He鈥檇 never wanted the archaeologist to be part of the mission. The first survey was supposed to be that- cataloguing local geology, verifying satellite imagery, investigating the potential situation for future long-term missions. But there was always the optics to consider; the politics, of which he never wanted any part. The archaeologist was connected, some relation to someone on some committee somewhere. She fit the profile and image that the administration wanted to portray to keep generating interest in the program, and more critically, funding. He could accept all that, and so he hadn鈥檛 argued too hard about being saddled with what he felt was an extraneous crew member, but it didn鈥檛 mean he had to like it. This was probably his last lead assignment, and he had wanted everything to go by the numbers so he could settle into a well-earned retirement when they returned. There was only so much trouble an archaeologist could get into, or so he though, toggling his comm back on with irritation.
鈥淥kay. I鈥檒l be down.鈥
He checked the charge on one of the pair of buggy-like utility vehicles they鈥檇 brought with them, swiping a pile of accumulated dirt from the screen. The display showed a three-quarter charge; the low stellar density meant that the damn things took forever to come to a full battery. He鈥檇 told the engineer to switch over to pull power from the camp鈥檚 main generator, but it looked like that hadn鈥檛 happened yet. He mentally added it to his list of things to address at the crew meeting later in the shift, and pulled the high-amperage plug from the rear of the unit before climbing into the pilot鈥檚 chair and revving the engine to life.
The utility vehicle made decent speed but it still took a quarter of his shift to reach the lip of the crater and navigate the uneven terrain and unfamiliar gravity down into the basin. He pulled up alongside the other vehicle and deployed the small CPV unit mounted to the rear to recharge whatever small amount he could. Nearby, he saw the geologist standing next to a large grid demarcated with a serious of flags, studs, and wires indicating that spanned a fair distance across the he extent of the geological survey. The gird spanned a small portion of the crater basin but also followed the ridge wall along its incline back up to the plain above. The archaeologist was kneeling in a small depression in the ridgeline, about halfway up the marked area. He nodded to the geologist, who gestured him on; he couldn鈥檛 be sure due to the glare off their visor, but he could have sworn he saw a knowing look.
As he approached the archaeologist, she barely looked up, instead focused keenly on her find. He saw her brushing some kind of structure that jutted up from the center of the depression; the form was oddly shaped, very angular and artificial as compared to the broad, sweeping geometry of the basin around them. He crouched down beside his colleague. 鈥淲hat am I looking at?鈥 he asked.
鈥淚t appears to be some kind of rover or drone,鈥 the archaeologist explained.
鈥淢any years of observation have told us this planet is barren,鈥 he countered.
鈥淚t is,鈥 the archaeologist agreed.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 native.鈥
He paused for a moment to consider the implication. 鈥淭hen where did it come from?鈥
The archeologist slowly began to brush a layer of the ubiquitous dirt from the central body. As the dust parted, an image appeared; first, a kind of self-portrait in cartoon form, followed by a series of similar but smaller caricatures. She kept going and more symbols were revealed, including one he recalled from briefing documents. A rectangular shape, broken into colored stripes and a squared corner filled with nearly ordered shapes.
鈥淔uck me,鈥 he said. 鈥淒oes this mean what I think it means?鈥
The archaeologist hesitated. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 be sure, but that鈥檚 the current hypothesis.鈥
He let out a long low whistle inside his suit that hissed feedback across the comms network. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think they got this far.鈥
鈥淣o one did. The local orbit鈥檚 clogged with satellites and ejecta, sure, but they鈥檙e obviously not actively transmitting anymore.鈥 She pushed a shovel into the ridge wall, loosening more of the rusty dirt and freeing a long arm from entombment. At the end was what appeared to be an optical array of sensors. 鈥淭his is something else entirely.鈥
He reached down and moved a small amount of loose dirt, exposing a tattered and worn wheelbase. 鈥淗ow old do you think it is?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know yet. It鈥檚 got a radio-isotope generator of some kind. Doesn鈥檛 seem like it鈥檚 still terribly active, but I can get a count, and we can probably work back from that to get a rough estimate.鈥 She paused, looking up into the sky as the star began to fade over the ridgeline into an early twilight, throwing long shadows across the crater basin. 鈥淭his is a big deal, you know.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure,鈥 he replied.
鈥淧robably tell us a lot about them. Obviously I鈥檓 speculating but I鈥檓 guessing this is pretty advanced technology, maybe from right near the end.鈥
He frowned inside his visor. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 stop what happened. What they did to themselves.鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 seem excited.鈥
鈥淗ow many of these worlds have we catalogued?鈥 he asked.
She hesitated. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥 forty-three, I think?鈥
鈥淭his is my seventh. And most of them are just like this,鈥 he said, gesturing across the crater. 鈥淓mpty, barren.鈥
鈥淏ut the others鈥︹
鈥淭hey all end up like them,鈥 he said, pointing to the sky. 鈥淕one. They were apparently just like us, at one point. Makes you wonder if it鈥檚 inevitable, for us, just as it was for them.鈥
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heartfledged25 days ago
starter for @ofthemandalore
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 嗉 --聽 聽To some, this might have been foolish. To Avyra, however, it was simply satisfying a curiosity. She really could never keep her nose out of trouble, no matter how hard she tried. It wasn鈥檛 pure stupidity, no, she knew what she was looking for was probably dangerous; it was more like a hunger, a desire to pry a mystery apart. It didn鈥檛 matter if she got hurt in the process so long as she found what she was seeking.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Nimbus chirped softly, fluffing out her feathers and shaking before burying her beak in her chest, picking at a particularly stubborn piece of down.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淵ou can preen later,鈥 Avyra pointed out, giving the large bird a pat on the neck.聽鈥淲e鈥檙e working now, remember?鈥 Nimbus glanced up slightly at the touch before returning to what she was doing, and Avyra sighed, raising her spyglass back to her eye.聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽The contraption she gazed at was weird. She鈥檇 never seen anything like it; a ship that almost seemed to fall from the sky itself. It was smoking quite a bit, but she hadn鈥檛 seen any activity.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Putting her spyglass away, she clicked softly with her mouth to Nimbus, causing her to look up again, but this time she continued forward, wings spreading as she glided down to the ship. She landed softly, and Avyra slid off, taking the reigns in her hand.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淭hink there鈥檚 anyone in there?鈥 Nimbus didn鈥檛 reply, of course, but she often found herself talking to the silver volucre. Avyra paused, then simply decided to shout.聽鈥淗ey!鈥
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fabreai27 days ago
tag聽 drop聽 01.
