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slightly-okay-person · 18 minutes ago
Book idea: Hanahaki but the dense one gets it. Results in quotes like,
(talking to ‘mom’ fried or person good with emotions): ‘So I’m aware I have this disease due to love… but for who is the question’
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comparativetarot · 22 minutes ago
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Knight of Cups. Art by Brendan Marnell, from the Pacific Northwest Tarot.
Romance, love, charm. Creativity and beauty. Compassion and understanding. Emotion motivated into action. Unrealistic expectations.
Pacific white-sided dolphin
This one came out a little more Lisa Frank than I intended. Granted, it is a leaping dolphin with glimmering sunset reflections, so maybe it was inevitable. But somehow it feels right for the knight of cups so I’m just gonna go with it.
The Kickstarter for this deck is currently active.
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lujuria-radiante-2020 · 26 minutes ago
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frigatea · 27 minutes ago
Uhh I'd like to thank u for bringing so much different stuff to my dash that I dont know anything abt but find funny anyways <3
sdkjds thank u as well <333
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pretty-pink-rose-0413xxx · 36 minutes ago
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lebrookestore · 41 minutes ago
broookeeee I just saw the notification of favourite crime…. I- mentally preparing myself for this …
LSKLFDMK omg notifications😳😳but yes i dropped it hehe and yk its best you do mentally prepare yourself ;)
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kyoraneko · 52 minutes ago
ithjfjnk jacket hotlime would suck at tetris so bad bjt play it with his gf all the time anyway (she is extremely good at it) hes good at puyo and sonic spinball though
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randomreasonstolive · 54 minutes ago
Reason to Live #5739
  To memorize more passages of my favorite book. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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snowberry-pie · an hour ago
honestly idc if people like or don’t like eso it’s all a matter of preference but those people who act like they’re superior for not playing it are so....girl 😬
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catbreon-draws · an hour ago
🐄 everyone saying cursed this, weird that. I want that good wholesome stuff.
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ifunky · an hour ago
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