#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽AESTHETIC 聽藥 聽 聽a 聽crown 聽atop 聽that 聽head 聽of 聽gold 聽and 聽a 聽smile 聽upon 聽her 聽lips.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽COUNTENANCE 聽藥 聽 聽an 聽angel 聽with 聽broken 聽wings 聽and 聽a 聽fractured 聽heart.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽DESIRES 聽藥 聽 聽art 聽is 聽meant 聽to 聽be 聽felt 聽鈥 聽but 聽i 聽am 聽meant 聽to 聽be 聽touched.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽INTERESTS 聽藥 聽 聽remember 聽when 聽we 聽did 聽things 聽because 聽it 聽brought 聽us 聽joy 聽?#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽MANNERISMS 聽藥 聽 聽her 聽emotions 聽are 聽hidden 聽behind 聽a 聽porcelain 聽mask.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽MUSING 聽藥 聽 聽may 聽she 聽bless 聽you 聽with 聽her 聽words 聽of 聽infinite 聽wisdom.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽PLACES 聽藥 聽 聽the 聽world 聽died 聽and 聽now 聽we鈥檙e 聽cursed 聽to 聽live 聽in 聽its 聽corpse.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽RADIO 聽藥 聽 聽all 聽we 聽heard 聽was 聽the 聽bitter 聽symphony 聽of 聽burnt 聽static.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽ANSWERED 聽藥 聽 聽to 聽ask 聽is 聽to 聽be 聽heard 聽by 聽the 聽highest 聽power.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽ARCHIVED 聽藥 聽 聽we 聽cling 聽on 聽to 聽every 聽memory 聽that 聽the 聽old 聽world 聽left 聽us.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽CLOSED 聽藥 聽 聽i 聽ask 聽again 聽: 聽are 聽you 聽a 聽friend 聽or 聽a 聽foe 聽?#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽CRACK 聽藥 聽 聽braaaiinsss 聽braaaaaiiiiinnnnsssss 聽!#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽DRABBLE 聽藥 聽 聽all 聽her 聽stories 聽were 聽tragedies 聽because 聽that鈥檚 聽all 聽she 聽ever 聽knew.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽OPEN 聽藥 聽 聽keep 聽your 聽head 聽down 聽and 聽your 聽weapons 聽out.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽PROMPTS 聽藥 聽 聽leave 聽your 聽offerings 聽and 聽your 聽heart 聽at 聽the 聽door.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽PROSE 聽藥 聽 聽offer 聽her 聽the 聽crown 聽and 聽she鈥檒l 聽wear 聽it 聽with 聽pride.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽STARTER CALL 聽藥 聽 聽the 聽ghost 聽busters 聽can鈥檛 聽help 聽us 聽now.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽STUDY 聽藥 聽 聽i 聽hope 聽you 聽remember 聽the 聽taste 聽of 聽her 聽name 聽on 聽your 聽lips.#鈺 聽锝ワ緹 聽 聽鈾 聽 聽WISHLIST 聽藥 聽 聽she鈥檚 聽learned 聽to 聽never 聽let 聽a 聽good 聽opportunity 聽go 聽to 聽waste.#tag dump
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equalseleventhirds28 days ago
thinking so hard abt the characterization of lily in 'letter from juniper' and her diary that anna finds, vs the characterization of her in what she did to thomas, vs the characterization of her in the flower shop au where she seems to still be alive but either participated in or did not stop mabel being kicked out of the family, and 'my last name is martin *snooty french accent* martin, if you listen to my mother' and what that means for a girl who 'looks a bit like an aztec statue' to have a mother like that
mabel real mabel didn't rly know her mother much, but we have......... clues.
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kenprya month ago
what does loving her feel like?
like coming home and going on an adventure. safe and strong. terrifying because it requires me to be alive and awake and honest whether I鈥檓 trembling or not. like I鈥檓 seeing and being seen and holding and being held. real and surreal. fun. so much fun. like the feeling of ache when you鈥檝e laughed really hard for a long time. like a snowball fight and a live show and a bonfire. like melting. like I鈥檓 always excited for what comes next. like I can trust that though I鈥檇 rip my heart out for her, she鈥檇 never let me. like I want to fucking kill the men who鈥檝e hurt her. like when we鈥檙e holding each other, shit鈥檚 healing, we鈥檙e unlearning old definitions of love. we鈥檙e learning that real love doesn鈥檛 hurt like we鈥檝e hurt. like being believed in, even seen in all my mess. like my heart aches, always - to learn more and witness more and build more. like Mary was right, and so is Glennon. like taking fuck you, you can鈥檛 kill me bites. like solidarity. like Stinson Beach. so full of light it burns but I keep looking.
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